Wednesday, 24 March 2010

News For March 24, 2010

Dershowitz Peddling More Middle East Myths:

By Matthew Duss

Alan Dershowitz's op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal is a useful reminder that his tendency toward dishonesty isn't limited to the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He's dishonest about Iran, too: Continue

Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It

By Paul Craig Roberts

There was a time when the pen was mightier than the sword. That was a time when people believed in truth and regarded truth as an independent power and not as an auxiliary for government, class, race, ideological, personal, or financial interest. Continue

Social Inequality in America: Widening Income Disparities.

By Vi Ransel

Reforms, regulatory agencies and elections themselves are America's Circus Maximus, mere flourishes on the veneer of democracy painted over the naked concentration of power accrued to the few who hold the reins of the corporate mechanism, the most stunningly efficient means ever invented for accumulating and concentrating wealth, which is then translated into political power. Continue

Whose Streets?
(Our Streets between 1pm and 4pm With a Permit)

By Cindy Sheehan

It seems like we march past empty buildings and shake our fists at them and promise that if those empty buildings don’t change their ways, we will be back next year to do the same thing. Continue

The US is at a Precipice

By Tim Gatto

This recent fiasco concerning health insurance really made me understand that most Americans have no idea what is really important. The minuscule amount of money compared to the defense budget and the bail-outs is not the important issue here. The selling out of our nation by Congress and the Executive Branch is the real problem. Continue

Are Americans Too Broken by Corporate Power to Resist?

By Joan Brunwasser

We need to take a look at what forces in American society are preventing people from being able to resist tyranny and dehumanization. Continue

21 Taliban militants killed in Pakistan: The clashes in the Orakzai tribal district came as military and paramilitary troops, backed by tanks and artillery, are carrying out an offensive to destroy alledged Taliban and Al Qaeda hideouts and training camps.
US Kills 4 People In Pakistan: "We have confirmation of four deaths, so far. The death toll could be more," an intelligence official in the area said.
US Buying the right to kill in Pakistan: US lining up billions more to reward Pak: The Obama administration will expedite more than $500 million in military support reimbursements to Pakistan and facilitate an even greater unspecified amount in concessional aid and trade to reward Islamabad for selectively ditching the Taliban and helping the US in the conflict in Afghanistan.
Six soldiers among 10 killed in Iraq attacks: A series of attacks across Iraq killed at least 10 people on Wednesday, including six soldiers and one policeman, security officials said.
Haditha massacre : A legal snafu could clear the way to freedom for the Marine sergeant perhaps most responsible for the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in the infamous Haditha massacre of 2005.
March 2010 Iraq War Protests: Video: There was a protest or demonstration in over 150 cities the week of March 20th. This video shows video and photos of maybe twenty events across the country combining interviews, speeches, and demonstration observations.
Poll body rejects Iraq recount call: Iraq's election commission has dismissed calls from Nouri al-Maliki, the prime minister, for all of the votes in the March 7 parliamentary election to be recounted by hand.
Two NATO occupation force soldiers, two de-miners killed in Afghan blasts: Two NATO soldiers were killed Wednesday in a blast triggered by a homemade bomb in southern Afghanistan, where two Afghan mine clearers also died in a similar attack, officials said.
Taliban shoots down helicopter in northern Afghanistan: A civilian helicopter contracted by the US military made a 'hard landing' Wednesday in northern Afghanistan after being hit by Taliban militants but there were no casualties, officials said.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Afghan-Iranian mountain trails reveal hidden weapons smuggling route: It's no overstatement to say that many Afghans in Herat are scared of their powerful neighbor to the West.
World will do "whatever it takes" to stop Iran nuke: Blair: "Iran must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons capability. Iran must know that we will do whatever it takes to stop them getting it," Blair told the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, adding it was a matter of global security.
Russia says nuclear Iran not alarming, urges talks: Russia's foreign minister has said Iran's nuclear program poses no imminent threat but urged Tehran to engage the international community.
Two meetings, but no agreement between Obama and Netanyahu: Israeli and American leaders could not even agree on a joint statement after their White House talks.
New building clouds Israel-US talks: The meeting at the White House was overshadowed by the news that more building permits had been issued for the disputed city.
U.S. seeks clarification from Israel over new East Jerusalem plan: The White House on Wednesday said it is seeking clarification from Israel over plans to build 20 new apartments in East Jerusalem.
Israel’s survival at stake, Clinton warns: Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, on Monday warned Israel that its survival could be in jeopardy unless it reached a peace deal with the Palestinians.
Israeli settlements buried two-state solution -expert: . He called for dropping the two-state paradigm for discussion of a joint "bi-national regime."
Britain Expels Israel Diplomat Over Fake Passports: The British foreign secretary, said there were “compelling reasons” suggesting that Israel was behind the misuse of the British passports and called Israel’s actions “intolerable.”
Video: Miliband statement on Israel passports scandal ITN NEWS
British warning: Watch your passports ; 'We recommend that you only hand your passport over to third parties including Israeli officials when absolutely necessary; Foreign Office says
Israeli MP: 'British are dogs, who are they to judge?': Members of Knesset were outraged with Britain's accusations against Israel over the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai and its threats to expel an Israeli diplomat from London over the stolen passports affair. MK Arieh Eldad said on Tuesday that the British were behaving hypocritically and compared them to dogs.
Who is the British Dog? By Gilad Atzmon: For years, the Labour government was maintained financially by Zionist fundraisers led by Lord Levy. In return the Labour Government launched an illegal Israeli war (Iraq). It supported Israeli barbarism all the way through, including Tony Blair’s shameful support of Israeli crimes in Lebanon (2006).
Israel to replace 'Mossad officer' expelled by UK: The Israeli diplomat who is to be expelled from Britain over the alleged forgery of British passports connected to the killing of a top Hamas militant, is a Mossad officer who will be replaced by the "Jewish state", Israeli media reports said on Wednesday.
U.S. aviation security pick favors Israeli model: President Barack Obama's nominee to oversee security at U.S. airports said on Tuesday he wants to shift screening closer to the Israeli model to include more behavior detection in a bid to thwart terrorism plots.
Angola: Seven killed in brutal land evictions: Seven people including four children between four and 12-years-old have been killed in the latest wave of brutal and forced evictions in Angola. The evictions took place earlier this month when riot police swept through a provincial capital, Lubango.
Mexico's drug wars rage out of control: With more than 2,000 people killed since the new year, 2010 is shaping up to overtake the record 6,500 drug-related murders last year, which exceeded the toll of more than 5,000 in 2008.
Right-winger Ann Coulter silenced by angry protesters at University of Ottawa: Video: Hundreds of screaming students succeeded in what few thought possible Tuesday night - they silenced incendiary right-winger Ann Coulter.
Exclusive: Int'l Missile Program Faces $1 Bln Cost Overrun: The $19 billion U.S.-European MEADS missile development program is facing about $1 billion in added costs, according to officials briefed on the program, but the overrun should not breach congressional thresholds that would trigger a live-or-die review.
Fourteen US states sue to block health reform: In a sign of political battles to come, 14 US states filed lawsuits Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of health care reform just moments after President Barack Obama signed it into law.
IRS Needs $10 Billion to Be Nation's Health Enforcer: The mandates require that all Americans carry a minimum level of health insurance or pay a separate tax for every month they are without such coverage. All employers with 50 employers or more will also be required to provide their employees with that same minimum level of coverage.
Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Take Own Lives: The foreclosure crisis in Philadelphia is now becoming a matter of life and death. Eyewitness News has learned that in the past month, two homeowners took their own lives before sheriff's deputies arrived to tell them that they were being evicted.

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