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News For December 29, 2009

Obama Takes 'War on Terror' to Yemen

By Simon Tisdall

Barack Obama's steely vow to hunt down all those responsible for the attempted bombing of an American airliner on Christmas Day has left a crucial question unanswered: whether it was his personal order to US military forces to attack two suspected al-Qaida bases in Yemen with cruise missiles on 17 December that triggered a "revenge" terrorist operation against the Northwest Airlines plane one week later. Continue

Attack Yemen?

By Congressman Ron Paul

“It’s time the American people woke up and started realizing that there’s a bit of propaganda going on and quite possibly this incident will not only undermine our personal liberties but will also accelerate our intervention and the violence occurring in the Middle East,” Continue

Cause and Effect in the 'Terror War'

By Glenn Greenwald

If you count our occupation of Iraq, our twice-escalated war in Afghanistan, our rapidly escalating bombing campaigns in Pakistan and Yemen, and various forms of covert war involvement in Somalia, one could reasonably say that we're fighting five different wars in Muslim countries. Continue

Ben Stein Accuses Ron Paul of Anti-Semitism on Larry King


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Arab States Take 4 of Top 5 Spots in Purchase of U.S. Weapons and Services

By Noel Brinkerhoff, David Wallechinsky

Most of the leading buyers of American military hardware in 2008 had two characteristics in common: they speak Arabic and their governments are opposed to democracy and basic freedoms. Continue

Iran Nuke Document Was Forged: U.S. Intelligence

By Gareth Porter

U.S. intelligence has concluded that the document published recently by the Times of London, which purportedly describes an Iranian plan to do experiments on what the newspaper described as a "neutron initiator" for an atomic weapon, is a fabrication, according to a former Central Intelligence Agency official. Continue

Israel Rules

By Paul Craig Roberts

On Christmas eve when Christians were celebrating the Prince of Peace, the New York Times delivered forth a call for war. “There’s only one way to stop Iran,” declared Alan J. Kuperman, and that is “military air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities.” Continue

Inside Iran

What Do We Really Know About The Islamic Republic of Iran?

Video Report By Rageh Omaar

Rageh Omaar embarks on a unique journey inside what he describes as one of the most misunderstood countries in the world, looking at the country through the eyes of people rarely heard - ordinary Iranians. It took a year of wrangling to get permission to film inside Iran but the result is an amazing portrayal of an energetic and vibrant country that is completely different to the usual images seen in the media. Continue

Aid Convoy Struggles to Reach Gaza

Viva Palestina Report on Al Jazeera English

Sohail Rahman reports and discusses Egypt's decision to block the Viva Palestina Convoy from entering Egypt at Nuweiba. Includes commentary from Institute of Palestinian Studies' Mouin Rabbanu and a live(ly!) phone interview with George Galloway at the Jordan/Syria Jaber border crossing. Continue

Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA?

By Ray McGovern

In the past, I have alluded to Panetta and the Seven Dwarfs. The reference is to CIA Director Leon Panetta and seven of his moral-dwarf predecessors — the ones who sent President Barack Obama a letter on Sept. 18 asking him to “reverse Attorney General Holder’s Aug. 24 decision to re-open the criminal investigation of CIA interrogations.” Continue

67 killed in Muharram strikes, army ops in Pakistan: The Army killed 21 in an "anti-terror drive" in the tribal areas. Two security officials and nine others were also killed.

US attack kills 13 in Pakistan: According to details, a missile fired by US unmanned aircraft had initially killed four militants in the border village of Saidgai in North Waziristan Agency Saturday.

Manufacturing Consent For Military Rule In Pakistan? U.S. fears civilian leaders soon may fall in Pakistan: The Obama administration also is worried that upheaval is imminent, and that the collapse of Zardari's government could force the U.S. to choose between defending democracy or opting for whatever stability that military rule could offer, senior officials said.

Blackwater 'hired' Pak's intelligence, army officers: Controversial US private security firm Blackwater, accused of carrying out secret operations in Pakistan, has hired services of army officers and former employees of intelligence agencies of Pakistan for "handsome" salaries, a retired ISI official claimed.

8 killed : UN says shocked at killing of staff member in Afghanistan : The 24-year-old WFP employee was among the eight people killed when a suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden in a horse-drawn cart in central Kandahar.

Afghan soldier shoots US, Italian occupation troops: NATO: An American occupation force soldier was killed when an Afghan soldier opened fire on foreign troops in western Afghanistan on Tuesday, also wounding two Italians, NATO said.

Karzai, NATO clash over reports of 10 civilian deaths: Afghan government and foreign military officials sparred Tuesday over reports that 10 civilians died during a military operation - claims that further inflamed public sentiment against the international military presence

Saudi army 'kills' 50 civilians in Yemen: Houthi fighters in Yemen said Tuesday a dozen airstrikes carried out by Saudi warplanes have left more 50 civilians dead in the northern villages.

Gunmen kill 5, including 1 by beheading, in central Iraqi village: A police official and a leader of the Sons of Iraq, a Sunni security force, said they saw the bodies — one of which was decapitated.

Iraqi policeman killed in Mosul bomb explosion: An Iraqi policeman was killed and two others injured in a bomb blast that targeted their patrol in a neighborhood east of Mosul, security officials said Tuesday.

4 Killed as Tehran witness describes police firing on protesters: Eyewitnesses in Tehran say Iranian police have fired on protesters during the Shia festival of Ashura. At least four people are reported to have been killed during Sunday's clashes in the capital.

Ahmadinejad says protests, 'US, Israeli scenario': Describing the deadly events on Ashura as a "nauseating play," President Ahmadinejad said "Americans and Zionists are the sole audience of a play they have commissioned and sold out."

Obama denies US involvement in Iran protests: President Barack Obama on Monday expressed support for the protesters in Iran and denied that the United States or other foreign countries had anything to do with the unrest.

Iran ready to swap enriched uranium: Iran is ready to swap abroad its low-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel, the foreign ministry's spokesman said on Tuesday, insisting that the exchange should happen in several stages.

US spies: Israel or UK forged nukes report on Iran: US intelligence sources have confirmed Iran's assertions that a document published by a British daily about Tehran's nuclear program is a fabrication.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran If Iran obtains nuclear weapon, Arab countries will follow suit - Israel Min.: Meridor said in a statement quoted by Israel's radio that Saudi Arabia and Egypt will obtain nuclear weapons if Iran obtained it.

Here we go again!: Report: Iran seeking deal to smuggle purified uranium: Iran is close to clinching a deal to clandestinely import 1,350 tons of purified uranium ore from Kazakhstan, according to an intelligence report obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday. Diplomats said the assessment was heightening international concern about Tehran's nuclear activities.

A patient dies in the Gaza Strip; death toll due to the siege reaches 367: A Palestinian patient was reported dead on Tuesday after he was unable to leave the besieged Gaza Strip for medical care.

Video: Talk to Al Jazeera - Richard Falk: Professor Richard Falk describes himself as an American Jew, but it is his support of Palestinian rights that has earned him the profile and abuse that is threatening to overshadow five decades of achievements as a lawyer, an academic and an author.

Putin warns US over missile defence: Russia must develop new offensive weapons to counter US missile defences and prevent policymakers in Washington from feeling they can "do whatever they want," Vladimir Putin, the country's prime minister, has said

National Irish Bank moves to cashless banking: National Irish Bank has written to thousands of its customers this month informing them of a “new style of banking” in which branches will not handle over-the-counter cash transactions.

Trucking company shutdown leaves drivers stranded around U.S.: With the nationwide company collapse, Arrow truckers have found themselves with gas cards that no longer work and no way home for the holidays.

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