Friday, 29 April 2011

Questions About "Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation"

By Ali Abunimah

At this point, neither side has published the text of an agreement - and certainly Palestinians have a right to see one; they have had enough of secret deals and understandings. Continue

U.S. Politicians Line Up to Castigate Palestinian Unity Deal

By Alex Kane

Democrats and Republicans are lining up to demand the cut-off of U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority as a response to the reported unity deal between Hamas and Fatah.  Expect the Obama administration to take heed and agree with Congress–especially with the 2012 elections approaching. Continue

Is Israel's Rightwing in Eric Cantor's District?

By David Swanson

Cantor is listed on as the top recipient of campaign money from "pro-Israel" groups in the U.S. House of Representatives, having taken in over $200,000. Continue

Petraeus: Can He Tell It Straight?

By Ray McGovern

The news that President Barack Obama has picked Gen. David Petraeus to be CIA director raises troubling questions. Continue

Blindness Toward War Easy for Americans

By John R. MacArthur

To understand the utter absurdity of America’s intervention in the Libyan civil war, I recommend a visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York to see its new exhibition of German Expressionism. Continue

Obama's Inconsistency Doctrine on the Arab Spring

By P.J. Crowley

Although Obama seemed to embrace the concept of “responsibility to protect” in intervening in Libya and calling for Muammar Gaddafi to step down from power, he has not done the same in Syria. Continue

Financial Heist of the Century:
Confiscating Libya's Sovereign Wealth Funds

By Manlio Dinucci

U.S. and European ruling circles focused on these funds, so that before carrying out a military attack on Libya to get their hands on its energy wealth, they took over the Libyan sovereign wealth funds. Continue

From Democracy to Plutocracy

By Jim Hightower

Busting unions, unleashing corporate money in politics, restricting access to courts, and gutting financial and environmental regulation--all of these and more are about supplanting our democracy with their plutocracy. Continue

Grand Theft Benny

By Mike Whitney

It's the biggest flim-flam in the nation's history. But, thanks to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the scam has been exposed and the public can now get a good look at the type of swindle that passes as monetary policy. Continue

Federal Reserve For Dummies


The Anti-Bernank gives visual commentary on the Fed Chairman's recent press conference. Continue

