Thursday, 21 October 2010

News For October 21, 2010

Taliban Deny Peace Talks

By Mushtaq Yusufzai

Senior Taliban commanders are denying recent reports that the militant group is involved in high-level peace talks with the U.S.-backed Afghan government. Continue

Statement From The Afghan Resistance
Regarding the Latest Organized Enemy Propaganda

By Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The NATO forces in Afghanistan, in collaboration with their Afghan puppets and western media outlets under the leadership of U.S have been trying by diplomatic maneuver and organized propaganda to make it appear as though Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate were ready for negotiations and that they have made progress in this regard. Continue

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh
Trust Us, You're Safe From Terror, Says Kevin Rudd


KEVIN Rudd has said Australians have had many more near-misses from terrorism attacks than the public is ever likely to know. Continue

Iran Needs Stern Lessons in Freedom

By Glenn Greenwald

Here is the latest Outrage of Evil from the Persian Hitlers. Continue

Message from Fidel Castro against Nuclear War

Video and Transcript

An attack by the United States and Israel against the Islamic Republic of Iran would inevitably evolve towards a global nuclear conflict. Continue

The Chances of a War with China are Rising

By Mike Whitney

Behind the facade of free markets and international institutions, lies an imperial system ruled from Washington. That leaves Beijing with two options; they can either bow to US pressure and fall in line or shrug off Washington's demands and continue on the same path. Continue

A Colder, Crueller Country – For No Gain

By Johann Hari

Margaret Thatcher is lying sick in a private hospital bed in Belgravia but her political children have just pushed her agenda further and harder and deeper than she ever dreamed of. Continue

Too Pig to Jail? Ban Foreclosures Now

By Ted Rall

What would happen to you if you got caught forging a mortgage application? You'd go to jail. And rightly so. Continue

Chris Hedges "Death of the Liberal Class"

Video Lecture

Author Christopher Hedges spoke last week at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy about his upcoming book, “Death of the Liberal Class” (Perseus). Continue

Would You Vote For This Man?
Candidate who Shot Iraqis Brags about Gun Skills

By Justin Elliott

A North Carolina Republican who killed two unarmed Iraqi prisoners in 2004 is holding a fundraiser at a gun range. Continue

