Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Word Games
An American Atrocity in Afghanistan

By Dave Lindorff

How can Americans reach proper conclusions about this obscene war against one of the poorest peoples in the world if our supposedly “fair and balanced” media simply perform the role of Pentagon propagandist. Continue

Bradley Manning Now "Catatonic"; Obama ENOUGH!

By Ralph Lopez

As Obama's crime of the destruction of Bradley Manning continues to unfold before our very eyes, Manning friend David House now tells us that over 8 months in isolation with movement and sleep restrictions placed on him have been having their intended effect. Continue

Imprisoned For Life Without Trial
Obama's New Gitmo Policy Is A Lot Like Bush's Old Policy

By Dana Milbank

With Monday's announcement that the Obama administration will resume military tribunals at Gitmo, conservatives rushed out triumphant I-told-you-sos. Liberal supporters were again feeling betrayed. Continued

Where Were The Calls For A No-fly zone When Israel Attacked Gaza
Must Listen Interview By BBC

As Western powers look for an excuse to intervene in Libya, George Galloway, interviewed by the BBC, asks where were the calls for a no-fly zone when Israel attacked Gaza. Continue

Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts

By Paul Craig Roberts

The American Empire is failing. A number of its puppet rulers are being overthrown by popular protests, and the almighty dollar will not even buy one Swiss franc, one Canadian dollar, or one Australian dollar. Continue

The Fed's Credit Report; No Light in the Tunnel

By Mike Whitney

Don't believe the "Happy Day's Are Here Again" blabber. The country is still in the throes of a severe multi-year depression. Continue

The Grievous Return of Henry Kissinger

By Professor Lawrence Davidson

President Obama would be a fool to listen to a man whose blood stained career should have long ago come to an ignoble end. Continue

Scott Walker Believes He’s Following Orders from the Lord

By Matthew Rothschild

The dogmatic unwillingness of Wis. Gov. Scott Walker to negotiate or to compromise with Democrats or unions has surprised many people in the state. One explanation for his attitude may be found in his religious convictions. Continue

