Tuesday, 2 November 2010

News For November 02, 2010

Iraq: 52 Killed In Retaliation For Quran-Burnings In US

By Juan Cole

Maliki Announces Gain in Parliament as Baghdad mourns Church Massacre. Continue

Torture of Iraqis Part of US Dirty War

By Gareth Porter

That strategy inflamed Sunni fears of Shi'a rule and was a major contributing factor to the rise of al Qaeda's influence in the Sunni areas. Continue

US Plans CIA Squad in Yemen: Report


The Wall Street Journal reported that President Barack Obama’s administration was considering placing under CIA authority elite “hunter-killer” special operations teams that operate secretly in the country to track and kill Al Qaeda leaders. Continue

Saudi Arms Deal is About Iran

By Rep. Ron Paul

Imagine if China had armed an aggressive, anti-American Mexico to the teeth. How would we feel? Threatened? Continue

The Ongoing War Against The Jews?
Is Rupert Murdoch ignorant or an agent of Zionist deception?

By Alan Hart

If I had the opportunity to address Mr. Murdoch directly, I would say to him the following. If you really care about the Jews (I mean the Jews as people as opposed to their money), you would put your media empire at the service of the truth of history. Continue

We Need More World News, Not less

By Martin Moore

Coverage of foreign news has declined by 40% over the past three decades – why? Continue

The Phantom Left

By Chris Hedges

The American left is a phantom. It is conjured up by the right wing to tag Barack Obama as a socialist and used by the liberal class to justify its complacency and lethargy. It diverts attention from corporate power. Continue

Welcome to Oz

By Charles Sullivan

We are told that voting is democracy in action, that it is our patriotic duty as citizens to elect politicians to office, our duty to choose between the pro-business men and women that were pre-selected for us by multi-national corporations. Continue

Coordinated blasts kill over 100 in Iraq: A Press TV correspondent reported late Tuesday that at least 15 coordinated blasts were heard in the Iraqi capital.
Church attack condemned as 52 left dead: Fifty-two hostages and police were killed when an attempt by Iraqi security forces to free more than 100 Catholics held in a Baghdad church by al Qaeda-linked gunmen turned into a bloodbath, officials said yesterday.
US forces led assault to free Baghdad hostages: witnesses: – US SWAT teams led the deadly assault to free dozens of hostages held by Al-Qaeda gunmen at a Baghdad cathedral, witnesses said, but Iraqi officials insisted Monday only their own forces were involved.
Al-Qaeda claims Iraq church attack: Al-Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for attack on Baghdad church that resulted in deaths of 58 people.
How Iraqi politicians get paid $1,000 a minute: They picked up a fee of $90,000 and a monthly salary of $22,500 a month for doing next to nothing and staying free in Baghdad's finest hotel.
Air strikes kill 17 alledged militants in tribal area, NW Pakistan: At least 17 militants were killed Tuesday in gunship helicopters offensive in Mohmand tribal area in the northwest Pakistan, official sources said.
Suicide bomber kills 2 policemen near Islamabad Tuesday: A suicide bomber killed two Pakistani policemen and wounded five others as security forces tried to stop him from walking into their local headquarters yesterday, police said.
Two US-led occupation force troops killed in Afghanistan: Two US-led soldiers have lost their lives in a bomb attack in southern Afghanistan, the NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) says
Two female Afghan aid workers killed: Two female Afghan aid workers have been killed in volatile southern Helmand province, a spokesman for the provincial governor said on Monday.
Afghan civilian deaths caused by allied forces rise: Internal U.S. military statistics show 160 fatalities in 2010, up from 144 by this time last year. The greater use of attack helicopters has led to more accidental deaths.
Afghan police unit defects en mass to Taliban: “This was not an attack but a plot,” said Mohammed Yasin, the chief of the Khogeyani police force. “The Taliban and the police made a deal.”
Israeli MI chief: We detected 2 new Iranian nuclear facilities: Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said at a Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that "Iran has declared its intention to build 10 new nuclear facilities and the Military Intelligence Directorate has detected two such facilities."
US deploys fourth submarine in Persian Gulf : : A total of thirty combat vessels are currently deployed in the region, including those belonging to Britain and France.
IDF intelligence chief: Israel's next war will see heavy casualties: In farewell meeting at the Knesset, Gen. Amos Yadlin says next conflict will hit Israel far harder than recent wars in Lebanon and Gaza - and hints for first the time at Israeli involvement in a 2007 strike on a nuclear plant in Syria.
Fact or fiction? Obama's message to Israel: Freeze settlements or get rid of Dimona: In an address to AIPAC last week, Dennis Ross outlined the link between peace negotiations and Israel's nuclear program in delicate but clear diplomatic language.
Israel bans Palestinian PM from East Jerusalem event: Public Security Minister Aharonovitch issues warrant forbidding the participation of Palestinian PM Fayyad in ceremony marking PA-sponsored school renovations.
Israeli Democrat leader says American voters need to grow up: Sheldon Schorer of the Israeli branch of the American Democratic Party says voters should stop looking at Obama as a Messiah.
Yemen Covert Role Pushed: Foiled Bomb Plot Heightens Talk of Putting Elite U.S. Squads in CIA Hands
U.S. aims to boost Yemen's ability to fight extremists: spokesman: "We think that the increasing investment in Yemen has paid dividends. The Yemeni government has done what we have asked it to do."
Crowd cheers student arrested in air parcel bomb plot: Thousands of cheering Yemenis today greeted the female student detained briefly on suspicion of having sent two parcel bombs found on US-bound planes last week
In case you missed it: Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Dick Cheney's Role in Al Qaeda's Yemeni Resurgence: Let it be clearly understood that Al Qaeda's resurgence in Yemen can, in no small part, be traced back to Dick Cheney himself.
Yemen charges U.S.-born radical cleric al-Awlak: Yemen, under intense U.S. pressure to crack down on al-Qaida, put an American-born radical cleric on trial in absentia Tuesday on charges of plotting to kill foreigners and being a member of the terrorist group.
Explosion at Russia's Athens embassy: Switzerland's foreign ministry said that the parcel device was left at the Embassy's entrance and burst into flames when it was being checked by staff. An employee narrowly escaped injury, AFP reported.
Iranian woman to be hanged Wednesday, rights group says: Tehran gives go-ahead for excution of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, originally sentenced to death by stoning for adultery.
US Federal prisons like 'garbage can': An innocent Iranian woman held in the US for about three years says she is kept under horrible conditions and is subject to both physical and mental torture.
India's soaring economy hurts poor: The high demand for housing is coming at a cost to the poor. Families of Dharavi slum are being evicted to make way for billion-dollar apartment developments.
Michael Moore: Today Is the Day: Today, we have one job and one job only: Stop the return of the bigger criminal class, the Party of War, the people who (with a few Democratic enablers) manufactured the very mess we are in.

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