Monday, 26 September 2011

US Might Opt for Air Strikes in Waziristan, Warn Experts


Corps commanders exploring options if US attempts attacks inside Pakistan; Ask civil, military leadership to present united front. Continue

A Feckless Leadership Invites Aggression

By Inayatullah

It all started with a selfish, egotistic and insecure military dictator’s abject surrender to a threat from a superpower. Continue

Mahmoud Abbas: The Second Coming

By Linah Alsaafin

Nelson Mandela once said that “only free men can negotiate” and these failed talks between the PA and Israel which have come at the expense of Palestinians and the increasing loss of their rights only give the illusion to the outside world that the relationship is between two partners, two equals, not the occupier and the occupied. Continue

Venezuela Endorses Sovereignty of Palestinian State

By Hugo Chávez Frías

I want to make myself clear: It is one thing to denounce anti-Semitism, and an entirely different thing to passively accept that Zionistic barbarism enforces an apartheid regime against the Palestinian people. From an ethical standpoint those who denounce the first, must condemn the second. Continue

Mearsheimer Responds to Goldberg's Latest Smear

By Stephen M. Walt

In a certain sense, it is hard not to be impressed by the energy and imagination that Jeffrey Goldberg devotes to smearing Steve Walt and me. Continue

Martin Luther King Jr. Would have Agreed with Tony Bennet

By Jay Janson

Folks, it has taken a beloved 85 year old jazz singer to scratch the surface of the psyop control of most American minds exercised by investor-owned-and-managed media since World War One. Continue



Where are the cries of just demand, for Arabs driven from their land? Blame the victim, turn the cheek, praise the bully, kick the weak! Continue

Mission Accomplished.
The Iraq War Is a Smashing Success

By Michael Parenti

The US destroyed a country that had the audacity to retain control of its own oil supply, kept its entire economy under state control (rather than private corporate ownership), and did not invite the IMF or the giant transnational corporations in. Continue

What Media Coverage Omits about U.S. Hikers Released by Iran

By Glenn Greenwald

The first duty of the American "watchdog media" should be highlighting the abuses of the U.S. Government, not those of other, already-hated regimes on the other side of the world. Continue

The West and the Rest in a One-Model-Fits-All World
The Decline and Fall of Just About Everyone

By Pepe Escobar

Within the next 30 years, the top five will, according to Goldman Sachs, likely be China, the U.S., India, Brazil, and Mexico. Western Europe?  Bye-bye! Continue

Saving the Rich and Losing the Economy

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans are getting by, maintaining living standards, by consuming their capital. Even those with a cushion are eating their seed corn. The path that the US economy is on means that the number of Americans without resources to sustain them will be rising. Continue

Europe Leads the Way Back to Depression 

By Mike Whitney

While EU finance ministers smiled and played nice to their US hosts at the meetings in Washington, they have no intention of following Geithners' advice. Continue

This Economic Collapse is a 'Crisis of Bigness'

By Paul Kingsnorth

Leopold Kohr warned 50 years ago that the gigantist global system would grow until it imploded. We should have listened. Continue

The Tomatoes of Wrath

By Chris Hedges

Ortiz, who along with many others among these migrant workers sends about $100 home to Mexico every month to support elderly parents, works under conditions in these fields that replicates medieval serfdom and at times descends into outright slavery. Continue

Global Revolution: Wall Street Occupation

Live Video Stream

This channel will feature live streams from global non violent revolution spreading across the globe, from solidarity protests and events in Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Iceland and other places around the globe. Continue

