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News For June 15, 2010

WikiLeaks is Asking for Urgent Help
Courage is Contagious

By David Heath

We face difficult times. Continue

“Leaking This Information is the Act of a Hero.”

By Mike Gogulski

In the 70s, the persecution of Daniel Ellsberg only caused support for him to increase. Somehow, it seems like the same will not be true for Bradley Manning unless thoughtful & concerned citizens do something about it. Continue

‘Discovery’ of Afghan Riches a Pro-war PR Scam?

By Daniel Tencer

The story's timing suggests a Pentagon public relations campaign designed to extend public support for the war with the hope that, in time, Afghanistan may be able to raise itself out of abject poverty. Continue

Bloody Sunday, Bloody Monday

By David Halpin FRCS

Crime requires investigation, indictment and trial. The Turkish government have jurisdiction in this massacre. But Israel demands that the inquiry is kept in its safe hands.

Democratic Party Defends Israeli Attack

By Stephen Zunes

Countering the broad consensus of international legal scholars who recognize that the attack was in flagrant violation of international norms, prominent Democrats embraced the Orwellian notion that Israel's raid, which killed at least nine activists and wounded scores of others, was somehow an act of self-defense. Continue

Phantom Iranian Ship sails for Gaza     
By Mike Whitney

Why are members of the western media saying that an Iranian ship is on its way to Gaza? Is it just an innocent mistake or is there something more sinister involved? Continue

Cashiering Helen Thomas

By Ralph Nader

Although the behind the scenes story has yet to come out, the evisceration was launched by two pro-Israeli war hawks, Ari Fleischer and Lanny Davis. Continue

The U.S. Wins the Right to Abduct Innocent People with Impunity

By Glenn Greenwal

Andrew Sullivan today referred to "the cult of the inerrant leader":  the inability and refusal of our political class to acknowledge wrongdoing, apologize for it, and be held accountable. Continue

ICC Adds Aggression to List of Crimes Despite US Opposition

By Jenna Greene

Members of the International Criminal Court agreed to add aggression to the court's short list of prosecutable crimes. The United States opposed the resolution, but as a non-member of the eight-year old court, had no ability to block the adoption. Continue

Surprises in Store for Economists

By Dean Baker

Some analysts are shocked that US retail sales have declined. Have they lost their grasp of basic economic concepts? Continue

This Is What the End of the Oil Age Looks Like

By Richard Heinberg

Offshore oil provides almost a third of total U.S. oil production of 5.5 million barrels per day, and that percentage is rising. Continue

Drunken Democratic Congressman Attacks Cameraman?


A Democratic congressman fell over himself apologizing yesterday after video posted online showed him swatting at a camera and manhandling one of the two men taping him. Continue

