Wednesday, 31 March 2010

News For March 31, 2010

“Our President Is Deceiving the American Public”:

By Democracy Now!

Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Whistleblower on President Obama and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Continue

"Reporting" on Iran Should Seem Familiar

By Glenn Greenwald

Fox News currently has an article at the top of its website that is headlined:  "CIA: Iran Moving Closer to Nuclear Weapon."  The report, by DOD and State Department correspondent Justin Fishel, begins with this alarming claim: Continue

Iran, Israel and an Obama Miscalculation in the Works?

By Alan Hart

Israel’s leaders and AIPAC are playing up the Iranian threat not because they truly believe that a nuclear armed Iran would pose a threat to the Zionist state’s existence, but because it, the asserted threat, is an effective way of limiting the White House’s freedom to pressure Israel. Continue

Attention Deficit Democracy

By Ralph Nader

A society not alert to signs of its own decay, because its ideology is a continuing myth of progress, separates itself from reality and envelops illusion. Continue

When It Comes to Innovation,
Is America Becoming a Third World Country?

By Arianna Huffington

A report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation looked at the progress made over the last decade in the area of innovation. Out of the 40 countries and regions it examined, the U.S. ranked dead last. Continue

Hope is For little Kids and Tooth Fairies

By Joe Bageant

I am coming to understand that as Americans, we were born into a powerfully induced mass illusion. An infantile consciousness of "I-want-I want," which drives the machinery of war, waste and profits, and which colonizes our minds and souls from birth like a progressive disease. Continue

Pakistan: 31 killed as Taliban attack army checkpoint: Pakistani troops repulsed a Taliban attack on a checkpoint close to the Afghan border today in fighting that killed six soldiers and 25 insurgents, the military said.
Afghanistan: At least 17 killed in in suicide blast A bomb concealed on a bicycle has exploded in a crowded village market in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, killing at least 17 people and injuring 45 others including eight children.
2 militants killed, 5 injured in W. Afghanistan: police: "The Taliban rebels stormed into a police base in Kushk-e-Kuhna district Tuesday, triggering gun battle which lasted until Wednesday noon during which two enemies were killed and five others sustained injuries," Dilawar told Xinhua.
Karzai holds first public talks with insurgents: Afghan President Hamid Karzai and representatives of the militant Hizb-i-Islami wrapped up a first round of peace talks Tuesday, reaching no final deal but pledging to continue a dialogue that if successful would split the ranks of the Taliban-led insurgency.
Corruption Deepens Poverty In Afghanistan - U.N. Report: Corruption is entrenched in Afghanistan, leaving the poor at the mercy of the powerful while security-obsessed international forces often turn a blind eye to abuses, a United Nations report charged on Tuesday.
U.S. War Zone Commanders Spend Billion Dollars a Year in Cash: How that money is spent is unclear, as generals have not been forced so far to account for all their CERP expenditures.
Allawi: Iran seeks to prevent me becoming Iraq PM: "Iran is interfering quite heavily and this is worrying," Allawi told the British broadcaster, accusing the Islamic republic of inviting all the major parties to Tehran apart from his bloc.
Iraqi PM fights to hold power, risks sectarian war: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's postelection strategy suggests he is prepared for a long and bitter fight to hold on to power, even if it alienates the country's Sunni community and risks new sectarian warfare.
Sadrists: We want a Prime Minister with a Paternal Spirit: Shia religious leader Muqtada al Sadr confirmed that the Sadrist trend has reservations about the nomination of specific people to fill the post of prime minister and that it supports the idea of putting forward a number of candidates from each list that wants to nominate a representative for the premiership rather than committing to one candidate.
EXCLUSIVE: Iran Nuclear Scientist Defects to U.S. : Shahram Amiri Disappeared Last June in Saudi Arabia, Reportedly Now Resettled in the United States
Missing Iran N-scientist 'defected to US': On Wednesday, US security officials told ABC News on conditions of anonymity that Shahram Amiri has not only defected to the US, but is also assisting the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in its longstanding plans to sabotage Iran's nuclear program.
Obama Wants Iran Sanctions In Weeks, Not Months: President Barack Obama, riding the crest of his historic domestic-policy success on health care, appeared to be reaching for a major foreign-policy achievement, saying Tuesday that he wants new sanctions on Iran in weeks, not months.
World powers agree to draw up new Iran sanctions: Six powers, including China, to start preparing a UN Security Council resolution in next days; Obama insists a nuclear Iran is unacceptable.
Iran's top nuclear negotiator to visit China: Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili will head to China Thursday to discuss a range of issues, including Tehran's nuclear work, with the Beijing officials.
Iran Air goes on EU ‘black list’: In the European Union (EU) Commission’s latest list of airlines banned from European airspace published yesterday Iran Air’s operations to Europe are to be “restricted”.
AIPAC rallying pressure on Obama over Israel: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has circulated a letter on Capitol Hill, urging members of Congress to pressure the administration of President Barack Obama to end its public criticism of Israeli policies.
UN chief says Israeli settlement activities illegal: UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon said Israeli settlement activities are illegal and against the international law, stressing that they should come to an end.
Fatah official shuns Israeli court: "Abbas Zaki refused to appear in front of the military judge, refused to recognise the legitimacy of the military court in trying a senior Palestinian official for participating in a peaceful march."
US cannot rule the world alone, says Nicolas Sarkozy: Saying "there is no single country in the 21st century that can run the world alone", he urged the United States to join Europe in "inventing the rules for the economy of tomorrow".
Chechen rebel claims Moscow metro blasts: In a video message posted on a Chechen rebel website, Umarov said he had personally ordered the attacks which he described as an act of revenge for the killing of "poor Chechen and Ingush residents" by Russian security forces near Arshty on February 11.
Rail cops go great guns: Bleary-eyed New Yorkers began their work weeks with a morning rush hour that featured city cops in full military gear, including helmets, goggles, body armor, sidearms and M16 assault rifles.
Pope accused in new U.S. predator priest case: The Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI came under fire in the United States Tuesday for allegedly covering up for another predator priest and doing nothing to remove him from ministry.
Climate change leaked emails author, Exonerated by British House of Commons: Download the full report: “The disclosure of climate data from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.”
Past Decade Was Warmest on Record, Meteorological Agency Reports: The finding by the association, a United Nations agency, corroborates research by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, which has already said that its measurements show that the period from 2000 to 2009 was the warmest since modern instrumental recording of temperatures began in the 1850s.
US oil company donated millions to climate sceptic groups, says Greenpeace: Report identifies Koch Industries giving $73m to climate sceptic groups 'spreading inaccurate and misleading information'
Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time: The Obama administration is proposing to open vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling, much of it for the first time, officials said Tuesday.
Sell-off in US Treasuries raises sovereign debt fears: Investors are braced for a further sell-off in US Treasuries after dramatic moves last week raised fears that the surfeit of US government debt is starting to saturate bond markets.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