15 killed as clashes erupt in southern Philippines: At least 15 killed in fighting after attack by suspected separatists on troops in Sulu province, officials say.
Seven "insurgents" killed in Afghanistan: Afghan and NATO-led forces have killed seven insurgents and captured 32 in eastern Afghanistan, the NATO-led coalition said Monday.
2 occupation force soldiers killed in bombings: Two International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers were killed in seperate explosions in eastern Afghanistan, the alliance said on Monday.
Afghan employee kills U.S. citizen at Kabul CIA base: An Afghan employee of the U.S. government opened fire inside a CIA office in Kabul on Sunday evening, killing an American and injuring a second, U.S. and Afghan officials said, in the second major breach of embassy security in two weeks.
It's not Pak job to protect Nato forces: PM Gilani: He said the allegations portray a confusion and policy disarray within the US establishment on the way forward in Afghanistan. Clearly, there is concern over the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan, he said.
Pakistan ‘will not launch’ Haqqani offensive: Pakistan will not launch an offensive against Haqqani extremists despite Washington ramping up the pressure after a series of attacks on US targets in Afghanistan, an official said Monday.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Pakistan? U.S. Pressed To Seek Military Action Against Pakistan: A Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee said Sunday that the U.S. should consider military action against Pakistan if it continues to support terrorist attacks against American troops in Afghanistan.
US might opt for air strikes in Waziristan, warn experts: - Defence and security experts have forewarned the civilian and military leadership of Pakistan that the US might opt for air strikes in North Waziristan. However, they believe that the US would not take out a ground offensive inside Pakistan.
The mother of all follies: Some analysts conclude that the US-Pakistan embroilment is escalating exponentially - from a veritably Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) to a Low Intensity War (LIW) and now potentially to a full-fledged one.
Pak will stand against US if it attacks Waziristan: Imran Khan: Islamabad, Sept 26 : Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has warned the US that the entire nation will stand united against American forces if the latter attacks Waziristan.
US attack on Pakistan will be a catastrophic mistake, says PEW: US took action against Cambodia when it failed to win Vietnam War and now they are planning to repeat the mistake without realising that their troops in Afghanistan are not away from Pakistan
CIA, not Pakistan, created Haqqani network: Malik: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) created the Haqqani network and trained its members, not Pakistan, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Sunday.
Pakistan army chief cancels UK visit: Ashfaq Kayani changes plan to meet British defence minister amid escalating tensions between Pakistan and the US.
Gen. Kayani lauded for stance against America : “The US government should not take Pakistan as Iraq and Libya,” they said adding that the US government should keep in view the fate of former Soviet Union.
Chinese Vice PM arrives in Islamabad as Pak-US ties strain: Chinese Vice Prime Minister Meng Jianzhu arrived here on Monday on an official visit to discuss bilateral relations and matters of regional interests amid growing strains in Pak-US ties.
Libya: NATO paves way for fresh NTC push into Sirte : "NATO has dropped a lot of bombs today," said one NTC fighter, who declined to give his name. "You can see the planes up above.
Hundreds of Libyan civilians flee NATO bombing of Sirte as revolutionary offensive on hold: Hundreds of civilians fled Moammar Gadhafi’s hometown Monday to escape growing shortages of food and medicine and escalating fears that their homes will be struck during fighting between revolutionaries forces and regime loyalists.
Government loyalists attack from Algeria: Gunmen loyal to the libyan government crossed the Libyan border from Algeria and attacked NATO supported "revolutionary" forces, killing six people, officials said on Sunday.
Libyan NTC says repulsed pro-Gaddafi attack in south: Militias loyal to Libya's deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi attacked the southern town of Ghadames, on the border with Algeria, on Saturday but were pushed back, a spokesman for Libya's interim government said on Sunday.
Town paying a high price for supporting Libyan government : After the war, vengeance as rebels seek out 'traitors'
Egypt security forces seize smuggled anti-aircraft weapons: According to Egyptian security forces, the weapons most likely were smuggled into the country illegally from neighboring Libya or Sudan. Possibly, the smugglers had planned to ship the cargo on the Sinai Peninsula, but fled in fear of the police patrol.
Four Syrian army deserters shot dead: activists: Syrian security forces shot dead four soldiers trying to desert on Monday, as troops deployed in villages near the Turkish border and the Qusseir region of central Homs province, activists said.
Syria, defectors form dissident army in sign uprising may be entering new phase: A group of defectors calling themselves the Free Syrian Army is attempting the first effort to organize an armed challenge to President Bashar al-Assad’s rule
Soldier, three family members killed in Iraq: Three civilians and one soldier were killed in Iraq on Monday in two different attacks, police and army sources said
As U.S. Military Leaves Iraq, U.S. Diplomats Fill In: The upcoming troop withdrawal won't mean the U.S. presence here disappears, however. Instead, the number of Americans in Basra will actually increase significantly in the months ahead as the State Department dramatically expands its consulate here.
