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News For June 11, 2010

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran
Iran Could Have Enough Uranium for N-bomb Within 3 Years: US

By Agence France-Presse

Iran could have enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb within three years, perhaps even next year, according to intelligence reports, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Friday. Continue

Israel vs Iran: The Risk of War

By Paul Rogers

At present, it seems that the planning for such a war does not envisage that it would be launched “out of the blue” but rather that it might arise from a provocation, a crisis with Iran - or sheer military miscalculation. This “known unknown” notwithstanding, the details of the proposed operation are worth quoting at length: Continue

Iran to Inspect Gulf Ships If Sanctions Used on Cargo

By Ali Sheikholeslami

Iran will inspect ships in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for any action against its own shipping stemming from the latest United Nations nuclear sanctions. Continue

Turkey Vote Against Iran Sanctions - A Slap in the Face

By Natasha Mozgovaya

State Department spokesman: It will be up to Turkey and Brazil to explain rationale for voting against 4th round of UN sanctions. Continue

The Second Worst Thing That Ever Happened to the Jewish People

By William Blum

The worst thing that ever happened to the Jewish people is the Holocaust. The second worst thing that ever happened to the Jewish people is the state of Israel. Continue

One Bank Ruled Them All; Trichet's Powergrab           
By Mike Whitney

By appointing himself the de facto Fiscal Czar of the European Union, Trichet has stopped the fall of the euro, scattered the short-sellers, and zapped the markets upward.  Not bad for a day's work. Continue

Murders at Guantánamo: The Cover-Up Continues

By Andy Worthington

Sometimes the truth is so sickening that no one in a position of authority - senior government officials, lawmakers, the mainstream media - wants to go anywhere near it. Continue

Pentagon Manhunt

US ‘Desperately’ Trying to Keep Wikileaks from Publishing US Communications About Arab States
By Philip Shenon

Pentagon investigators are trying to determine the whereabouts of the Australian-born founder of the secretive website Wikileaks for fear that he may be about to publish a huge cache of classified State Department cables. Continue

Day 51 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Black Waves Hitting The Beach


A short video of new, heavy oil hitting the state beach on Grand Isle. The number of oiled birds is on the rise, and Bottle-nosed Dolphins are swimming through the oil. Continue

The Spill, The Scandal and the President

Must Read - By By Tim Dickinson

The inside story of how Obama failed to crack down on the corruption of the Bush years – and let the world's most dangerous oil company get away with murder. Continue

GOP Lawmaker With BP Stock Has Role in Spill Probe


A multimillionaire House Republican who owns thousands of shares of BP stock has no plans to recuse himself from a congressional investigation related to the Gulf oil spill or from votes on Capitol Hill that could affect his investments in the oil company. Continue

New Hips Gone Awry Expose U.S. Kickbacks in Doctors’ Conflicts

By David Armstrong

The financial ties between device makers and surgeons help explain why health-care costs in the U.S. rose at 2.5 times the rate of inflation in the past 10 years and account for a sixth of the economy. Continue

When Corporations Dominate, Bad Happens

By Ray St. Louis

The primary enemy to the health and well-being of the American republic is (drum roll, please)…corporate hegemony. Continue

Mexico-US Tensions Rise as Video Emerges of Boy Just Before Being Shot

By Jo Tuckman in Mexico City

The footage captures the moments before Sergio Adrián Hernández Güereca was shot in the head on the concrete banks of the Rio Bravo. Continue