News For March 30, 2010

Two-Thirds of Boys in Afghan Jails Are Brutalised, Study Finds

By Gareth Porter

Virtually all the male juveniles said the police beatings were aimed at forcing them to sign a confession. They said they had signed either while being beaten or threatened with being beaten, and that the confessions were then used to convict them. Continue


By Kathy Kelly

The U.S. people are disadvantaged inasmuch as the media and the Pentagon attempt to pacify us, winning our hearts and minds to bankroll ongoing warfare and troop escalation in Afghanistan. Yet it isn’t very difficult to pacify U.S. people. Continue

 9/11 Reconstruction: Mental Before Physical

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

We need Congress to authorize and fund a new 9/11 investigation.  The highly fragmented 9/11 truth movement must unite behind a political strategy to make this happen.  The only reason to fear a new investigation is the likely unsettling finding that, indeed, the US government was a lot more than incompetent and negligent. Continue

Children of Gaza

A Must Watch Video

A moving, must-see video that first aired on Channel 4 (UK)’s Dispatches on 15 March. BAFTA-winning filmmaker Jezza Neumann follows the lives of three children for over a year. The children are amazing: well-spoken, reflective, resilient, understandably vengeful and fearful, but very endearing. The toll this inhumanity has taken is also clear. Continue

Bill Moyers: The Health Bill Is a Bonanza for the Insurance Industry

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship,

It seems like most efforts to reform a system that's gone awry -- to clean house and make a fresh start -- end up benefiting the very people who wrecked it in the first place. Continue

Big Government, Budget Deficits, Entitlements and the “Centrist” Ploy

By Edward S. Herman

The current prize entitlements demanding attention are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Of course, the Social Security “entitlements” were paid for by those who are currently, or will be later, getting payments, but those surpluses were used by the political elites to fund ordinary expenses. Continue

Eighteen Million, Out in the Road

By David Glenn Cox

RealtyTrac, the California-based authority on property trends and valuations, projects 4.5 million home foreclosures before the end of this year. Continue

Tent Slums Spring Up in America

By Jeffrey Feldman

Concentrations of homeless people are nothing new in America, but recent BBC and Los Angeles Times reports depict a rising trend of shanty slums, such as a "city" of newly homeless people living in tents near the Ontario airport in Los Angeles. Continue

Workhouse Nation
The Plight of Mass Unemployment in America. What are the Causes

By Vi Ransel

The wage slave system wasn't escape-proof enough, so we've been enclosed within a fence of debt from which there is no escape.  To that end wages will be halved - again.  Foreclosures strictly carried out.  Insurance for health, like that for cars, will be mandatory.  Unions have already been neutralized, reduced to shells of their former selves.  Free speech is relegated to zones behind barbed wire fences policed by minions of mammon armed with gas, guns and tasers. Continue

"Christian Warrior" Militia Accused of Plot to Kill Police

By David G. Savage and Richard Fausset

In recent months, Hutaree members had conducted military exercises with live ammunition and allegedly tried to obtain materials for bombs that could be used as "weapons of mass destruction. Continue

