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The Enemy of My Enemy
How U.S. foreign policy stifles democracy in the Middle East

By Michael Munger

Letting our enemies choose our friends is dangerous. The U.S. supplied the rockets that the mujahedeen used to attack Russian helicopters in Afghanistan. Now we call the mujahedeen the Taliban, and they kill Americans. Continue

The Iron Wall


"Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population - behind an The Iron Wall , which the native population cannot breach." - 1923 Vladimir Jabotinsky Continue

"The Situation is Japan is Dire. It's Grave"

By Mike Whitney

The magnitude of the crisis is hard to grasp. Another two reactors saw their cooling systems breakdown late Monday increasing the probability of a meltdown. Continue

“Why I Am Not Worried About Japan’s Nuclear Reactors.”

By Dr Josef Oehmen

When the operators started venting the system, some radioactive gases were released to the environment in a controlled manner. While some of these gases are radioactive, they did not pose a significant risk to public safety to even the workers on site. Continue

Is Assange On His way To The U.S.?

By James C. Goodale

If the Obama Administration has anything to say about it, he will. Continue

Maybe Marx Was Right After All...
Corporate stash soars to $1.9 trillion, but nowhere to invest

By Mike Whitney

The persistent slowdown is deepening inequality, inciting class antagonisms, and fomenting social unrest. Continue

Beyond the Crisis of Liberalism

By Stanley Aronowitz

In reality, it's not about whether the government is being run by good guys or bad guys; it's structural change of the economic and political system itself that we need. Continue

