Monday, 21 February 2011

With settlement resolution veto
Obama Has Joined Likud

By Gideon Levy

This weekend, a new member enrolled in Likud - and not just in the ruling party, but in its most hawkish wing. Continue

The Veto and the Case for Impeaching President Obama

By Alan Hart

In my view a president who allows a lobby group to put the interests of a foreign power above those of the country of which they are citizens, and who by doing so puts his fellow citizens more in harm’s way than they otherwise would be, is guilty of treason. Continue

Al Jazeera English Live From Egypt

Video Live Stream

Video Reports From Libya: Click to view

Ruling By Proxy
How Democracy Could be Hijacked

By Esam Al-Amin

Not only was the current government appointed by Mubarak a few days before he resigned, but many of its members, including the oil, information, labor, and health ministers were also known to be some of the most corrupt in the deposed regime. Continue

This Is What Democracy Looks Like in Wisconsin,
Largest Crowd Yet—80,000—Opposes Union Busting

By John Nichols

The governor’s radical proposal [1] went to such extremes in its anti-labor bias that it sparked a protest movement so large, so steady and so determined in its demands that it is now commonly compared with the protests that have rocked Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. Continue

Obama to Teachers: "Drop Dead"

By Mike Whitney

Obama could simply fly into Madison, deliver a few words of support for the strikers, and assure himself of a landslide victory in 2012. But he won't do that, because he's not the man that people thought he was. Continue

Huffington’s Plunder

By Chris Hedges

Any business owner who uses largely unpaid labor, with a handful of underpaid, nonunion employees, to build a company that is sold for a few hundred million dollars, no matter how he or she is introduced to you on the television screen, is not a liberal or a progressive. Continue

Full Text of Saif Gadaffi's TV Address

Transcribed and tweeted live by @SultanAlQassemi

At this time drunks are driving tanks in central Benghazi. So we all now have weapons. The powers who want to destroy Libya have weapons. There will be a war & no future.

American who Sparked Diplomatic Crisis over Lahore Shooting was CIA Spy

By Declan Walsh in Lahore and Ewen MacAskill

Raymond Davis employed by CIA 'beyond shadow of doubt'. Continue


Pakistani defense analyst and security consultant Zaid Hamid.

Video Shows Dead Man Killing Pakistani ISI Agent?
Taliban video solves two mysteries


A video released by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) seems to have put to rest debates about the fate of two men: Continue