28 alledged militants killed in Pak tribal belt: Twenty "militants" were killed when fighter jets bombed a "terror base" set up in a state-run school and dispensary in Arganjo area of Orakzai tribal agency, official sources said, adding 10 insurgents were also injured in the attack.
NATO Occupation Force Soldier Killed in Afghan Bomb Blast: A NATO soldier was killed Monday in a bomb attack in southern Afghanistan right after the surprise visit of President Obama, the AFP reports
Afghan Leader Is Seen to Flout Influence of U.S.: Mr. Karzai recently told lunch guests at the presidential palace that he believes the Americans are in Afghanistan because they want to dominate his country and the region, and that they pose an obstacle to striking a peace deal with the Taliban.
Iraq: Three Turkish soldiers killed in blast blamed on outlawed PKK: Three Turkish soldiers were killed and two others were wounded in a blast blamed on the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) near the Iraqi border, a local governor said on Tuesday.
Mosul: Bomb placed outside Christian home kills 3-year-old: The bombing was the latest in a long series of murderous attacks on the city's Christian minority.
Allawi's lead is now in jeopardy: Sx candidates were banned on the eve of the election. - It is understood at least three are in the Iraqiya party of Iyad Allawi, whose two-seat victory over his rival Nouri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister before the election, gave him the stronger claim on forming a government.
Iraq's new ruling elite show contempt for voters: The west's acclaim of a democratic dawn rings hollow as long as Allawi and Maliki refuse to observe the rule of law
Sadrists to Veto Second al-Maliki Term - Sources: The Sadrist trend and its leader, Moqtada al-Sadr, who remains in Tehran, are currently being courted by Iyad Allawi's Iraqiya bloc and Nuri al-Maliki's State of Law coalition, as both sides attempt to form a majority government.
Palestinian teen killed as Israelis fire on Gaza protests: - A Palestinian teenager was killed and several others were wounded Tuesday as Israeli troops fired on protesters near the Gaza "border" while Israeli Arabs and Palestinians marked "Land Day."
'British MPs seek review of arms exports to Israel': "This is in direct contravention to the U.K. government's policy that U.K. arms exports to Israel should not be used in the occupied territories," the report said.
Report: Algeria arrests Mossad agent with fake Spanish passport: The Mossad agent entered Algeria under the fake identity of a 35-year old Spanish man named Alberto Vagilo, and spent over ten days in the country prior to his arrest.
UK tabloid: Israel 'forged thousands of IDs': The British secret intelligence service (MI6) suspects that airline staff working for the Israeli secret service Mossad may have copied thousands of British passports, some of which were used in the assassination of senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, the News of the World tabloid reported Sunday.
Israel allows clothes, shoes into blockaded Gaza for first time: A long list of controlled goods also includes items that critics say have no apparent military value, such as children's crayons and books.
Jewish "leader" doubts Carter's apology on Israel: Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said that Carter's comments during a recent conference on U.S.-Arab relations suggest that he was not sincere in a 2009 apology to the Jewish community.
Iran urges global nuclear disarmament: An Iranian lawmaker has warned against Israel's nuclear arsenals and called for adoption of strict acts to establish a world free from weapons of mass destruction.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran : CIA: Iran capable of producing nukes: Iran is poised to begin producing nuclear weapons after its uranium program expansion in 2009, even though it has had problems with thousands of its centrifuges, according to a newly released CIA report.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran : Imagining an Israeli Strike on Iran: Would Israel take the risk of a strike? And if so, what would follow?
The lie:- China To Play Role In Iran Sanctions Push: The reality:- Clinton says though Beijing remains generally opposed to international sanctions, China agrees Iran must not become a nuclear weapons power.
Russia vows revenge for 'Black Widow' bombings: "My only feeling is to take vengeance. On whom? I don't know yet. But it cannot remain unpunished."
How Did Russian Police Know Who Bombed the Moscow Subway?: How could police know immediately who was wearing a suicide belt on a crowded subway car? Wouldn't the forensic evidence take more than a few hours to sort out?
Moscow blasts may spur a Vladimir Putin takeover: Mr Medvedev's more liberal approach to the problem and could see Mr Putin elbow the President aside to enact tougher measures. Mr Putin cemented his rise to the presidency in 2000 by starting a war against a separatist government in Chechnya.
UK: Exclusive poll: You can both go hang, say voters: 50 per cent say choosing Brown is unthinkable... 51 per cent claim they have no enthusiasm for Tories... 38 per cent would like a hung parliament
Some question US training of Mexican forces: Some of those trained by U.S. forces formed the Zetas, a criminal organization that works as assassins for one of the drug cartels fighting in Juárez, Mexican law enforcement officials said
Who are the Christian militia 'Hutaree' and why was the FBI targeting them?: The Hutaree believe that acts of violence can bring about the final judgment prophesied in the Christian Bible — and therefore have been arming themselves to go to war with the Antichrist, "evil Jews," and Muslims.
Vatican prelates oppose move to report priests: Four senior Catholic leaders, including two Vatican officials and a cardinal widely viewed as a leading candidate to be the next pope, have opposed policies that would require bishops to report sexual abuse charges against priests to the police.
The Demons of Pope Benedict XVI: The next wave of revelations could begin just outside the gates of the Vatican. Even in Italy, where the majority of youth work is in the hands of the church, the code of silence is beginning to crumble.
Obama home-foreclosure relief: Do I qualify for a mortgage refinance?: Here's a quick take on who may be eligible under the new home-loan programs, which include aid to borrowers who become unemployed and incentives for lenders to reduce loan balances for underwater borrowers.

Monday, 29 March 2010

News For March 29, 2010

Former CIA Asset Allawi Touted as Next Prime Minister

By James Cogan

Under conditions in which a US war with Iran is being openly discussed, Washington does not want the next government in Baghdad to once again be dominated by Iraqi Shiite parties that have longstanding relations with the Iranian regime. Continue

Did Iraq Just Elect a Mass-Murderer?

By Joshua Holland

Allawi was alleged to have committed the gruesome crime just before the “hand-over” of the government to Iraqi nationals in 2004. Continue

Special Relationship?
Why Britain's Affair With the U.S. Is Over


If anyone still doubts that George Bush and Tony Blair were the closest of allies, the text of a July 2002 note from the U.K. premier to the U.S. President, revealed in a new book, should dispel any lingering skepticism. "You know, George, whatever you decide to do [about Iraq], I'm with you," Blair assured his friend. Continue

Samson and the 2nd Nakba
A Short Study of the Jewish Hercules

By Gilad Atzmon

Netanyahu’s political allies are convinced that at least momentarily they will do better without Uncle Sam. They realise that the days of the ‘Jew-only state’ are numbered unless some radical moves are put into action. Continue

Is America ‘Yearning For Fascism?’

By Chris Hedges

The Democrats and their liberal apologists are so oblivious to the profound personal and economic despair sweeping through this country that they think offering unemployed people the right to keep their unemployed children on their nonexistent health care policies is a step forward. Continue

Modern Slavery

By Katrina vanden Heuvel

Slavery still exists in America, and too many consumers and leaders in the food industry simply turn a blind eye. Continue

Very Good Reason to Believe Home Prices Will Collapse

By Peter Schiff

Given the massive support for real estate already afforded by record-low interest rates and massive federal tax and policy incentives, there are very good reasons to believe that home prices will indeed collapse when these crutches are removed. Continue

Ratzinger's Swan Song
It's Time for the Pope to Go

By Mike Whitney

The bottom line is that people's lives have been ruined and someone has to pay. Benedict was the man in charge, which means Benedict's got to go. Continue

