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News For February 11, 2010

Goldstone Facts
The Real Story Behind Israel's Attack On Gaza

Deliberate Attacks against the Civilian Population. Factual Findings narrated by Ross Vachon . Factual and Legal findings narrated by Noam Chomsky. Continue

Same Empire, Different Emperor

By Laurence M. Vance

Just as Hadrian succeeded Trajan, Domitian succeeded Titus, Nero succeeded Claudius, and Caligula succeeded Tiberius, so Kennedy replaced Eisenhower, Nixon replaced Johnson, Reagan replaced Carter, and Obama replaced Bush. Continue

Yes, America is Still in an Official State of Emergency

By Washington's Blog

I don't know whether the official declaration of a "state of emergency" in effect from September 2001 to today was directly used for financial looting. But again, the fear of an existential threat to our country was used to justify the looting. Continue

Faber: Sovereign Debt Crisis Will Spread World-Wide, U.S. Debt Is Unsafe


And in a must-watch interview, Marc Faber says that the US, Europe and the entire developed world will default on their debt: Continue

A Greek Crisis is Coming to America

By Niall Ferguson

US government debt is a safe haven the way Pearl Harbor was a safe haven in 1941. Continue

The End of Influence:
What Happens When Other Countries Have America's Money

By Stephen S. Cohen and J. Bradford DeLong

America's leading role in the international economy is waning as other world powers find themselves holding onto trillions in U.S. debt. Continue

The New Junk Economics:
From Democracy to Neoliberal Oligarchy

Audio Interview With Dr. Michael Hudson

We discuss the Federal Reserve; money as debt; Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's misconception of the causes of the great depression of the 1930's; classical political economy versus anti-classical, so-called "neoclassical", economics; the labor theory of value; the dollar carry trade; government deficit spending; Greece. Continue

24 rebels, 12 Yemen soldiers killed in clashes: Twelve Yemeni soldiers and 24 Shiite rebels were killed in clashes despite the announcement of an imminent accord to end six months of fighting, a military official said on Thursday.

Twin bombings leave 15 dead in Pakistan: Two explosions in the northwestern Pakistani town of Bannu have killed at least 15 people and injured 20 others. Media reports say the two blasts hit near the gates of a police training center within a few minutes on late Thursday.

US Vice President Biden: Pakistan Biggest Security Concern: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says the security situation in Pakistan worries him more than that of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Patrick Cockburn: Where war goes, propaganda follows: The largely mythical US success in Iraq is now to be replicated in Afghan towns like Marjah and skirmishes there will be heavily reported.

British Occupation Force Soldier Killed In Afghan Explosion: An MoD spokesman said the death was not related to a major joint British, US and Afghan offensive against the Taliban in Nad-e-Ali called Operation Moshtarak.

3 Killed In Iraq Attacks: : A young man was killed in an improvised explosive device (IED) blast in northern Mosul blast on Thursday, a local police source in Ninewa said.

Iraq booting 250 Blackwater employees, minister confirms : "A total of 250 employees working for the U.S. security firm Blackwater have been dismissed and given seven days to leave Iraq, the Iraqi minister of interior said on Wednesday, according to the semi-official al-Iraqiya TV."

2 Ex-Workers Accuse Blackwater Security Company of Defrauding the U.S. for Years: Two former employees of Blackwater Worldwide have accused the private security company of defrauding the government for years by filing bogus receipts, double billing for the same services and charging government agencies for strippers and prostitutes, according to court documents unsealed this week.

Two killed in clash at Gaza: Two members of the Palestinian resistance were killed and three girls injured on Thursday when Israeli soldiers exchanged fire along the Gaza Strip.

Israeli group accuses Irish Gaza investigator of anti-Semitism: A RIGHT-WING Israeli think tank has launched a scathing attack on retired Irish army colonel Desmond Travers, a member of the UN team that investigated the war in Gaza, accusing him of bias, possibly motivated by anti-Semitic prejudice.

