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News For May 14, 2010

Pakistani Taliban say America will "Burn"

By Robert Birsel

Pakistani Taliban militants have warned America that it will soon "burn" while calling for Pakistan's rulers to be overthrown for following "America's agenda". Continue

Strikes On US Mainland?

Al Jazeera Video Report

US government had granted approval to the CIA to expand drone attacks. Continue

Expect War for 5-10 More Years: Marine Corps Gen.

By John T. Bennett

The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs on Thursday told a conference in Washington that “no one I know thinks we’ll be out of” these kinds of conflicts any time soon. Continue

Let’s Rejoice in Terror’s Benefits!

By John Kirby

This still seems like a good time to pause and reflect on all the blessings we have received from Terror and the war thereon. Continue

“I gave them a good boy, and they sent me back a murderer.”

By Seymour Hersh - Video

Legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh delivered keynote address at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Geneva, sharing details about his work on My Lai in Vietnam, Abu Graïb, and about his particular relationship with sources. Continue

Unrealistic 'Realism'
Nakba and the Two State Solution

By Dina Jadallah

It is distressing that the Palestinians as a people, need to remind their so-called leaders as well as most other Arab leaders, of their lived reality which has struggled for decades to ensure that their fundamental and inalienable rights are not forgotten or whittled away by the pseudo pragmatic reality of a Two State solution. Continue

"Thumbs Down" on the EU Bailout

By Mike Whitney

Greece should walk away from this farce and start fresh. Continue

The Ineffective and Unfair Policies of the European Union

By Vicenç Navarro

What we are seeing today is the climax what used to be called “class warfare”, where the dominant classes led by financial capital are imposing their demands on the popular classes in order to recoup their yields. Continue

Finance 202: How We Became Debt Slaves
(And Learned to Love It)

By Gordon Arnaut

Right now, the US Congress is holding hearings about bank wrongdoing. It is very entertaining kabuki theatre, but nothing will change. The Goldman chief (thief?) and his cohorts may take a bit of a grilling, but behind the scenes his bagmen are funnelling millions of dollars into the campaign trunks of every representative, senator (or likely hopeful) in the land. Continue

Two Americas

By Cindy Sheehan

The America that I belong to buys into the Myth that we don’t deserve to have healthy food, education, health care, a warm and non-leaking roof over our heads, without living as debt slaves, because we don’t belong in the privileged “elite” class. Continue

Right Wing Talking Points
Jesus for the Supreme Court?

By Brian J. Foley

Socialist Puppet?  Christ fed multitudes with bread and fish, for free (Mark 6:30-44). This giveaway reveals likely support for welfare programs. And where did this low wage earner obtain all this food? From powerful friends to whom he may be beholden if confirmed as a Justice? Continue

Outlawing Latinos’ Heritage

By Eugene Robinson

Arizona is already facing criticism and boycotts over its "breathing while Latino" law, which in essence requires police to identify and jail undocumented immigrants. Now the state adds insult to that injury. Continue

Randomly Stopped and Searched for WMD's in North Texas!


No wonder the WMD's were never found in Iraq! They were in North Texas! Continue

Bomb attack kills 25 in Iraqi stadium: A car bomb has been detonated at a football stadium in northern Iraq, killing 25 people and wounding some 100 others, police sources say.
No sign of fraud after Iraq vote recount: "We finished the recount of 11,298 ballot boxes and no violation or fraud has been found," AFP quoted the commission's spokesman Qassim al-Abboudi as saying on Friday.
Protests as Afghans say NATO killed 12 civilians : Afghan President Hamid Karzai's office said in a faxed statement that ten "innocent people" were killed in the Surkh Rod village of Saydan, and that he "strongly condemned" the operation.
Afghan protest turns violent: One Afghan protester has been killed in eastern part of the country as thousands of people were protesting against the killing of 11 civilians by US-led troops.
3 NATO occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan: A Canadian trooper died in a blast while on a foot patrol in the southern province of Kandahar. Earlier an American soldier was slain in a militant attack in eastern Afghanistan. Another NATO soldier was killed in a bomb explosion in the south, according to the statement.
Top general: It's a draw in Afghanistan: McChrystal says the insurgency remains serious, with a reach that spans the country and a large number of fighters.
The Inevitable Collapse of McChrystal's Afghan War Plan : The President ignored Sun Tzu’s timeless wisdom, when he approved McChrystal’s fatally flawed plan, despite the cabled warnings of retired Army general Karl Eikenberry, his ambassador to Afghanistan.
Afghan private security firms fuelling corruption, warns British commander: Private security companies are operating in a "culture of impunity" that is encouraging lawlessness and corruption, Britain's most senior commander in southern Afghanistan warned today.
Pakistan Taliban in overthrow call: Tariq said the Pakistani people were being sacrificed for the sake of the US by their own government, which he called un-Islamic.
Holder vows to pursue Times Square suspects abroad: Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. told a House panel Thursday that federal authorities continue to believe the Pakistani Taliban was behind a May 1 attempted car bomb attack in Times Square, and he vowed that the administration would use all available resources to bring those responsible to justice, whether they are in the United States or overseas.
Blackwater infiltrates streets of Islamabad: 350 Blackwater personnel are residing in the city along with unspecified number of US marines and spies of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
At least 10 killed as deadly clashes erupt in Bangkok: Explosions and gunfire were heard in Bangkok's business district on Friday as the so-called red shirts battled with troops using tear gas and rubber bullets.
One killed as clashes erupt in south Kyrgyzstan: Gunfire broke out in the city of Jalal'abad on Friday, while in Osh, supporters of the two sides threw stones and hit each other with sticks.
Russia warns US against unilateral Iran sanctions: FM Lavrov says countries facing Security Council sanctions 'cannot under any circumstances be subjected to one-sided sanctions imposed by any government'
Obama seeks $205 million for Israel rocket shield: President Barack Obama will ask Congress to provide $205 million to Israel to spur production and deployment of a new short-range rocket defense system, administration officials said Thursday.
White House meets with rabbis to assuage concerns on Israel: Jack Moline, a Conservative rabbi at Congregation Agudas Achim in Alexandria, Va., initiated the meetings after a talk he had with his friend Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, about the Obama administration's perceived deficit of friendliness toward Israel.
Obama wants $80 billion to upgrade nuclear arms complex: Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the funds, which would be spent over a decade, were needed to "rebuild and sustain America's aging nuclear stockpile."
Russia spurns Israeli rebuke over Hamas meet: After President Medvedev meets with Hamas politburo chief in Damascus and urges Hamas involvement in peace talks, Russian foreign ministry says, 'Hamas is a movement supported by significant part of Palestinians'
Palestinians rally on Nakba Day: Thousands of Palestinian refugees have gathered in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon to remember the 62nd anniversary of the Israeli occupation of their homelands.
Israeli gunships open fire at Palestinian fishermen in Gaza: Israeli gunships opened fire Friday at Palestinian fishing boats out at sea, off the coasts of Gaza Strip.
Jerusalem residents attack writer Elie Wiesel over appeal to Barack Obama: Holocaust survivor accused of ignoring anti-Arab discrimination in Jerusalem
Arrests follow US bomb plot raids: Three men suspected of providing money to the man charged with attempting to plant a bomb in New York's Times Square have been arrested in the northeast of the United States.
City Council Votes To Boycott State of Arizona, Lynette Romero Reports: Video report

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