Suicide bombers kill 37 in Moscow’s subway: Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up on Moscow's subway system as it was jam-packed with rush-hour passengers Monday, killing at least 37 people, officials said
Moscow suspects Caucasus rebels behind deadly bombing: Moscow's battle with rebels in the Caucasus region has heated up recently, with Russian police reporting the death of one militant leader in the Kabardino-Balkariya region last week.
In Russia, ‘The War is Coming To Their Cities’: Russia thought it had the North Caucasus beat. Ten years ago, then-President Vladimir Putin built his reputation by using brute force to bring Russia's most volatile region to heel. On the surface, it seemed to have worked.
22 alledged militants killed in Pakistan: At least 22 "militants" killed on Sunday when Pakistan military retaliated an attack on its base in the northwest tribal region.
Lahore High Court declares Dr. AQ Khan a free man: The Lahore High Court on Monday said that nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is a free man, however he has been barred from talking about nuclear assets or proliferation in any capacity.
At least 14 killed in triple Iraq bombing : At least 14 people were killed and 74 injured in a triple bombing in the central Iraqi city of Karbala on Monday, medics and witnesses said.
Allawi nominated as next Iraqi PM: - The secular Iraqiya list in Iraq announced it voted unanimously to nominate Iyad Allawi to serve as the next prime minister of Iraq.
Maliki says will lead coalition to form next Iraqi gov''t: Al-Maliki, whose State of Law Alliance came second in parliamentary elections with 89 seats, said the next days would witness the announcement of a coalition that would form the future government.
Moqtada al-Sadr may hold key to power in Iraq: The first in what could be the most crucial series of discussions to form Iraq's new government took place early last week outside the country's borders in the Iranian Shia shrine city of Qom.
Saddam fugitive urges Arabs to talk to Iraq "resistance": He asked Arab leaders meeting at their summit in Libya to "recognise resistance groups, armed and unarmed, break their diplomatic relations with the occupying authority in Iraq and annul all obligations resulting from those relations."
2 Taliban commanders detained, 7 killed in S. Afghanistan: Security forces have killed seven Taliban militants and detained two of their commanders in Afghanistan's southern province Helmand province, a press release of the Interior Ministry said Monday.
NATO occupation force soldier killed in Afghan blast, helicopter crashes: A NATO occupation force soldier was killed on Monday by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan, where a helicopter crashed on the same day, injuring 14 military personnel aboard, officials said.
WikiLeaks to release video of civilians, journalists being murdered in airstrike: WikiLeaks to release video of civilians, journalists being murdered in airstrikeWhistleblower Web site WikiLeaks is planning to release a video that reveals what it's calling a Pentagon "cover-up" of an incident in which numerous civilians and journalists were murdered in an airstrike, according to a recent media advisory
US and British deaths double, wounded triple, in Afghanistan: Deaths for the invading armies have doubled in 2010 compared to 2009. Wounded numbers have trippled. And the solution? Send tens of thousands more troops to pointless death in an unwinnable war.
Comparing Military Spending: The chart combines data showing the growth of U.S. defense spending (DoD only) as a share of GDP, and a corresponding decline among all other NATO countries.
Turkey makes case against sanctions on Iran: In meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkish PM Erdogan says, 'We are of view that sanctions is not a healthy route is diplomacy'
Israel gets ready to strike at Iran's nuclear sites – media: Israeli air force have practiced simulated strikes at Iran's nuclear facilities using airspace of at least two unidentified Arab countries, a newspaper published in east Jerusalem reported.
Barak: US Gives Israel Aid, Ammunition and Vital Spare Parts: “The United States is a central source for Israel's qualitative edge [over its enemies] in advanced weapons systems, $3 billion in annual financial aid, ammunition and spare parts that are spread out here in American storage facilities within Israel, and upon which the IDF relies as an 'oxygen supply' in time of war,” Barak explained.
Israel fears Obama heading for imposed Mideast settlement: U.S. President Barack Obama's demands during his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last Tuesday point to an intention to impose a permanent settlement on Israel and the Palestinians in less than two years, political sources in Jerusalem say.
Netanyahu and Obama are at point of no return : The messages coming to the White House from Riyadh and Amman, then, were starkly clear: If you don't rein in your Israeli friends, Tehran won't be the only Middle East capital where American flags will burn.
Arab league chief: We must prepare for failure of peace process: “We must prepare for the possibility that the peace process will be a complete failure,” Moussa said. “This is the time to stand up to Israel. We must find alternative options, because the situation appears to have reached a turning point.”
DR Congo massacre uncovered: The Lord's Resistance Army killed about 300 people and kidnapped 250 more in a rampage in the Democratic Republic of Congo in December 2009, according to an international rights group and the UN.
Vatican confirms report of sexual abuse and rape of nuns by priests in 23 countries: In extreme instances, the priests had made nuns pregnant and then encouraged them to have abortions.
Court: Seattle police OK to stun pregnant woman: Three Seattle police officers were justified when they used a stun gun on a pregnant mother who refused to sign a traffic ticket, a federal appeals court ruled Friday in a case that prompted an incredulous dissent.
Personal Income Drops Across the Country: How state personal income changed in 2009 from 2008. Nevada's 4.8% plunge was the steepest, as construction and tourism industries took a beating. Also hit hard: Wyoming, where incomes fell 3.9%.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

News For March 25, 2010

Have a Nice World War, Folks

By John Pilger

Here is news of the Third World War. The United States has invaded Africa. US troops have entered Somalia, extending their war front from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen and now the Horn of Africa. Continue

Trivializing War

By Cesar Chelala

“Drones are currently killing people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. It should be noted that the United States is not at war with any of those countries, which should mean in a sane world that the killing is illegal under both international law and the US Constitution,” states Philip Girald, a former CIA officer and fellow of the American Conservative Defense Alliance. Continue

When Presidential Sermons Collide

By Glenn Greenwald

Nothing enables the glorification of crimes, and nothing ensures their future re-occurrence, more than shielding the criminals from all accountability.  It's nice that Barack Obama is willing to dispense that lecture to other countries, but it's not so nice that he does exactly the opposite in his own. Continue

Covering up American War Crimes, From Baghdad to New York

By Charles Glass

“The US government does not want it known that it was using chemicals on human beings in a country whose leader it overthrew ostensibly because he retained the capacity to do the same thing.” Continue

More than 250 Congress Members Declare Commitment to 'Unbreakable' U.S.-Israel Bond

By Natasha Mozgavaya, Haaretz Correspondent

More than 250 members of Congress have signed on to a declaration reaffirming their commitment to "the unbreakable bond that exists between [U.S.] and the State of Israel", in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Continue