33 militants killed in NW Pakistan: Security forces backed by gunship helicopters bombarded militants hideouts and killed at least 27 insurgents.
Obama remakes Afghan war "braintrust": President Barack Obama will Thursday unveil new military and diplomatic commanders for the increasingly unpopular US Afghan war effort, in a sweeping reshuffle of his national security team.
18 killed as deadly blast devastates Marrakesh cafe: Authorities suspect explosion which killed 18 at tourist hangout in Moroccan city was the work of a suicide bomber.
At least 16 killed in Iraq: A suicide bomber has attacked a Shiite mosque in central Iraq, killing 10 people amid nationwide violence that left 16 dead, including senior police and army officers.
15 killed in Yemen violence: The deadliest clashes erupted in Sanaa as troops opened fire to break up protests, killing 12 people and wounding more than 130, medical sources said.
Armed government opponents attacks checkpoint in southern Yemen, clash with Republican Guard: Yemeni government opponents clashed with police Thursday in the southern province of Aden, as tens of thousands of protesters rallied nationwide to denounce a deadly government crackdown and demand the president’s ouster.
NATO Kills 12 Libyan Enemy Combatants in Misrata: At least one NATO warplane attacked a rebel position on the front lines of this besieged city Wednesday, a rebel commander said, killing 12 fighters and wounding five others in what he called an accident that could have been avoided.
Gaddafi forces regain Libyan border crossing: Muammar Gaddafi's forces have regained control of the strategically important Dehiba-Wazin Crossing, and now have control of the entire border with Tunisia, Al Jazeera has learned.
Gadafy forces 'seize' town of Kufra: Forces loyal to Muammar Gadafy seized control of the town of Kufra in the remote southeastern desert, state television reported today.
U.S. helps Libyan Enemy Combatants as Gaddafi open new fronts: - The United States threw a financial lifeline to rebels controlling eastern Libya while forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi harried insurgent strongholds in the west and far southeast of the country.
Oil for guns: US eases oil sanctions to help fund Libyan rebel fighters: The United States on Wednesday authorized Americans to buy oil from Libyan rebels, easing sanctions to open a stream of funding to opponents of Libyan strongman Moamer Kadhafi.
Black propaganda: US: Libya death toll could be as high as 30,000: Gene Cretz, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, said it is very hard to gauge how many people have died in strongman Moammar Gadhafi's crackdown on protesters and the subsequent fighting between rebels and pro-government forces.
More bull: Gaddafi Troops Raping, Issued Viagra: U.S. Envoys : In a closed-door Security Council meeting, Susan Rice said that Qaddafi was "issuing Viagra to his soldiers so they go out and rape" women, without providing evidence to support the assertion
"Dictator" gives guns to citizens? Libya's Gaddafi trains volunteer army to fight NATO: Libyan officials have said in recent weeks that they had begun arming and training civilians across government-controlled western Libya, in an effort to put the country's tribes at the forefront of the fight against NATO attacks.
British troops could be deployed to Tunisia: British troops could be deployed to the Libyan border to "guard refugees" fleeing the Gaddafi regime, Liam Fox signalled yesterday.
Dozens killed in Syrian protests: At least 42 people were killed, including 15 in the march on Daraa, according to witnesses and a human rights group.
'Terrorists' attack military post in Syria: Syria's state-run television says "armed terrorists" have attacked a military post in the southern city of Daraa, killing four soldiers and capturing two.
US aims financial hits at Syrian officials, Iran: – The Obama administration on Friday imposed financial penalties against three top Syrian officials, Syria's intelligence agency and Iran's Revolutionary Guard over the violent crackdown on demonstrators in Syria.
Muslim Brotherhood backs Syria protests: – The Muslim Brotherhood called on Syrians to take to the streets ahead of Friday prayers and help the besieged city of Deraa, where a rights group said civilian deaths from a tank-backed army attack rose to 50.
Tread lightly on Syria, Russia warns UN Security Council: Russia weighed in on the debate, warning the council that any outside interference in Syria’s domestic conflict could pose a risk to regional security.
Bahrain issues four death sentences: Bahrain's military court has sentenced four anti-government protesters to death, in a move to further crush the ongoing revolutionary movement in the small Persian Gulf country.
Bahrain 'torture service' official to attend royal wedding: Ambassador to UK was previously in charge of Bahraini agency that is accused of electric shocks and beatings
Whats the difference between diplomacy and hypocrisy? Syrian ambassador's royal wedding invitation withdrawn: Foreign Office decides ambassador's presence at ceremony would be 'unacceptable' at a time when UK is at loggerheads with Damascus over Syria's crackdown on protesters
Gaza civilians wounded in Israeli attack: At least four Palestinians, including two children, are injured in an Israeli tank fire on central Gaza.
Egypt breaks Israels siege of Gaza: Egypt FM: Gaza border crossing to be permanently opened: Egyptian FM tells Al-Jazeera that preparations are already underway to permanently open Rafah border crossing, which would allow goods and people in and out of Gaza with no Israeli supervision.
Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad must go, Hamas insists: Islamist faction makes demand as part of Palestine unity pact with Fatah, set to be signed in Cairo next week
Egypt sending team to Gaza to help implement Palestinian deal : The deal provides for the creation of a non-factional professional security force which would be subject to scrutiny by the Palestinian legislature.
Peres: Palestinian unity deal could be barrier to statehood: President calls burgeoning Fatah-Hamas reconciliation agreement a 'fatal mistake,' saying he expected a future Palestinian vote to result in Hamas' rule of the West Bank.
Ashrawi urges intl support for unity: "The division between Fatah and Hamas has been enormously destructive and self-defeating for Palestinians. This agreement represents a positive step towards Palestinian reconciliation and national unity, which are absolutely crucial to the success of our struggle,"
Gilad Atzmon: Drama in London: This event is promising to be a turning point -- The relentless attempts by Jewish political bodies to gate-keep the discourse needs to be confronted and exposed.
Poll: Only one in five Egyptians have a positive view of US : A majority (54% to 36%) would like to annul the peace treaty with Israel.
Telegraph names alleged rape victim in full Guantánamo release: One of the documents published by the Telegraph today includes the full name of a boy detained at Guantánamo who, according to the file, was raped at the age of 15, just prior to being transferred to the camp.
Dennis Kucinich : PR Stunt on Pfc. Manning, Pentagon Offers No Answers, Only Contrivance: Instead of answers and accountability for the potential mistreatment of Pfc. Manning, the Department of Defense only offers fake transparency in the form of a guided tour of his new prison.
Write to Bradley Manning in Fort Leavenworth: Write directly to Bradley Manning, send some kind words
FBI serves Grand Jury subpoena likely relating to WikiLeaks: so appears clear that the DOJ is strongly considering an indictment under the Espionage Act -- an act that would be radical indeed for non-government-employees doing nothing other than what American newspapers do on a daily basis (and have repeatedly done in partnership with WikiLeaks).
Special report: The day America took leave of its senses: One moment, we were watching a property magnate, with one eye on the presidency, the other on his reality TV show ratings, and puffed up like a bullfrog, rejoicing on an airport tarmac in New Hampshire that America's President of two years had finally made public his birth certificate.
2016: when China overtakes the US: After more than a century as the world's largest economy, the US will need to adjust to its declining global hegemony
Wal-Mart: Our shoppers are 'running out of money': Wal-Mart's core shoppers are running out of money much faster than a year ago due to rising gasoline prices, and the retail giant is worried, CEO Mike Duke said Wednesday.
One Million Exhausted Jobless Benefits in Past Year: Roughly 1 million people in the U.S. were unable to find work after exhausting their unemployment benefits over the past year, Labor Department data released Thursday suggest..
Minimum wage anyone? : McDonald’s Hires 62,000 During National Event: McDonald’s and its franchisees hired 62,000 people in the U.S. after receiving more than one million applications. A McDonald’s spokeswoman declined to disclose how many of the jobs were full- versus part-time. The number of applications for unemployment benefits in the U.S. rose last week, a sign that progress in the labor market may be fading.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Putin "Gobsmacked" By NATO's Bombing Of Libya

1 Minute Video

Do you know how many peaceful civilians perish because of these missile attacks, no matter what reasons are behind them?' Continue

Shadow of Syrian Conflict Stretching into Lebanon

By Robert Fisk

Every night, Syrian state television is a horror show. Naked corpses with multiple bullet wounds, backs of heads sliced off. All Syrian soldiers, it insists, murdered by "the treacherous armed criminal gangs" Continue

U.S. Needs its Own ‘Arab Spring’ to Counter Power of Pro-Israel Lobby

By Pam Bailey and Medea Benjamin

For too long, U.S. foreign policy has been skewed by a fear of offending Israel – or rather, the Israeli government and its right-wing arm in the United States, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Continue

Gitmo Doctors Hid Evidence of Torture

By Spencer Ackerman

They explained away the bone fractures, didn’t ask what caused the lacerations, and called the hallucinations routine. Continue

Fleeing Dollar Flood & Fraud

By Max Keiser

Members of the International Monetary Fund emerged from their huddle in Washington last weekend resolved to keep every option open to slow the flood of dollars pouring into their countries, including capital controls. Continue

Michigan’s “Emergency” Financial Regime:
What Fascism Looks Like

By Glen Ford

Fascism is not all about jack-boots and guys with mustaches. It is a system of economic and social control. Continue