Iran says first uranium stock for fuel produced: "We have produced the first stock of 20 percent enriched uranium at the Natanz enrichment facility," Ahmadinejad told a huge crowd of people in Tehran's Azadi Square.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Iran Closer to Nuclear Weapons: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Iran has successfully taken the next step toward the production of nuclear weapons in front of thousands of protesters.

Ahmadinejad warns Israel against any military move: "If the Zionist regime should repeat its mistakes and initiate a military operation, then it must be resisted with full force to put an end to it once and for all."

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Brown warns Iran over nuclear program: "I believe the mood around the world is now increasingly one where, patience not being inexhaustible"

US imposes new sanctions on Iran: The sanctions expand existing US penalties against elements of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which Western intelligence officials believe is spearheading Iran's nuclear programme.

Chinese diplomat slams U.S. missile defense: China has criticized U.S. plans to build a global missile defense system. The Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui, in an Interfax interview on Thursday, reiterated Beijing’s concerns that these plans might disturb the current strategic balance and stability and escalate tensions

Revealed: 9/11, as seen from the skies: New pictures of 9/11 released

Japan: Occupation censored Unit 731 ex-members' mail: secret paper: A public document has recently come to light that shows the U.S. military ordered Occupation authorities to censor the mail of former members of Unit 731, the Imperial Japanese Army section that conducted bacterial warfare experiments on people, a Tokyo-based historian said.

FBI officials accused of directing Pakistan 'torture': Five US citizens held in Pakistan on suspicion of plotting attacks have alleged that US officials directed their torture to extract confessions.

Top judge: Binyam Mohamed case shows MI5 to be devious, dishonest and complicit in torture: Legal defeat plunges Security Service into crisis over torture evidence, and it is revealed that judge removed damning verdict after Foreign Office QC's plea

UK details US torture of Ethiopian-born detainee: "Although it is not necessary for us to categorize the treatment reported, it could readily be contended to be at the very least cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by the United States authorities," the text said.

US: British disclosure may affect intelligence sharing: The White House warned Wednesday that a British court's order releasing once-secret details of the harsh interrogation of a terrorism suspect could affect US-British intelligence sharing.

Lawyers petition court to hold Yoo accountable: As reports circulate that the Justice Department has softened its criticism of attorney John Yoo for memos approving the Bush administration's treatment of terrorism suspects, several prominent lawyers are urging a federal appeals court in San Francisco to hold Yoo accountable.

Pennsylvania: Student of Arabic Sues Over Detention: A Pennsylvania man sued the federal government Wednesday, alleging that he was abusively interrogated, handcuffed and detained for five hours at Philadelphia's airport in August because he carried a set of English-Arabic flashcards as part of his college language studies.

Indian breaches Detroit airport security, charged: He was tasered by an FBI agent, wrestled down and handcuffed. Panicked passengers fled the terminal and flights were delayed for hours as the drama unfolded.

Texas Governor Wants Drone for Border Patrol: Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants the military to send one of its drones to help patrol the U.S.-Mexican border, reports The Dallas Morning News.

FBI Wants To Follow You Around The Internet: FBI chief Robert Mueller wants ISPs to track everything their customers do on the Internet, and keep those records for two years. The government plan would give the FBI access to "origin and destination information" for all users.

Cellular User Privacy at Risk: If you own a cell phone, you should care about the outcome of a case scheduled to be argued in federal appeals court in Philadelphia tomorrow.

Report: 1 in 5 U.S. homeowners underwater: Foreclosures across the country rose to a new high in December

Bipartisan Jobs Bill Short On Making Jobs: Tax experts and business leaders said companies are unlikely to hire workers just to receive a tax break. Before businesses start hiring, they need increased demand for their products, more work for their employees and more revenue to pay those workers.

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America: This era of high joblessness is probably just beginning. Before it ends, it will likely change the life course and character of a generation of young adults. It will leave an indelible imprint on many blue-collar men. It could cripple marriage as an institution in many communities. It may already be plunging many inner cities into a despair not seen for decades.

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