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News For February 06, 2010

Will Obama Play the War Card?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Republicans already counting the seats they will pick up this fall should keep in mind Obama has a big card yet to play. Continue

Walk a Mile...

By Sheila Sample

It's time for Obama to put aside empty, soaring speeches and come to grips with who his enemies really are. It's time for him to step onto dry land and walk a mile in his own shoes -- while he still has a pair. Continue

Israeli Threatens Syria

Israeli Minister Adds Heat to Exchange With Syria


In a speech at Bar-Ilan University, near Tel Aviv, Mr. Lieberman said: “I think that our message must be clear to Assad. In the next war, not only will you lose, you and your family will lose the regime. Neither you will remain in power, nor the Assad family.” Continue

Gaza: Did You Know?


On December 27, 2008, Israel launched an Assault on the Gaza Strip. The attack of Dec. 27 caused the deadliest one-day death toll in 60 years of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Over 3 weeks, 1,417 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed. Continue

Crocodile Tears
The Trials of Norman Finkelstein

Must Watch 3 Minute Video

Dr. Norman Finkelstein speaking at the University of Waterloo. Continue

Please, Mr. President, Stop Talking Nonsense

By Alan Hart

There are no more concessions the Palestinians can make for peace. President Obama’s statement that they must is absurd and obscene. Unclear is whether he was speaking out of ignorance of real history or from Zionism’s script. Continue

Haiti - Still Starving 23 Days Later

By Bill Quigley

You can walk down many of the streets of Port au Prince and see absolutely no evidence that the world community has helped Haiti. Continue

On the Claimed "War Exception" to the Constitution

By Glenn Greenwald

Although Blair emphasized that it requires "special permission" before an American citizen can be placed on the assassination list, consider from whom that "permission" is obtained. Continue

The Truth About US Justice

By Yvonne Ridley

Many of us are still in a state of shock over the guilty verdict returned on Dr Aafia Siddiqui. Continue

America's Dark Side
By William Blum

"If anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for seniors, and stop insurance company abuses, let me know." Well, ending America's many wars would free up enough money to do anything a rational, humane society would want to do."

Markets Fail When Humans Are Unregulated

By Paul Craig Roberts

The failure to regulate financial markets has produced enormous losses to all Americans except the super-rich. But the U.S. government is guilty of an even greater failure. Continue

Last Rites for the USA

By Cindy Sheehan

The reason my nation is such a dysfunctional system now is not because of a Supreme Court decision, nor a law passed by Congress, nor by a referendum of the people: it's because of a single statement, one sentence, spoken by a Supreme Court Chief Justice before the hearing even began. Continue

Exclusive: How Corporations Secretly Move Millions to Fund Political Ads

By Brad Jacobson

“It’s unclear whether the Court was being naive or disingenuous” when it touted disclosure provisions during its decision. Continue

Deepening Debt Crisis:

The Bernanke Reappointment: Be Afraid, Very Afraid

By Prof Michael Hudson

When banks “provide credit” by writing loans, what they are selling is debt. Continue

Mortar attack kills 41 pilgrims in Karbala: At least 41 people were killed and dozens wounded on Friday in a mortar attack on a crowd of pilgrims near the city of Karbala, a provincial health official said.

Video shows abducted American mercenary in Iraq: A Shiite militant group in Iraq has posted an Internet video showing an American it says it abducted and who appears to be a contractor reported missing by the U.S. military.

New Iraqi media rules raise specter of muzzled past: "CPJ's conclusion is that the regulations represent a clear and transparent effort to control the media, undermine its independence, and allow the government to assert control over the information agenda," Joel Simon of the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said

Pakistan city mourns 33 killed in twin bomb attacks: Thousands of people have attended a funeral in Karachi for some of those who died in bomb attacks on a bus and then a hospital where casualties were being treated, as the toll reached 33.

U.S. Says 200 Troops on the Ground in Pakistan: It’s a whole lot more than the “no American troops in Pakistan” promised by special envoy Richard Holbrooke. And let’s not even get into the number of U.S. intelligence operatives and security contractors on Pakistani soil.

Afghan police kill seven boys collecting firewood: The boys were collecting firewood when police opened fire on them in the border town of Spin Boldak, southern Kandahar province, Abdul Raziq, police commander for the town, said.

