Friday, 4 February 2011

An Evil Plan Devised
Mubarak's Last Gasps

By Esam Al-Amin

By the end of the meeting each was given certain tasks to regain the initiative from the street; to end or neutralize the revolution; and to defuse the most serious crisis the regime has ever faced in an effort to ease the tremendous domestic and international pressures being exerted on their president. Continue

The Fake Moderation of America's Moderate Mideast Allies

By Asli Bali and Aziz Rana

Washington’s response has departed little from its original script. This script involves repeatedly invoking the language of “moderation” and order and stability. Continue

We All Helped Suppress the Egyptians. So How Do We Change?

By Johann Hari

An elderly thug is trying to buy and beat and tear-gas himself enough time to smuggle his family's estimated $25bn in loot out of the country, and to install a successor friendly to his interests. The Egyptian people – half of whom live on less than $2 a day – seem determined to prevent the pillage and not to wait until September to drive out a dictator dripping in blood and bad hair dye. Continue

For Mideast Regimes, U.S. Backing Means Absolute Power

By Fadi Elsalameen

“America’s horse” is the Arab leader who is backed by the United States and given a license to rule however he deems appropriate, as long as he doesn’t threaten Israel’s security or other American interests in the region. In return, he is allowed to abuse human rights and deny his people economic and political rights. Continue

Not in Egypt, Not Anywhere
Why Leftists Should Not Support a "Peaceful Transfer" of Power

By David Ker Thomson

Leaders are, to deploy the French theoretical term, a bunch of douches.  Continue

Even Our Enemies Believe Our Lies

By William Blum

I've devoted a lot of time and effort to the question of how to reach the American mind concerning US foreign policy. To a large extent what this comes down to is trying to counterbalance the lifetime of indoctrination someone raised in the United States receives.

Bradley Manning: Forgotten No More

By Greg Mitchell

NBC Nightly News paid a visit to Manning's hometown in Oklahoma. A former Marine there said he should be executed. Others were not much more sympathetic.

Americans Are Oppressed, Too

By Paul Craig Roberts

The police have been militarized by the federal government, equipped with military weapons, and trained to view the public as the enemy. Continue

Houston Police Beat And Kick Teen Suspect


The video shows a teen burglary suspect, Chad Holley, fleeing from police, being struck by a patrol vehicle, then beaten and stomped on while lying prone and handcuffed on the ground. Continue

Violence kills 10 in Afghanistan: Two people were killed and at least one was injured in Afghanistan's southern province of Helmand on Friday when US-led foreign soldiers opened fire at a bus carrying civilians, a Press TV correspondent reported.
Pakistan: 3 killed, 27 injured in Lahore shrine blast: Three people were killed and 27 others were injured in a bomb blast outside the Baba Haider Sayeen shrine near Minar-e-Pakistan on Thursday night.
Pakistanis flee army offensive near Afghan border: At least 20,000 people have fled fierce fighting between troops and militants in the Pakistani tribal region of Mohmand, officials and witnesses say.
10 dead and hundreds injured as US hatches Mubarak exit strategy: The White House, the state department and the Pentagon have been involved in discussions that include an option in which Mubarak would given way to a transitional government headed by the Egyptian vice-president, Omar Suleiman. Such a plan has the backing of the Egyptian military, the New York Times reported.
U.S. intelligence warned Obama of Egypt instability at end of 2010: CIA official says U.S. government was warned that protesters might threaten Egypt president's grip on power, but didn't foresee what would trigger the unrest.
PA bans anti-Mubarak protest: The Palestinian Authority has broken up a demonstration supporting anti-government protesters in Egypt, while permitting a smaller protest backing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak - drawing accusations it is picking sides in the Egyptian unrest.
Hamas allows anti-Mubarak protest in Gaza: – Hamas security officials allowed hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza to demonstrate Thursday against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in the first such public gathering in the seaside strip since turmoil erupted in neighboring Egypt last week.
Iraq: One killed, four injured in Iraq protest: Protesters demand jobs and basic services. Police shot randomly at hundreds of protesters in al-Hamza district in Iraq’s southern province of al-Diwaniya on Friday, killing one person and injuring four.
Iraqis seize on Egyptian unrest in protests: Iraqis are seizing on Egypt's unrest to protest what they call corruption in their own security forces, rampant unemployment and scant electricity and water supply.
Yemen protests: 20,000 call for President Saleh to go: The demonstrators called for a change in government and rejected Mr Saleh's offer to step down in 2013 after more than 30 years in power
New WikiLeaks Yemen document: Coinciding with today's protests, WikiLeaks has released a new US embassy memo from June 2005, headed: "Priorities for Washington visit: Saleh needs to be part of the solution".
Rallies held in Jordan and Syria: Hundreds of protesters demand reform in Amman while Damascus prepares for a "day of rage" inspired by events in Egypt.
US Embassy Cable: US diplomat doubts Jordan reforms: A secret U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks indicates that in 2009 the U.S. ambassador to Jordan had little faith in King Abdullah II's promises to initiate reforms in his country.
Ransom paid for Canadian diplomats, leaked cable suggests: A leaked U.S. State Department cable suggests that al-Qaeda in Africa was “strengthened” by a ransom that freed two kidnapped Canadian diplomats two years ago.
WikiLeaks: US and China in military standoff over space missiles: The United States threatened to take military action against China during a secret "star wars" arms race within the past few years, according to leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph.
Haiti reverses poll results: The country's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) said on Thursday that former first lady Mirlande Manigat and musician Michel "Sweet Mickey" Martelly were the two top finishers of the chaotic November 28 vote, ahead of government technocrat Jude Celestin.
Afghan prisoner at Gitmo dies while exercising: Gul is the seventh captive to die at Guantanamo since the detention center opened in January 2002. One other died of natural causes — colon cancer — and five died of apparent suicide.
The Dollar and Global Standing: Sterling lost its position as an international currency because Britain lost its great-power status, not the other way around. And Britain lost its great-power status as a result of homegrown economic problems.
Extreme Weather Report From Home: The Thong Will Drop: . Climate deniers have been wondering, we thought its gonna be warm with global warming, so why is it so cold?

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