Sunday, 31 October 2010

News For October 31, 2010

Friday’s Terror Nonsense
US Intelligence Trades On Fear

By Yvonne Ridley

We can not sacrifice our freedoms and liberties just because America wants to impose its own neurosis, hysteria and paranoia on the rest of the world. Continue

Playing The Sovereignty Card

By Lawrence Davidson

The majority of people are easily manipulated due to their wholly understandable but nonetheless dangerous ignorance of matters beyond their local sphere. How do you know that this or that out-group is dangerous? Continue

The Empire and the Right to Life of Human Beings

By Fidel Castro

"Those captured in Afghanistan are being executed on the battlefield," Hersh stated. Continue

Attn. All Flag-Wavers.
You Want War? Pay For It.

By Eric Margolis

A national frenzy has seized America. Fierce debate and name-calling has raged about job losses, the nation’s growing $12 trillion debt, mandatory health care, socialism – and even witchcraft. Sarah Palin, the patron saint of low IQ Americans, has hovered over this sordid contest like an evil Halloween wraith. Continue

How the Wars Are Sinking the Economy

By Linda Bilmes

We have already spent more than $1 trillion in Iraq… and weekly—yes, weekly—spending in Iraq and Afghanistan now comes to more than $3 billion. Continue

Road to Corporate Serfdom

By Ralph Nader

The giant corporate control of our country is so vast that people who call themselves anything politically—liberal, conservative, progressive, libertarian, independents or anarchist—should be banding together against the reckless Big Business steamroller. Continue

When Timidity is Treason.
Yes, Of Course They're Brownshirts. What The Hell Did You Expect?

By David Michael Green

Obama amply deserves the lashing and humiliation he's going to receive Tuesday, and then again two years later. The White House is no place for the cowardly. In normal times that would be an embarrassment. In a moment of national crisis, it's a sin. Continue

The Lesser Of Two Evils
US: Myth Of The Two Party System

By Cindy Sheehan

Would America look much different if Republican John McCain had beaten Democrat Barack Obama to become president? Continue

Who's Afraid of Shariah?

By Sumbul Ali-Karamali

Repeating a lie over and over again doesn't make it true; but it certainly results in people believing the lie. That's what the Islam-haters are counting on. That, and the ignorance about Islamic tenets. Continue

17 militants killed in S Afghanistan: Afghan and NATO- led troops killed 17 Taliban insurgents during a joint operation in Disho district of southern Helmand province, spokesman for provincial administration Daud Ahmadi said Sunday.
Karzai condemns Russian raid: Afghan leader says Moscow's involvement in joint anti-drugs operation "violated sovereignty".
US deal brings Russia to Afghanistan: It is not clear when and how many Russian troops have been deployed in Afghanistan. However, experts say up to hundreds of Russian troops have participated in the drug raid.
Russia's Afghan agenda: Gorbachev has valuable advice for the US on the war in Afghanistan that Putin would rather he keep to himself.
Seven hostages killed in Baghdad church: Seven worshippers were killed and at least 13 wounded in a rescue operation to end a hostage drama at a church in the Iraqi capital on Sunday, ministry officials said.
Six killed by car bomb in Baghdad: Six people were killed and four injured in a car bomb attack in northern Baghdad on Sunday, a police source said.
Guards killed at Baghdad stock exchange: Two guards at Baghdad's stock exchange were killed in clashes with gunmen trying to battle their way into the building on Sunday, an Iraqi interior ministry official said.
US must accept responsibility: The United States is a party to the United Nations Convention Against Torture. As such, it has accepted an obligation not to employ torture and also not to transfer captives to anyone who may be expected to torture them. To violate this obligation is to make the American commitment to human rights look like sheer hypocrisy.
Mr President we've lost control of FIFTY nuclear warheads: Obama told how his arsenal was hit by 45-minute computer glitch
Iran Not Ready for Nuclear Talks, Ahmadinejad Aide Says: "We will not be talking with the Western party about the nuclear energy issue in this round of the negotiations," Javanfekr said, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.
Stranger than fiction: WashPost: War with Iran would rescue economy: The president, who is "much smarter" and "more inspirational" than any of his opponents, could benefit from a confrontation with Iran because it would strike up a war machine that would pull the US out of economic stagnation, Broder argues.
American professor invited to Israel 'humiliated' by El Al security personnel: Heather Bradshaw, a neuroscience professor invited to a conference at Hebrew University, says she was asked to remove clothing, board the aircraft with no luggage.
Yemeni officials free suspect in alledged Al Qaeda bomb plot: "During the questioning, the shipping agent was called in to identify the suspect and informed authorities that she wasn’t the individual that signed the shipping manifesto. Authorities concluded that this was a case of stolen identity by an individual who knew the detained suspect’s full name, address and telephone number," said the official.
Cargo plane bomb plot: Yemen doubts its link to the plot: The government of Yemen has expressed astonishment at the cargo plane bomb plots, claiming there were no UPS cargo planes that had taken off from Yemen
Rousseff wins Brazil election: The 62 year-old former guerilla leader will be sworn in as the country's president on January 1 after running a campaign that highlighted her links to outgoing president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
Bank Watch: Regulators Close Seven Banks: Regulators closed another seven banks in the past week, bringing the total number of failures for 2010 to 136 banks -- just four banks shy of the 140 closed in 2009.

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