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News For September 03, 2010

British Military in Iraq
A Shocking Legacy.

By Felicity Arbuthnot

The British, of course, having come in flying the St George's flag on their vehicles (the Crusaders' flag) slithered out of Basra city, under cover of darkness, to hunker down at the fortified airport, some distance outside the town, in September 2007, much as US units did from other parts of Iraq, last week, fleeing in the night, over the border to Kuwait. Continue

War Criminal Admires War Criminal
Blair Memoir Reveals Support for George W. Bush and Guantanamo Bay

By Roland Watson

TONY Blair admires George W. Bush more than almost any other politician in the world and uses his memoir, A Journey, to give a qualified endorsement of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba and the way in which Afghan and Iraqi detainees have been treated. Continue

Ideology and Ideologues

By James Keye

Ideologues are confident, certain and claim to be in complete possession of THE truth. They use the language of reality and truth just as if they possessed them. Continue

Why the Big Lie About the Job Crisis?

By Les Leopold

The Bureau of Labor Statistics official unemployment rate is 9.6%. It's borader and more telling jobless rate (U6) of 16.7% confirms that we're stuck in our own version of the Great Depression. We'll need more than 22 million new jobs to bring us back to full-employment. Happy Labor Day. Continue

Honoring Those Who Toil

By Ralph Nader

What does Labor Day mean anymore other than another day off, another store sale and, in some cities, parades ever smaller and more devoid of passion for elevating the well-being of working people? Continue