Welcome To The USA
Miss USA Sexually Molested by TSA:


In the situation I'm about to describe, I felt truly violated and believe I should let my voice be heard. Ultimately, I hope others will do the same. Continue

Oil Prices: Gouge Us Baby One More Time

By Laura Flanders

While Americans keep paying, Big Oil keeps on profiting. The top five companies together made a greasy trillion dollars profit over the last decade. Continue

At least 15 dead as Yemen's Saleh clings to power: Thirteen protesters and two policemen were killed in violence across the country's restive south and the capital, officials and medical sources said, as anti-Saleh demonstrators vowed they would not stop.
8 Foreign Occupation Force Troops Killed in Afghanistan: Afghan army officer opens fire at air force headquarters after an argument, killing eight soldiers and a contractor.
3 Afghan soldiers killed, 2 Pakistani troops injured in clash along border area: According to the report, the firing between the two sides is still going on following the intrusion of the Afghan government forces into the Pakistani side in the Angoor Adda area of South Waziristan
Four killed, 21 wounded in Iraq's violence: A Kurdish security man was killed, three bodies were found and 21 people were wounded in separate gunfire and bomb attacks in northern and central Iraq, the police said on Wednesday.
Libya asked Russia to convene emergency meeting of the UN Security Council: The authorities in Libya Tuesday, April 26, appealed to Russia to convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the Action Coalition, which marked the Libyan side as Western aggression.
Putin says Libyan oil main goal of NATO campaign: ""Libya has the biggest oil resources in Africa and the fourth largest gas resources," Putin said during a news conference in Copenhagen. "It raises the question: isn't this the main object of interest to those operating there."
Oil for food guns: US loosens sanctions on Libya : US loosens sanctions on Libya to enable US firms to buy oil from rebel forces so that they can "use the income from oil sales to purchase weapons and other supplies".
Gates hints at killing Gadhafi: US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday that Libyan military command centers "wherever we find them" are legitimate targets for U.S. and NATO air attack, suggesting that "strongman" Moammar Gadhafi himself is increasingly in danger.
Libya: Is NATO guilty of conspiracy to commit murder?: NATO should not be in Libya for several reasons, the main one being that the hype about Colonel Gaddafy attacking his own poor innocent unarmed civilians is in a word, baloney. In another, Bullshit!
Ex-CIA chief: Kadhafi was good partner: The former chief of the CIA on Tuesday praised Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's past cooperation and said his downfall could complicate US interests in the short term.
Gaddafi arms Libyan 'home guard' – minimum age 17: Regime in Libya trains civilians in use of AK-47s in attempt to build resistance to Pro NATO Enemy Combatants
Gaddafi envoys in Caracas for Libya crisis talks, says Chávez: Libyan delegation arrived several days ago to discuss solution to end Nato's 'crazy' bombing, Venezuelan president adds
Three Syrian soldiers killed, 15 injured by "terrorists": A military source said " extremist and terrorist groups" attacked some Syrian army units Tuesday along the road leading to the occupied Golan Heights, killing three soldiers and wounding 15, the official SANA news agency reported.
More than 230 ruling Baath members resign in Syria: : Another 203 members of Syria's ruling Baath party announced their resignation Wednesday in protest at the deadly crackdown on protesters, raising the number to 233, according to lists seen by AFP.
Syrian Arab News Agency:
Shiites decry 'persecution in Bahrain': Shiites face fast-tracked martial courts, continued detention of hundreds, demolition of mosques and arbitrary dismissal of employees in the Sunni-ruled kingdom, they say.
Bahrain: We must speak out about brutality in the Gulf: To have different levels of tolerance for different despots raises awkward questions.
Fatah and Hamas agree to historic Palestinian reconciliation deal: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement hammered an historic reconciliation deal with the rival Hamas group on Wednesday, agreeing to form an interim government and fix a date for general election within the year.
Israel's West Bank policies render the two-state solution DOA: Despite Netanyahu's rhetoric, the facts on the ground - illegal outposts, failure to abide by court rulings, unfettered settler activity- make peace a distant dream.
'US prisons, crime against humanity': An estimated 3,000 people are held and tortured in secret rendition prisons around the world by the US war apparatus of which 95% are reportedly innocent.
Mexican Narco-Trafficker’s Revelation Exposes Drug War’s Duplicity: Trail of Government Intrigue Leads Back to Cocaine Jet That Crashed in Mexico’s Yucatan :

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Guantánamo Bay Torture Files:
Al-Qaida assassin 'worked for MI6'

By Declan Walsh in Islamabad, David Leigh, Jason Burke and Ian Cobain

An al-Qaida operative accused of bombing two Christian churches and a luxury hotel in Pakistan in 2002 was at the same time working for British intelligence, according to secret files on detainees who were shipped to the US military's Guantánamo Bay prison camp. Continue

The Sting of the Scorpion...
Egypt's Darkest Corner Was The Forerunner to Guantanamo

By Yvonne Ridley

The Scorpion Prison is a hellish institution that former prisoners told me was the blueprint for America's Guantanamo, the world's most notorious jail. It is reasonable to say that this is Egypt's very own Guantanamo. Continue

Hasta la vista, Baby!
Skynet Is Already Here

By Daniel Patrick Welch

As Christians in the US and the world over flock to church to celebrate the martyrdom of their lord and savior, American predators are noiselessly cruising the skies above yet another Arab land. Continue

It’s Not About Oil, It’s About Currency and Loans

By John Perkins

The US, the other G-8 countries, the World Bank, IMF, BIS, and multinational corporations do not look kindly on leaders who threaten their dominance over world currency markets or who appear to be moving away from the international banking system that favors the corporatocracy. Continue

A Faustian Bargain

By Lawrence Davidson

Here is how a special interest such as the Zionists might operate. Continue

Botox Politics

By Phil Rockstroh

Among Ciphers, Barn Burners and Confidence Artists: a comb-over treatment for declining empire. Continue