At least 40 killed as Gadhafi forces close in on rebel-held Libya city: Senior Libyan officers reportedly among dead as forces surround Zawiyah center square with tanks, take control of main road and suburbs; army snipers poised on tops of buildings, shooting random.
New air raids hit Libyan oil city: Strategic city of Ras Lanuf comes under heavy shelling by government forces, with reports of deaths and injuries.
Rivals Battle Over Square In West Libyan City: Residents had told Reuters pro-Gaddafi forces were in the main Martyr Square after rebels retreated.
Suicide bomber kills 36 in north-western Pakistan: The attack occurred when about 150 people were attending the funeral of the wife of a pro-government tribal leader in Adezai area, around 20 kilometres south-east of provincial capital Peshawar.
Four killed in landmine blast in Southwestern Pakistan: At least four persons were killed and eighteen others were wounded on Wednesday in a landmine explosion in Southwestern Pakistani district, said sources.
Musharraf’s warrant sent to UK authorities: An anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi had issued the warrant for Musharraf’s arrest in the Benazir Bhutto murder case.
11 Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan: Separately, five Taliban fighters were killed by a NATO-led airstrike in Sangin district, while another fighter was killed and one injured when the bomb they were planting detonated in Nawzad district
Blast kills NATO occupation force soldier in Afghanistan: An International Security Occupation Force service member died following an improvised explosive device attack in southern Afghanistan today, the press release added, without revealing the victim's nationality.
Over 2,700 civilians killed in Afghanistan in 2010: UN: The number of civilians killed in Afghanistan rose by 15 percent to 2,777 in 2010 from a year earlier, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and the UN Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) said in a joint report Wednesday.
Denmark to upgrade status of Palestinian representation to 'mission': Upgrade from third-highest ranking of general delegation mirrors move made recently by number of other countries, including Britain.
George Galloway: Gaza war as bad as Holocaust: Speaking to LSE students on Monday, the former Respect MP called Israel an “apartheid” state and compared scenes in Gaza after Operation Cast Lead to those in the Second World War.
11 Killed as Copts and Muslims clash in Cairo: A security source told Al Jazeera that of the 11 that were killed on Tuesday, six were Coptic, five were Muslim and that at least 25 people were arrested by the country's military police for their involvement in the clashes.
Egypt: Cairo's Tahrir Square sees rival groups clash: Hundreds of people armed with knives and machetes have clashed with pro-democracy activists in Cairo's Tahrir Square, Egyptian state TV says.
ElBaradei to run for president Former IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei said he would run in the coming presidential elections, in a meeting with members of the National Association for Change (NAC) and the campaign supporting him at his Cairo home late Monday.
Egypt presidential hopeful Moussa wants to keep peace with Israel: The Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa hints that he would not abrogate peace treaty with Israel but may demand higher gas revenues.
IDF: We won't be able to contain widespread civil uprising in West Bank: Senior officers now serving, or who once served, in the West Bank say they have long felt there is no way to effectively contend with a widespread, nonviolent civil uprising. "There is nothing for it if something like what happened in Tunisia happens here," said one high-ranking officer
George Galloway: Gaza war as bad as Holocaust: Speaking to LSE students on Monday, the former Respect MP called Israel an “apartheid” state and compared scenes in Gaza after Operation Cast Lead to those in the Second World War.
Denmark to upgrade status of Palestinian representation to 'mission': Upgrade from third-highest ranking of general delegation mirrors move made recently by number of other countries, including Britain.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: : U.S. official: Iran moving to brink of nuclear weapons capability: World powers tell Islamic Republic that the 'door remain open' for dialogue, urges Iran to cooperate with UN nuclear watchdog.
Obama extends US sanctions on Iran: US President Barack Obama has described Iran as “an unusual and extraordinary” threat and extended by one year a national emergency with regard to the Islamic Republic, the White House reports.
Rafsanjani ousted from Iranian post: 'Moderate' former president steps down as head of state body, a move which seems to tighten hardliners' grip on power.
Ex-UK spy boss says WikiLeaks sparked Egyptian revolution: The former head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service has credited WikiLeaks and other secret-spilling sites with sparking the revolutions sweeping the Middle East.
Clashes kill 10 in Somali capital: Fierce clashes broke out late Tuesday in the northern district of Hodan, pitting al-Shabab fighters against the government soldiers backed by the African Union forces.
Three people killed in Iraq's violence: Three people were killed and five others wounded in separate gunfire and bomb attacks in central and northern Iraq on Tuesday, the police said.
Roadside bomb kills Iraqi general: Head of training for air force dies in attack on military convoy while 13 others are wounded in blasts across Baghdad.
Yemen protests claim 2 lives: Saleh supporter killed in Hadramaut, while anti-government protester shot in police raid succumbs to wounds.
Yemeni army wounds 98 students: "It's a massacre," said the opposition spokesman, Muhammad Qahtan. "It is a crime by security troops against students engaged in a peaceful sit-in."
Two "al-Qaeda" militants killed, one injured in north Yemen: Two al-Qaeda militants were reported killed and a third wounded in confrontations broke out between al-Qaeda militants and some tribesmen of al-Tais tribe in Kutaf district of Sa’adah province in the north of Yemen on Tuesday.
Tens of Thousnds Bahraini Protests Against "Political Naturalization" / : Several political parties and thousands of people protested against Political Naturalization in front of building of immigration and passports today at 4 pm.
Lukashenko: the dictator in the dock: British lawyers prepare for prosecution of Belarusian President as outcry against Europe's last dictator gains momentum
London arrests made in Icelandic banking case: Sigurdur Einarsson, former chairman of Kaupthing Bank, and Robert Tchenguiz, who was the now-defunct bank’s biggest customer, were both arrested this morning in London in a joint operation by the Serious Fraud Office and Iceland’s Special Prosecutor into the banking crash.
Roubini Sees Double Dip for Advanced States If Oil Hits $140: Nouriel Roubini, the economist who predicted the global financial crisis, said an increase in oil prices to $140 a barrel will cause some advanced economies to slide back into recession.
Naomi Klein on Anti-Union Bills and Shock Doctrine American-Style: "This is a Frontal Assault on Democracy, It’s a Kind of a Corporate Coup D’Etat"
Gulf spill sickness wrecking lives: Nearly a year after the oil disaster began, Gulf Coast residents are sick, and dying from BP's toxic chemicals.

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