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News For March 09, 2010

Fiction of Marja as City Was U.S. Information War

By Gareth Porter

The picture of Marja presented by military officials and obediently reported by major news media is one of the clearest and most dramatic pieces of misinformation of the entire war, apparently aimed at hyping the offensive as a historic turning point in the conflict. Continue

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran
'4-8 Weeks Left for Diplomacy on Iran'


Ayalon said Iran “is the source of instability in the Middle East. For Iran, the nuclear program is not a means but an end.” Continue

Breaking Up The Middle East: Who Benefits?

Video Interview With Dr. Dahlia Wasf

Are Americans defending U.S. national security, or the security of our colonial outpost in the Arab World? Continue

Speaking Up for Muslim Women

By Huda Jawad

If one were to decide the biggest threat to Islam in the twenty-first century, the most blatant answer is found within us: our apathy towards fellow Muslims. Continue

Where Seldom is Heard a Discouraging Word ... Like "Bribery"

By William Blum

I really did not know that I could still be so surprised, even shocked, by corruption in the Congress of the United States. I thought my coating of cynicism was already more than thick enough to be impervious to any new revelations. I was wrong. Consider the following. Continue

Our Dirty Little Secret:
Who's Really Poor in America?

By Leo Hindery Jr.

At least 50 million people are ill-fed -- up from 37 million just a year ago -- including 17 million children. Hunger in America is now at an all-time high, and there are currently entire national geographic regions -- the very large 15-state 'South' being one of them -- where more than half of all public school students are poor and ill-fed. Continue

The New Jim Crow

By Michelle Alexander

How the War on Drugs Gave Birth to a Permanent American Undercaste.

My Name Is Ed. I’m a Racist

By Ed Kinane

No, I’m not flaunting my bigotry, nor succumbing to guilt. I’m acknowledging that I’ve been deeply conditioned by a society permeated with racism. For a white person raised in the U.S., racism recovery demands persistent mindfulness. It’s the task of a lifetime.

Collapse of the American Empire: Swift, Silent, Certain

Historians warning of a sudden 'thief at night,' an 'accelerating car crash'

By Paul B. Farrell

Harvard's Niall Ferguson, one of the world's leading financial historians, echoes Diamond's warning: "Imperial collapse may come much more suddenly than many historians imagine. A combination of fiscal deficits and military overstretch suggests that the United States may be the next empire on the precipice." Yes, America is on the edge. Continue

Support Splitting The Sky
Bush is a War Criminal

Video Interview

A man named Splitting the Sky, tried to arrest former President George W. Bush for war crimes. He crossed police lines during President Bush's visit to Canada and was arrested. He now faces criminal charges in court, the trial began today, March 08, 2010. Continue

The Washington Post on ‘Lunatic’ 9/11 ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

By Jeremy R. Hammond

An editorial in the Washington Post yesterday slammed Japanese member of parliament Yukihisa Fujita because he "seems to think that America's rendering of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is a gigantic hoax." His "ideas" about the terrorist attacks "are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion." Continue

