Tuesday, 1 March 2011

CIA And Media Ventriloquism
The War Party’s Atrocity Porn

By William Norman Grigg

Anderson Cooper spent two summers as an intern at Langley in a CIA program designed to cultivate future intelligence operatives. Continue

‘US Builds Up Then Usurps Dictators’

By Press TV

For those of us old enough to remember the events of 1979 in Iran, this is a rerun of an old movie where America had frozen bank accounts that the Shah had left in America and never paid the money back. Continue

How Rumsfeld Misleads and Ducks Responsibility in His New Book

By Bob Woodward

Rumsfeld's memoir is one big clean-up job, a brazen effort to shift blame to others -- including President Bush -- distort history, ignore the record or simply avoid discussing matters that cannot be airbrushed away. It is a travesty, and I think the rewrite job won't wash. Continue

The Perfidy of Government: Evidence v. Denial

By Paul Craig Roberts

How we lost our economy, the Constitution, our civil liberties, and how peace lost out to war. Continue

QE2 Sparks an Orgy of Speculation

By Mike Whitney

Households need to trim their debt and increase their savings, but all-the while the Fed is trying to lure them into another credit-binge by dangling low rates before their eyes. Continue

US airstrike kills 9 Afghan children: A US airstrike has killed at least nine school children and wounded several others in an area of the troubled eastern Afghanistan, locals say.
Afghanistan: 6 NATO occupation force members killed: Six NATO service members were killed Monday across Afghanistan in one of the bloodiest days in February for coalition forces, according to a NATO statement.
4 Afghan policemen found dead in south: -- The bodies of four of eight Afghan policemen who left their checkpoint and never returned have been found in Helmand province of southern Afghanistan.
US, Nato occupation forces are making deals with Taliban: A well-placed Afghan official, based in Kabul, has startling disclosures about the underhand deals and concessions offered to Taliban in various provinces of Afghanistan. The US and Nato are fighting Taliban freedom fighters on one hand but at the same time paying huge amount of cash and weapons to Taliban to buy local safety and safe passages.
Pakistan Tried to Trade CIA Contractor for 'Lady al Qaeda': The Pakistani government proposed trading Davis for Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT-educated Pakistani neuroscientist currently serving 86 years in federal prison for attempted murder.
Pakistan arrests US security contractor as rift with CIA deepens: Islamabad authorities have arrested a US government security contractor amid a worsening spy agency row between the countries, with Pakistani intelligence calling on the Americans to "come clean" about its network of covert operatives in the country.
Anger as Pakistan announces oil and petrol price rise: Pakistan has increased fuel prices by almost 10%, sparking an outcry from political groups.
Two journalists killed in Iraq: An Iraqi journalist reporting for the satellite television station al-Ittijah, whose name has not been released, was among those killed in a blast that targeted a celebration in Ramadi.
Two policemen killed in separate attacks in northern Iraq: Separate attacks in the northern city of Mosul left two Iraqi policemen dead on Tuesday, security sources said.
Maliki must address mass demands: Iraq’s Sadr: “Everything happening in Iraq is his (Maliki’s) responsibility and this cannot be escaped from ...,” Sadr said in a statement. “He has to offer solutions to solve the current problems of the people as soon as possible.”
U.S. silent as Iraqi regime cracks down: We saw it with Yemen, and now we're seeing it again with Iraq: The Obama administration is conspicuously quiet when friendly Middle East regimes use ugly tactics -- including violence and imprisoning peaceful demonstrators -- to quell growing protest movements in their countries.
Tens of thousands rally in Yemen capital: The protesters converged on three streets leading to a square near Sana'a University, where students and demonstrators have camped over the past days, and chanted slogans against Yemeni decades-long ruler on Tuesday, AFP reported.
Yemen president challenges Obama on Arab unrest : Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh chastised Washington on Tuesday for its criticism of Arab leaders' responses to regional unrest, asking US President Barack Obama if he was "president of the world".
Yemen's Saleh accuses US, Israel of unrest in Arab countries: 'They (the protests) are being directed by the White House and the control centre for destabilizing the Arab world is in Tel Aviv', Saleh said in a speech to a gathering of Sanaa University professors and students.
Chaos at Libyan-Tunisian border : Border guards struggling to control crowds as the UN says 140,000 people have fled the revolt aimed at toppling Gaddafi.
Battles rage in Libya : Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi struggle to regain control of strategic cities amid growing humanitarian concerns.