Obama Squeezed Between Israel and Iran

By Pepe Escobar

The AIPAC 2010 show predictably was yet one more "bomb Iran" special; but it was also a call to arms against the Barack Obama administration, as far as the turbo-charging of the illegal colonization of East Jerusalem is concerned. Continue

Judea Declares War On Obama

By Gilad Atzmon

Jewish lobbies certainly do not hold back when it comes to pressuring states, world leaders and even super powers. AIPAC’s behavior last week reminded me of the Jewish declaration of war against Nazi Germany in 1933. Continue

Israeli Intelligence, Our Constant Companion

By Jeff Stein

Acting on a complaint that the document was circulating on Capitol Hill, the FBI discovered that an Israeli diplomat had acquired the paper and given it to officials at AIPAC, the lobbying group whose annual convention drew both Netanyahu and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton this week. Continue

Be Sure The Truth Will Find You Out

By Yvonne Ridley

Well it has now emerged that the British Government used spies, lies and community leaders to spew out anti-Palestinian propaganda during the Gaza War. Continue

Next Up: Wall Street Reform

By Danny Schechter

In Britain, the police are raiding Hedge Funds to bust insider traders. In America, the Hedge Funds are still raiding us, even as public opinion calls for a crackdown on Wall Street. One recent poll, in a nation that seems so divided on everything, showed 82% for aggressive action. 82%!  Continue

To Rob a Country, Own a Bank

Must Watch - Real News Video Interview

William Black, author of "Best way to rob a bank is to own one" talks about deliberate fraud on Wall St. Continue

Cantina Tolteca
Pissing away them Kokopelli blues

By Joe Bageant

Money, violence and politics, the three jackals that hunt together, and feast on society's craving for prohibited commodities, alcohol in the thirties and cocaine today. The politicians run the perimeter of the human herd, guiding it this way and that through speeches and legislation, providing distraction, the killers enforce the code of the pack. Continue

Pakistan Says 61 Alledged Militants Killed: Pakistani military airstrikes killed 61 suspected militants in an area near the Afghan border Thursday, including dozens at a seminary where Taliban commanders were believed to be meeting, officials said.
US rockets kill two Afghan children: US forces, after being ambushed by Taliban militants, fired two rockets which did not reach the intended target but hit a house, killing two children and wounding four others, including two women, said our correspondent in the Afghan capital of Kabul.
U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan are committing atrocities, lying, and getting away with it: Jerome Starkey recently reported for The Times of London about a night raid on Feb. 12 in which U.S. and Afghan gunmen opened fire on two pregnant women, a teenage girl and two local officials -- an atrocity which NATO’s Afghanistan headquarters then tried to cover up
Afghan soldiers way below standard, exasperated Marines say: While the Marines praise the Afghan National Civil Order Police force, they can barely conceal their contempt for the Afghan soldiers who live alongside the Americans in this one-time drug den in Marjah.
NATO rejects Russia's demand to destroy Afghan poppy fields: NATO and Russia clashed on Wednesday over how to tackle the drug problem in Afghanistan, where Western nations have been fighting a Taliban-led insurgency for eight years.
5 Iraqi soldiers killed at checkpoint: Gunmen fatally shot five Iraqi army soldiers at a military checkpoint in southern Baghdad yesterday as the country prepared for the scheduled release of election results on Friday.
Teenage bomber kills three in west Iraq blast: – A teenage suicide bomber killed three people on Wednesday in an attack targeting a local anti-terror chief, police said, amid a spate of violence across Iraq that left 10 dead.
Woman, daughter killed in Baghdad: “Three gunmen stormed a house in Jisr Diala region in southeastern Baghdad, killing a woman and her daughter and fled to unknown place,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Iraqi Interior Minister Calls for Vote Results Delay: The interior minister said Thursday the announcement should be postponed until the president, electoral commission and political parties can reach an agreement on how to investigate alleged voting irregularities.
Russia may support Iran sanctions: Russia says it may support new round of sanctions against Iran "if there is no visible progress" in resolving the impasse over Tehran's nuclear program.
Israel approves new illegal building in east Jerusalem: The announcement marked the second time this month that Israel has announced new construction in the disputed section of the holy city during face-to-face meetings between top U.S. and Israeli officials.
PA skeptical about US-Israel crisis: The Palestinian Authority remains unconvinced by what seems to be American pressure on Israel over construction in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.
Despite row, U.S. and Israel sign massive arms deal: The deal will be covered by American foreign assistance funds. The Pentagon will issue a formal announcement on the matter on Thursday evenin
Dispute with Israel underscores limits of U.S. power, a shifting alliance: The two-week-old dispute between Israel and the United States over housing construction in East Jerusalem has exposed the limits of American power to pressure Israeli leaders to make decisions they consider politically untenable.
'I was stabbed in the back,' says soldier who used human shield in Gaza: The soldiers, who served as staff sergeants in the Givati Brigade during Operation Cast Lead, allegedly forced a 9-year-old Palestinian boy to open a number of bags they thought might contain explosive materials. The bags turned out to be harmless.
Israel told: no passport promise means no new Mossad diplomat: The Israeli government will not be allowed to replace the senior Mossad station chief expelled from London over the cloning of British passports used in the assassination of a Hamas commander unless it offers a public assurance that UK citizens' documents will never be used again for clandestine operations.
Deadly car bomb hits Colombia city: Colombia's chief prosecutor, said he would not rule out retaliation against his office by drug traffickers, or a fight between rival gangs.
Most Russians believe US is hell-bent on world domination, says poll: ALMOST three-quarters of Russians believe the United States is an "aggressor" nation hell-bent on world domination, a poll suggests.
113 terror suspects arrested in Kingdom: Saudi security forces have arrested 113 alledged Al-Qaeda militants who were planning to carry out terrorist attacks on a number of targets inside the Kingdom including oil installations, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.
Bin Laden threatens Americans: The latest recording purportedly from the al-Qaeda chief was broadcast on Al Jazeera on Thursday.
Iran-Contra operative linked to questionable spy program: Duane "Dewey" Clarridge -- who was pardoned for his alleged role in the Reagan-era scandal by President George H. W. Bush in the waning hours of his presidency in 1992 -- is using contacts in Afghanistan and Pakistan to obtain information for the Pentagon, according to former government officials familiar with the current program.
NY judge: CIA can keep secrets despite ACLU demand: A judge for a second time has denied efforts by the American Civil Liberties Union to force the CIA to release names and documents relating to Sept. 11 detainees who were interrogated harshly
CIA, State Department Apparently Acting on Plan to Destroy Wikileaks: The rise of the internet brings the greatest challenge yet to the globe’s existing centers of power, and those associated with those centers of power are at least partially aware of this.
Pope 'failed to act' over abuse: The pope, then a cardinal leading a Vatican office charged with protecting the moral authority of the church, was repeatedly warned about a priest who might have molested 200 deaf boys, according to church files released as part of a lawsuit.
Death threats plague Democrats who supported Barack Obama's health care bill: Democrats who supported sweeping changes to America's health care system have been subjected to death threats and vandalism as the tide of anger and outrage over the bill grows.
Dubai World announces debt plan: In a statement on Thursday, officials from the emirate said that the government would pump $9.5bn of its own money into the company, swap the funds it is owed for shares, and repay $14.2bn to creditors over the next eight years.
China 'will not bow on currency': US threats to hit China with trade sanctions unless it revalues its currency are unacceptable and Beijing will not bend to outside pressure, a senior Chinese envoy has said.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

