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WikiLeaks: US Cables Claim:
Iran developing nuclear bomb with help of more than 30 countries

By Reuters

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten quotes U.S. diplomatic cables as saying that Iran is racing to achieve nuclear bomb before its economy collapses due to sanctions. Continue

Stuxnet Computer Worm
A US-Israel Project To Sabotage Iran's Nuclear Program

By William J. Broad, John Markoff and David E. Sanger.

By the accounts of a number of computer scientists, nuclear enrichment experts and former officials, the covert race to create Stuxnet was a joint project between the Americans and the Israelis, with some help, knowing or unknowing, from the Germans and the British. Continue

Black Propaganda?
Russia warns of ‘Iranian Chernobyl'

By Con Coughlin

Russian nuclear officials have warned of another Chernobyl-style nuclear disaster at Iran's controversial Bushehr reactor because of the damage caused by the Stuxnet virus, according to the latest Western intelligence reports. Continue

The Brutal Truth About Tunisia
Bloodshed, tears, but no democracy

By Robert Fisk, Middle East Correspondent

The French and the Germans and the Brits, dare we mention this, always praised the dictator for being a "friend" of civilised Europe, keeping a firm hand on all those Islamists. Continue

Tunisia: How The US Got It Wrong

By Mark LeVine

If the people of Tunisia are lucky, they are in the midst of midwifing the Arab world's first human nationalism, taking control of their politics, economy and identity away from foreign interests and local elites alike in a manner that has not been seen in more than half a century. Continue

U.S. Empire Mocks Martin Luther King Day

By Matthew Rothschild

The United States has troops in 177 countries. And that’s nothing to celebrate on Martin Luther King Day. Continue

Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I Have a Go to War?!"

3 Minute Video

Last week the Pentagon sank to a new low: claiming that Dr. King would "understand" the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Continue

Ike Was Right All Along
The Danger of the Military-industrial Complex

By Rupert Cornwell

The US by itself accounts for roughly half of military spending worldwide. How much better if some of that money would be used to improve the country's education and infrastructure, or provide health care for all, or increase foreign aid, rather than on protecting America from threats that geography alone renders illusory. Continue

Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help

By Dahr Jamail

"People call me crying and dying," he said. "They need medical attention and support to get through this." Continue