More than 60 killed in Tripoli as Libya protests spread and intensify: At least 61 people were killed in clashes in Tripoli on Monday, witnesses told Al Jazeera. The protests appeared to be gathering momentum, with demonstrators saying they had taken control of several key towns in the country.
Reports: Libyan protesters fired on: Security forces using fighter jets launch operations against anti-Gaddafi march in Tripoli.
Report: Libya air force bombs protesters heading for army base: Protesters take over office of two state-run satellite news channels, set central government building ablaze, as violence
Turkish plane refused permission to land in Libya - report: A plane chartered by Turkey's Foreign Ministry to evacuate Turkish citizens from Libya was refused permission to land in Benghazi on Monday morning and returned to Istanbul empty, the semi-official Anatolia Agency reported.
'For Muammar Gaddafi it's kill or be killed': Libya's leader faces the worst unrest since he seized power, but no-one expects him to give up peacefully
Al Jazeera English: Live Stream: Watch the broadcast here.
Afghanistan: Suicide bomber kills 30 in Kunduz. : The attacker struck as people lined up to collect identity cards in the Imam Saheb district of Kunduz province, a local official said. The Taliban said they carried out the attack, but claimed to have targeted an army recruitment centre.
Pakistan hit by deadly drone strike: First US drone attack in a month kills at least seven, further testing diplomatic ties between Washington and Islamabad.
A CIA spy, a hail of bullets, three killed and a US-Pakistan diplomatic row : Barack Obama weighs in to Raymond Davis row as Pakistani anger grows over CIA agent blamed for civilian deaths in Lahore
American Held in Pakistan Shootings Worked With the C.I.A.: The New York Times had agreed to temporarily withhold information about Mr. Davis’s ties to the agency at the request of the Obama administration, which argued that disclosure of his specific job would put his life at risk.
Davis CIA’s acting chief in Pakistan: Well-placed sources said that the highly-trained operative of the CIA was the second important man of the CIA in Pakistan after ex-station chief Jonathan Banks who left Pakistan after his cover was blown.
Iraq: Bomb kills 10 police in Shia shrine city of Samarra: The victims were part of a special squad sent to Samarra, 60 miles (100km) north of Baghdad, to protect Shia pilgrims during a religious ceremony.
1 dead, 57 injured in northern Iraq protests: Police say around 2,000 people take part in scattered demonstrations by Kurds frustrated with tight grip of 2 ruling parties.
$40bn 'missing' from Iraq post-Gulf War fund accounts: "There is missing money, we do not know where it has gone," Osama al-Nujaifi said at a news conference in Baghdad. "The money is around $40 billion in total."
One killed as shots fired at Yemen demonstration: Teenager killed and four people wounded in clash with soldiers in southern port of Aden, as protests enter 11th day.
I won’t quit, says Yemeni president: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power since 1978, vowed today not to quit under pressure from the street, as MPs joined thousands of protesters in Sanaa calling for his departure.
Egypt: army promises Hosni Mubarak he will not be prosecuted: Egypt's military have promised to protect the ousted President, Hosni Mubarak, from prosecution and to allow him to live freely in retirement in his Sharm-el-Sheikh holiday home, sources have told The Daily Telegraph.
Egypt requests freeze on Hosni Mubarak's foreign assets: Egypt's top prosecutor has requested the freezing of the foreign assets of Hosni Mubarak, 10 days after the president stood down amid mass rallies.
UK prime minister in Egypt, won't meet Brotherhood: British Prime Minister David Cameron, making the first visit by a foreign leader to Egypt since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, will speak to anti-Mubarak opposition figures but not the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.
Bahrain protest continues: Hundreds of demonstrators occupy Manama's landmark junction as uprising enters ninth day.
Anna Neistat: Eyewitness to Bahrain protests: An interview with Human Rights Watch senior emergencies researcher in Bahrain.
Saudi Arabia says it's ready to help Bahrain's rulers: Sunni-led Saudi Arabia props up Bahrain's al-Khalifa family with cash and has long sought to prevent the tiny Persian Gulf state - with its majority Shiite population - from falling into Iran's orbit. With dwindling oil resources, Bahrain relies heavily on Saudi Arabia for money and security.
Tunisia seeks Ben Ali's extradition: Officials formally request extradition of former president from Saudi Arabia, where he fled last month after uprising.
Morocco protests: Five burned bodies found - minister: Five burned bodies have been found in a bank which was set on fire following anti-government protests in Morocco on Sunday, the interior minister has said.
Jordan's King Abdullah Seeks Rapid Change From New Government Amid Protest: Jordan’s King Abdullah said he wants Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit’s government to implement political and economic changes without hesitation.
Israel and Chile cooperated to spy on Iran, WikiLeaks reveals: Chile and Israel both expressed concern over growing ties between Venezuela and Iran, and well as the potential Iranian presence on border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, cable says.
Researchers: Earth will be ‘unrecognizable’ by 2050: A growing, more affluent population competing for ever scarcer resources could make for an "unrecognizable" world by 2050, researchers warned at a major US science conference Sunday.
House Republicans cut funding to UN climate science body: Republicans propose $1.6bn cut to EPA
Gulf spill's effects 'may not be seen for a decade': The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill "devastated" life on and near the seafloor, a marine scientist has said. Studies using a submersible found a layer, as much as 10cm thick in places, of dead animals and oil, said Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia.
Stranger than fiction: Poll: Americans say Reagan the best president, favor George W. Bush to Thomas Jefferson: A recent Gallup survey found that at 19 percent, Reagan topped the list for the third time in 12 years. President Abraham Lincoln came in second at 14 percent, followed by President Bill Clinton at 13 percent.
Exclusive: Troopers would ‘absolutely’ use force on Wisc. protesters if ordered, police union president : Amid the largest protests Madison, Wisconsin has seen in decades, newly elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker last week issued a stark message to public labor unions occupying the capitol building: we have options, and the National Guard is among them.
Scott Walker denies ‘union busting’: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said Monday that his plan to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights doesn’t amount to “union busting.”
Billionaire tea party tycoons financed Wisconsin’s anti-union governor, records show: Who were among the financiers behind Wisconsin's Republican Governor, now embroiled in a controversial attempt to destroy public sector unions? None other than reviled tea party financiers Charles and David Koch, is who.