US tightens military grip on Gaddafi: Naval and air forces close in on Libya as David Cameron plans no-fly zone to protect civilians
Britain considers Libya no-fly zone: David Cameron says military intervention including arming rebels could be needed to stop Gaddafi "murdering" his people.
Winners and losers in the Middle East chess game: Libya is not yet in a state of civil war. But arming the opposition is a sure way to guarantee it soon could be.
Gadhafi: The West has abandoned me in fight against 'terrorists': In interview with ABC, Libyan leader says U.S. has forsaken alliance to combat Al-Qaida, adding 'Perhaps the [U.S.] wants to occupy Libya'.
Chavez proposes talks for Libya: Venezuelan president calls for mediation to end crisis while the US and other powers weigh military options.
Gaddafi in bid to reassert control: Libyan leader dispatches troops to areas in the western part of the country amid mounting pressure from Western leaders.
Tunisia legalises Islamist group: Tunisia allows banned Islamist group Ennahda to stand in the next elections, amid more resignations from the fragile interim government.
Photos of Bahraini Shia Protesters and Students at Lulu Roundabout from Morning Prayer to Noon / March 1st
Eyewitnesses: 30 tanks spotted en route to Bahrain from Saudi Arabia: -Eyewitnesses have reported seeing an estimated 30 tanks being transported into Bahrain from Saudi Arabia on Monday night at around 6:45pm local time. The tanks were sighted along the King Fahd causeway, which links the small island-nation of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.
Bahrain's Government Says No Saudi Tanks In Country: "There are no Saudi Arabian tanks in Bahrain," Bahrain's information ministry said in a statement, adding that tanks identified in news reports as crossing the border Monday evening were Bahraini tanks returning from Kuwait, where they had taken part in national day celebrations.
Bahraini Shia Opposition Leader: If Saudi Military Intervene in Bahrain Affairs, We Ask Help from Iran: Bahraini protesters in response to the news that if Saudi military intervene in the internal affairs of Bahrain for the suppression of popular protests, announced that they probably will seek help from Iran to respond to any intervention.
Bahrain freed Shia activist warns of violence : A leading Shia activist jailed for six months and released last week warned of more bloodshed in the Gulf state ruled by a Sunni dynasty if popular demands for greater democracy were not met.
Iran forces fire teargas, clash with protesters at pro-opposition rally: Protesters hold rally to demand release of two opposition leaders Mousavi and Karoubi; security forces and people in civilian clothes clash with protesters in Tehran, opposition website reports.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Israel: Pressure must be mounted on Iran: Gov't sources say new IAEA report on Iran's nuke program shows necessity of convincing Tehran that the West is willing to use military force.
Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian in Gaza: IDF forces identified a man as he approached the "Security" fence, crossing the 300-meter perimeter before the fence which is "off limits" for Palestinians.
IDF Spokesperson: I entered UK with pseudonym: IDF Spokesperson tells Defense News magazine he assumed false name to avoid arrest for 'war crimes'. Benayahu
Gaza Protesters Prepare for March 15: In the Occupied Palestinian Territories, particularly the troubled Gaza Strip, youth are a potential ticking time bomb. Palestinian youth in the Gaza Strip make up the biggest segment of society, with more than half of the 1.8 million inhabitants under 18 years of age.
Video : Tthousands clash with police in Croatia, dozens injured : Croatian police clashed with approximately 15-thousand anti-government protesters, state television reported that officers used tear gas to disperse the group. At least 25 people were injured.
This Is NOT What Democracy Looks Like: Silencing Dissent In Wisconsin: On Saturday, more than 100,000 Wisconsinites protested Walker’s attacks on unions and his proposed power grab. So how’s this all playing? Wisconsinites don’t like autocrats.
BP Fund Lawyer to Refuse 100,000 Gulf Spill Disaster Claims: Upwards of 100,000 claims arising from the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico may never be paid, the beleaguered administrator of the oil company's compensation fund has acknowledged.
1984? Child brain scans to pick out future criminals: The seeds of criminal and anti-social behaviour can be found in children as young as three, scientists have claimed.
Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash: Pentagon study sees element: Evidence outlined in a Pentagon contractor report suggests that financial subversion carried out by unknown parties, such as terrorists or hostile nations, contributed to the 2008 economic crash by covertly using vulnerabilities in the U.S. financial system.

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