Monday, 3 October 2011

Suicide of a Superpower

By Patrick J. Buchanan

This generation of Americans has been witness to one of the most stunning declines of a great power in the history of the world. Continue

An Unconstitutional Killing:
Obama's Killing of Awlaki Violates American Law

By Ron Paul

The precedent set by the killing of Awlaki establishes the frightening legal premise that any suspected enemy of the United States - even if they are a citizen - can be taken out on the President's say-so alone. Continue

The Day America Died

By Paul Craig Roberts

Over the last 20 years, the United States has had its own Mein Kampf transformation. Continue

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Harassed While Bankers Go Free

By David Weidner

If this is justice, I’d rather break the law. Continue

America’s New Radicals Attack a System That Ignores Them

By Ted Rall

With no organized Left in the U.S., disaffected people are being forced to build resistance from the ground up. Continue

We Are The 99 Per Cent

By Mark Ruffalo

Occupy Wall Street is a peaceful stand against the big American rip-off. Support it and regain your dignity. Continue

Against the Institution:
A Warning for ‘Occupy Wall Street’

By Andrew Gavin Marshall

The true struggle is that of people against the institution: the State, the banks, the central banking system, the corporation, the international financial institutions, the military, the political parties, the mainstream media, philanthropic foundations, think tanks, university, education, psychiatry, the legal system, the church, et. al. Continue