Kyrgyzstan clashes death toll hits 37: Ethnic clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks have flared up in Kyrgyzstan's southern city of Osh, where at least 37 people have been killed.
US kills 15 people in Pakistan: The toll in the US drone strike in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal area has risen to 15 while 10 were wounded in the incident Friday, media reports said.
2 US Occupation Force Soldiers Among 13 Killed in Southern Afghanistan: Two US troops and at least 11 civilians died in violence across southern Afghanistan yesterday, including one attack in which a suicide bomber wearing a burqa blew himself up in a bazaar.
23 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan this Month: Death of 2 More Americans in Fresh Violence Comes as Amid Continuing Spike in Attacks Across Volatile Southern Provinces
General: Kandahar taking longer than planned: Afghans have not yet rallied behind a U.S. military-led effort to push the Taliban out of the city where the insurgency began, and the top commander conceded Thursday that he needs more time to win them over.
Afghanistan: The News Is Bad: While U.S. officials insist they are making progress in reversing the momentum built up by the Taliban insurgency over the last several years, the latest news from Afghanistan suggests the opposite may be closer to the truth.
Obama wants more money for Afghanistan war. Will Congress grant it?: "Some two-thirds of Democrats who supported the president in 2008 now oppose the president's Afghan policy," says former Rep. Tom Andrews (D) of Maine, national director of the Win Without War Coalition.
Cameron abandons visit to military base after 'assassination plot' uncovered : A Taliban plot to kill David Cameron in Afghanistan was foiled by intelligence officers yesterday. They tapped into a telephone call that revealed a plan to down a helicopter at a forward base the Prime Minister was flying to.
Twelve killed in southern Kyrgyzstan violence: At least 12 people were killed when violence erupted in Kyrgyzstan's second-largest city Osh on Friday, stoking fears of ethnic conflict and prompting the interim government to declare a state of emergency.
At least 18 killed in Iraq blasts amid political uncertainty: Bomb attacks killed at least 18 people, including two U.S. soldiers, and wounded more at least 55 others in Iraq in the past two days, officials said.
Hoon: I did not know British troops hooded Iraqi prisoners: Geoff Hoon, the former UK defence secretary, insisted yesterday that he did not know until the death of Baha Mousa that British troops hooded prisoners in Iraq as standard operating procedure.
Hans Blix to appear before British Iraq inquiry: Blix is among a string of senior military and political officials called to appear before the five-member panel investigating Britain's role in the 2003 invasion and subsequent conflict, which will restart hearings on June 29.
'Iran sanctions Obama coup de grâce': Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "We will not allow the US government to use the Security Council for imposing its will on other nations,"
Russia to freeze missile sale to Iran, Putin tells Sarkozy: Following meet, Sarkozy spokesman says Putin confirmed scrapping of planned weapons deal with Iran despite Iranian threats to impose penalties against Russia.
Russia says in talks with Iran on new nuclear plants: Russia: Iran sanctions won't affect sale of S-300 missiles, will only impact deals regarding mobile missiles.
Why China agreed to sanctions? : Apparently, the Israelis drew a scenario that forecast a perilous impact on the Gulf oil production and strategic shipping lanes in case of a military strike on Iran. Sanctions were thus the safe way out.
US 'inciting conflict to trigger war': Former US Senator, Mike Gravel spoke to Press TV in an interview on Thursday calling the new round of sanctions "a terrible mistake" and that the US is "inciting conflict" to "push Iran to make some silly mistake that could trigger a response".
Israeli police kill Palestinian man: Israeli police have shot and killed a Palestinian motorist in occupied East Jerusalem after what they said was an attempt by the man to ram his car into two Israeli police officers. Tensions are high in occupied East Jerusalem after Israel restricted travel for Friday prayers
Shocking Testimonials from the Mavi Marmara survivors. And one Israeli fembot by Lauren Booth
19 killed in attack on Mexican drug clinic: Nearly 23,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since the launch of a government crackdown on drug gangs at the end of 2006, according to a government report.
Spate of Factory Suicides Exposes Sorry Plight of Workers: Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs called the suicides "troubling" last week, but added Foxconn is not a "sweatshop." Hewlett-Packard and Dell, Inc., the largest U.S. computer makers, have said they have begun examining Foxconn’s working conditions.
