Tuesday, 10 May 2011

xtrajudicial executions. These are unlawful and deliberate killings carried out by order of, or with the acquiescence of, a government, outside any judicial framework. Continue

What If You Read This Headline?
Breaking News - Barack Obama Is Dead

By Fahad Ansari

Pakistani officials said Obama was shot in the head after resisting. Mr Abdullah said "no Muslims were harmed". Continue

Americans Are Living In 1984

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans have succumbed to propaganda that has conditioned them to believe that they are under attack by practically omnipotent adversaries. Continue

The Hamas-Fatah Agreement

By Rashid Khalidi

Palestine Studies TV, spoke with Rashid Khalidi, professor at Columbia University . He discussed the deal between Hamas and Fatah that is aimed at reconciliation after the state of division since 2007. Continue

Human Intelligence and the Environment

By Noam Chomsky

When you come back from almost anywhere in the world to the United States, it looks like you’re coming to a Third World country, literally. Continue

Ireland's Future Depends on Breaking Free From Bailout

By Morgan Kelly

WITH THE Irish Government on track to owe a quarter of a trillion euro by 2014, a prolonged and chaotic national bankruptcy is becoming inevitable. Continue

Homeless Middle Class


Simple luxuries like taking a family vacation or just taking the kids out to eat is nothing but a distant memory to many American families who once considered themselves middle class and are now just fighting to stay off the streets. Continue

Ivory Coast: Pro-Gbagbo militia 'massacred civilians': Some 200 people, mostly civilians, have been killed by retreating militiamen and Liberian mercenaries loyal to ousted Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo, officials say.
US Kills 5 People In Pakistan: At least five people were killed and another seven wounded Tuesday when a US drone fired missiles at a vehicle in Wana, the main town in South Waziristan tribal area in northwest Pakistan, local sources said.
Predator Drones Strike: Over 957 Pakistanis killed in 2010: In 2010 alone the US has killed in excess of 957 without accountability and injured hundreds more in the tribal region of Pakistan. And this is only from the 134 drone strikes that the media managed to report.
Pakistan PM Warns of 'Full Force' Response to Future U.S. Raids: "Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate with full force. No one should underestimate the resolve and capability of our nation and armed forces to defend our sacred homeland," Gilani said.
Osama bin Laden raid team was prepared to fight Pakistani forces: Barack Obama ordered assault team be large enough to fight its way out of Pakistan if necessary, newspaper reveals
Pakistan grants U.S. access to bin Laden widows: CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports it will be "direct access," meaning U.S. government agents will be able to interview them, and not just submit questions.
Pakistani Supreme Court Moved Against US Raid: A petition seeking constitution of a high-powered commission to investigate the US military operation in Abbottabad killing Osama bin Laden was filed in the Supreme Court on Monday.
Only China Stands by Pakistan: The US subjected Pakistan to humiliation and the CIA Chief, Leon E. Panetta, even said Pakistan was either involved or incompetent.
Two insurgents killed during battle in Afghanistan's remote east: About 200 Taliban fighters attacked a police outpost in a remote, mountainous region of Afghanistan's east on Tuesday, police and government officials said, with two insurgents killed during a gunfight lasting several hours.
Romanian occupation force soldier killed in southern Afghanistan: The ministry says Catalin Ionel Marinescu died of wounds he sustained on Tuesday, after an explosion of an improvised explosive device as he was inspecting a footbridge in Zabul province.
Morale plunges among troops in Afghanistan: U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan are experiencing some of the greatest psychological stress and lowest morale in five years of fighting, reports a military study.
At least three protesters dead in Yemen clashes: In addition tens of other protesters wee injured and some of them were reported in critical condition. The crackdown took place in Taiz province and witnesses said that security forces even chased demonstrators in alleys.
One killed, 9 wounded in Baghdad bomb attacks: A civilian was killed and nine people wounded in separate bomb attacks in Baghdad on Monday morning, an Interior Ministry source told Xinhua.
NATO strikes target Gaddafi compound: Witnesses: NATO carried out missile strikes on targets in the Tripoli area on Tuesday that appeared to include Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's compound, witnesses said.
Tragedy is ignored because the victims are not white: The result is a weekly litany of deaths on a scale that would lead the front pages of every European newspaper were the victims white and not so desperate for a better life.
: EU sanctions slapped on Assad's brother and 12 other officials: Forty-three-year-old Maher al-Assad, who commands a Syrian army division topped the list of officials hit by the EU's visa bans and assets freezes.
Syrian regime likely to survive uprising: analysts: “Israel is satisfied with the status quo with the Syrian regime and the United States needs Syria because it has an influence on the Sunni resistance in Iraq and because it is a key link between Washington and Tehran in issues related to Iraq.”
Blindfolded, beaten and tortured: Grim new testimony reveals fate of Bahrain's persecuted doctors
Egypt's former tourism minister jailed for five years: Criminal court issues prison sentence after finding Zoheir Garranah guilty of squandering public funds.
Wikileaks: US Embassy Cables: U.S. saw Israeli firm's rise in Latin America as a threat: A security company led by the former head of operations for the Israeli military made such inroads into Latin America a few years ago that U.S. diplomats saw it as a security risk and moved to thwart the company's expansion, U.S. diplomatic cables show.
Yes, You're Being Tracked. It's Time to Do Something About It: In light of the recent disclosures about iPhone and Android location tracking, Sen. Al Franken and the Senate Judiciary Committee are taking the very welcome step of shedding light on privacy and smart phones with a hearing tomorrow.

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