20 killed in Iraqi police hostage crisis: At least 20 people were killed in western Iraq on Monday when security forces stormed a police station to end a hostage-taking situation.
Iraqi citizen wins legal battle over hooding of suspects: An Iraqi citizen has won a legal victory in London over the "barbaric" practice of hooding terror suspects.
3 dead, 19 injured in suicide attack in Afghan town: A suicide attack that rocked Kandahar province, 450 km south of capital city Kabul, on Monday morning left three people, including the attacker, dead and 19 others injured, provincial police chief Abdul Raziq said.
Poll: Half of U.S. says Afghan war not a success: While 50 percent of Americans don't consider the war to be a success, 39 percent of Americans do.
Afghan forces put on alert in Kunar: Afghan forces have been put on high alert in eastern Kunar province to thwart the possible creation of security checkpoints by Pakistan forces along the border, officials said on Sunday. - Afghan soldiers had been put on alert in compliance with an order from the Ministry of Defence in Kabul, the governor said, adding the army -- when ordered -- would fight against aggresso
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Pakistan: Majority of IEDs are traced to Pakistan: Pakistan is the source of explosives in the vast majority of makeshift bombs insurgents in Afghanistan planted this summer to attack U.S. troops, according to U.S. military commanders.
U.S. confirms attacks by Pakistani military units: - Pakistani military units fired shots at American and Afghan government troops along the Afghanistan border several times over the past year, in encounters the United States has downplayed but that illustrate the fraying relations between the countries, according to officials.
Haqqani network denies killing Afghan envoy Rabbani: Siraj Haqqani also told BBC Pashto his network was not linked to Pakistan's spy agency, the ISI.
Pakistan rejects US demand to attack Haqqanis: Pakistani politicians have rejected US allegations that its military was supporting the Haqqani network and have thrown their support behind the country's most powerful institution in its diplomatic confrontation with the US.
CIA killer Raymond Davis arrested after parking-spot fight: A CIA contractor who killed two men during a shootout in Pakistan earlier this year has been charged after getting into a fight over a parking spot at a shopping centre in the United States.
Three killed in Syria trying to defuse bomb: Syria's official news agency says three security personnel have been killed while trying to defuse a bomb near the capital Damascus.
Syrian top religious leader's son killed: Armed terrorists have killed the son of Syria's grand mufti together with a Syrian university professor, making the two the latest victims of a new wave of assassinations, which has hit the country, Press TV reported.
Threat of civil war unites Syrian opposition: Reports from central Syria described 250 tanks deployed to quell battles between the army and rebellious soldiers. Such open warfare was a rarity during the initial months of the uprising, which has frequently seen crackdowns by security forces against unarmed demonstrators.
Nato and rebels continue indiscriminate bombing of the city of Sirte: Video
The slaughter in Sirte: In their frenzied drive to crush all remaining resistance in the North African state, NATO and its proxy militia forces aligned with the National Transitional Council are unleashing indiscriminate military force, killing civilians and destroying buildings and infrastructure throughout the urban centre.
Many in Surt, Libya, don't trust revolutionary forces: "The rebels are worse than rats. NATO is the same as Osama bin Laden," said a father, his seven children crowding around him.
Report from Sirte, Bani Walid, and Sabha: Video and Text : Moussa Ibrahim’s message has critical information that needs to be circulated far and wide. I am deeply grateful to my translator for this accurate rendering of the interview.
Tuareg tribes clash with new Libyan forces:: Tuareg tribesmen fought skirmishes at the weekend with armed groups affiliated to Libya's interim government, two sources with local contacts told Reuters, a clash that highlighted the challenges Libya's new rulers face in winning over fractious tribes.
Tripoli gets new militia, apparent rebuff to Islamists: A Libyan revolutionary officer announced the creation on Sunday of an armed group to keep order in Tripoli, a mission analysts say may overlap uneasily with an existing Military Council with the same job which is led by a prominent Islamist.
Missing Libyan missiles a threat to civilian aircraft?: Fears of where the missing missiles may end up are worsened by the alarm that Gaddafi’s abandoned arsenals are still unguarded.
New Libya to be run based on Islam: NTC: After naming a new Cabinet, the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) leaders say Islam will be the main source of legislation in new Libya.
Yemen: Al-Qaeda denies death of key operative al-Awlaki: The announcement came after more than 25 members of Awlaki's tribe failed to identify remains purportedly belonging to Awlaki in Yemen's northernJawf province, 87 miles east of the capital Sanaa.
Anwar Awlaqi Most Likely Alive: More than 25 leaders from the Awaliq tribe, the tribe of Anwar Awlaqi, reached Jawf on Sunday to see the remains of the body of Anwar, however, no body resembling his was found.
'25 soldiers killed' in Yemen Qaeda clashes: At least 25 soldiers have been killed in a friendly fire incident and clashes with militants linked to Al-Qaeda in south Yemen, security officials said on Sunday.
Mosque in Israel torched in arson attack: Israeli police have blamed illegal West Bank settler groups for an arson attack on a mosque in the north of the country.
U.S. Congress cut in Palestinian aid won't affect statehood bid, PA official says: Referring to reported $200 million fund cut, Palestinian Minister Ali Jarbawi says PA was working toward ending its dependence on foreign aid by 2013.
Erekat: US Cannot Use Aid as Blackmail against the PA: Palestinian Authority chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said that the Palestinian Authority appreciates US aid, but that this financial assistance cannot be used as "blackmail,"
Arab League says will fund Palestinians after U.S. cuts aid: Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi says that assistance to AP will be forthcoming, after the U.S. Congress blocked transfer of $200 million to the Palestinians in reaction to the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN.
Panetta urges 'isolated Israel' to mend ties: US defence secretary vows to protect Israel's "military edge" while calling for bold action for peace with Palestinians.
As Israel doubles rate of Palestinian home demolitions and plans to uproot 30,000 Bedouin. Clinton says Palestinians need to be more flexible.
What drives Israel? Gilad Atzmon : Video - Atzmon speaks about The Wandering Who? Israel, Zionism Jewishness, Jewish identity politics, tribalism and so on.
Saudi forces clash with protesters: Security forces have clashed in Saudi Arabia with pro-reform protesters in the Qatif Governorate in the Eastern Province of the country, Press TV reports.
Russia 'gave agents licence to kill' enemies of the state: The Russian secret service authorised the “elimination” of individuals living overseas who were judged to be enemies of the state and ordered the creation of special units to conduct such operations, according to a document passed to The Daily Telegraph.
Republican hawks use sharp rhetoric to fight deeper Pentagon budget cuts: House GOP lawmakers have gone so far as to warn that a “dismantled force” would threaten the American way of life.
US yuan bill risks trade war, says Chinese state media: The United States risks a trade war at a time of global economic uncertainty if it passes a bill to punish China over alleged currency manipulation, state media said Monday.
UK: Manchester March: Over 30,000 protest UK govt cuts push : Tens of thousands have marched through the northern British city of Manchester in another protest at austerity cuts to public services and pensions. The rally, in opposition to the governing coalition and organised by trade unions, coincided with the ruling Conservative Party's Conference in the city.
Greek police clash with protesters: Greek riot police have clashed with high school students protesting the recent education cuts that have left schools short of both teachers and books in the capital, Athens.
It's Going to Get Worse: ECRI has predicted a recession in the US. Video - Lakshman Achuthan talks with Yahoo Finance and the Wall Street Journal about ECRI’s new recession call.
Step By Step Account Of The #OccupyWallStreet Brooklyn Bridge Arrests: "We Were Lead To The Slaughter"
Occupy Boston - *uck the fed : Video - Outside of the Federal Reserve of Boston after a march around the financial district.
Occupy L.A. keeps economic protest alive outside City Hall: Protesters fed up with Wall Street's practices and influence woke up Monday to their third morning of camping outside Los Angeles City Hall.
From Occupy to Withdraw: The Simple Plan to Let Wall Street Be Its Own Undoing
Job Loss Could Put One in Three Out of Their Home: One in three Americans would be unable to make their mortgage or rent payment beyond one month if they lost their job, according to the results of a national survey taken in mid-September.
Declining Wages Hurt Consumer Spending, Economic Recovery: Incomes fell in August for the third time in five months, with personal income dropping for the first time in two years, according to a Commerce Department report last week. Meanwhile, household income fell to $49,445 last year, according to the Census Bureau, its lowest in over a decade, while the poverty rate climbed to 15.1%, a 17-year high.

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