Politics -- Spinning Out of Control

By Sheila Samples

I have a real problem with Democrats who refuse to get off their knees long enough to stand up for what they believe in. Continue

One Wedding and Unlimited Funerals

By Cindy Sheehan

The only solution to the ills that plague us from this global bourgeoisie is a peasant’s (working-class) revolution—and the only way we will ever see one of those is if we stop being co-dependant with the very people who welcome our extinction after our usefulness to them is used up. Continue

Thrifty Families and Other Lies
Like Their Government, Americans Live on Debt

By Ted Rall

The family budget talking point is a fascinating meme that reflects a rarely considered national blind spot. As with other cases of mass denial (we think we're generous do-gooders around the world, foreigners see us for the crazy mean torturers we also are), we give ourselves more credit than we deserve. Continue

Can We Give The Hyperinflation-thing a Rest?

By Mike Whitney

The Federal Reserve is not going to push the economy into Zimbabwean hyperinflation. That's pure bunkum. Continue

At least 19 killed in Pakistan bus attacks: Two bombs have exploded near buses carrying navy officials in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi, killing four people and wounding 56. Tuesday's attacks came hours after another bus was set on fire in southwestern Baluchistan province late on Monday, burning 15 people to death, including four children and two women.
Syrian sends in more troops 'as Daraa assault rages': Syria sent more troops to the southern town of Daraa on Tuesday where a deadly crackdown against pro-democracy protesters raged into a second day, activists said, as Washington considered "targeted sanctions" against Damascus
Amnesty Claims At Least 393 Killed In Syria So Far : "By using the artillery against the people, the Damascus government showed its intention of crushing the protest, even if it means killing", said Malcolm Smart, directory of Amnesty International for the Middle East and North Africa.
'Syria's military is pulling the strings, not the president' : It appears to be the case that it is not Bashar al-Assad, the president, who is telling his generals what they should do. Rather, it is them who tell him that the time for nice words has now passed, and that this issue must now be solved through armed forces.
Further air strikes on Tripoli as Italy warplanes agree to join offensive: State television in Libya confirmed civilian and military targets had been bombed while Nato reported planes struck at a communications headquarters used to coordinate attacks against civilians.
Putin: Libya coalition has no right to kill Gaddafi: "They said they didn't want to kill Gaddafi. Now some officials say, yes, we are trying to kill Gaddafi," Putin said during a visit to Denmark. "Who permitted this, was there any trial? Who took on the right to execute this man?"
Russia May Save Qaddafi from Western Powers: Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying that Russia would not support any resolution that would deepen civil war in Libya. Russia is a veto-wielding permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Eyewitnesses speak out: Has U.S. staged the Libyan coup?: Two eyewitnesses in Italy are on their way to help expose a U.S.-orchestrated NATO-supported coup d’etat in Libya.
Former Gitmo detainee now America's ally in Libya: : For over five years, Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda bin Qumu was a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay prison, judged "a probable member of al-Qaida". Now, Qumu, 51, is a notable figure in the Libyan rebels' fight to oust Muammar Gaddafi.
Yemen troops kill two protesters: Forces loyal to Yemen's embattled president opened fire on protesters demanding his ouster Monday, killing two and wounding dozens at various protests, activists said.
US Airstrikes In Yemen: According to Abyan’s security chief, Colonel Abdullah Ali Saeed, a new airstrike hit the small village of Amfryad in Mudiyah district on 24 April 2011. The attack involved two cruise missiles being launched by a US Predator drone.
Yemen: government and opposition close in on deal to end Saleh's regime: Leaders of both sides said they would travel as early as Wednesday to Riyadh, capital of neighbouring Saudi Arabia, to sign the deal in the presence of observers from the Gulf Co-operation Council, which proposed it,
Bahrain expels Iranian diplomat, raising tensions: Bahrain ordered an Iranian diplomat to leave the island kingdom as ties between the two nations worsen and tensions rise between the Shiite powerhouse and Sunni Arab states in the oil-rich Persian Gulf.
A Brave Saudi : "Where is Khaled?": Video - Khaled, father of four children and a teacher, has been missing since he made this interview with foreign journalists on March 11th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Poll: More than half of Egyptians want to cancel peace treaty with Israel: Only 36 percent of Egyptians are in favor of maintaining the treaty, according to U.S.-based polling company.
Egypt ex-minister put on trial for shootings: Former interior minister faces the death penalty if found guilty of killing protesters.
ElBaradei Blasts Bush Administration Over Iraq War: The March 2003 invasion demonstrated that "deliberate deception was not limited to small countries ruled by ruthless dictators,"
Three killed in Iraq violence: Three people were killed Tuesday in separate attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and northern city of Kirkuk, police said.
One killed, four injured in Iraqi soldiers, Kurd fighters clash: The gunfire killed a civilian and wounded two peshmerga fighters as well as two soldiers, the source said.
Over 15,000 U.S. servicemen to remain in Iraq beyond 2011 deadline:: The Iraqi government is preparing to accept the presence of more than 15,000 U.S. servicemen in Iraq to protect the U.S. interests after the deadline of U.S. troops' pullout by the end of 2011, an Iraqi newspaper reported on Tuesday.
Iraqi leaders want U.S. troops to go: Members of large bloc in the Iraqi Parliament plan to back the terms of a bilateral status of forces agreement with the United States, a lawmaker said Tuesday.
Billions missing as US investigating war contractor con jobs: The US Commission on Wartime Contracting says hired contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan have been caught bilking billions of dollars from the United States government. No large contractor has ever been brought to book or banned from working for the government.
UN: Sri Lanka mass deaths may be 'war crimes': Deaths of tens of thousands in the government's final 2009 offensive against Tamil rebels 'may amount to war crimes.'
Guantanamo torture files: Dozens held were innocent: Leaked files reveal details of interrogations of "high-risk" detainees, but suggest many innocents were also rounded up.
Terror commander bin Laden forced to borrow, secret torture files show : The latest Wikileaks release, including information obtained from 14 key Guantanamo Bay detainees using torture.
Secret US torture files on Mamdouh Habib and David Hicks released by WikiLeaks : Mr Hicks' file describes him as a “compliant” but “deceptive”. He was held in “high regard” by other detainees, including senior al-Qa'ida operatives.
US tipped off about al-Qaida cell that did not exist: Leader of al-Qaida cell in London turned out to be an 11-year-old boy who had never left his village in Saudi Arabia
WikiLeaks highlights 'original sin' of Guantanamo: Innocent bystanders locked up for no reason, Al-Qaeda militants released to commit new atrocities: WikiLeaks has poured light on the "original sin" of Guantanamo, activists and experts say.
Obama hurt fair trial chances: Manning backers: – Supporters of alleged Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning on Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of interfering the future trial, after the president said the army private broke the law.
US court grants new sentencing for Mumia Abu-Jamal: The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals told prosecutors to conduct the new sentencing hearing within six months or agree to a life sentence. Abu-Jamal's first-degree murder conviction still stands in the fatal shooting of Officer Daniel Faulkner.
State Department wants passport applicants to reveal lifetime employment history: The U.S. Department of State has proposed a new questionnaire that would make it almost impossible for some people to get a passport.
The Four Horsemen Behind The Oil Wars: While Americans are robbed at the gas pump, Exxon Mobil will this week report a 60% increase in its quarterly net profits to a cool $10 billion. Royal Dutch/Shell will report a 30% increase.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Nobel Peace Drones
US Kills 23 People In Pakistan

