Friday, 28 January 2011

Al Jazeera English Live From Egypt

Video Live Stream

Video Reports From Egypt. Continue

Joe Biden says Egypt's Mubarak No Dictator

By Dan Murphy

Mr. Biden's comments are unlikely to be well-received by regime opponents, as they fit a narrative of steadfast US support for a government they want to bring down. Continue

A Manifesto for Change in Egypt

By Mohamed ElBaradei

When Egypt had parliamentary elections only two months ago, they were completely rigged. The party of President Hosni Mubarak left the opposition with only 3 percent of the seats. Imagine that. And the American government said that it was “dismayed.” Continue

Egypt's Battle Is On
Police Alone Can't Keep Rulers in Power

By Alaa Al Aswany

I am in awe of the young protesters I addressed: Egyptians united by injustice and an anger that won't be tamed. Continue

Noam Chomsky : As Long As The Public is Under Control, Everything is Fine

By Kristian Smith

"The guiding principle (for American government) is that as long as the public is under control, everything is fine," he said. "(The traditional argument is) the powerful should gain ends by any possible means. As long as the public is kept under control, public will doesn't matter." Continue

The Enumerated Rights Are Hanging By A Thread

By Paul Craig Roberts

While people in Tunisia and Egypt have taken to the streets in attempts to gain their liberty, Americans are losing their liberty with minimal protest. Continue

Justice for Sale
Corruption at the Supreme Court

By Don Monkerud

Tea Partiers, Republicans, and protectors of public morality are right about corruption in government. The only problem is they are looking in the wrong place. Continue

Protesters across Egypt defy curfew: Buildings and vehicles set alight across the country as anti-government protests continue.
Protests in Egypt - live updates: Read a full summary of the latest developments
Live Video From Press TV - Video
In pictures: Anger in Egypt
Egypt: Arrests of foreign journalists, Internet blocked: Reporters Without Borders firmly condemns the arrests of four French journalists as they were preparing to cover protests in Cairo today. All the different methods being used by the Egyptian authorities to obstruct the right to impart news and information are completely unacceptable, the press freedom organization said.
Egypt arrests Nobel Prize winner amid violent clashes : Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei was under house arrest in Cairo Friday, Egyptian security officials said, as violent anti-government demonstrations swept the country.
Officials say US is reviewing $1.5bn aid to Egypt: An Obama administration official says the US will review its $1.5bn in aid to Egypt based on events unfolding in the country, where the authoritarian government is struggling to extinguish huge and growing street protests.
Egyptian Riot Police Using Tear Gas “Made In The U.S.A.”: One has to wonder what the average Egyptian out in the streets over the past several days protesting an authoritarian and corrupt regime thinks when they look down at the tear gas canister that was just fired at them, and see this:
WikiLeaks cables show close US relationship with Egyptian president: US embassy cable predicted Hosni Mubarak, if still alive in 2011, would run again for presidency 'and, inevitably, win'
US reported 'routine' police brutality in Egypt, WikiLeaks cables show: Torture widely used against criminals, Islamist detainees, opposition activists and bloggers, embassy cables suggest
CNBC anchor implies US must support dictators to keep cheap oil flowing: CNBC anchor implies US must support dictators to keep cheap oil flowingCNBC contributor Erin Burnett said Friday that oil prices would skyrocket if countries in the Middle East broke out from under the rule of brutal dictators.
Israel Fears Regime Change in Egypt: Israel is watching developments in Egypt with concern. The government is standing by autocratic Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, out of fear that the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood could take power and start supplying arms to the Hamas government in Gaza.
Syria Internet Disrupted As Egypt Blackout : Reports: Al Arabiya is reporting that internet services have gone down completely in the country. Previously, Syria had blocked programs that "allow access to Facebook Chat from cellphones," according to Reuters.
Thousands protest in Jordan: Protesters gather across the country, demanding the prime minister step down.
Yemen: Tens of thousands call on president to leave: Tens of thousands of Yemenis have demonstrated in the capital Sanaa, calling on Ali Abdullah Saleh, president for 30 years, to step down.
3 killed as thousands of Albanian protest despite warnings: Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in the Albanian capital Tirana Friday for a silent protest closely monitored by police, a week after another demonstration turned deadly.
Pakistan: Nine militants, soldier killed in Mohmand: Nine militants and a Levies soldier were killed and many others injured in artillery and gunship helicopters’ shelling and clashes in different areas of the troubled Mohmand Agency on Thursday, official and tribal sources said
U.S. citizen who killed 2 Pakistanis is spy: media: Pakistani media reported Friday that a U.S. official, who shot dead two Pakistani citizens in the city of Lahore on Thursday, is a spy or working for the Blackwater.
Eight killed in suicide attack on Kabul supermarket: Eight people, including three foreign women and a child, were killed on Friday in a suicide bombing at a central Kabul supermarket popular with Westerners, police and witnesses said.
Did Congress approve America's longest war?: Congress did empower the president in 2001 to pursue al-Qaida in Afghanistan. But a decade later, where's the oversight?
Another Palestinian killed after settlers squatters open fire in West Bank village: Incident comes only a day after police confirmed Palestinian reports saying that a Palestinian youth was shot to death by an unidentified Israeli citizen.
Rand Paul: End Aid to Israel: Pressed on CNN's Situation Room about details on his budget cut plans, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says end all foreign aid--and when pressed further says that includes to Israel.
U.S. Democrats and pro-Israel lobbies slam Republican Senator's call to halt Israel aid: Tea Party representative Rand Paul tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he has a lot of respect for Israel but he doesn't believe the U.S. should be funding the Mideast arms race during financial crisis.
Armed men rape 60 in Congo, in new wave of sexual attacks: Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), the international humanitarian organisation, treated 60 people, including men, women and children, who said they had been raped in the attacks.
UK consumer confidence suffers 'astonishing collapse': Britons' confidence in the economy and their finances has suffered its biggest drop in close to 20 years, raising fears that the Government's austerity onslaught will set off a self-feeding downward spiral
IMF warns U.S., Japan on debt: The United States and Japan received sharp warnings from the IMF and ratings agencies Thursday that they must tackle their huge budget deficits to avoid investors dumping their bonds, which would create a sovereign debt crisis and push up their borrowing costs.
New-home sales in 2010 fall to lowest in 47 years: Sales for all of 2010 totaled 321,000, a drop of 14.4 percent from the 375,000 homes sold in 2009, the Commerce Department said Wednesday.

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