Taliban use modern anti-detective IEDs: The new IEDs, called "Omar", have been made by the Taliban technical experts inside Afghanistan and cost only $85 each, the statement, released on Friday, said.

34 Deaths reported in Yemen clashes: Shia Muslim fighters have killed 23 Yemeni soldiers in twin attacks in the northern mountains, tribal and other sources say.The announcement came as Yemeni government forces claimed on Saturday that they had killed eleven members of the Houthi group

Sixteen killed in south Sudan clashes: “On our side there are eight killed, including one civilian and 11 injured ... We have found eight bodies of Messeria on the battlefield ground,” he said.

Iran's Mottaki says has "very good" talks with IAEA chief: Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Saturday he had a "very good meeting" with the head of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog on a plan to swap Iran's low-enriched uranium for higher-grade nuclear fuel.

Tehran welcomes nuclear deal, with alterations: The Iranian foreign minister warned that his country would not accept the timeline proposed in the draft, which would require Iran to export its uranium and wait for up to a year before receiving the enriched fuel.

Pentagon chief doubts Iran nuclear fuel deal: US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates expressed doubt on Saturday that a deal with Iran on sending some of its uranium abroad for enrichment was close.

Sanctions 'looming for Iran': Iran must satisfy "the demands" of the international community over its nuclear programme or face fresh sanctions and increasing isolation, US National Security adviser James Jones said on Saturday.

West duping Iran over nuclear deal: Iran’s Larijani: “They (Western powers) say that you (Iran) must provide fuel for the Tehran reactor the way we say and, if you don’t do this, we will punish you,” the Mehr news agency quoted Larijani as saying.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Iran nuclear issue the 'top global security threat': Iran's "defiance" over its nuclear programme poses the greatest threat to international security, US National Security Advisor James Jones warned on Saturday.

Syria: We're ready for peace, but also for war: "The mentality of threats and wars dominates Israel. Talks of peace are just empty promises for the sole purpose of media propaganda. The Zionist entity has no real resolution to go in the path of peace," she said.

Report: Assassins of Hamas official used Irish passports: Up to seven people were said to have been involved in Mabhouh's killing, four of whom used Irish passports to enter Dubai and who later fled to a "European country" after the killing, police sources in Dubai told the newspaper.

Netanyahu faces arrest in Hamas hotel murder if Mossad link proved: The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be at the top of Dubai’s wanted list if the Israeli foreign intelligence service Mossad is proven to be behind the killing of a senior Hamas official, the Dubai Police chief said yesterday.

5 Russian soldiers killed in Chechnya: A clash between militants and Russian forces in Chechnya killed five troops and wounded six others, officials said Friday. It was among the largest Russian losses in a single incident in several months.

UK: Army may patrol streets to confront "terror threat": Britain's armed forces could be used on a regular basis on the streets of Britain to confront the threat of terrorism, under the terms of a strategic defence review announced yesterday.

Legal Experts Slam "Targeted Killings" of US Citizens: Civil liberties advocates and legal authorities struck back Friday at what they describe as the "deliberate targeted killing of U.S. citizens far away from any active hostilities, as long as the executive branch determines unilaterally that they meet a secret definition of who the enemy is."

Interagency teams can now question terror suspects: Interrogators from the CIA, the FBI and the Defense Department, with expertise in a particular country and jidahist group, will assemble background information on each suspect on the list even before he or she is apprehended, two officials said. The teams will create a preauthorized strategy for each target.

Google, US intel to team up to fight cyberattacks: report: Under an agreement still in the works, the National Security Agency (NSA) would help Google analyze those attacks in a bid to better protect the California-based search company and its users from future intrusions, the Post said, citing cybersecurity experts familiar with the matter.

FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited: The FBI is pressing Internet service providers to record which Web sites customers visit and retain those logs for two years, a requirement that law enforcement believes could help it in investigations of child pornography and other serious crimes.

Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein gets stock-based $9 million bonus: The amount, although eye-popping by Main Street standards, is smaller than the stock-based bonuses his rivals received for 2009. On Friday, J.P. Morgan Chase said it would award $17 million to chief executive Jamie Dimon.

Food price rise angers Indians: In December prices jumped 7.3 per cent, and it is feared they could rise further over the next few months.

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