News For March 24, 2010

Dershowitz Peddling More Middle East Myths:

By Matthew Duss

Alan Dershowitz's op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal is a useful reminder that his tendency toward dishonesty isn't limited to the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He's dishonest about Iran, too: Continue

Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It

By Paul Craig Roberts

There was a time when the pen was mightier than the sword. That was a time when people believed in truth and regarded truth as an independent power and not as an auxiliary for government, class, race, ideological, personal, or financial interest. Continue

Social Inequality in America: Widening Income Disparities.

By Vi Ransel

Reforms, regulatory agencies and elections themselves are America's Circus Maximus, mere flourishes on the veneer of democracy painted over the naked concentration of power accrued to the few who hold the reins of the corporate mechanism, the most stunningly efficient means ever invented for accumulating and concentrating wealth, which is then translated into political power. Continue

Whose Streets?
(Our Streets between 1pm and 4pm With a Permit)

By Cindy Sheehan

It seems like we march past empty buildings and shake our fists at them and promise that if those empty buildings don’t change their ways, we will be back next year to do the same thing. Continue

The US is at a Precipice

By Tim Gatto

This recent fiasco concerning health insurance really made me understand that most Americans have no idea what is really important. The minuscule amount of money compared to the defense budget and the bail-outs is not the important issue here. The selling out of our nation by Congress and the Executive Branch is the real problem. Continue

Are Americans Too Broken by Corporate Power to Resist?

By Joan Brunwasser

We need to take a look at what forces in American society are preventing people from being able to resist tyranny and dehumanization. Continue

21 Taliban militants killed in Pakistan: The clashes in the Orakzai tribal district came as military and paramilitary troops, backed by tanks and artillery, are carrying out an offensive to destroy alledged Taliban and Al Qaeda hideouts and training camps.
US Kills 4 People In Pakistan: "We have confirmation of four deaths, so far. The death toll could be more," an intelligence official in the area said.
US Buying the right to kill in Pakistan: US lining up billions more to reward Pak: The Obama administration will expedite more than $500 million in military support reimbursements to Pakistan and facilitate an even greater unspecified amount in concessional aid and trade to reward Islamabad for selectively ditching the Taliban and helping the US in the conflict in Afghanistan.
Six soldiers among 10 killed in Iraq attacks: A series of attacks across Iraq killed at least 10 people on Wednesday, including six soldiers and one policeman, security officials said.
Haditha massacre : A legal snafu could clear the way to freedom for the Marine sergeant perhaps most responsible for the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in the infamous Haditha massacre of 2005.
March 2010 Iraq War Protests: Video: There was a protest or demonstration in over 150 cities the week of March 20th. This video shows video and photos of maybe twenty events across the country combining interviews, speeches, and demonstration observations.
Poll body rejects Iraq recount call: Iraq's election commission has dismissed calls from Nouri al-Maliki, the prime minister, for all of the votes in the March 7 parliamentary election to be recounted by hand.
Two NATO occupation force soldiers, two de-miners killed in Afghan blasts: Two NATO soldiers were killed Wednesday in a blast triggered by a homemade bomb in southern Afghanistan, where two Afghan mine clearers also died in a similar attack, officials said.
Taliban shoots down helicopter in northern Afghanistan: A civilian helicopter contracted by the US military made a 'hard landing' Wednesday in northern Afghanistan after being hit by Taliban militants but there were no casualties, officials said.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Afghan-Iranian mountain trails reveal hidden weapons smuggling route: It's no overstatement to say that many Afghans in Herat are scared of their powerful neighbor to the West.
World will do "whatever it takes" to stop Iran nuke: Blair: "Iran must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons capability. Iran must know that we will do whatever it takes to stop them getting it," Blair told the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, adding it was a matter of global security.
Russia says nuclear Iran not alarming, urges talks: Russia's foreign minister has said Iran's nuclear program poses no imminent threat but urged Tehran to engage the international community.
Two meetings, but no agreement between Obama and Netanyahu: Israeli and American leaders could not even agree on a joint statement after their White House talks.
New building clouds Israel-US talks: The meeting at the White House was overshadowed by the news that more building permits had been issued for the disputed city.
U.S. seeks clarification from Israel over new East Jerusalem plan: The White House on Wednesday said it is seeking clarification from Israel over plans to build 20 new apartments in East Jerusalem.
Israel’s survival at stake, Clinton warns: Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, on Monday warned Israel that its survival could be in jeopardy unless it reached a peace deal with the Palestinians.
Israeli settlements buried two-state solution -expert: . He called for dropping the two-state paradigm for discussion of a joint "bi-national regime."
Britain Expels Israel Diplomat Over Fake Passports: The British foreign secretary, said there were “compelling reasons” suggesting that Israel was behind the misuse of the British passports and called Israel’s actions “intolerable.”
Video: Miliband statement on Israel passports scandal ITN NEWS
British warning: Watch your passports ; 'We recommend that you only hand your passport over to third parties including Israeli officials when absolutely necessary; Foreign Office says
Israeli MP: 'British are dogs, who are they to judge?': Members of Knesset were outraged with Britain's accusations against Israel over the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai and its threats to expel an Israeli diplomat from London over the stolen passports affair. MK Arieh Eldad said on Tuesday that the British were behaving hypocritically and compared them to dogs.
Who is the British Dog? By Gilad Atzmon: For years, the Labour government was maintained financially by Zionist fundraisers led by Lord Levy. In return the Labour Government launched an illegal Israeli war (Iraq). It supported Israeli barbarism all the way through, including Tony Blair’s shameful support of Israeli crimes in Lebanon (2006).
Israel to replace 'Mossad officer' expelled by UK: The Israeli diplomat who is to be expelled from Britain over the alleged forgery of British passports connected to the killing of a top Hamas militant, is a Mossad officer who will be replaced by the "Jewish state", Israeli media reports said on Wednesday.
U.S. aviation security pick favors Israeli model: President Barack Obama's nominee to oversee security at U.S. airports said on Tuesday he wants to shift screening closer to the Israeli model to include more behavior detection in a bid to thwart terrorism plots.
Angola: Seven killed in brutal land evictions: Seven people including four children between four and 12-years-old have been killed in the latest wave of brutal and forced evictions in Angola. The evictions took place earlier this month when riot police swept through a provincial capital, Lubango.
Mexico's drug wars rage out of control: With more than 2,000 people killed since the new year, 2010 is shaping up to overtake the record 6,500 drug-related murders last year, which exceeded the toll of more than 5,000 in 2008.
Right-winger Ann Coulter silenced by angry protesters at University of Ottawa: Video: Hundreds of screaming students succeeded in what few thought possible Tuesday night - they silenced incendiary right-winger Ann Coulter.
Exclusive: Int'l Missile Program Faces $1 Bln Cost Overrun: The $19 billion U.S.-European MEADS missile development program is facing about $1 billion in added costs, according to officials briefed on the program, but the overrun should not breach congressional thresholds that would trigger a live-or-die review.
Fourteen US states sue to block health reform: In a sign of political battles to come, 14 US states filed lawsuits Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of health care reform just moments after President Barack Obama signed it into law.
IRS Needs $10 Billion to Be Nation's Health Enforcer: The mandates require that all Americans carry a minimum level of health insurance or pay a separate tax for every month they are without such coverage. All employers with 50 employers or more will also be required to provide their employees with that same minimum level of coverage.
Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Take Own Lives: The foreclosure crisis in Philadelphia is now becoming a matter of life and death. Eyewitness News has learned that in the past month, two homeowners took their own lives before sheriff's deputies arrived to tell them that they were being evicted.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

