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News For February 09, 2010

The Philippine War is Not So Different from Afghanistan

By David Silbey

The war in Afghanistan feels foreign to Americans: a far distant land, a confusing and alien culture, and combat against a shadowy enemy. That feeling is mistaken. America has spent much of its history fighting wars like the one in Afghanistan. Continue

Bereft of Hope
Afghan Displaced Face Harsh Winter

al Jazeera Video Report

Nato and Afghan troops are preparing for a major offensive against Taliban strongholds in southern Afghanistan. Ahead of the operation, thousands of civilians have fled their homes. . Many will be going to displacement camps near the capital, Kabul. But as Al Jazeera's David Chater reports, conditions there are dismal. Continue

Every Occupation Fuels an Insurgency

By Dennis Kucinich.

Afghanistan, Jobs and Health Care, All big issues in America. And one man with strong opinions on all of them is U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Continue

The Myth of the Good War: America in World War II

Why was Dresden Destroyed

By Jacques R. Pauwels

The bombing of countries and of cities has almost become an everyday occurrence, rationalized not only by our political leaders but also presented by our media as an effective military undertaking and as a perfectly legitimate means to achieve supposedly worthwhile objectives. Continue

Senate Passes AIPAC's Iran Sanctions Bill in Five Minutes

MJ Rosenberg

Just last week the Senate passed comprehensive sanctions on Iran -- a bill being pushed by AIPAC neocons and the other "usual suspects" -- in record time. It was brought up with only three senators on the floor; there was a five minute debate and it passed by voice vote. Just like that. Continue

"America Is On The Side Of Israel"
Rep. Mike Pence: Israel Should Dictate U.S. Policy

By Gregg Carlstrom

A senior member of the Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives, talking to the Christian Broadcasting Network about why he unquestioningly supports Israel. Continue

I Don't Mean To Say I Told You So, But...

By Stephen M. Walt

In his testimony to the Iraq war commission in the U.K., former Prime Minister Tony Blair offered the following account of his discussions with Bush in Crawford, Texas in April 2002. Blair reveals that concerns about Israel were part of the equation and that Israel officials were involved in those discussions. Continue

Time for an American Intifada?

By Jeff Gates

The real fantasy in this long-running geopolitical fraud lies in why U.S. lawmakers continue to befriend and defend a "nation" that has for so long-and so consistently-deceived and betrayed its most loyal ally. As a badly miscast Eva Marie Saint asked in her most memorable line in Exodus: "When will it ever end?" Continue

The New American Century

Video Documentary

The film looks for the true reasons behind the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, whose unfolding is described in chilling detail in a document called "Project for the New American Century", published in the year 2,000, that seems to have served as the actual blueprint for such dramatic events. Continue

It Is Now Official:
The U.S. Is A Police State

By Paul Craig Roberts

Ironic, isn’t it, that “the war on terror” to make us safe ends in a police state with the government declaring the right to murder American citizens who it regards as a threat. Continue

US Government Death Lists for USA Citizens

By Professor Francis A. Boyle

The Bush Administration reduced the United States of America to a Banana Republic waging a "dirty war" around the world in gross violation of international law, human rights law, and the laws of war. Continue

"When The Dollar Crashes"

Video By Ron Paul

Ron Paul warns of Social unrest and Martial Law. Continue

Descent Into Barbarism:
The US and NATO Wage War on the World

By Finian Cunningham

The argument is won: capitalism as an effective system to organise society and provide for human needs has expired. The evidence is conclusive. Continue

How to Invest for a Global-debt-bomb Explosion

Prepare for an apocalyptic anarchy ending Wall Street's toxic capitalism

By Paul B. Farrell

Be prepared for a massive meltdown. Yes, already the third major bubble-bust of the 21st century, triggered once again by Wall Street's out-of-control Fat Cat Bankers. And it's dead ahead. Continue

Food, Inc.
Hungry For Change?

Must Watch - Video Documentary

In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry. Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. Continue

Pakistan: 12 soldiers among 18 killed in South Waziristan: Six terrorists were also killed in the exchange of firing that took place between the security forces and terrorists in Ahmed Wam area.

Pakistani Taliban confirm leader's death: Hakimullah Mahsud was injured in a missile strike by a U.S. drone last month. He is the group's second leader killed in six months.

3 G.I.s Killed in Pakistan. Now Can We Start Treating This Like a Real War? : Maybe at one point, this conflict could’ve been swept under the rug as some classified CIA op. But that was billions of dollars and hundreds of Pakistani and American lives ago.

More Blackwater than cops, Pakistan says: There are more private security contractors from Xe, formerly Blackwater, operating in Islamabad than capital police, a religious leader said.

Afghan unrest kills US, NATO occupastion force soldiers: A US and another NATO soldier were killed in attacks in southern and eastern occupied Afghanistan on Tuesday, the alliance said.

France says another soldier killed in Afghanistan: The French government announced here Tuesday that another of its soldiers has been killed in an ambush by Taliban forces in Afghanistan, bringing to 40 the number of troops who have died there in this conflict since 2002.

