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News For August 03, 2010

Pakistan No Obedient Ally

By Eric Margolis

WikiLeaks data shows how volatile nation is forced to act against own self interests. Continue

The CIA & The ISI:
More In Common Than We Think?

By Nida Khan

Drones Kill 12 Children Playing Outside' - 'A Family Buries 15' - 'Americans Target the Wrong House Again'. Virtually every morning on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, these sorts of headlines gleamed across the front pages of major papers, led the evening news broadcasts and drove conversations around dinner tables in both elite and impoverished households alike. Continue

Coming Home

By Camillo “Mac” Bica

As a Marine Corps Officer in Vietnam, - I have accepted, albeit hesitantly and uneasily, responsibility and culpability for my actions and at long last have eventually managed, somewhat, to forgive myself. Or at least to live with what I had done and what I became. Continue

The Lies and Losses of War

By Chris Hedges

Americans “are as capable of perpetuating evil as those who oppose us, and this existential crisis is one that turns those who have the courage to stand up and speak ... into outcasts, pariahs, prophets.” Continue

Why the Feds Fear Thinkers Like Howard Zinn

By Chris Hedges

“If you were a Native American,” one of my students asked recently, “what would have been the difference between Columbus and Hitler?” Continue

Corporate Campaign Cash Floods US Elections

By Tom Hamburger

Driven by increasing anger at Democratic policies and by recent Supreme Court decisions unshackling corporate contributions, business and conservative groups are preparing a flood of campaign money to try to wrest control of Congress from the Democrats. Continue

High Court Trims Miranda Warning Rghts Bit by Bit

By Jesse J. Holland

"Criminal suspects must now unambiguously invoke their right to remain silent — which counter intuitively requires them to speak," she said. "At the same time, suspects will be legally presumed to have waived their rights even if they have given no clear expression of their intent to do so." Continue

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake

By Paul Craig Roberts

While Chelsea’s wedding guests eat a $11,000 wedding cake and admire $250,000 floral displays, Lisa Roberts in Ohio is struggling to raise contributions for her food pantry in order to feed 3,000 local people, whose financial independence was destroyed by investment bankers, job offshoring, and unaffordable wars. Continue

Economic Recovery for the Few

By Rick Wolff

Capitalism produces "recovery" for those who need it least while offering austerity for nearly everyone else. Continue

Peak Food
Can Another Green Revolution Save Us?

By Nicholas C. Arguimbau

Once again we 6.9 billion people are on our own, without leaders or guidance. But we know what we must do, as individuals and nations: we must avoid gasohol and beef, because we cannot take food from the mouths of the hungry; we must manage and conserve our diminishing water supplies. Continue

The Birth Of Self-Consciousness

By Paul Levy

I find myself in the absurd situation of trying to fool myself so as to try and make my illusion real. This shame is where I evidently lack the requisite love for myself, the place where I am the object of my own self-contempt. Continue

