Saturday, 29 January 2011

A People Defies Its Dictator
A Nation's Future In The Balance

By Robert Fisk

A brutal regime is fighting, bloodily, for its life. Robert Fisk reports from the streets of Cairo. Continue

In Case You Missed It
Egypt's Next Strongman


When Cairo switched its strategic alliance from Moscow to Washington, he received training at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center at Fort Bragg, N.C., in the 1980s. Suleiman continues to have privileged contacts with U.S. intelligence and military officials, with whom he has now been dealing for at least a quarter-century. Continue

Egypt Protests Show American Foreign-Policy Folly

By Stephen Kinze

Accepting that Arabs have the right to elect their own leaders means accepting the rise of governments that do not share America’s pro-Israel militancy. This is the dilemma Washington now faces. Continue

Fear Extreme Islamists in the Arab World? Blame Washington

By Jeff Cohen

In the last year of his life, Martin Luther King Jr. questioned U.S. military interventions against progressive movements in the Third World by invoking a JFK quote: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." Continue

Inequality In America Is Worse Than In Egypt, Tunisia Or Yemen

By Washington's Blog

So why are Egyptians rioting, while the Americans are complacent? Continue

At least 95 killed in Egypt unrest since Friday: - At least 95 people have been killed in nationwide protests in Egypt since Friday, Al Jazeera television reported Saturday, citing a tally by its own correspondents.
Egypt Mubarak picks vice-president for first time: Omar Suleiman, 74, has long taken a close role in key policy areas, including the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, an issue seen as vital to Egypt's relationship with its key ally and aid donor the United States.
Background: Key players in Egypt : Since al- Sadat's murder the country has been in a state of emergency, which has enabled the regime to limit political freedoms and crack down on opposition.
Wikileaks cables: Mubarak skeptical of U.S. reform push: Leaked cables show U.S. pressure viewed skeptically by Mubarak, who believes ill-advised U.S. pushes for Mideast reform have produced colossal mistakes.
US foreign aid to Egypt: Since the Israel-Egypt peace accord in 1979, these two countries have been the number one and two recipients of US foreign aid. (Excluding money spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.) This amounts to around one-third of total US foreign aid.
The Guardian: Egypt protests - live updates: After the fourth and most deadly day of protest against Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule, the Egyptian president is set to appoint a new government today. Follow all the latest developments and reaction here
Al Jazeera: Live blog 29/1 - Egypt protests: Minute to minute reports from Egypt
BBC Live updates: Egypt unrest day five : Live coverage of the fifth day of anti-government protests in Egypt, as hundreds of demonstrators return to the streets of central Cairo
Did Someone Recycle the Shah of Iran's Last Speech for Hosni Mubarak?: It was just weeks before he left Iran forever amidst a massive nationwide demonstration against him that the Shah of Iran broadcast his last speech to the people, apologizing for his past mistakes. On November 5, 1978, he pleaded:
Egyptian Police Using U.S.-Made Tear Gas Against Demonstrators: Egyptian riot police are firing tear gas canisters bearing the label "Made in U.S.A" against street demonstrations in Cairo, according to protesters who provided ABC News with pictures of the canisters.
US gave material support to pro-democracy groups in Egypt: Wikileaks: The United States has pumped tens of millions of dollars into pro-democracy organisations in Egypt to the dismay of beleaguered President Hosni Mubarak, according to diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks and published by a Norwegian paper Friday.
Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders : The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.
Al Jazeera: Mubarak's wife leaves for London: Al Jazeera reported earlier that Mubarak's two sons, Gamal and Ala, have arrived in London with their families, escaping Egypt as result of the unrest
Dozens of Israelis flee Egypt on emergency flight : Israel's national airline El AL has whisked some 200 Israelis, including families of Israeli diplomats, out of Egypt on board an emergency flight to escape the chaos engulfing the Arab country.
Without Egypt, Israel will be left with no friends in Mideast: Without Egypt's Mubarak and with relations with Turkey in shambles, Israel will be forced to court new potential allies.
Paraguay joins Latin American neighbors in recognizing Palestinian state: Paraguay FM: Israel-Palestinian negotiations essential for peace and security; summit to be held next month between Latin America and Arab countries.
New protests erupt in Yemen: Activists calling for the ouster of president clash with government supporters in Sanaa.
How we know Bradley Manning is a UK citizen: Bradley Manning is a UK citizen by virtue of his mother’s nationality. He holds both US and UK citizenship.
9 Taliban militants killed in northwest Pakistan: Security forces targeted rebel positions in the restive Mohmand tribal region of northwest Pakistan on Saturday, killing nine Taliban militants, security officials said.
Two killed as militants ambush security forces convoy in Khyber: A gun-battle ensued the mortar attack on the forces’ convoy and left two people dead and six injured in the tribal region’s Shalobar area. Militants fired three rockets at the forces’ convoy during routine patrolling.
Lahore deaths accused 'is diplomat, must be freed' - US: Lahore police chief Aslam Tareen told the BBC Mr Davis was employed on "security duties" in the consulate. He did not have diplomatic immunity and was not one of the foreign security personnel allowed to carry firearms, according to the Pakistani authorities.
Prominent Afghan family killed in Kabul attack: A prominent Afghan doctor, his rights activist wife and four of their children were all killed in Friday's suicide attack on a Kabul supermarket, president Hamid Karzai said.
Deputy governor killed in Afghan suicide attack in Kandahar : The deputy governor of Afghanistan‘s southern Kandahar province has been killed in a suicide attack, officials have said.
Israel agent details Iran assassination: An Israeli agent arrested in Iran over the assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist Massoud Ali-Mohammadi says Tel Aviv places high importance on the elimination of Iranian nuclear scientists.
Anonymous: UK arrests are a 'declaration of war': "Our advice to you, the UK government, is to take this statement as a serious warning from the citizens of the world," it added.
US financial crisis was 'avoidable': Congressionally appointed panel investigating financial meltdown in 2008 says crisis could have been avoided.
UK: Students and unions staging fees and cuts protests: Protests have been held in London and Manchester against higher tuition fees and public spending cuts.
End of cheap food era as grain prices stay high: Reuters poll: U.S. grain prices should stay unrelentingly high this year, according to a Reuters poll, the latest sign that the era of cheap food has come to an end.
The Unseen Taxes That You Pay Every Day: Nobody enjoys paying taxes, most people probably do not realize how they permeate our daily lives. Simply put, one way or another, we pay taxes on almost anything and everything we do.

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