Federal judge calls Guantanamo inmate's detention 'unlawful': The ruling issued secretly last month but published Thursday sets the 26-year-old Odaini up for potential release, though when and where he'll go remains unclear. The ruling also represents the latest defeat for U.S. officials in their efforts to keep Guantanamo detainees behind bars.
Judge limits DHS laptop border searches: A federal judge has ruled that border agents cannot seize a traveler's laptop, keep it locked up for months, and examine it for contraband files without a warrant half a year later.
Spies Want to Stockpile Your YouTube Clips (And Scan Them for Terror Threats): Your Youtube videos could soon be scanned and evaluated for terror threats, thanks to a new project funded by the U.S. intelligence community that’ll create a searchable warehouse of open-source clips
Government Raises Estimate Of Oil Flow 1.7 illion Gallons A Day, More Or Less: Marcia McNutt, the federal official charged with determining the flow rate, cited the range of about 20,000 to 40,000 barrels a day as the official estimate.
Oil spill may be twice as bad as earlier thought: ‘This is a nightmare that keeps getting worse every week,’ activist says
Gulf oil spill 'may top 100,000 barrels a day': BP’s oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico may be up to four times the scale estimated by a government scientific panel, pumping out 100,000 barrels a day in what equates to the company’s “worst case scenario” and prompting new accusations that executives are stonewalling the truth.
In pictures: Louisiana Oil Spill 2010 PHOTOS: Gulf Of Mexico Disaster Unfolds
BP Refuses to Allow Scientists to Test Oil Spill Samples: University of South Florida scientist David Hollander said he was “just taken aback” by BP’s unwillingness to assist in a scientific inquiry into the trouble. “It was a little unsettling.”
What are they hiding? — FAA Closes down Gulf of Mexico Air Traffic!
BP Oil Disaster Could Hit Europe Via the Powerful Gulf Stream Current: The Obama Administration and senior BP officials are frantically working not to stop the world’s worst oil disaster, but to hide the true extent of the actual ecological catastrophe.
Gulf Oil Syndrome: America's Next Health Crisis?: With reports of oil spill workers falling ill, and in some cases, even being hospitalized with flu-like symptoms including nausea, headache, dizziness and even chest pains — presumably due to exposure to toxic chemicals being emitted from the 33-million gallon slick, it’s only a matter of time before people start coming down with Gulf Oil Syndrome.
Who Voted to Limit the Liability of Oil Companies?: In 1990 Congress adopted the Oil Pollution Act. This act set liability limitations to $75 million for oil spills like the one we are witnessing in the Gulf Coast today. The congress-persons who voted for the Oil Pollution Act are directly responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf
Why Is Dick Cheney Silent on the Oil Spill?: The former vice president is usually a vociferous defender of his time in government. But not on the disaster in the gulf.
BP plans to suspend shareholder dividend: British energy giant BP plans to suspend its second-quarter dividend as it faces growing public anger over its handling of massive oil spill in the U.S. Gulf Coast, according to published reports.
Japanese PM warns of Greece-level 'collapse' under debt pile: New Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, seeking to lay the groundwork for a future sales tax rise, warned on Friday that the country risked defaulting on its borrowing if it failed to rein in its massive public debt.
Debt Spreading 'Like a Cancer': Black Swan Author: "We had less debt cumulatively (two years ago), and more people employed. Today, we have more risk in the system, and a smaller tax base," Taleb said.
Only a fraction of those in need file for bankruptcy: Concern exists about a growing number of Americans who need bankruptcy protection but cannot get any benefit from it or simply cannot afford to file. As their financial problems worsen, that hurts everyone because it can hinder the economic turnaround..
Less spending by Americans could slow "recovery": A sharp drop in retail sales revenue for May shows that shoppers remain cautious, and it could lead economists to curtail their expectations for growth.
The Stunning Crash And Burn Of Las Vegas: There are quite a few U.S. cities that are complete and utter economic disaster zones in 2010 (Detroit for example), but there is something about the demise of Las Vegas that is absolutely stunning.
Banks Face Short-Sale Fraud as Home ‘Flopping’ Rises : Two Connecticut real estate agents found a way to profit in the U.S. housing bust: Buy low, sell fast. Their tactic was also illegal.J

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