By Glenn Greenwald

How many family members, friends, neighbors and villagers of the "five children and four women" we just killed are now consumed with new levels of anti-American hatred? Continue

Libya: UN Ground Forces To Cause African War: Russia

By Itar-Tass

The no fly zone operation has failed, and an operation on the ground, if it begins, will trigger a large African war, Russian presidential representative for African affairs, chairman of the Federation Council’s international affairs committee, Mikhail Margelov, said on Thursday. Continue

Libya in Face of Humanitarian Imperialism.

By Gregoire Lalieu

Humanitarian imperialism, why the right to interfere is incompatible with world peace, and why it goes against humanitarian principles. Unless, of course, those principles are just an excuse. Continue

Libya: Another Neocon War

By DavidSwanson

The US department of justice (DOJ) has submitted a written defence of the US role in this new war in Libya to the US Congress. The DOJ claims the war serves the US national interest in regional stability and in maintaining the credibility of the United Nations. Who knew? Continue

Former IAEA Head Suggests Iraq War Crime Probe of Bush Administration

By The Associated Press

Nobel-winning Egyptian Mohamed ElBaradei accuses U.S. leaders of grotesque distortion in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion and chides Washington for reluctant approach to talks with Iran. Continue

Disincentives to Peace:
US Weapons Sales to Israel

By Josh Ruebner

Israel may be forgiven for failing to realize the current fiscal woes of the United States. After all,level of $3 billion. Continue

Marching for Anzac in the 51st State

By John Pilger

The modern war-lovers have known no street of screams and despair. Continue

Velkommen to Banktopia   

By Mike Whitney

The dollar is getting hammered by design, because the Fed wants a weaker currency to boost exports and lower the real burden of debt on the banks. Continue

As Offshoring Continues, US Public Peeved at "Free Market"

By Roger Bybee

Many Americans increasingly feel like a trap door has suddenly dropped them into economic quicksand, with major corporations and their government allies pulling them further away from the middle-class security they once had. Continue

