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News For March 07 / 08 2010

The World's Sickest Warrior State

By Paul J. Balles

We have now reached a stage where our extreme horrors of brutality and cruelty have exceeded our past records. Continue

The Untouchable Budget

Defense Department, Inc.


Congress taking from the have-nots and giving it to the have-mores. Indeed, the economic, political and military potentates depend on the federal budget to transfer taxpayer resources to them. Continue

Mullen Wary of Israeli Attack on Iran

By Ray McGovern

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, came home with sweaty palms from his mid-February visit to Israel. He has been worrying aloud that Israel will mousetrap the U.S. into war with Iran. Continue

There Has Never Been an Israeli Peace Camp

By Gideon Levy

The Israeli peace camp didn't die. It was never born in the first place. Continue

Washington’s Road to Ruin

US – China: Provoking the Creditor, Hugging the Holy Man

By James Petras

Drones, military surges and surrogate puppet armies engaged in endless wars are no match for the surging investments, robust developing markets and joint ventures linking China with the dynamic emerging economies of the world. Continue

Time for a U.S. Revolution – Fifteen Reasons

By Bill Quigley

It is time for a revolution. Government does not work for regular people. It appears to work quite well for big corporations, banks, insurance companies, military contractors, lobbyists, and for the rich and powerful. But it does not work for people. Continue

Calling All Rebels

By Chris Hedges

There are no constraints left to halt America's slide into a totalitarian capitalism. Electoral politics are a sham. The media have been debased and defanged by corporate owners. The working class has been impoverished and is now being plunged into profound despair. Continue

To Hell In A Handbasket

By David Michael Green

American government is in the process of imploding, and it won’t be long until the pathetically minuscule social safety net that we have will be shredded as well. Continue

Bolivia, A Beacon of Hope

By Matt Kennard

The inspiring example of Evo Morales's Bolivian government. Continue

Socialized Medicine Saved Me

By Geraldine Brooks

When Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks was diagnosed with cancer overseas, she didn’t hightail it back home, to “the best health care in the world”—she stayed in Australia, home to a humane, rational system. Continue

Proof that 9/11 Truthers Are Dangerous

By Washington's Blog

This is a list of people who question what our Government has said about 9/11. The list proves - once and for all - that people who question 9/11 are dangerous. Continue

Economist Lewis Black Tells It Like It Is

By Mike Ferner

ADULT CONTENT WARNING: If you're not familiar with Lewis Black, I'd turn back if I were you. Continue