News For March 23, 2010s

Why Democracy Is “The Biggest Scam in the World”

An Interview With Arundhati Roy - Video - Audio & Transcript

We speak with acclaimed Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy on President Obama, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, India and Kashmir and much more. Roy also talks about her journey deep into the forests of central India to report on the Maoist insurgency. Continue

Gandhians with a Gun?
Walking With The Comrades

By Arundhati Roy

In Dantewada, the police wear plain clothes and the rebels wear uniforms. The jail superintendent is in jail. The prisoners are free (three hundred of them escaped from the old town jail two years ago). Women who have been raped are in police custody. The rapists give speeches in the bazaar. Continue

Carl Boggs, The Crime of Empire.
Rogue Superpower and World Domination

By Ludwig Watzal

The U. S. power elites „believe” in „national exceptionalism”, they view the country as a „benevolent” or „benign” hegemon working for „democracy, human rights, and peace”. The elite – politicians, media, academia, and think tanks - presents U. S. policy as „pragmatic”, non-ideological, furthering liberal democracy, freedom, equality, and citizen partizipation. Continue

Militarizing Latin America

By Noam Chomsky

The United States was founded as an "infant empire," in George Washington's words. The conquest of the national territory was a grand imperial venture. Continue

Congress Speaks in 'One Voice' in Support of Israel: Lawmaker


"The long friendship between the United States and Israel is founded on common values: democracy, pluralism and freedom and common hopes for peace and security for our children," said Pelosi, the top lawmaker in the House of Representatives. Continue

Israel Gives The Finger To The USA

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

It is a case of the dog biting the hand that feeds it. After years of protection by Big Brother USA, covering up for its having nuclear warheads when Iran cannot even have a nuclear program, looking the other way when shocking war crimes and massacres of civilians are committed, when pregnant Palestinian mothers are left to die in the streets, Israel sticks up the middle finger in a classic display of pig-headed arrogance by Netanyahu at AIPAC. Continue

Israel & Aid

By Ralph Nader

Israel has become an economic, technological and military juggernaut. Its GDP is larger than Egypt’s even though Israel’s population is less than one tenth that of the Arab world’s most populous nation. The second largest number of listings on America’s NASDAQ Exchange after U.S. companies are from Israel, exceeding listings of Japan, Korea, China and India combined. Continue

UK Expels Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Murder Case

By David Stringer

Britain took the extraordinary step Tuesday of expelling an Israeli diplomat for the first time in more than 20 years, after concluding there was compelling evidence that Israel was responsible for the use of forged British passports in the plot to slay a senior Hamas operative in Dubai. Continue

Anti-Semitism – What is it?

