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Pakistan's Sovereignty For Sale?
Dollars, Drones and Development

By Jalees Hazir |

Notions about Pakistan's dependence on the global bully are exaggerated. Continue

How the US Controls "Civil society" Throughout Africa
Enemy-sponsored organisations threaten nation

By Tafataona Mahoso

The "great democracies" of the West have been the most consistent and most persistent enemy of the African: during slavery, during the scramble for Africa after the Berlin Conference, during colonialism, during apartheid and now during the current effort to recolonise Africa. Continue

Neocons Fume Over US Boat to Gaza

By Ray McGovern

My co-passengers and I of the U.S. Boat to Gaza have now gone from “High-Seas Hippies,” according to the right-wing Washington Times, to “fools, knaves, hypocrites, bigots, and supporters of terrorism,” says Alan Dershowitz. Continue

More Trouble in Murdochworld

By Mike Whitney

The firestorm in the UK is not really about phone hacking at all. It's about Corporate fiefdoms and unelected oligarchs who control the flow of information and use that power to their own advantage.Continue

Wall Street’s Euthanasia of Industry

By Michael Hudson

“You know, there’s one good thing that President Obama has done that we never anticipated in Europe. He’s shown the Europeans that we can never depend upon America again" Continue

Obama Raises Record Sums from the Wealthy

By Patrick Martin

Proving that President Obama is the first choice of Wall Street and the American super-rich, his reelection campaign announced Wednesday that it had broken all previous records for fundraising, raking in $86 million during the second quarter of this year. Continue

James Bamford Unplugged!
The Secrecy of the Obama Administration

By Boiling Frogs

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, The implications of WikiLeaks, the absurdity of Obama’s Nobel Peace Award and the absence of real coverage and analyses in the US Mainstream Media. Continue

The Most Incredible Thing Fox News Has Ever Done

By James Fallows

Or at least the most amazingly brazen I can think of at this moment. It's about the News of the World hacking scandal. Continue

In Case You Missed It
The CIA and the Media

By Carl Bernstein

How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up. Continue

Trained for Pain:
Get your Torture Degree from School of Americas


Graduates from the School of the Americas have been implicated in massacres and torture throughout the hemisphere — including the murder of six Jesuit priests and four American churchwomen in El Salvador. Continue

Activists claim 30 killed in Syrian clashes: At least 30 people were killed in 24 hours in the central Syrian city of Homs in clashes between supporters and opponents of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, a human rights activist said on Sunday.
14 killed in clashes in Yemen: Four soldiers and 10 militants linked to al-Qaeda have been killed in clashes in the southern Yemeni town of Zinjibar.
Yemen's Saleh to stay in Saudi Arabia for now: official: Yemen's wounded President Ali Abdullah Saleh will stay in Saudi Arabia until doctors declare him fit, a Yemeni official said on Friday, denying reports that Saleh could come back in time for this weekend's 33rd anniversary of his ascent to power.
Libya : 12 killed as rebels suffer heavy casualties in battle for Brega: Medics at Benghazi Hospital said 12 people died in Saturday’s fighting and as many as 200 were injured. There were no immediate reports on casualties from Sunday’s clashes.
NATO airstrikes pound Tripoli‚ civilians hit : Gadhafi said today afternoon that his country will never surrender in the face of assaults by rebels and a NATO air campaign.
Libya's «Freedom Fighters» Found to Engage in Pillage: Human Rights Watch released materials citing cases of gross abuse by anti-Gadhafi rebels in a mountainous area located in the western part of Libya.
10 "Militants" Killed in Afghanistan: Authorities say the "Taliban fighters" were killed Sunday in a school in Nangarhar province.
Advisor to Afghan president killed: Gunmen strapped with explosives have killed a close adviser to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and a member of parliament in another insurgent strike against the Afghan leader's inner circle.
Afghan civilians killed in NATO raids: Afghan lawmakers have unanimously demanded that NATO stop killing civilians in their country.
At least 3 killed as clashes escalate on the Iran-Iraq border: At least two Iranian Kurdish rebels and one member of Tehran’s elite Revolutionary Guards were killed during clashes along the Islamic Republic’s border with Iraq, the two sides said Sunday.
Roadside bomb kills two in Baghdad: Iraqi officials say a roadside bomb targeting a security patrol has killed one policeman and a passer-by in western Baghdad.
British Occupation Force Soldier Killed in Afghanistan: MoD said the soldier was shot dead while “conducting a routine patrol with members of the Afghan national army yesterday”, adding the soldier “received a fatal gunshot wound during this incident”.
‘CIA Trusted Ahmad Wali Karzai's Assassin': The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Special Forces had close working relation with the bodyguard who shot dead the younger brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai last week.
Pakistan: Three killed, 16 injured in attack on NATO tankers: “The remote-controlled device planted under the tanker exploded before it entered the tribal area, the fire has engulfed five markets,” Muhammad Ijaz Khan, a senior police officer, said.
Mumbai blasts detainee reportedly dies of torture: A man, involved in the July 13 Mumbai blasts, reportedly died of police torture during interrogation, according to media reports on Sunday.
Bahrain Shiites pull out of reconciliation talks: Khalil al-Marzooq says top leaders of Al Wefaq party decided to withdraw from the U.S.-backed talks during a meeting Sunday, claiming the other side was not serious about addressing Shiite demands for greater rights and political freedoms.
Democracy in steep decline around the world: The Arab Spring is, in many ways, a mirage. Several nations in the region may eventually make the transition to democracy - this is hardly assured - but in reality, democracy is faltering throughout the developing world, from Asia to Latin America, from Africa to the former Soviet states.
First UN aid drops reach rebel-held Somalia: Medicine and food are airlifted to territory held by al-Shabab after opposition group lifts ban on foreign agencies.
11 million hungry from East Africa's drought: East Africa's worst drought in 60 years is putting 11 million lives at risk, many of them in war-torn Somalia, where thousands of hungry families are making the dangerous trek across parched, violent territory to the promise of safety and food in Kenya.
Rebekah Brooks's arrest intensifies phone-hacking crisis: Former News International chief executive identified as a criminal suspect and held throughout the day by Scotland Yard
Rupert Murdoch Has Gamed American Politics Every Bit as Thoroughly as Britain's: While Murdoch’s Fox News hosts prattle on and on about their enthusiasm for the free market, they work for a firm that seeks to game the system so Murdoch’s “properties” are best positioned to monopolize the discourse.
CIA Veteran Robert Baer Predicts September Israel-Iran War : Audio interview with former CIA agent.
James Bamford Unplugged!: The Secrecy of the Obama Administration : James Bamford joins us to discuss the NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, The implications of WikiLeaks, the absurdity of Obama’s Nobel Peace Award and the absence of real coverage and analyses in the US Mainstream Media
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain: Communities have right to ban mosques: Cain said his view doesn't amount to religious discrimination because he says Muslims are trying to inject Shariah law into the U.S.
48 hours to save the euro as Greece deal stalls: EXPERTS last night warned Europe has only 48 hours to save the single currency amid concern over the failure to seal a new rescue plan for debt-laden Greece.
Hunger Haunts California Town: “When youngsters have just noodles, bread or crackers to eat for dinner, as many here do, they cannot perform well in school,” the food bank website says. “This is how many families in poverty must live today, relying on carbohydrate-based food that’s filling but very low in nutrition.”
75,000 US veterans could be homeless : Data published by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs shows that over 75,000 US military personnel could be homeless after they return from foreign wars.

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