U.S. Army closes in on Afghan town: Large plumes of smoke could be seen in the area, and reporters traveling with the U.S. unit could hear the distant rattle of 50-caliber machine-gun fire and detonations from MK-19s, which fire 40 mm grenades from Stryker vehicles.

Taliban claim to debut new bomb 'Omar': The Taliban claimed Tuesday to have developed a new bomb nicknamed Omar after their fugitive leader and which they say is impossible Western mine sweepers to detect.

NATO frustration as Afghan police flunk drug tests: When British trainers administered random drugs tests to 25 Afghan police recruits at a base in southern Helmand province, most of them failed.

Iraq: 6 al-Qaeda gunmen killed in Makhmour: Six al-Qaeda gunmen were killed and one soldier was wounded on Monday in clashes between Iraqi army and gunmen in south of Makhmour district, an army source said.

Dr Hans Blix discusses Chilcot Inquiry: Video - Former chief United Nations weapons inspector, Dr Hans Blix, joins Lateline from Sweden to discuss the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war, as well as Iran and North Korea's nuclear ambitions.

Georgetown Students Protest Gen. Petraeus During Speech: Student protestors gathered inside and outside Gaston to condemn Petraeus's strategy in the Middle East and the university's decision to invite him.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: "Defiant" Iran accelerates nuclear program: Uranium has to be enriched to fuel nuclear power plants and Iran needs the 20 percent enriched fuel for a research reactor producing medical isotopes.

UN to monitor Iran's nuclear enrichment: The UN nuclear watchdog says that a team of its inspectors is in place in Iran to monitor Iran's plans to start enriching uranium to higher levels.

Israel and the US preparing for attack on Iran : As part of this build up the US Military has more than doubled its stockpile of weapons in Israel which it states "Israel can use." One would assume that just like the preparation in the build up to the Lebanon Crisis in 2006 and pre Cast Lead in 2008 that this is a very clear indication that both the US and Israel are preparing for a strike on the nuclear facilities in Iran.

Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran: Speaking on Fox News, Palin stated, “Say he decided to declare war on Iran or decide to really come out and do whatever he could to support Israel–which I would like him to do.

Fact or fiction? Four things Netanyahu needs for an Israeli attack on Iran: Tehran is in the crosshairs, but not before 2011.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Netanyahu calls for 'crippling' Iran sanctions: Mr Netanyahu said: "Iran is racing forward to produce nuclear weapons, in brazen defiance of international law.

Iran nuclear plans: UN sanctions 'within weeks': The US Defence Secretary Robert Gates calls for a United Nations security council resolution "within weeks" as Iran steps up its nuclear ambitions.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Wiesel: If Ahmadinejad were assassinated, I wouldn't shed a tear: "Ahmadinejad is a danger to the world and pathologically sick," Wiesel said during an interview on Army Radio. "He is dangerous because he openly wants to destroy Israel, meaning, to destroy another six million Jews."

Russia condemns US move to put missiles in Romania: The Kremlin said it was taken aback by news that Romania's top military body had agreed to host US SM-3 interceptor missiles and other military infrastructure in response to an alleged missile threat from Iran

Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun West: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: "The Iranian nation, with its unity and God's grace, will punch the arrogance (of Western powers) on the 22nd of Bahman (February 11) in a way that will leave them stunned," Ayatollah Khamenei, who is also Iran's commander-in-chief, told a gathering of air force personnel on Monday.

Mashaal: US 'vetoed' Palestinian unity: Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Monday accused the US of obstructing efforts to end the rift between his movement and Fatah.

Goldstone Facts: The real story behind Israel's invasion of Gaza: Deliberate Attacks against the Civilian Population

12 arrested for disrupting Israeli ambassador: Twelve people were arrested this evening during a raucous lecture at UC Irvine where Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren came to talk about U.S.-Israel relations.

Canada Strikes Natural Gas Worth $6 Billion Off Israel’s Coast:, The Canadian Bontan Oil and Gas Company, which has been exploring for natural gas off the coast of Israel, announced Tuesday that it had found prospective resources of up to 6 trillion cubic feet [TCF]of natural gas in Mira and Sarah Prospects off the country's coast.

Mass vaccination planned in Haiti, death toll continues way up: The Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Brigade, first formed in response to the United States' Hurricane Katrina emergency and with field experiences in China, Pakistan, Guatemala, Indonesia and Bolivia, plans to open 37 more vaccination points across Port-au-Prince and beyond.

China’s hawks demand cold war on the US: MORE than half of Chinese people questioned in a poll believe China and America are heading for a new “cold war”.

China PLA officers urge economic punch against U.S.: Senior Chinese military officers have proposed that their country boost defense spending, adjust PLA deployments, and possibly sell some U.S. bonds to punish Washington for its latest round of arms sales to Taiwan.

Chavez puts Venezuela under 'electricity emergency': Speaking on his new radio show President Chavez said Venezuela, which depends heavily on hydropower, was facing the worst drought in 100 years.

U.S. Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes to Drink Responsibly on the Job: The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will pay $2.6 million in U.S. tax dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job.

Is Your State A Debt Disaster?: California and states in the Northeast and Midwest are piling up debt, and the economic outlook for many of these states is weak. See how your state stacks up.

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