February 20, 2011
NATO occupation forces kill 64 Afghan civilians : Gen. Khalilullah Ziayi, police chief of Kunar province, said 15 men, 20 women and 29 children or young adults were killed during operations in Ghazi Abad district in the past four days. The Kunar provincial governor, Fazlullah Wahidi, also said that 64 civilians were killed.
Karzai says NATO air raids killed 50 civilians: President Hamid Karzai on Sunday accused NATO troops of killing more than 50 civilians in a troubled province of eastern Afghanistan, as international troops pledged to probe the allegations.
Afghan attack kills 38: A Taliban attack on a bank in eastern Afghanistan killed 38 people and wounded more than 70 others, officials said on Sunday. Five suicide bombers dressed in police and army uniforms and armed with machine guns stormed a branch of Kabul Bank in Jalalabad on Saturday, initiating a stand off with security forces that lasted several hours.
28 Taliban militants killed in Pakistan: Pakistan security forces repulsed a Taliban attack on a check post and shelled militant positions in the restive tribal belt today, killing 28 terrorists, security officials have said.
US drone kills 6 in Pakistan, first attack after Raymond Davis arrest: Three missiles were fired from a US drone aircraft which targeted a house in the Kaza Panga village near the main town of Wana, in South Waziristan.
Libya: mutiny as death toll nears 200 : Eyewitnesses tell Channel 4 News dozens are dying as African sniper units shoot people on the streets of Benghazi, as the death toll from four days of violence nears 200.
Libya protests: 140 'massacred' as Gaddafi sends in snipers to crush dissent: Women and children leapt from bridges to their deaths as they tried to escape a ruthless crackdown by Libyan forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
Violent clashes hit Libyan city of Baidah : Video report: The eastern Libyan city of Baidah has been a scene of death and violent clashes. Hospitals are struggling to cope with the influx of patients and people are worried about more chaos ahead.
Middle East protests - LIVE - - Follow live updates here from across the Middle East
Al Jazeera signal jammed in Mideast, Libya suspected: Al Jazeera's signal across the Middle East and North Africa was plagued by jamming on Sunday, the Arab satellite broadcaster said, and Lebanon said the electronic interference was coming from Libya.Libyan troops have opened fire with machine-guns and large-calibre weapons on anti-government protesters in the second city Benghazi, witnesses say.
Six killed in Yemen clashes: Four people lost their lives during protests in the southern port city of Aden on Saturday, and a student was killed in the southern city of Taiz, a Press TV correspondent reported.
Policeman shot dead by Yemen protesters: Anti-government protesters armed with rifles Sunday shot dead a police officer in Yemen's southern region of Aden, Xinhua reported, quoting the police.
U.S. top military officer arrives in Gulf in bid to underscore U.S. ties with regional allies: Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will visit Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait; he will also stop in Djibouti, where demonstrators have clashed with riot police.
2 Killed as Ivory Coast forces open fire on protesters: At least two people have died after Ivorian forces opened fire on protesters demanding President Laurent Gbagbo step down, witnesses said.
Senegal soldier dies after setting himself on fire: A former soldier has died in Senegal after setting himself on fire outside the official residence of the president on Friday.
Robert Fisk in Bahrain: 'They didn't run away. They faced the bullets head-on': After Egypt's revolution, the people have lost their fear
Bloody protests rock Iraqi Kurdistan: Following popular demonstrations in Iraqi Kurdistan over poverty and unemployment as well as financial and administrative corruption, Sulaymaniyah University students also joined the protests on Saturday.
Iraq Kurd TV attacked after broadcasting protests: An Iraqi television channel that carried live footage of protests against the autonomous Kurdish region's dominant political bloc was attacked early on Sunday, its owner said.
Morocco joins Arab world unrest as thousands rally for reforms: At least 5,000 demonstrate in Rabat, waving Tunisian and Egyptian flags in recognition of the popular uprisings that overthrew the two countries' presidents.
Reports of new protests in Iran: Protesters clash with security forces, who, it is reported, have detained the daughter of Iran's former president.
Video: Protests in Iran - This amateur video posted on Youtube shows protesters running away from the security forces, who are riding on motorbikes, in Molasadra street in Tehran.
Iran says its warships completed Suez Canal crossing: Iran's state broadcaster says vessels reach Mediterranean, despite recent reports that the controversial crossing, the first since 1979, would only take place later this week.
Egypt is no longer committed to an alliance with Israel against Iran: There is growing concern in Israel that Egypt will become a hostile front, adding to the feeling of international isolation which has only intensified since Benjamin Netanyahu became prime minister.
Rafah crossing to reopen Tuesday: Dr. Ghazi Hamad, director general of crossings and borders in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, said Egypt agreed to reopen the crossing both ways to allow stranded Palestinians to travel.
Palestinians protest at 'despicable' Obama UN veto: The crowd massed in Ramallah's Manara Square, a central roundabout in the West Bank city, waving banners and shouting slogans against the American administration.
Palestinian PM seeking to lure Hamas into unity government: In appeal to join forces with West Bank-ruling Palestinian Authority, Salam Fayyad says Hamas can maintain its authority over the Gaza Strip until elections.
Iceland President Blocks Bill Guaranteeing $5 Billion U.K., Dutch Deposits: Iceland’s President Olafur R. Grimsson refused to sign a $5 billion accord struck in December with the U.K. and Netherlands to repay foreign depositor losses and said the bill must instead be put to a referendum.
Bringing Home 150 Troops From Afghanistan Would Fix Wisconsin's Budget "Crisis": Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker is using phony budget projections to manufacture a staged "fiscal emergency" in his state so that he can whack programs and political opponents, but even his fake "emergency" pales in comparison to the cost of the Afghanistan War to his state.
Hiding Details of Dubious Deal, U.S. Invokes National Security: Mr. Montgomery is at the center of a tale that features terrorism scares, secret White House briefings, backing from prominent Republicans, backdoor deal-making and fantastic-sounding computer technology

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