14 killed, 40 wounded in Iraq's violence: The deadliest incident occurred in Iraq's eastern province of Diyala early in the morning, when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into the entrance of the local government compound in the town of Kan'an, some 20 km east of the provincial capital city of Baquba.
Iraq closes Baghdad detention centre due to human rights violations: 'Detainees ... said interrogators beat them, hung them upside down for hours at a time, administered electric shocks to various body parts, including the genitals, and asphyxiated them repeatedly with plastic bags put over their heads until they passed out,' the US- based human rights organization said in a report released last month.
Iraqi man to face trial on trumped up charges after already spending 11 years in detention: Amnesty International has called on the authorities in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq to immediately release a man who faces trial on fabricated terrorism charges this week after being held in detention for 11 years.
Two killed and over 200 wounded in Bahrain clashes: The United States called on Bahrain on Tuesday to find a political solution to its problems and said the use of force and violence from any side would only worsen the situation in the Gulf Arab state.
Saudi soldier gunned down in Bahrain: A Saudi soldier has been killed in Bahrain clashes following an incursion by Arab armies to quell popular protests in the Persian Gulf state
Video Bahrain : Pro-King Thugs Attacked Nurses and Killed Citizens in Sitrah - WARNING - Video contains images of extreme violence
Photo: 5 Bahraini Protesters Brutally Killed By Saudi Military Forces in Sitra - WARNING - Video contains images of extreme violence
Bahrain's king declares 3-month state of emergency: Bahrain's king imposed a three-month state of emergency Tuesday and gave the country's military chief wide authority to battle a pro-democracy uprising that has threatened the ruling monarchy and drawn in forces from around the Gulf.
Iran: Saudi troops in Bahrain unacceptable: - The Iranian government Tuesday called the presence of Saudi troops in Bahrain "unacceptable," saying the move "will further complicate the issue."
Witnesses say anti-government tribesmen in Yemen border town kill 4 soldiers after protest: Anti-government tribesmen in northern Yemen stormed a security building and shot dead four soldiers in a revenge attack after government troops opened fire on opposition protesters calling for the president's ouster, witnesses said.
Three killed in Yemen clashes: Scattered clashes broke out across Yemen, with three soldiers killed in the north, as military forces were deployed to check nationwide protests demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Yemen deports 4 journalists for protest coverage: The journalists, two Americans and two Britons in their 20's, contribute to publications including the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post.
NATO occupation forces kill two Afghan children in east: officials: – An air strike by NATO- occupation forces killed two children as they were watering fields in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar province late on Monday, an Afghan official and lawmaker said.
Teacher, politician killed in Afghan blasts: A school head teacher and a provincial lawmaker were killed in two separate explosions in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, officials said.
Afghan War Less Popular Than Ever: Nearly two-thirds of Americans now say the war in Afghanistan is no longer worth fighting, the highest proportion yet opposed to the conflict, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.
Pakistan: 12 militants, two soldiers killed in Orakzai clash: : Twelve militants were killed and nine others including two soldiers were injured in a clash after the former attacked the security forces checkpost in Sunpaka Kandao in Orakzai Agency on Monday, official and tribal sources said.
Pakistan Taliban kill 3 pro-gov't tribesmen: Taliban spokesman Sajjad Mohmand said they killed the volunteers for their support to the security forces.
Libyan government forces overwhelm rebels in Ajdabiya: Libyan troops loyal to Moammar Kadafi mount a punishing assault to capture the last obstacle on the coastal highway to Benghazi, sending opposition fighters who had vowed to fight to the death fleeing.
Libya rebels face last stand as Gaddafi forces zero in on Benghazi: Government troops close in on centre of resistance as western powers continue deliberations on whether to aid oppostion
Germany stalls Libya no-fly zone plans: Germany, backed by Russia, decided to stall attempts at yesterday's G8 summit to back a no-fly zone in Libya.
Street battles continue in Abidjan: Heavy fighting continued on Monday in Abidjan amid an ongoing power struggle between forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo, Cote d'Ivoire's incumbent president, and those backing his political rival Alassane Ouattara.
Nigeria pre-election violence claims scores of lives : Ahead of Nigeria’s general elections, over ninety people are reported to have lost their lives, and over two hundred people have suffered various degrees of injuries before, during and after political campaign rallies.
Palestinians hold unity rallies in Gaza, West Bank: Tens of thousands of Palestinians answered a rallying call on Facebook by demonstrating on Tuesday in Gaza and the West Bank for reconciliation between Hamas Islamists and President Mahmoud Abbas's rival Fatah group.
Netanyahu's exploitation of the murders at Itamar: To right-wing politicos, cabinet ministers, Knesset members and West Bank rabbis, the five murdered members of the Fogel family are a catalyst for realizing the great dream: the dream of messianic redemption, of the Greater Land of Israel.
Israeli PM says IDF to build fence along Jordan border: Netanyahu says illegal infiltrators from Africa change make-up of population, take away jobs from Israelis.
Radiation warning after plant blast: Dangerous levels of radiation are leaking into the atmosphere following a fire and explosions at a nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, officials warned on Tuesday as the country reels in the wake of last week's devasting earthquake and tsunami.
Japanese PM says blast at stricken plant causes radiation leak, radiation detected in Tokyo: The prime minister urged people within 30 kilometers of the facility, located about 220 kilometers north of Tokyo, to remain indoors, not to collect washings hanging outside and to switch off air- conditioners to avoid air exchange with airborne radioactive substances.
Radiation fears prompt Tokyo exodus: International companies pulling staff out and airlines cancelling flights after two more explosions at Fukushima plant
US West Coast: on frontline from nuclear cloud?: California is closely watching the crisis at a Japanese nuclear plant, but officials downplayed the threat that a radioactive cloud blown across the Pacific could pose for the US West Coast.
Wikileaks Lifts The Lid on India’s Use of Systematic Torture in Kashmir: US officials had evidence of widespread torture by Indian police and security forces and were secretly briefed by Red Cross staff about the systematic abuse of detainees in Kashmir, according to leaked diplomatic cables.
Wkileaks: US Embassy Cables: : 'India created a Frankenstein’s monster in Nepal': By brokering a peace deal between Maoists in Nepal and other political parties that helped end the decade long civil war, India might have created a Frankenstein’s monster, the US felt.
Call for India to review no-first-use Nuke policy: Former External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh referred to the new classified documents, revealed by the website WikiLeaks, about the U.S. view on India’s approach vis-a-vis Pakistan and wondered whether the UPA government’s foreign policy was being framed in Washington.
Wikileaks: US Embassy Cables: US feared UK backed "sharia banks" could become centre of terrorist funding: The US had feared that that "charitable donations", which Islamic banks are obliged to make to comply with the sharia law, could be used by the al-Qaeda supporters.
Is Assange On His way To The U.S.?: It is unreasonable to expect the government will disband the grand jury in Virginia and stop its investigation of Assange. If the Justice Department can think of any possible reason for indicting Assange, as flimsy as it may seem, he may indeed be on his way to the United States via Sweden.
Punishing Pfc. Manning: Former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley was right to say that the Pentagon's treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning is "ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid."
How to Contribute to Bradley Manning's Legal Defense: If you would like to ensure that a 100% of your donation goes directly to costs associated with the legal defense, the best way to do so is by making a contribution to legal trust account. In order to do this, please mail a check or money order to "IOLTA/Manning" and mail to Courage to Resist, 484 Lake Park Ave. #41, Oakland, CA 94610.
Visitor and Correspondence List for Bradley Manning: You may write to the Manning family at bmanningvisits@gmail.com in order to request to be added to the visitor and correspondence list or just to pass on your words of support and encouragement.
China US bond purchases decline for 3rd month: January's level was $20.6 billion lower than the peak of $1.175 trillion in October.
US Fed to meet as global crises loom large: – The Federal Reserve's top policymakers meet Tuesday with an upbeat US economic outlook clouded by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and unrest in the Middle East.

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