45 killed in Pakistan street violence after official is assassinated: Raza Haider, the victim of a 'targeted killing,' was attending a funeral at a mosque when gunmen on motorcycles killed him and a bodyguard. Revenge attacks result in a spate of violence, with 93 people injured and dozens of stores and vehicles set on fire.
Indian Troops fire on protesters, 7 civilians reported killed: Government troops fired live ammunition and tear gas into crowds of anti-India protesters yesterday as tens of thousands of people demonstrated across Indian-controlled Kashmir, police said. Seven civilians were reported killed.
Kashmir boiling, 5 more killed: Violence and arson showed no signs of let up in the Kashmir valley as clashes between curfew-defying protesters and police for the fifth day on Tuesday left five more persons dead.
War against Taliban 'being lost' says Zardari: The international community is losing the battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari has said.
Afghanistan,: Taliban fighters killed in attack on Kandahar airfield: Between eight and 10 killed when insurgents tried to break through perimeter
Six kids killed in Afghan bomb blast: A suicide car bomber blew himself up next to a police truck bringing a southern Afghan official to work early Monday, killing six children nearby, officials said.
Afghanistan Civilian Deaths: NATO Data Shows Sharp Increase In Attacks After Civilians Killed: Each time U.S. or NATO forces accidentally kill Afghan civilians, insurgents and their sympathizers typically retaliate with six additional assaults on foreign forces over the next six weeks, researchers using newly declassified NATO data conclude.
Unconfirmed report: Taliban claims US base raid killing 150: The fight lasted for more than two hours. NATO has confirmed the attack but offered no details on the possible casualties. However, according to a statement by the provincial governor's office, only one foreign soldier was killed and several civilians were injured after two rockets struck inside the base.
At least 28 people killed, 74 injured in Iraq attacks : Multiple explosions in central Kut, some 180 kilometres south of the capital Baghdad, killed at least 14 people and wounded some 50 others.
Contractors Will Take The Place Of Troops In Iraq: As U.S. troops pull out of Iraq, the State Department will need to rely extensively on security contractors.
Allawi rejects US offer to allow PM Maliki to keep office: Sources in the Iraqia List said that Iraq's former prime minister Iyad Allawi had strongly disagreed with a senior U.S. delegation during his talks held in the Kurdish city of Irbil. According to the sources, the Americans insist on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's stay in office.
4 killed as Israeli and Lebanese armies exchange fire : A Lebanese army statement said that an Israeli patrol crossed the so-called blue line near the Lebanese border at the outskirts of the village of Adissyeh 'despite the intervention by the UN troops in the area.'
Lebanese president: Stand up to Israel: Lebanese President Michel Suleiman has vowed to "stand up to Israel's violation of Resolution 1701, whatever the price" following the border flare-up between the Lebanese and Israeli armies Tuesday.
Assad: We'll support Lebanon in face of criminal Israeli aggression: Tuesday's deadly exchange of fire between Israel and the Lebanese army along Israel's northern border sparked outrage among Arab leaders.
Israel says won''t allow int''l cmte to question citizens: Although Israel has agreed to cooperate with a UN probe on the raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla in May, it will not allow the committee to question Israeli officers, civilians or soldiers, according to officials.
Turkey Summons Israel Ambassador over Barak Remark: Turkey has summoned Israel's ambassador in Ankara, Gabi Levy, to a diplomatic dressing-down following remarks by Defense Minister Ehud Barak Sunday. Barak expressed concern that Turkey's new undersecretary of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), Hakan Fidan, could pass classified Israeli information into the hands of Iran.
Iran warns of unforeseen consequences in event of US attack: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday that Mullen's remarks and the constant use of military rhetoric by the United States showed that it was desperate.
Fuel swap talks with Iran may be close: Discussions to facilitate a nuclear fuel swap deal with Iran could start soon, International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano said Monday, according to a Reuters report.
U.S. Freezes Iranian Assets: The U.S. Treasury Department on Tuesday said it has frozen assets linked to several Iranian individuals and two entities that have helped finance Hezbollah "terrorism" efforts.
Iran, Venezuela to form joint oil firm: Upcoming Tehran-Caracas talks will focus on the establishment of a joint oil shipping company as agreed in a memorandum of understanding the two countries signed last year, Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Hossein Noghrekar Shirazi told Mehr News Agency on Tuesday.
Wheat prices soar in Russia drought: Wheat prices have hit a two-year high as Russia cut its grain harvest forecast by millions of tonnes following its worst drought for decades.
Alleged Rangel Violations Include Dealings With AIG-Associated Foundation : Ethics violations against Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., include a charge that he solicited and won a $5 million grant from a foundation then associated with American International Group to create an educational institute that bears his name.
Husband of powerful intel. committee congresswoman buys Newsweek: Harman has purchased Newsweek, according to Paid Content's David Kaplan. The magazine was sold for $1 and an agreement to transfer its financial liabilities, which Kaplan noted to be an estimated $70 million.
Rep. Maxine Waters Charged With Ethics Violations: California Democratic Congresswoman Allegedly Violated House Rules to Assist Bank
Maxine Waters’ Greatest Hits: Waters is under a harsh light after OneUnited Bank, a Massachusetts bank in which her husband owned a stake, received $12 million in federal bailout money.
Bank-Bankruptcy: Five More Banks Bankrupt, Insurance Funds Siphoned: For a normal business to fail during the time of economic downturn is nothing out of the ordinary. However, when banks start to fail, then the public might have more to get concerned about. The total number of failed banks this year in the US has reached a number of 108, as another five banks failed.
Bankrupt Banks List: The FDIC is often appointed as receiver for failed banks. This page contains useful information for the customers and vendors of these banks. This includes information on the acquiring bank (if applicable), how your accounts and loans are affected, and how vendors can file claims against the receivership.
U.S. Consumer Spending, Incomes Unexpectedly Stagnate: Incomes didn’t increase for the first time since September and the savings rate increased to the highest level in a year, Commerce Department figures showed today in Washington.

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