20 militants killed in S Afghanistan: "Twenty anti-government militants have been killed in operations involving Afghan army, police and international troops over the past few days conducted in Zangabad village of Panjwai district," the press release added.
Five Afghan policemen, NATO occupation force soldier killed in attacks: A NATO soldier was killed Thursday in eastern Afghanistan while five Afghan police forces were killed in a bombing and ambush by suspected Taliban guerillas in the west of the country, officials said.
Nato Escorts Taliban Leader to Kabul Secret Talks: Afghan and American officials have started holding secret talks with Mullah Baradar, the second high-ranking figure in the Taliban, the Daily Telegraph reports.
Taliban Deny Peace Talks: One senior commander denied reports that he had crossed into Afghanistan from his supposed hideout in neighboring Pakistan to lead a delegation of militant commanders in negotiations.
Afghan peace process may have been overstated: Some coalition officials, Afghans and people familiar with insurgent leaders say contacts with militants are nothing new and have been overstated — perhaps to split the ranks of fighters or create the impression in the West of progress in resolving the unpopular war.
Afghan peace council calls on Taliban to join talks: Afghanistan's new peace council said on Thursday it would be willing to make concessions to bring insurgents to the negotiating table and urged Saudi Arabia to play a key role in efforts to reconcile with the Taliban and find a political resolution to the war.
Pakistan says it is excluded from talks: Tthe Pakistani government appears to have been brushed aside, an exclusion that analysts warn could dramatically worsen Islamabad's already fragile relationship with Washington and Kabul and jeopardize prospects for peace in Afghanistan.
Britain facing imminent terror attack from Taliban sympathisers, Afghan leader claims in rare interview: The commander said: 'We send a message to all foreign nations that we will attack them at any time. It could be in the next two weeks or it could be today, tomorrow or the day after.
New Candidates to Win Half of Afghan Parliament Seats Amid Fraud: New candidates may win half the seats in Afghanistan’s lower house of parliament amid fraud complaints that forced the scrapping of nearly a quarter of votes cast in last month’s poll, the election commission said.
Digging in for the Long Haul in Afghanistan : How Permanent Are America’s Afghan Bases?
US soldier alive and with al Qaeda, says Taliban: The only U.S. serviceman believed to be captured in Afghanistan is alive and being held by al Qaeda in Pakistan, according to a senior Taliban source cited Thursday by Sky News.
Pakistan: Choppers kill eight "terrorists" in Orakzai: At least eight militants were killed in a security forces’ aerial attack in the Upper Orakzai region, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday.
Five militants killed in landmine blast in Pakistan: At least five militants were killed and three others were wounded on Thursday in a landmine explosion in Pakistani tribal agency, bordering Afghanistan, said sources.
Defense Secretary Gates apologizes for U.S. attack that killed 3 Pakistani soldiers: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates apologized for the inadvertent attack on a border guard post that killed three Pakistani soldiers in September, saying it was "unintentional," the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan said Thursday.
US soldier charged with killing two comrades in Iraq: Army Specialist Neftaly Platero of Texas is accused of shooting the three in Falluja, 40 miles (65km) west of Baghdad, on 23 September.
Iran, Saudi leaders talk after $60b. arms deal advances; Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Saudi King Abdullah conducted their second telephone conversation regarding important developments in the Middle East region within two week, AFP cited from an IRNA report on Thursday.
'US, Israel and Iran have approached the end game': US policy of sanctions and engagement is hardening Iran’s position, claims ex-Teheran U. prof at debate on Islamic Republic in Washington.
Chávez to buy S-300 missiles that Moscow refused to deliver to Iran: Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said that the South American country will purchase S-300 missile systems that Russia refused to deliver to Iran due to the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on the Islamic Republic
Chávez to Ahmadinejad: "We shall stay victorious": At the end of a two-day visit, Chávez condemned the United States' and Israel's military threats against Iran. The two countries have said they could strike the Islamic revolution to prevent it from getting a nuclear bomb, Reuters reported.
Israel Seals Unprecedented Weapons Deals With the US: The entire contract is paid for by an ongoing US military aid package under the auspices of the US government’s Foreign Military Sales program.
Jewish "settlers" 'set fire' to West Bank girls school: The girls school, near Nablus in the northern West Bank, was found vandalized Wednesday morning with Hebrew graffiti on the wall reading: “Regards from the hills.” Jewish settlers live on hilly outposts nearby
Viva Palestina convoy reaches Gaza: Pro-Palestinian activists enter Gaza through Rafah crossing with $5m of aid for residents of Israeli-blockaded strip.
Israelis, Palestinians agree not to embarrass Obama before midterm elections: The Obama administration has secured pledges from senior Mideast leaders to continue their fitful peace negotiations until after next month's U.S. midterm elections, largely to avoid handing the Obama administration an embarrassing diplomatic setback before the Nov. 2 elections.
Efforts to Prosecute Blackwater Are Collapsing: Nearly four years after the federal government began a string of investigations and criminal prosecutions against Blackwater Worldwide personnel accused of murder and other violent crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, the cases are beginning to fall apart, burdened by a legal obstacle of the government’s own making.
French protesters clash with police: Demonstrations against plans to raise retirement age continue as president warns of "tougher action" against rioters.
Dollar Drops to 15-Year Low Versus Yen as Fed Cites `Modest' U.S. Recovery: The dollar dropped to a 15-year low against the yen as a Federal Reserve regional survey showed the economy expanded in September at a “modest pace,” fueling speculation the central bank will increase quantitative easing.
Wells Fargo Posts Q3 Report, Explains Lack of Foreclosure Freeze: Wells Fargo said Wednesday that it turned a profit of $3.35 billion for the three months ending in September. The Q3 number was higher than both the $3.06 billion for the previous quarter and the $3.24 billion profit posted a year earlier.
Bank of America Loses $7.3 Billion in Third Quarter: Mortgage banking income jumped 95 percent last quarter, the ratio of nonperforming loans and assets declined, and no sizeable losses are expected from the company's foreclosure suspension and affidavit problems.
And Now, Here's The First 11 State Pensions Funds That Will Run Out Of Money: Here's a shocker: The most immediate state pension crises aren't in New York or California. They're in Middle America.
The First 10 City Pensions That Will Run Out Of Money: The municipal pension crisis is like the social security crisis but worse: Unlike the federal government, cities cannot legally go into debt.
Cash-strapped governments ramping up tax-collection efforts: Tax officials throughout the Washington region are trying new and often extraordinary measures to collect tens of millions of dollars in delinquent payments, as huge projected budget deficits threaten to slash public services.

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