Extremist Killing Is as American as Apple Pie

By Stephan Salisbury

White Men Are Never Labeled Terrorists. Continue

Pakistan: Bomb kills 17 people aboard a bus, officials say. The explosion, which happened on Monday morning near the town of Kohat, also injured 11 other passengers.
Afghan govt taxes US aid: report: The Afghan government has imposed taxes on US contractors operating in the country, risking new confrontation with the United States, The Washington Post has reported.
Three killed, five wounded in suicide explosion in Iraq: The suicide bomber blew his explosive-laden vehicle in Ramadi city targeting Al-Anbar governor Qassim Mohammad Abdu.
Policeman killed in attack on Iraqi governor: A policeman was killed and five people were injured Monday in a car bombing targeting the governor of Iraq's central Anbar province, media reports said.
Details of Pentagon 2012 budget decisions: U.S. military leaders briefed congressional aides this week about $178 billion in cost-cutting measures. About $100 billion of the cuts will be reinvested by the military services or used for operating expenses, but $78 billion will be used to lower the federal deficit over the next five years.
The Pentagon's So-Called "Cuts": According to the Secretary of Defense, this massive set of cuts would, in fact, guarantee "modest growth" in the already monstrous Pentagon budget for at least the next three years.
Ben Stein: America is an underarmed country!: Was Ben Stein channelling Irving Kristol when he told fellow Israel apologist Eliot Spitzer that $700 billion isn’t enough to defend America’s “vital interests”?
Iran to file complaint against Israel: “Iran's complaint against the Zionist regime (Israel) will be submitted to international bodies soon,” IRNA quoted Salehi as saying on Monday as he pointed to the role of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, in the assassination of Ali-Mohammadi, a lecturer at the University of Tehran.
Mossad Zeros in on Tehran's Nuclear Program: An unexplained fire, disappearing scientists and attacks on prominent Iranian nuclear experts: The Israeli secret service Mossad seems to be waging a shadowy war on Tehran's nuclear program.
Israel and US fingered for Stuxnet attack on Iran: Worm tested in secret desert nuclear complex, NYT claims
Israel has already attacked Iran: It is gradually becoming clear that Israeli intelligence, in cooperation with its American counterparts, has made a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities redundant.
Palestinians to submit UN draft condemning illegal Israeli settlements this week: Palestinians hope the United Nations body will pass a resolution condemning Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank.
Israel: Labor ministers bolt coalition after Barak resigns from party: With the Labor Party reeling at the news of Ehud Barak's decision to quit as chairman and form a faction of his own, all of its remaining ministers decided Monday to exit the government.
UN Lebanon Indictment Lodged; Results Sealed: The indictment against suspects submitted by Daniel Bellemare will remain undisclosed until the judge approves it. The results will not be made public for six to 10 weeks.
Turkey allowed US 'extraordinary rendition': WikiLeaks: The US secret services used Turkey as a base to transport terrorism " suspects as part of its extraordinary rendition programme, German daily Die Welt reported today citing a WikiLeaks cable.
Swiss whistleblower hands bank data to WikiLeaks : A former Swiss private banker handed over data on hundreds of offshore bank account holders to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at a news conference on Monday.
Ex Tunisia President's Wife Left with 1.5 Tons of Gold: Report: The French government suspects that former Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his family may have fled the country with 1.5 tons of gold, French daily Le Monde reported Monday.
Yemen uses force against protesters: The protesters urged the Yemeni leader to learn a lesson from the ousted Tunisian president, who escaped the country last week amid a popular revolution.
Tunisia effect: Yemen cuts income tax: Yemen has announced cut in income taxes on salaries by up to 50%. Observers believe that the timing of the announcement is aimed at curbing any public anger following the events of Tunisia.
Omanis protest high cost of living, corruption: “Rising prices have destroyed the dreams of ordinary citizens,” read one banner carried by the crowd gathered outside the housing ministry, where police manned a security cordon but did not intervene.
Copycat suicides rise in N Africa: Attempted suicides by self-immolations seem to be spreading through north Africa as a final expression of social misery.
Egyptian, Mauritanian men set themselves alight: Two men set themselves on fire in Egypt and Mauritania Monday, raising to three the number of self-immolation attempts apparently influenced by a similar action in Tunisia that helped trigger a popular uprising.
Food prices can't just be swept under the table: "The reality is that the same speculators that caused the global economic meltdown through their illustrious trade in sub-prime mortgages, are betting on our food system now too." She argues that investment funds are pouring into speculating on food prices.
Ex-dictator "Baby Doc" Duvalier returns to Haiti: Ousted dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier's surprise return to Haiti after 25 years in exile prompted human rights groups Monday to call for his arrest.
In case you missed it: 'Baby Doc' Duvalier's escape into exile: How the Guardian reported the escape into exile of the feared and despised former Haiti dictator
$100 a barrel likely as gas prices stay above $3: Gas prices continued their climb above the $3.00 a gallon mark for the third straight week. The national average price of regular grade gasoline was $3.10 Friday, up 2 cents from a week ago.
Sean Hannity: U.S. Can 'Go In' To Kuwait, Iraq, 'Take All Their Oil' (VIDEO) " You know, we have every right to go in there and frankly take all their oil and make them pay for the liberation."
Irish lenders besiege central bank for emergency loans: Irish banks are running out of collateral they can use to borrow from the European Central Bank, turning instead for emergency support from their own central bank on an unprecedented scale.
Bank of Ireland admits it paid millions in bonuses since bank guarantee: The Government yesterday confirmed that it has launched an investigation into the payments after bank officials admitted supplying incorrect and misleading information on staff bonuses to the Dail.
China's president says dollar should no longer be world's top currency: China’s president today raised grave questions over the future of the dollar by claiming it should no longer be used as the world’s reserve currency. Hu Jintao said that using the American currency as the default for international trade and investment was a ‘product of the past’.
Utah city may use blimp as anti-crime spy in the sky: A proposed unmanned floating airship surveillance system is being hailed by city officials in Ogden, Utah as one way to fight crime in its neighborhoods.
10,000 GMAC Foreclosures Stopped in Maryland: In a major ruling Friday, a coalition of nonprofit defense lawyers and consumer protection advocates in Maryland successfully got over 10,000 foreclosure cases managed by GMAC Mortgage tossed out.

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