Who is doing the killing? 'Bloodiest day' as "troops" fire on rallies? : Protesters in Syria have reported 60 people killed by "security forces" - the highest daily death toll in five weeks of unrest against President Assad.
Who is doing the killing? Syria: Child shot in the Head: April 22, 2011 - Video - Warning -
In case you missed it: Syrian Soldiers Respond to Snipers: Filmed in Latakia as soldiers respond to bullets fired by unknown agents.
US Kills 23 People In Pakistan: : Military officials in Peshawar said the death toll had risen from 20 to 23, with two women and one boy among the dead, although that could not be independently verified.
Militants attack checkpost in N.Pakistan, 19 soldiers killed: Some local reports suggested that over a hundred Taliban entered into Pakistan from Afghanistan. They attacked the checkpost and also took away three vehicles and a huge cache of arms and ammunition.
The US swallowed these cups of tea to justify its imperial aims: Americans swallowed his tale because they wanted to. What empires – particularly those involved in violent conflict – need, above all, is heroes.
Attacks claim 5 Afghan police, 1 NATO occupation force soldier: A roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan has killed five Afghan border policemen while an insurgent attack elsewhere in the country left one NATO service member dead, officials said Friday.
US Soldier charged in Afghan sport killing released: The lawyer for one of five Washington state soldiers charged with killing Afghan civilians for sport says his client is being released from custody pending his court martial.
Qaeda, tribes kill 20 Yemen soldiers: Tribesmen and Al-Qaeda militants killed 22 people, all but two of them soldiers, and captured dozens of others in separate attacks over a 24-hour period, security and tribal sources said on Friday.
One protester killed in clashes with police in northwest Yemen: At least one protester was killed and several others were injured on Friday in Yemen's in northwest Hajja province when police clashed with a march of thousands protesters demanding ousting of President Ali Abdullah Saleh
Gulf nations call for Yemen president to step down: The arrangement calls for the president to hand over power immediately and to step down in 30 days, and it sets up presidential elections 60 days later, a Yemeni official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. It also calls for an immediate end to protests.
NATO Kills 9 civilians in Libya: - Nine people were killed overnight in NATO bombardment of the Libyan city of Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi's home town, Libyan state television said on Friday.
UN ignores its own resolution on Libya : “The coalition is definitely taking sides and now they are considering another step: to start a land operation, which could really bring unpredictable results for the country. That’s why this is not only Russia’s concern, this is the concern of quite a big part of international community.”
Russia: Nato has overstepped UN mandate on Libya: “We consider that certain actions by Nato in Libya do not correspond to its mandate, and we would like to investigate this,” Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, said after Friday’s talks.
John McCain Back To Libya; Doesn’t Meet With Gaddafi This Time: John McCain latched onto one of our predator drones and parachuted down into the country Friday because he loves U.S. intervention in foreign wars so much he had to go see this one for himself.
In case you missed it: Libya - Senators McCain Lieberman Visit Gadaffi : McCain said US delegation's talks with Libyan officials had focused in particular on the "provision of non-lethal defence equipment" to Libya's government
McCain Lauds Enemy Combatants During Libya Visit: U.S. Sen. John McCain, one of the strongest proponents in Congress of the American military intervention in Libya, said Friday that Libyan enemy combatants fighting Moammar Gadhafi's troops are his heroes.
US drones: lessons for Libya from Pakistan: The number of people killed in 2010 by American drones is thought to be between 607 and 993, yet of those the New America Foundation has estimated that just two per cent of the deaths were senior Taliban or al-Qaeda figures.
US mulls 'keeping 10,000 troops in Iraq': US and Iraqi officials are looking into keeping 10,000 US troops in the country beyond a year's end deadline for a complete withdrawal, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
Mullen: Iraq must decide soon on US troops: "Should the Iraqi government desire to discuss the potential for some US troops to stay, I am certain my government will welcome that dialogue," Mullen said at a news conference at the US military's Victory Base Camp on Baghdad's outskirts.
Bahraini forces open fire on protesters: Saudi-backed Bahraini troops have opened fire on anti-government demonstrators in the village of Karzakan, injuring at least one protester.
Bahrain called on to stop hospital crackdown: Three non-governmental groups said Bahrain must halt human rights violations and a crackdown on hospitals where doctors and patients suspected of having joined pro-democracy protests were being arrested.
Protests break out in Omani city: Thousands take to the streets in southern city in Gulf state to press for better wages, jobs and end to corruption.
Abbas: U.S. would be illogical to block independent Palestinian state at UN: After Abbas meet with Sarkozy, a French presidential office source said Sarkozy had given Abbas his 'clear support' for efforts leading to creation of a Palestinian state.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Secret Memos Expose
Link Between Oil firms And Invasion of Iraq

By Paul Bignell

Plans to exploit Iraq's oil reserves were discussed by government ministers and the world's largest oil companies the year before Britain took a leading role in invading Iraq, government documents show. Continue

West Exacerbates Libyans' Suffering

By Doug Bandow

The allies have joined the insurgents in a civil war against the previously recognized government. The path is war and all that entails: death, destruction, and chaos. Continue

Congress Rewrites Goldstone's Op-ed

By Kate Gould

You would never know from any of the grandstanding in Congress that Justice Goldstone still stands by the report that bears his name. Continue

US Tried To Hide Israeli War Crimes
US / Israel - Special Relationship

BY Colum Lynch

In the aftermath of Israel's 2008-2009 invasion into the Gaza Strip, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, led a vigorous campaign to stymie an independent U.N. investigation into possible Israeli war crimes. Continue

Ignorance and Superstition
Bachmann: America ‘Cursed’ By God ‘If We Reject Israel’

By Andy Birkey

Rep. Michele Bachmann offered a candid view of her positions on Israel: Support for Israel is handed down by God and if the United States pulls back its support, America will cease to exist. Continue

Waiting for the Spark

By Ralph Nader

What could start a popular resurgence in this country against the abuses of concentrated, avaricious corporatism? Continue

