Sunday, 26 September 2010

News For September 26, 2010

US To Continue Killing Own Citizens Overseas
Obama invokes 'state secrets' claim to dismiss suit against murdering of U.S. citizen al-Aulaqi

By Spencer S. Hsu

The Obama administration urged a federal judge early Saturday to dismiss a lawsuit over its targeting of a U.S. citizen for killing overseas, saying that the case would reveal state secrets. Continue

Obama Argues His Assassination Program Is A "State Secret"

By Glenn Greenwal

Obama uses this secrecy and immunity weapon not to shield Bush lawlessness from judicial review, but his own. Continue

These Spineless Chumps in Islamabad

By Yvonne Ridley

Obfuscation, is an awkward word but it essentially sums up the behaviour of all of the Pakistan government ministers, diplomats and politicians who have had a hand in the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui. Continue

It Is Official: The US Is A Police State

By Paul Craig Roberts

The US media, highly concentrated in violation of the American principle of a diverse and independent media, will lend its support to the witch hunts that will close down all protests and independent thought in the US over the next few years. Continue

"Don't F*** With Our Activists"
Mobilizing Against FBI Raids

Video Report From The Front Lines

There was a concern that the FBI motivation covered support of Palestinians and Colombian activists. Targets were ordered to report to a Chicago Grand Jury in the future. Continue

President Obama’s Ahistorical World

By Professor Lawrence Davidson

From the beginning of his administration he has ignored history. His most notable early example was when he refused to investigate the prima facie war crimes of his predecessors, crimes which the Nuremberg prosecutors would have easily recognized. Continue

Wisdom of the Terrorist’s Son

By Chris Hedges

Those who embrace violence, whether in the form of acts of terrorism or acts of war, are necrophiliacs. They worship death. Continue

How stupid are you?

By David Michael Green

Does anyone think the country is economically better off today than in the 1950s or 1960s? Does anyone seriously think that the Millennial Generation will be better off than their parents? Would anyone seriously bet on America today, as an economic comer? Does anyone think that the next hundred years will be the American century? Continue

Bank Of America Debt Collectors
Called Borrowers "F___ing N__ger" And "Punk" To Get Them To Pick Up The Phone

By Henry Blodget

Bank of America has been busted using some seriously outrageous tactics to try to collect debts so small they're barely worth the paper they're written on. Continue

42 "Taliban" Killed in Southern Afghanistan: The provincial police chief of Khost, Gen. Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai, put the insurgent death toll higher, with at least 82 killed in a NATO airstrike.
NATO forces kill another two Afghan civilians: Two Afghan civilians were killed after they approached the a NATO military patrol in southern Afghanistan, the alliance military said in a statement on Sunday.
Call for 'Gaza style' inquiry on Afghan deaths: Former UN official demands investigation into coalition link to deaths revealed by WikiLeaks
2 NATO occupation force troops killed in Afghanistan: The troops were killed in an improvised explosive device attack, the statement said. But NATO officials did not provide further details about the circumstances of the blast or the nationalities of the service members involved.
Nearly 100 police killed in Afghanistan every month: Nearly 100 police officers have been killed and more than 200 injured each month in the past six months in Taliban-led attacks in Afghanistan, the Interior Ministry said Sunday.
CIA used 'illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones': 'They want to kill people with software that doesn't work': The CIA is implicated in a court case in which it's claimed it used an illegal, inaccurate software "hack" to direct secret assassination drones in central Asia.
Blast near Fallujah kills 4 Iraqi police: Police and hospital officials in Fallujah, about 40 miles (65 kilometers) west of Baghdad, said the dead in Sunday's bombing included a police lieutenant colonel. A policeman and two civilians were also injured, the officials said.
Gunmen shoot down culture ministry employee in Baghdad: An Iraqi Culture Ministry employee was shot dead by unidentified gunmen who opened fire on him using silencer guns in west Baghdad’s al-Jami’a district on Sunday, a local police source said.
Anti-US occupation Iraqi cleric asks Arabs to boycott Baghdad summit: "Any Arab country which participates in the Arab league summit in Iraq will be supporting the occupation," Dari told Qatar's Al-Watan daily in an interview to be published on Sunday
US unable to document any payments for Abu Ghraib: "It's the right thing to do," Rumsfeld declared in 2004. "And it is my intention to see that we do." Six years later, the U.S. Army is unable to document a single payment for prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib.
Netanyahu to settlers: Keep low profile as building freeze expires: The Prime Minister's Office approached MK Danny Danon (Likud), who is planning an event to mark the expiration of the 10-month settlement freeze on Sunday, as well as settler council leaders, asking them to avoid provocations and maintain a low profile in the media.
Judaism is not a people: A Jewish state or an Israeli democracy?: Benjamin Netanyahu is unsure of his identity: His insecurity is behind his pointless demand for Palestinian recognition of Israel as uniquely Jewish.
Hamas claims to have found Israeli 'sleeper cells' in Gaza: A Hamas official on Sunday said that Israel has several undercover spies operating in "sleeper cells" in the Gaza Strip, awaiting instructions to carry out special operations.
'Jews for Justice' aid boat sets sail for Gaza: Organizer says goal of boat which left from Cyprus on Sunday is to show that not all Jews support Israeli policies toward Palestinians.
Iran Says Nuclear Plant Unaffected by Virus as Industrial Computers Struck: Iran said its Bushehr nuclear power plant is safe after confirming some of its industrial computers have been targeted by a computer worm and that it is working to counter the cyber-attack.
Stuxnet Worm a U.S. Cyber-Attack on Iran Nukes?: A top expert in protecting industry and infrastructure from cyber-attacks has told the Financial Times that a computer worm which surfaced more than a year ago may well have been a deliberate attempt by the U.S. government to destroy Iran's primary nuclear facility.
Stuxnet worm is the 'work of a national government agency': Malware believed to be targeting Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant may have been created by Israeli hackers
Kennesaw, where everyone is armed by law: This city, half an hour’s drive north of Atlanta, is unique: it is the only place in America where it is compulsory to own a gun.
Librarians Lead Fight Against Banned Books: Penguins are indisputably cute. And a children's book about such inoffensive animals could hardly be expected to trigger a nationwide controversy. But then came "And Tango Makes Three" and a heated debate was fired up.
Venezuelans go to the polls: Elections are seen as critical test of support for president Hugo Chavez, who has had control of parliament since 2005.

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