73 killed, over 170 wounded in rally suicide explosion in Pakistani city: The death toll in a rally suicide blast has further increased to seventy-three and more than one hundred and seventy wounded have been admitted to different hospitals of the city, said police Friday.
US attacks kill 10 in Pakistan: Two US drone attacks have killed at least ten people in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region amid growing discontent over climbing number of civilian casualties.
Pakistan's Taliban threaten attacks in U.S., Europe: "We will launch attacks in America and Europe very soon," Qari Hussain Mehsud, a senior Pakistani Taliban leader and mentor of suicide bombers, told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location.
US sorry over 'mistreatment' of Pakistan military delegation: The United States has apologised to Pakistan over "mistreatment" of a Pakistani military delegation at a US airport this week, the Pakistani defence ministry said Friday.
Afghan president says NATO air strike kills 10 civilians: Afghan president Hamid Karzai says ten civilians were killed in a NATO air strike on three vehicles carrying election campaign workers. Mr Karzai has strongly condemned the incident which happended in Takhar province in the country's north.
Karzai calls aide's arrest reminiscent of Soviet times: Afghan President Hamid Karzai spoke out angrily Thursday against the arrest of one of his closest aides this summer on corruption charges, saying that the detention was conducted in a manner "exactly reminiscent of the Soviet presence in Afghanistan" and that the investigation was illegally run by "foreign elements."
Tajikistan the next Afghanistan?: We’re talking about one of the most repressed, impoverished and volatile regions on earth.
Four killed in Mosul, including Sunni cleric: Militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul killed four people Friday, including a Sunni Muslim cleric who was shot outside of his mosque.
Civilian killed, four policemen injured in Baghdad bombings: An Iraqi civilian was killed and four policemen wounded in a couple of separate bomb attcks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Friday, a police source said.
More Than One Million Killed And War criminal: Colin Powell says Iraq invasion was avoidable, regrets false WMD intelligence: "It was the intelligence that was wrong. I did not make up this information; I did not invent it; I did not pull it out of the air. It was information that our intelligence community stood behind," he stated.
War criminal calls for more wars: Tony Blair: military intervention in rogue regimes 'more necessary than ever': Former PM defends foreign policy record, revealing that the experience of Iraq and Afghanistan has not diminished his commitment to taking on opponents
War criminal says attack Iran: Tony Blair: West should use force if Iran 'continues to develop nuclear weapons': The west should use force against Iran if it "continues to develop nuclear weapons", Tony Blair said today, aligning himself with US hawks who have called for strikes against Iranian nuclear sites.
UN nuclear chief asks Israel to join nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty: New IAEA report reveals agency chief Yukiya Amano, during his visit to the region last month, asked Israel to place its nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguard.
Israel : Fascism is already here : Those who fight against democracy in order to destroy it, to set up an alternative state in its place, are the very people who know how to exploit it to the full. The settlers know, as do the rabbis, who teach their students how their "Jewish state" will look
Rabbis can apparently say whatever they want: That so many Israeli rabbis are public employees should have led to some kind of oversight. In fact, the opposite is the case.
EU trade chief apologizes for Jewish comments: The European Jewish Congress, an umbrella group, had demanded a retraction of De Gucht's remarks in which he maintained that Israel frustrates U.S.-led peace efforts and warned not to "underestimate the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill."
Gaza groups threaten attacks on Israel: Several armed gunmen held an open-air news conference in Gaza where Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for Hamas's military wing, vowed that militants would "respond to the negotiations that aim at selling out (Palestinian) land".
Israeli "settlers" start new construction, defy talks: Hours before peace talks were set to begin in Washington, Jewish settlers defiantly announced plans on Thursday to launch new construction in their West Bank enclaves in a test of strength with Palestinian Islamists.
"Settlers" reveal deep disdain for events in Washington: Yaniv Mor, 30-year-old father of a one-month-old baby girl, and a settler was blunt: "We don't care about Washington. Nothing will come out of it, like always. This is a war of religions – we want everything, they want everything. There is no way there will ever be agreement. That is the reality."
Marwan Barghouthi: Unity trumps peace talks: Jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti told Reuters that Palestinian infighting should be the current priority, and not peace talks, which he said were destined to fail.
US looks to boost funding for Yemeni military: US commanders have proposed spending up to $1.2bn over five years on Yemen’s security forces, reflecting US worries about Al Qaeda’s presence in the region, officials said yesterday
Wikileaks founder admits sexual relations with accuser: Mr Assange said that he had consensual sex more than once with a woman who has accused him of molestation.
Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of purchases of child pornography: 250 civilian and military employees of the Defense Department -- including some with the highest available security clearance -- who used credit cards or PayPal to purchase images of children in sexual situations. But the Pentagon investigated only a handful of the cases.
7 Killed In Mozambique Food Price Riots:: Government spokesman Alberto Nkutumula condemned the violence on the streets of the capital and appealed for people to remain calm, but said the government would not reconsider increasing the price of bread.
UN calls meeting on food price concerns: The announcement came after Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin extended the country's ban on grain exports on Thursday.
Some Pakistani villages flooded intentionally, claims UN: Wealthy landowners in Pakistan have allegedly diverted waters from the country’s devastating floods away from their own properties and into villages, the country’s UN ambassador said on Thursday.
Heavy in dollars, China warns of depreciation: China on Friday offered a rare glimpse into its foreign exchange reserves, confirming that they are overwhelmingly allocated in dollars, while a central banker said the mountain of cash could face depreciation risks.
Mortgage rates hit decades-low of 4.32 percent: Mortgage rates fell to the lowest level in decades for the tenth time in 11 weeks, as investors worried about the economy.
Jobless rate rises: For the first time this year, the manufacturing sector lost jobs -- down a net total of 27,000 for the month. The auto industry accounted for 22,000 of those lost jobs, the department said. But those losses were largely due to a shift in the timing of the industry's summer shutdowns.
Miami-Dade personal bankruptcies rise 74%: In the three-county area, personal bankruptcy filings were up 59 percent, to 3,387 from 2,127 in August 2009, and up 6 percent from July. Business bankruptcy filings rose 7 percent
Blockbuster misses another interest payment: Video rental giant Blockbuster Inc. has missed a payment to junior bondholders, making it the second time in three months the company has failed to meet a debt obligation.

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