Blasts Kill 12 in Northwest Afghanistan: Police spokesman Abdul Raouf Ahmadi said the first blast hit a civilian vehicle in Badghis province, killing 10 passengers. The second, minutes later nearby, struck a police car, killing two policemen.
UK occupation force soldier killed in Afghan blast: The soldier is the fifth British serviceman to die in the region in the space of a week.
12 killed in bombing of spy agency in Pakistan: Twelve people were killed when a suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden car into a building housing the office of a state spy agency in Lahore Monday, security officials said.
8 Taliban killed in S Waziristan airstrike: Meanwhile, unidentified gunmen killed a local Taliban commander identified as Maulvi Noor Muhammad in North Waziristan. The Taliban commander was targeted on the outskirts of Miranshah.
Karzai offers families ‘blood money’ for sons killed in raid: The President paid relatives Afs100,000 (£1,300) for each of the victims — eight students from one family, a 12-year-old shepherd boy who was the family’s guest and a farmer from a neighbouring compound.
Iraqi PM's coalition seen leading vote: Early estimates from a range of Iraqi parties predict a coalition led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will take the lead in the parliamentary race.
Candidate calls for probe of Iraq election: Former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, trying to regain his job, called for an investigation of Iraq's election because of confusion at some polling centers
Iraq Inquiry: David Miliband says war has boosted Britain's reputation in Arab world: Britain is more respected in the Arab world because of its role in the Iraq war, David Miliband has told the Iraq inquiry.
Mottaki: US, Britain behind region's acts of terror: "Foreign (military) bases in our region have not been set up for stability and security purposes and military cooperation but are aimed at interfering in internal affairs of regional countries," he added.
US wants Israel military dominant in Mideast: Biden: “I can promise the Israeli people that we will confront, as allies, any security challenge it will face. A nuclear-armed Iran would constitute a threat not only to Israel — it would also constitute a threat to the United States."
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran Biden's Israel visit is a year too late: With so much attention, it's a shame he's arriving a year late - a year which his boss, President Barack Obama, wasted on fruitless diplomatic moves that only further compromised the shaky stature of the United States in the Middle East.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran Barak: Iran not currently posing existential threat to Israel: "Iran is not currently an existential threat to Israel. However, Iran has to potential to develop an existential threat to Israel, and we are taking action to prevent this."
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran Bolton: Israel's Options – Attack Iran or Accept Nuclear Power: Former United States ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton warned Sunday that Israel has just two choices: a strike aimed at Iran's nuclear facilities, or a nuclear Iran.
Iran ready to do uranium exchange with new countries, says ministry: Iran is ready to conduct its uranium exchange plan also with fresh countries, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Sunday
China Signals Defiance on U.S. Relations: China gave little hope that it would accommodate Washington on Iran and other thorny foreign-policy issues, despite the first real sign of flexibility in years over its exchange rate, which has been a growing source of friction with the U.S.
Israel to unveil plans to create nuclear generated power: Israel will unveil this week plans to produce nuclear-generated electricity, officials said on Monday, a move that could draw fresh international attention towards its assumed atomic arsenal.
Israel to build more illegal settler homes: Israel has given the green light for the building of 112 illegal new homes in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank despite a partial moratorium on such construction.
Interpol seeks arrest of 16 more suspects in Dubai hit: The international police agency Interpol on Monday issued arrest notices for an additional 16 suspects over the assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai earlier this year, the AFP news agency reported.
Netanyahu: My father foresaw 9/11 attacks in 1990s: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that his father predicted the 9/11 attacks on New York's twin towers back in the '90s.
Nigeria violence: Muslim-Christian clashes kill hundreds: As many as 500 people were killed Sunday in Nigeria violence that pitted Muslim herders against Christian farmers near the volatile city of Jos.
Vatican: Nigeria violence not due to religion: The Vatican says that economic and social reasons, not religious hatred, are behind violence in Nigeria that has killed more than 200 people.
US to engage in 'hit and run' war in Somalia: The United States is involved in preparatory military operations in Somali for a 'major' offensive against Somali fighters, report says.
UK Government attempts to keep torture case secret: Holding case taken by former Guantánamo detainees behind closed doors would set 'very dangerous precedent', says lawyer
Ad campaign urges Obama to hold firm on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial: A prominent US rights group urged the Obama administration on Sunday not to back down in the face of fierce opposition to its plans to try September 11 plotters in a civilian court in New York.
US hunts for citizens training with Al Qaeda, other terrorist groups: The Obama Administration is gathering information with Pakistan and other governments to identify and locate people holding US passports who are receiving "terrorist training" then legally returning to commit violent acts, according to a top US diplomat.
Official: Former Army intel officer to lead TSA: The administration official says President Barack Obama has chosen retired General Robert Harding to lead the federal agency charged with keeping terrorists and bombs off airplanes
Pakistani lawmakers refuse "naked" body scan, cut short US visit: - A delegation of Pakistani lawmakers refused to subject themselves to a controversial full-body X-ray scan at a Washington airport, a media report said on Sunday.
It's terror check chaos as dozens miss US flights: Controversial anti-terrorist restrictions imposed on Britons travelling to the US have led to scores of people missing their flights since they were introduced six weeks ago
New visa fee to visit the US: Aiming to reverse a steep drop in international visitors since the 2001 terrorist attacks, Congress last week passed legislation creating a non-profit corporation to promote the United States as a travel destination.
'We will not offer Greece a cent': German economy minister deals hammer blow to Athens as rioters attack police on the streets
British civil servants hold strike: Hundreds of thousands of civil servants in Britain have begun a two-day strike over cuts to redundancy pay, that is likely to cause disruption to the country's ports and airports.
Paul Krugman: An Irish Mirror : “Almost all the apparent causal factors of the U.S. crisis are missing in the Irish case,” and vice versa. Yet the shape of Ireland’s crisis was very similar: a huge real estate bubble — prices rose more in Dublin than in Los Angeles or Miami — followed by a severe banking bust that was contained only via an expensive bailout.
Layoffs increase after four months of lower claims: Employers took 1,521 mass layoff actions in January, which resulted in 182,261 workers losing their jobs, said the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Retail gasoline prices match 2010 high: Average retail gasoline prices, continuing a surge that started last month, have now matched their 2010 high on the way to prices that many analysts believe will top $3 per gallon this spring.

March 07, 2010

More than 50 killed as Afghan factions clash: Zalmai Mangal, a local police official, said the fighting appears to have resulted from a power struggle between local Taliban forces and the Hezb-e-Islami faction loyal to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a powerful regional commander.
Five Afghan civilians killed in explosions: Five civilians, including two children, were killed in separate roadside bomb explosions in southern and eastern Afghanistan, the Afghan Interior Ministry said Sunday.
Three NATO occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan: Three NATO soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on Sunday in separate incidents, the international force said, bringing the number of foreign troops who have died in the war this year to 117.
3 top Pak Taliban men killed in single day?: Pakistani military dealt a crippling blow to Tehreek-e-Taliban by killing its three top commanders, including the group's deputy-chief Maulvi Faqir Muhammad, in Mohmand tribal region in the country's northwest, interior minister Rehman Malik said on Saturday.
U.S.-Born al Qaeda Arrest News Incorrect: CBS News' Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad writes that earlier reports the detained individual was Gadahn proved false. According to a Pakistan security official who spoke with CBS News on condition of anonymity, the arrested individual is in fact "a Taliban militant leader who is known as Abu Yahya."
Over 40 die as Iraqis defy deadly bomb attacks to vote : Regional officials for the Independent High Electoral Commission said in initial forecasts that voter turnout was 50 percent.
British forces accused of torture and murder as inquiry opens: The long-awaited public inquiry into the alleged torture and murder of up to 20 Iraqis by British troops in Iraq gets under way on Tuesday.
'US running intl. network of secret detentions': A United Nations report on the existence of secret detention facilities in countries around the world puts most of the blame on the US and its Central Intelligence Agency.
Turkey rallies condemn US vote: A resolution by a US congressional committee branding the killing of Armenians during World War I as "genocide" has triggered protests in Turkey.
Iceland rejects bank payback deal: Some 93.1 per cent of voters cast ballots opposing the deal, partial results showed after 32 per cent of ballots were ounted, RUV public broadcaster, which compiles all electoral statistics, said.

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