Kyrgyzstan unrest: 'more than 500 dead': Although official figures put the number of casualties in the ethnic unrest in Kyrgyzstan at around 170, Save the Children's director of operations tells Channel 4 News he has been told more than 500 have died.
Border closed after thousands flee Kyrgyzstan: UZBEKISTAN has closed its border to refugees fleeing the deadly violence in Kyrgyzstan, some of whom have accused government forces of helping slaughter ethnic Uzbeks.
Kyrgyz Tensions Rooted in Class, Not Ethnicity, Experts Say: The violence that has claimed scores of lives in Kyrgyzstan is frequently ascribed to ethnic tensions, but regional experts say the causes are more complex.
20 "Taliban" killed, 10 troops kidnapped in NW Pakistan: Over 20 local Taliban militants were killed and six others injured Monday when Pakistani forces repulsed an attack on part of the militants in Pakistan's Mohmand tribal agency along with the Afghan border, local media reported.
10 "Taliban" killed in Orakzai: Pakistan Air Force (PAF) fighter jets bombed different parts of the Orakzai Agency killing 10 terrorists and injuring six, a private TV channel reported on Monday.
Seven more killed as ‘sectarian killings’ continue in Karachi: At least seven people were killed in Karachi in incidents of target killings during the past 24 hours, taking the toll of sectarian killings in the first two weeks of June to 15, DawnNews reported.
U.S. to object to China-Pakistan nuclear reactor deal: The Obama administration has decided to object to a lucrative deal in which state-owned Chinese companies would supply Pakistan with two nuclear reactors, U.S. officials said.
12 police, 6 civilians killed in Afghanistan: A string of militant attacks in Afghanistan have killed 12 police officers while six civilians died in bombings, authorities said Tuesday
5 NATO occupation force troops, Afghan official killed in Afghanistan: Five international coalition troops died Tuesday and an Afghan district official, his son and a body guard were assassinated in southern Afghanistan where the Taliban are targeting people loyal to the government and its foreign partners.
Senators Concerned About Speed of Training of Afghan Army, Police: “Many of the key trends seem to be heading in a bad direction, perhaps signaling a mounting crisis,” said John McCain of Arizona, the panel’s top Republican.
US enlists ex-warlord's men for Afghan police force: Drawing on a cigarette held between his tattooed fingers, Mohammed Daoud is thanked by an American junior officer for dispatching 5,000 Afghan militiamen to join the police force.
Afghanistan: Britain is stuck with a war it can't afford and can't win: Some conflicts have a happy ending, writes Mary Riddell. Afghanistan is not one of them.
Seven killed in Iraq clashes: At least seven people were killed in clashes in Iraq's turbulent city of Mosul, where a stubborn al Qaeda and Sunni Arab insurgency continues to fight the Iraqi government, police said today.
2 Wash.-based soldiers killed in Iraq: The Army has identified two Washington state-based soldiers killed in Iraq by a suicide attacker in an explosives-rigged car.
US wants to form a mini-army for Iraq security: The State Department is quietly forming a small army to protect diplomatic personnel in Iraq after US military forces leave the country at the end of 2011 and take their firepower with them
Iran says nuclear fuel swap still possible: The report Tuesday said President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told visiting Turkish parliament speaker Mehmet Ali Sahin that the agreement is "alive and will play a role" in future talks.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Cleric Says Iran Should Produce Nuclear Arms: The Associated Press on Monday obtained a copy of a book written by the spiritual adviser, Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi, in which he wrote that Iran should not deprive itself of the right to produce these “special weapons.”
EU ministers propose extra sanctions against Iran: diplomat: The measures, which also cover the oil and gas industry, with transport and banking or insurance curbs, will now go forward to an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday for final approval.
Israel attempts to prevent Iranian ship from reaching Gaza: Israel will counter any attempt to break the siege on Gaza by sea, and will prevent vessels from reaching Gaza shores, including Iranian ships, in spite of measures to ease the blockade on the Strip, Radio Israel reported.
Wife of former Lebanese general plans to send aid ship to Gaza: Samar al Hajj told the German Press Agency dpa that the cargo ship Mariam will carry 30 Lebanese and 20 foreign women - a mix of Muslims and Christians, including several European nationals - who plan to deliver medical supplies, mostly for cancer patients, to the enclave.
End the siege of Gaza now, EU says: At a meeting on Monday, the European Union Foreign Affairs Committee issued a statement saying, "The continued policy of closure is unacceptable and politically counterproductive,"
UN calls for Israel to change policy in Gaza Strip: 'The situation in Gaza is unsustainable and the current policy is unacceptable and counter-productive, and requires a different, more positive strategy,' Serry said during a UN Security Council session on the Middle East.
UN seeks international Gaza flotilla probe, despite internal Israeli (whitewash) inquiry: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is moving forward with plans to form an internationally sanctioned investigative forum to probe the deadly events.
Amnesty International Criticizes the Israel Gaza Commission over Transparency and Accountability: "The Commission looks to be neither independent nor sufficiently transparent, the two international observers may be denied access to crucial information, and the Commission's findings may not be used in future prosecutions."
McQuaig: Partner in flotilla ‘farce’: Tthere hasn’t been a murmur of protest from Canada over the Israeli seizure of a Turkish ship in international waters late last month, and the shocking killing of nine peace activists on board.
Ireland expels Israeli embassy staffer over Dubai murder: Irish Foreign minister refuses to name official, says they are a 'victim of the actions of the state they represent.'
Poll: 65% of Jewish Israelis say U.S. Jews should criticize Obama's Mideast policy: B’nai B’rith survey also found 54% of Jewish Israelis believe Jewish advocacy groups who work with foreign governments should always support Israeli policy.
Abdullah: Israel keeping Jordan from developing peaceful nuclear program: Israel's "underhanded" actions are adding tension to already strained relations with Jordan, bringing ties between the two countries to their lowest point since they signed a peace agreement in 1994, the king said.
UK: Bloody Sunday report states those killed were innocent: Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Cameron said what happened on Bloody Sunday was unjustifiable and wrong. He said his government and the country were "deeply sorry".
Cameron apologises for Bloody Sunday shootings : Saville Report blames British soldiers for 'unjustifiable' killings
Scores dead in Mexico violence: Violence in Mexico has led to the deaths of 42 people, as rival drug-gangs clashed in a prison leading to 29 deaths and separately 13 police officers were killed.
Documents reveal BP's missteps before blowout: BP made a series of money-saving shortcuts and blunders that dramatically increased the danger of a destructive oil spill in a well that an engineer ominously described as a "nightmare" just six days before the blowout, according to documents released Monday that provide new insight into the causes of the disaster.
BP Lines Up War Chest: Sky News has exclusively learnt that BP is lining up a £5bn war chest from banks to help meet the costs of the oil spill.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg at Personal Democracy Forum: Video
Marine convicted in war crimes case wins release: A Camp Pendleton Marine convicted in a major Iraqi war crimes case was released Monday and will remain free while his case is being reviewed after a military appeals court ruled he had an unfair trial.
Soldier, Back From Iraq, Finds Homeowners Association Sold His House: The Heritage Lake Homeowners Association, as Clauer would come to learn, had exercised its rights under Texas law to sell the home after the Clauers fell behind on their association dues by about $800.
Security of U.S. Passports Called Into Question: Why Are Key Components Outsourced To Country In Turmoil?
Moody's Latest To Downgrade Greek Debt To Junk: Moody's Investors Service slashed Greece's credit rating to junk status on Monday in a new blow to the debt-ridden country that is under intense international scrutiny after narrowly avoiding default last month.
Spanish banks teeter on brink of collapse: THE European economy edged towards a fresh crisis yesterday, as Spain's leaders were forced to admit that credit had dried up for some of the country's banks.

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