By Jeff Gates

Is anti-Semitism a geopolitical strategy? If so, for what purpose? Character assassination? Continue

An Absence of Class

By Bob Herbert

A group of lowlifes at a Tea Party rally in Columbus, Ohio, last week taunted and humiliated a man who was sitting on the ground with a sign that said he had Parkinson's disease. The disgusting behavior was captured on a widely circulated videotape. One of the Tea Party protesters leaned over the man and sneered: "If you're looking for a handout, you're in the wrong end of town." Continue

Scary New GOP Poll
Republican attitudes about Obama

By John Avlon

Two-thirds think he's a socialist, 57 percent a Muslim—and 24 percent say "he may be the Antichrist." Continue

Lord's Resistance Army rebels kill 10 in Central African Republic: More than 50 people kidnapped in latest attack on civilians by Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army
Somalia: Five civillians killed in firefight: Gunbattles between Somali government forces and Islamist insurgents killed at least five civilians in Mogadishu on Tuesday, witnesses and medical sources said.
Four people killed in Baghdad shoot-out: In the overwhelmingly Shiite Sadr City district, two city councillors were gunned down by men who sped off on a motorbike, Baghdad Operations Command said in a statement.
Iraqi premier won't recognize election results without a recount: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's coalition has said it will not recognize election results without a recount and warned of unrest, the independent daily al-Mashreq reported on Tuesday
Moqtada al-Sadr holds balance of power: The Sadrist Movement, the political arm of al-Mahdi Army, is believed to have won between 30 and 40 seats in the 325-member Parliament in this month’s elections — giving it the balance of power while the two main contenders for prime minister jockey for position.
Pakistan: Two killed in yet another target killing incident: Two people were killed in an incident of target killing in Panjgoor town of Balochistan on Tuesday.
Quetta under attack: Another man killed, four injured in bomb blast : After the target killing of Professor Fazal Bari in the metropolis on Monday, in another incident of violence in Quetta, one person was killed and four others injured in a remote controlled bomb blast occurred at Golimar Chowk near Barory Road of Quetta on Monday.
US willing to consider nuke cooperation with Pak: Hillary Clinton: Notwithstanding India's reservations, the US on Tuesday said it would "consider" Pakistan's request for a civil nuclear deal as it
wanted to help the country meet its immediate and long-term energy needs.
2 foreign occupation troops killed by IED in S. Afghanistan: Two servicemembers with the NATO- led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) were killed in separate IED (improvised explosive device) attacks in southern Afghanistan
NATO occupation force soldier killed in Afghan blast; helicopter crashes: A NATO soldier was killed in a roadside bomb blast in southern Afghanistan, and a foreign military helicopter crashed in a central province, injuring three on board, officials said Tuesday.
American Forces Use 50 Caliber Weapons in Afghan Cities: .50 Caliber Ammunition May Violate the Rules of War
US-Led Forces In Afghanistan Are Committing Atrocities, Reporter Says: The story behind the story about the NATO massacre in Paktia
Craig Murray: Civil War Certain as "Afghan National Army" Now Over 60% Tajik: There are any number of "Big lies" put forward by the USA in Afghanistan and slavishly repeated by our politicians and media. Here are a few of the "Big lies":
Demonizing Iran: Taliban fighters training in Iran, U.S. officials say: - Iran is helping train Taliban fighters within its borders, according to U.S. military and intelligence officials.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran : The Mullahs of Iran have British blood on their hands – and must be made to pay: To all intents and purposes Britain is already at war with the Iranian dictatorship, and has been for several years.
Netanyahu to AIPAC: Stop Iran or Israel Will : Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington Monda, warning the world to stop Iran — or Israel will — and respectfully but directly challenging the Obama administration on Jerusalem and the peace process.
Sen. Lindsey Graham: Any Attack on Iran Must Be Full-Scale: "The Congress has your back." (What other lobby would he say that to?) He declared that Israel is "our best friend in the world." (Does that tick off Canadians?) But Graham went especially far when he endorsed the idea of a military strike against Iran.
Iran sanctions may be secured with China abstention: China may ultimately be persuaded to abstain in a U.N. Security Council vote on further Iran sanctions, allowing a new resolution to be passed, a leading sanctions expert said on Tuesday.
Israel to triple illegal West Bank settlements: The leader of Israeli settlers' council has said the regime plans to triple Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank despite international pressures to halt settlement expansions on Palestinian lands.
Abbas: Palestinian people have national right to resistance: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday said that the Palestinian people had a national right to resistance against Israeli occupation, adding that his government would not acquiesce to any Israeli demands with which it disagreed.
UK Expels Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Murder Case: Britain took the extraordinary step Tuesday of expelling an Israeli diplomat for the first time in more than 20 years, after concluding there was compelling evidence that Israel was responsible for the use of forged British passports in the plot to slay a senior Hamas operative in Dubai
Israeli MP likens British to "dogs" for Israeli expulsion: The expulsion of an Israeli 'diplomat' from Britain over the terrorist murder of a Palestinian leader in Dubai has provoked outrage in the Israeli Knesset, comparing the British to "dogs".
Assassinating Hamas won't work: Israel's policy of assassinating Palestinian leaders is misguided – it should be talking to them instead
Lebanese army fires on Israeli warplanes: : Lebanese anti-aircraft guns opened fire on two Israeli warplanes that were violating its airspace at medium altitude on Sunday, the military said.
Chris McGreal : The Ties that Bind America to Israel are Beginning to Fray and Break: The US finally seems to be losing patience now that Netanyahu's behaviour is endangering its troops
UK: MPs' foreign visit rules breached: Hundreds of breaches of parliamentary rules by MPs who accepted free overseas trips from foreign governments have been uncovered by a BBC investigation.tic debate
Lord Oxburgh, the climate science peer, ‘has a conflict of interest’: A member of the House of Lords appointed to investigate the veracity of climate science has close links to businesses that stand to make billions of pounds from low-carbon technology.
U.S. judge orders release of Guantanamo detainee: A federal judge ordered on Monday that a man accused of having ties to some of the hijackers in the September 11, 2001, attacks, be released from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Clinton in Mexico for crime talks: Clinton will be assessing the Merida Initiative, a $1.6bn programme to fight organised crime mainly in Mexico but also Central America.
Chomsky: Health bill sustains the system’s core ills: Despite its flaws, 'I'd hold my nose and vote for' reform, intellectual tells Raw Story
Obama Pays More Than Buffett as U.S. Risks AAA Rating : The bond market is saying that it’s safer to lend to Warren Buffett than Barack Obama.