Afghanistan should brace for more assassinations: U.S. envoy: Afghanistan's government and foreign troops should prepare for the Taliban to step up urban suicide attacks and assassinations as they shift tactics to "very focused" terrorism, the U.S. ambassador said.
Suicide blasts kill 11, hurt 19 in Iraq: Two cars packed with explosives simultaneously detonated at a security checkpoint crowded with Iraqi parliament staffers. Police said the suicide attacks appeared to be targeted at convoys carrying Iraqi defense and political leaders, including a military commander who survived.
Three women shot dead by gunmen in northern Iraq: Three women were shot dead in their house by gunmen on Tuesday in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, according to a security source.
British troops ‘revenge attack’ on Iraqi civilian : The attack allegedly left the victim badly hurt, covered in blood and with his jaw ‘literally hanging off’. It was apparently recorded by one of the soldiers wearing a camera attached to his helmet.
Patrick Cockburn: They denied it was about Iraq's resources. Iraqis used to ask ironically if the rest of the world would have been quite so interested in the fate of their country if its main export had been cabbages.
Syrian forces open fire on protesters, killing 3 and arresting many: At least three people were killed and a large number were arrested early Tuesday after Syrian security forces opened fire on peaceful protesters in Homs, the country's third-largest city, said a resident who participated in the demonstration.
Syria 'lifts emergency law': The government also abolished the state security court, which handled the trials of political prisoners, and approved a new law allowing the right to peaceful protests.
UNICEF says 26 children killed in Yemen protests: UNICEF spokeswoman Marixie Mercado said Tuesday that most of the children killed in clashes between security forces and anti-government demonstrators died of wounds from live ammunition.
One killed as Yemeni police open fire on protesters: The United Nations Security Council was scheduled to meet later Tuesday to discuss the deteriorating situation in Yemen, where rights groups say two months of protests calling for the president to step down have claimed 120 lives.
Britain to send military advisers to Libya: Britain will send a team of experienced military officers to Libya to help support and advise the country's opposition council, the UK foreign minister has said.
French want troops on ground in Libya: A senior French official says soldiers should be deployed on the ground in Libya to help guide NATO's air strikes in support of the Libyan opposition.
Libya: blood bonanza for contractors: Libya might soon turn into a goldmine for private security firms. Reports say that the UK is already hiring mercenaries to protect the interests of the big corporations there
Rolling out the propaganda? : Libya rebels say 10,000 killed in fighting : Italy's Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said the Libya conflict has so far killed 10,000 people and wounded 55,000, citing figures compiled by the Benghazi-based rebel government.
Gaddafi Violence Against Libya Civilians Exaggerated, Says British Group: Delegation to Libya says it has found no evidence of dissent and accuses western media of bias towards Nato military action.
Bahrain escapes censure by West as crackdown on protesters intensifies: Bahraini government forces backed by Saudi Arabian troops are destroying mosques and places of worship of the Shia majority in the island kingdom in a move likely to exacerbate religious hatred across the Muslim world.
Saudi Troops To Remain In Bahrain: The states’s foreign minister, denied the Gulf force was “policing” the majority Shia nation and emphasised the foreign forces’ stated mission is to protect Bahrain’s “vital installations against a foreign threat”. Tehran has denounced the deployment of a Saudi-led force and condemned the crackdown.
Iranian Foreign Ministry urges action on Bahrain crackdown: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has urged the international community to take action to stop violent crackdowns on peaceful protesters in the Middle East and North Africa.
Palestinian UN diplomat: Palestinians prefer peace treaty with Israel by September: Palestinians say if peace treaty not reached by September, they will go to UN Security Council with enough support that it would recommend admission of Palestine as new member of UN.
Report: Quartet may formally recognize Palestinian state if "peace talks" not renewed: U.S. blocked initiative earlier this month to restart stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks by proposing the outlines of a final settlement to the long conflict.
US helped Israel contain UN Gaza war probe: report: The United States worked behind the scenes to help Israel contain UN probes into possible war crimes committed during the 2008-2009 Gaza war, Foreign Policy reported Tuesday.
Egypt: At least 846 killed in protests: At least 846 Egyptians died in the nearly three-week-long popular uprising that toppled long-serving President Hosni Mubarak and electrified the region, a government fact-finding mission announced Tuesday.
Egypt questions former vice-president: Omar Suleiman questioned in connection with violence against protesters during uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.
'Iran appoints first ambassador to Egypt in 30 years': Relations between the two countries became strained after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran when Iran cut ties with Egypt. Iran's move at the time was based on Egypt's participation in the 1978 Camp David Accords, and remained cold throughout the 1980s due to Egyptian support for Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War.
Sri Lanka war-crimes claims 'credible': Leaked UN report finds "credible allegations" of war crimes and killing of civilians during country's civil conflict.
'Myth' that Pakistan gets billions in US aid: Finance minister: Pakistan's finance minister on Monday dismissed as "a myth" in the United States that his country is a major recipient of tens of billions of dollars in US aid.
U.S. Gov't Agency Plans $2.84 Billion Loan for Oil Refinery—In Colombia: The money would go to Reficar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecopetrol, the Colombian national oil company.
US credit rating at risk: A downgrade would erode status as the world's most powerful economy and the dollar's role as dominant global currency.
China urges U.S. to protect creditors after S&P warning: China's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the United Statesmust take "responsible" measures to protect investors in its debt after Standard & Poor's threatened to lower its credit rating on the United States due to a bulging budget deficit.
Shock employment figures: Fewer than 46% of Americans have jobs: The percentage of Americans who have jobs has fallen to the lowest point in three decades and now hovers just above 45 percent of the total population, according to an analysis of labor data published by USA Today.

Monday, 18 April 2011

The Colonial "Axis of Evil" Prepares for the Invasion of Libya
U.S., Britain and France step up war plans

By Brian Becker

The stage is now set for the imperialist invasion of Libya. - Britain, France and the United States—have committed themselves to the ouster of the Libyan government. Continue

Exposing The Bahraini Regime


Saudi Arabia has sent forces to Bahrain. What does the intervention of Gulf forces mean to the region? Will it provoke Iran? And could Bahrain be the next state to fall? Continue

Bahrain: Is a U.S. Ally Torturing Its People?

By Karen Leigh

Based on accounts from Bahrainis who were taken into custody in the revolution's earlier days, the treatment of prisoners can be brutal. The corpses of recent alleged victims may be evidence of torture as well. Continue

Three Myths of Israel's Insecurity And Why They Must Be Debunked

By Ira Chernus

Here are the Three Sacred Commandments for Americans who shape the public conversation on Israel:. Continue

Obama Settles on 2012 Campaign Slogan
"I'm Not as Bad as Palin"

By Mike Whitney

There's a big opening for the GOP to retake the White House in 2012 and implement the final phase of their nightmarish vision for America. Continue

Lobby, Lobbification, Lobbified
The Politics of Corruption

By Lawrence Davidson

Among the major lobbies that have, over the decades, carried out this corrupting process are the Zionist organizations in their various Jewish and Christian manifestations. Continue

Throw Out the Money Changers

By Chris Hedges

The two most destructive forces of human nature—greed and envy—drive the financiers, the bankers, the corporate mandarins and the leaders of our two major political parties, all of whom profit from this system. Continue

Lost in the American Undertow

By Joe Bageant

The United States has always maintained a white underclass — citizens whose role in the greater scheme of things has been to cushion national economic shocks through the disposability of their labor, with occasional time off to serve as bullet magnets in defense of the Empire. Continue