At least 200 die in Nigeria violence: The killers showed no mercy: They didn’t spare women and children, or even a 4-day-old baby, from their machetes. On Monday, Nigerian women wailed in the streets as a dump truck carried dozens of bodies past burned-out homes toward a mass grave.
Cattle thefts sparked deadly Nigerian massacre : (Includeds video report) ''We have over 500 killed in three villages and the survivors are busy burying their dead,'' said the state information commissioner, Gregory Yenlong. ''People were attacked with axes, daggers and swords - many of them children, the aged and pregnant women.''
Nigerian army 'ignored warning of massacres': Saidu Dogo told the BBC that fighters from neighbouring Chad and Niger took part in the violence.
Pakistan interrogation center bombed, killing 13: A suicide car bomber Monday struck a building where police interrogate high-value suspects in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore, killing at least 13 people and wounding dozens including women taking children to school, officials said.
U.S. Attack Kills 5 People In Pakistan: A U.S. drone fired two to three missiles at a house in northwest Pakistan, close to the Afghan border, killing at least five people and wounding four others, officials said Monday.
Cops among 18 killed in Kandahar: A roadside blast killed three border police while 15 Taliban fighters perished in a NATO air strike in southern Kandahar province, a day after US defence secretary Robert Gates visited troops from his country
Special forces probed after children killed in Afghanistan: The men could be charged with murder, manslaughter or negligence and, if convicted, could face jail terms in a military prison.
New Afghan leader was jailed for attempted murder in Germany: Abdul Zahir, the Afghan tribal leader chosen to bring law and order to the area cleared by the joint US and British troop surge, has previously been jailed for attempted murder.
House liberals force vote on pullout from Afghanistan: House leaders will allow three hours of formal debate, probably Wednesday, on an antiwar resolution written by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), one of the leading antiwar voices in Congress. The resolution, which has 16 co-sponsors, calls for the United States to remove all of its troops from Afghanistan in 30 days
Turkish Soldier Killed in Explosion Near Iraq Border: The explosion in the Hakkari region, reportedly caused by a bomb set off by remote control, injured three other soldiers. Another soldier was killed Monday by an explosion in the same area, near Turkey's border with Iraq and Iran.
Afghanistan Confirms Ahmadinejad's Visit to Kabul: "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will visit Afghanistan in coming days and at the invitation of (Afghan President) Hamid Karzai," Afghan President's Spokesman Siamak Heravi told FNA on Monday.
Iran officials lash out at 'thug' Petraeus: Top Iranian officials lashed out on Tuesday at US General David Petraeus for his comments asserting the Islamic republic is becoming a "thugocracy", saying such terms are only used by "thugs."
US lawmakers push for tougher Iran sanctions: Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called for immediate passage of a pending bill that could deny US government contracts to companies that provide Iran with gasoline or invest in the Islamic republic's energy sector.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran Israel cannot abandon military option on Iran: Iran is the only country in the world that belongs to the United Nations yet publicly declares its intention to destroy the Jewish state.
Peres calls for Iran’s expulsion from UN: Israeli President Shimon Peres has called for the expulsion of Iran from the United Nations for its earlier calls to wipe out the Jewish state from the world map.
In case you missed it: Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map? - Let's take a closer look at what Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said. The 'New York Times' placed the complete speech at our disposal. Here's an excerpt from the publication dated 2005-10-30:
Interpol Issues 16 More Warrants for Suspects in Dubai Killing: The total number of suspects now stands at 27, the Lyon, France-based international police agency said on a statement on its Web site.
Dubai charges Israel with vast passport falsification: "The world must stop an operation of vast falsification of official documents (that) a formal body (Israel's spy agency Mossad) is carrying out," he added.
Israel approves 1,600 new (illegal) East Jerusalem homes: "The fact that Eli Yishai couldn't restrain himself for another two-three days until Biden left Israel means his intention was to slap the U.S. administration in the face," Margalit said, adding that the announcement was "a provocation to the U.S. and to the prime minister."
Tyler Man Gets 35 Years For Marijuana Possession: The defendant had been accused of possessing marijuana within 1,000 feet of the Ebenezer Day Care Center in Tyler in October 2008.
Pound falls again on deficit fears: Sterling drops below $1.50 on warnings from ratings agency Fitch - January's trade gap nears £8bn adding to pressure on pound
Former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson warns: "We're running out of time ... to prevent a true depression." He says unless we break Wall Street's "stranglehold" we will be unable prevent the Great Depression 2.
33 States Have Raised Taxes by $32 Billion/Year: The national recession has had such a devastating effect on state finances that states took in $87 billion less in tax revenue from October 2008 through September 2009 than they collected in the previous 12 months.
43% have less than $10k for retirement: The percentage of American workers with virtually no retirement savings grew for the third straight year, according to a survey released Tuesday.

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