U.S. To Hand Over Iraq Bases, Equipment Worth Billions: With just over three months until the last U.S. troops are currently due to leave Iraq, the Department of Defense is engaged in a mad dash to give away things that cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars to buy and build.
Turkish premier signals joint operation with Iran: — Turkey's prime minister has signaled a joint military offensive with Iran against their common enemy: Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq.
Report: Iran, Russia, China mulling joint missile shield: Unofficial sources have announced that Iran, Russia, and China are currently holding talks on a proposal to establish a joint missile defense shield as a counterweight to a NATO defense shield, Mehr news agency reported.
US kills dozens in Somalia: United States drones have reportedly struck three districts in southern Somalia, killing dozens of civilians and wounding scores of others.
Drone Crashes in Al Shabaab Controlled Town of Southern Somalia: Local residents told Shabelle that the unmanned aerial vehicle came down after fighters loyal to Al Shabaab, which alleges to be Al Qaeda's proxy in the horn of African nation, fired with anti-aircraft missiles.
Yemeni general killed, 30 troops taken hostage: A general was killed and 30 other troops loyal to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh were taken hostage when tribesmen overnight attacked their base in the north, tribal sources and officials said today.
Yemen's Saleh calls for early elections: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh made no pledge to step down in his first address to the nation since returning home on Sunday, calling for early elections in a move that is unlikely to appease protesters demanding his immediate departure.
US caught off guard by Saleh's return to Yemen: The Obama administration apparently was blindsided by the surprise return Friday of Yemen's wounded and embattled leader after three months abroad for medical care, a development that further complicates already crumbling U.S.-backed mediation efforts to prevent a civil war and a possible al-Qaida power grab in the largely lawless Arab country.
Back to Sanaa: Saleh’s Saudi Mandate: Paved by his son’s military crackdown, embattled president Ali Abdallah Saleh returns to Yemen with an apparent Saudi mandate to regain control of the streets of Sanaa and end the standoff between his forces and the opposition.
Bahrain's besieged protesters keep campaign alive: On an island no bigger in area than New York City, majority Shiites and Sunnis backing the ruling dynasty are increasingly unable to find common ground or even agree on a general path toward dialogue.
US Army to cut nearly 50,000 soldiers over 5 years: Bostick, the Army G-1, said the pending drawdown initially will focus on the temporary 22,000-soldier increase launched three years ago to support the Afghanistan troop surge.
Canada: Human rights group urges Ottawa to investigate Cheney over torture: A human rights group is urging the federal government to bring criminal charges against former U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney, accusing him of playing a role in the torture of detainees during the years of the Bush administration.
IDF-Palestinian coordination remains effective, despite heightened tensions: Large-scale demonstrations in Palestinian Authority-controlled towns kept from spilling over into areas controlled by Israel.
IAEA won't discuss Israel's 'nuclear capabilities' after Arab proposal dropped: Israel also voted against a clause in the proposal that calls on all states in the Middle East to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel is not a signatory to the treaty, and it has no intentions to become one
How Rick Perry courts the Zionist vote: Appearing with Jewish extremists is designed to win over apocalyptic Christians
Humor: Rick Perry Dancing With The Rabbis : Video
Tar sands action: Why I will be risking arrest today: Today I am going to participate in an event that will likely result in my arrest. I will be joining hundreds of other Canadians in non-violent civil disobedience to protest the Harper government's inaction on climate change and demand that they stop the expansion of the Alberta tar sands.
Greece faces austerity strike as default looms: As the prospect of a disastrous debt default hung over Greece, the government faced strikes and protests Monday against new austerity measures needed to appease the country's rescue creditors.
Greece needs to default on its debt and exit the eurozone: If the current Greek government can't take the necessary steps to do this, it should give way to other political forces than can
Occupy Wall St : Facing The Machine: Video -1,000 + people marched through nyc and many were arrested. the crowd at the park grows each day.
'Wall Street' protesters jailed after Union Square scuffle vow to keep fighting for financial reform: The jailed Wall Street protesters emerged from their cells Sunday complaining they were pepper sprayed, roughed up, denied food and water and ridiculed by cops as "hippies."
Obama $8 Billion Solar ‘Betamax’ Undercut as China Backs Rival Technology: The U.S. government’s $8 billion bet on solar energy that would pave the deserts with mirrors risks following the Betamax into the technological wilderness because of Chinese backing for a cheaper system.
It’s not ‘class warfare,’ it’s Christianity: Americans sharing more equally in the burden of pulling our country out of massive debt, and using tax revenue to stimulate the economy and create jobs isn’t “class warfare,” it’s actually Christianity.

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