13 soldiers in Algeria killed by militants: — Anti government forces attacked an army post and killed at least 13 soldiers watching the Algerian president's televised speech promising reforms, security officials said Saturday.
8 NATO Occupation Force Troops Killed in Afghanistan : Eight NATO troops died in Afghanistan Saturday in three separate attacks. According to NATO, one suicide attack claimed the lives of five American soldiers while two other attacks killed a total of three soldiers. The Taliban claimed responsibility for all three attacks.
Three killed in Afghan protest over NATO detention of clerics: Three Afghan protestors died in a clash with police on Monday as hundreds took to the streets in northern province of Parwan, officials said.
Taliban targets Afghan Defense Ministry; 2 killed in suicide attack: An insurgent draped in explosives stalked the halls of the Ministry of Defense in Kabul on Monday and opened fire on guards in the third major security breach at an Afghan base within the week, according to Afghan officials and witnesses.
How CIA spies deal death from the skies: Thousands killed by U.S. unmanned drones (as the survivors are driven in to the arms of Al Qaeda)
Pak F-16 fighter jets can't target US drones: Rehman Malik : Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman said the altitude of the drones is much higher than that of Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets.
Rights group says 12 Syrians killed in clashes: At least four coffins were carried by the funeral marchers in the western city of Homs, the center of Sunday's clashes, said a witness. Security forces stayed away from the mourners in an apparent move to avoid confrontation, said the witness.
Report: One policeman killed, 11 wounded in Syria clashes: Protests continue in Syria despite President Bashar Assad's pledge to end the decades-old emergency laws; Syria state-run news agency reports
Thousands in Syria begin sit-in for Assad's ouster: At funeral of eight protesters killed overnight in Homs, thousands demand Syrian president step down despite his promise to lift emergency laws.
State Department: U.S. isn’t working to undermine Syria government: Spokesman of State Department Mark Toner says Syria's Assad 'needs to address the legitimate aspirations of his people.'
Wikileaks: US Embassy Cables: U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups: Classified U.S. diplomatic cables show that the State Department has funneled as much as $6 million to the group since 2006 to operate the satellite channel and finance other activities inside Syria.
Iraq: Suicide blasts near Baghdad’s Green Zone kill 11: The first major attack in months at an entrance to the heavily fortified Green Zone killed 11 and wounded at least 19 on Monday as talk in the capital increased about whether Iraqi leaders would ask U.S. troops to stay beyond a year-end deadline to leave.
150 hurt in north Iraq protest rally: At least 150 people have been injured in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan after security forces opened fire on a group of demonstrators protesting against the two ruling parties.
Anti-American protests grip Iraq: Supporters of anti-Occupation cleric Moqtada Sadr suggested there could be a rebel uprising if U.S. forces stay beyond December and tribal leaders in the northern province of Ninawa called recently for the departure of American forces.
Fighting for Misurata, Ajdabiya continues: In Misurata, anto government force withstood heavy shelling and gunfire Sunday to take control of one crossroad, a skirmish in which 10 people died during a day of fighting across the city
Misurata growing humanitarian crisis : Warning: This video contains images that may disturb or offend some viewers. - Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull and cameraman Craig Pennington, boarded a trawler carrying humanitarian supplies, for a 24-hour voyage to the city.
Migrants Rescued from Libyan City of Misrata: The International Organization for Migration reports 650 of the rescued migrants are Ghanaians. Other nationalities include Filipinos and Ukrainians. IOM says there are 100 Libyans among those rescued, 23 of whom are war-wounded, including a child shot in the face and an amputee.
UN reaches accord with Gaddafi on humanitarian aid to Libya: Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said the agreement also included setting up a humanitarian corridor to the city of Misrata, the last rebel stronghold in western Libya.
Russia accuses NATO of violating UN resolution over Libya: Russia's permanent envoy to NATO said, "Certain Western states have started speculating about the possibility of a ground operation, which would probably be introduced as an operation to secure humanitarian convoys," Rogozin said here.
FBI Counter-Terror Official: Al Qaeda 'Thrives' After Dictators Fall: Official Says Al Qaeda in Yemen More Dangerous Than Osama Bin Laden's 'Core' Group: On the same day reports emerged of a new al Qaeda video that praised the revolutions sweeping the Arab world, one the U.S.'s top counter-terror officials warned the terror organization "thrives" in the political unrest that follows.
80 injured in Yemen police crackdown on protestors: At least 80 anti-government student protesters were injured Monday in Yemen in the eastern Hudeidah province when police launched a violent counter attack against their rally calling for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh
Opposition bows to Gulf proposal, agrees to attend Riyadh talks: Representatives of Yemen opposition coalition (JMP) left to Riyadh Sunday evening to explain their position on the current situation in Yemen, Mr. Sultan al-Atwani told Yemen Times.
Iranian Sunni protesters killed in clashes with security forces: At least 12 people who are believed to belong to Iran's Sunni minority have been killed in clashes between security forces and anti-government protesters in the south-western city of Ahwaz since Friday.
Iranian general accuses Siemens of helping U.S., Israel build Stuxnet: An Iranian military commander Saturday accused the German electronics giant Siemens with helping U.S. and Israeli teams craft the Stuxnet worm that attacked his country's nuclear facilities.
Bahrain braced for new wave of repression: Arrests and troop movements signal another government crackdown on protests in the tiny Gulf state.
Bahraini forces demolish two mosques: One of the mosques was demolished in Karzakan and the other one in Salmabad on Monday, a Press TV correspondent reported.
Fresh riots reported in Burkina Faso: State TV says ruling party offices and prime minister's house in Koudougou attacked, amid mutiny by soldiers over pay.
Nigerian president urges calm after poll: Apparent victory of incumbent president sparks violent protests in opposition stronghold as vote-rigging is alleged.
Egypt: Mubaraks had wealth beyond their means: Egypt's financial oversight body says the former president of Egypt and his family have amassed wealth be
yond their means in the form of properties and bank accounts.
Fidel Castro hails brother's call for change: Aging Cuban revolutionary praises Raul Castro's speech proposing economic major changes and term limits for leaders.