Wednesday, 22 June 2011

British, French Agents Undercover in Libya to Get Gaddafi: Report


A team of 130 British and French agents are reportedly on a one-million-pound-a-week, do-or-die deep undercover mission in Libya to get Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Continue

Kerry, McCain Come to Obama’s Rescue Over Libya

By Jim Lobe

Two key senators Tuesday unveiled a resolution that would give President Barack Obama the authority to continue operations there for up to one year. Continue

''The West Is Terrified of Arabic Democracies''

By Noam Chomsky

As long as the US controls the hemisphere, or Europe before it, there is no democracy, because it gets crushed. Continue

Imperialism 101

By Michael Parenti

Imperialism has been the most powerful force in world history over the last four or five centuries, carving up whole continents while oppressing indigenous peoples and obliterating entire civilizations. Continue

5 WikiLeaks Revelations
Exposing the Growing Corporatism Dominating American Diplomacy Abroad

By Rania Khalek

One of the most significant scourges paralyzing our democracy is the merger of corporate power with elected and appointed government officials at the highest levels of office.  Continue

More Treachery at the Fed?

By Mike Whitney

Soaring unemployment and slow growth will be the norm for years to come. Continue

European Spring:
The Gradual Demise Of Capitalism

By Gaither Stewart

One can no longer defend capitalism in good faith. Marx was right, over a century and a half ago: capitalism has hung itself in its excess, in its greed for more and more and more. Continue

U.S. Civil Rights Advocates Still Fighting "Race War"

By Pam Johnson

In its 2011 annual report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) documented that, though African Americans comprise a mere 13 percent of the U.S. population, they account for a stunningly disproportionate 35 percent of incarcerated drug offenders in the country. Continue

13 killed in clash‚ bomb in NW Pakistan: Officials say Islamist militants have attacked a police checkpoint in northwest Pakistan, triggering a shootout that left 12 insurgents dead.
Pakistan policeman, five rebels killed: officials: "More than 30 militants launched a two-pronged attack on a police checkpoint and after a gunfight five militants were killed while two policemen were wounded," senior police official Mohammad Ijaz told AFP.
Four Pakistani majors questioned over Islamist links: Their questioning followed the arrest of a brigadier who was serving in military headquarters in the garrison town of Rawalpindi.
Metal Allies: The new face of a faceless global war: drones and the CIA.: In the next decade, our reliance on drones and the spies who support them may increase for a different reason: We're losing friends.
12 Afghan Police Killed or Injured in Taliban Attacks: Authorities said six policemen were killed in an early morning gunfight Wednesday with insurgents in the Qarabagh district 120 kilometers southwest of Kabul.
Five "Militants" Killed in Afghan, Nato Forces Operation in Paktia: Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs said on Wednesday that five "militants" were killed in joint Afghan and foreign forces operation in Paktia province.
US cannot afford war in Afghanistan: I think that the decision on drawing down the troops from Afghanistan is truly not unexpected.
Italy calls for break in Libya fighting: The Italian Foreign Minister has called for an immediate suspension of fighting in Libya to allow humanitarian aid through to the victims.
In US Congress, divisions over Libya: The disagreement casts doubt over the future of America's role in the conflict.
Senate opens door for US troops to fight in Libya: Although the resolution makes no mention of a land operation, this is not ruled out if the US has to defend American Government officials or save NATO servicemen.
Denmark recognises rebel Libyan government: Foreign Minister Lene Espersen announced today that Denmark had formally recognised the National Transitional Council (NTC) as the only legitimate representation of the Libyan rebels while on a visit to Benghazi.
Factbox - International recognition of Libya's rebel movement: A total of 19 states as of June 22 have publicly recognized the NTC as legitimately representing the Libyan people.
Iran slams NATO's "deadly strikes" on Libya: Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs Ali Ahani on Tuesday condemned the deadly strikes by NATO on Libya, saying the attacks are "killing innocent people and destroying the country's economic infrastructure," the English language satellite Press TV reported.
A summit in Tehran trumps the US: A window of opportunity has opened for Tehran to roll back the 10-year ascendancy of the US in the geopolitics of the region. . Tehran is determined not to miss the opportunity.
Syria Foreign Minister Promises Democracy / Amnesty: Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem proposed negotiations with opposition figures today and pledged that the country would "offer an unprecedented example of democracy" within three months.
More sanctions imposed on Syria: EU states reached a political agreement on Wednesday to extend sanctions against Syria EU diplomats said.
Syria Says EU Sanctions Amount to War: Syria says European Union sanctions against it amount to war and is warning that it will not tolerate any foreign interference in its internal affairs.
Syria thanks Russia for stance on mooted UN Security Council resolution: France and Germany said last week they would bring a resolution condemning Syria to a vote at the UN Security Council. Russia has said it may veto the resolution.
Sen. Graham: Military intervention in Syria should be ‘on the table’: “If it made sense to protect the Libyan people against Gadhafi, and it did because they were going to get slaughtered if we hadn’t sent NATO in when he was on the outskirts of Benghazi, the question for the world [is], have we gotten to that point in Syria,” Graham said
Street battles erupt in Yemen's southern city Taiz: Shellings and heavy shootings flared late Tuesday between government forces and opposition-backed armed tribesmen in Yemen's southern province of Taiz, residents and eyewitnesses said.
57 militants escape Yemeni prison through underground tunnel: Dozens of Al Qaeda militants battled their way out of prison Wednesday in the latest sign that Yemen's political upheaval has emboldened them to challenge authorities in the country's nearly lawless south, security officials said.
Sri Lanka 'war crimes' video evidence: The distressing execution video footage, screened by Channel 4 News last week and originating in Sri Lanka, shows a number of incidents of soldiers in uniform shooting in the head people who appear to be unarmed – described as "cold-blooded killing" by an international expert.

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