Thursday, 2 June 2011

Iran And The Bomb
US Spying Detects No Iranian Nukes

By Sherwood Ross

The former Director-General of the IAEA said in a new published report that he had not seen “a shred of evidence” that Iran was “building nuclear-weapons facilities and using enriched materials.” Continue

The WH/Politico Attack on Seymour Hersh

By Glenn Greenwald

Two cowardly, slimy Obama officials ran to Politico to bash Hersh while hiding behind the protective womb of anonymity automatically and subserviently extended by that "news outlet": Continue

For Those Who Support the Libyan "Opposition"

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Why did NATO murder three of Colonel Gaddafi's grandchildren? Why has there been no accountability for the murder of innocent children? Why is nobody calling Cameron, Sarkozy or Obama a cold-blooded child murderer? Continue

The War in Libya Growing More Illegal by the Day

By Glenn Greenwald

Waging a war for 74 days without Congressional approval is illegal enough.  Doing so when there is a growing bipartisan movement in Congress to compel an end to the war -- rather than approve it -- is even worse. Continue

NATO: Free Africa from the Africans!

By Glen Ford

As has been obvious from the beginning of this “humanitarian” farce, the Great White Fathers of Europe - will be satisfied with nothing less than regime change in Libya – and to Hell with what Africans think! Continue

Our Goose is Cooked

By Mike Whitney

This must be what it was like in Russia before the Soviet Union collapsed. Continue

Hail Caesar

By Paul Craig Roberts

Why does anyone think that the President, who does not obey the War Powers Act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, US and international laws against torture, or any of the laws and procedures that guard civil liberty, is going to feel compelled to obey the debt ceiling? Continue

US Steps Up Cyber Propaganda War

Video Report By Al Jazeera

The US military is developing software that would allow military personnel to use fake profiles in online chat rooms. Continue

Judge Rules Corporations Can Contribute Directly to Candidates

By Dustin Ensinger

he ruling could open the doors to a flood of corporations, including those overseas, looking to buy candidates for national office. Continue

TSA Sexually Assaulted My Mom


Woman Alleges Sexual Molestation By TSA. Continue

81 killed in attack on Pakistani border post: A militant attack on a Pakistani border post and nearby villages along the Afghan border killed at least 81 people, including militants, police said Thursday.
Pakistani investigative journalist killed: Reporter who investigated al-Qaeda links to country's military has been found dead days after he went missing.
Attacks in Afghanistan kill German, Polish occupation force soldiers : Two German and Polish soldiers were killed on Thursday in two separate insurgent attacks in northern and eastern Afghanistan, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the country's governments said.
13 'killed' in Syrian town: The 13 civilians were killed by gunfire from snipers and security forces storming Rastan, which is under curfew, said Ammar Qurabi, the head of the Syrian Organisation for Human Rights, and Razan Zaitouna, a lawyer.
Three soldiers killed by "terrorist group" in Syria: A Syrian official source said Wednesday that three Syrian soldiers were killed and 14 others injured in fights with "armed terrorist group" in central province of Homs.
15 killed in Yemeni capital clashes: medics; Yemen: Fifteen people, most of them combatants, were killed in fierce overnight battles between opposition tribesmen and security forces in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, medics said on Thursday.
Thousands flee Yemeni capital as battles rage: Much of the fighting, which began late on Wednesday night, occurred in the Hasaba district of northern Sanaa, where Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar, the powerful leader of the Hashed tribal confederation, has his base.
Yemen: Forces clash with tribal fighters near Sanaa: About 100 armed fighters loyal to a tribal leader in Yemen have clashed with security forces on the northern outskirts of the capital, Sanaa. Tribal leaders say hundreds more are marching towards the city in support of their leader, Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar.
Video Blog From Yemen - Freedom Square has been stormed by security forces dozens of martyrs reported and 100s missing.
Six killed in Iraq wedding blast : - Bomb at wedding party in a village south of Baghdad kills six people wounding at least 11 others. Travis Brecher reports.
Iraq protest clouds loom: Iraq risks a return to massive street protests when a 100-day deadline for progress expires next week, experts say, with no core issues having been addressed and a summer heatwave coming.
Series Of NATO Strikes Target Tripoli: Ambulances, sirens blaring, could be heard racing through the Libyan capital after the rattling blasts. A NATO statement said the attacks hit military vehicle and ammunition depots, a surface-to-air missile launcher and a fire control radar.
Russia's NATO envoy says alliance in 'ground campaign' in Libya: NATO-led military campaign against Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi has in fact turned into ground operation, Russia's envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said on Thursday.
Kucinich's Libya resolution pulled from House schedule: "I am disappointed that the President and leadership feel the need to buy even more time to shore up support for the War in Libya," Kucinich said. "It's not surprising that some are now wondering if a preliminary vote count on my resolution came out in favor of defending the Constitution.
Pentagon to Congress: Don’t Cut Funds for Libya Operation: Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said the Department was concerned about the prospect that Congress could vote against continuing American support for the NATO air strikes in Libya.
Israel's Netanyahu thanks France for intervening in Libya: Meeting visiting French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, Netanyahu noted that Gaddafi had 'was never a friend of Israel or the Jewish people and Israel will not be sorry to see him disappear from the map.'
Why are the Libyan Rebels seeking Israel's support?: Bernard Henri Levy announced that he delivered a message on Thursday from Libyan rebel leaders to Israel's Prime Minister, saying they would seek diplomatic ties with the country if they came to power.
UN says rebels and Gaddafi are guilty of war crimes: The UN’s human rights forum issued a report claiming the rebels as well as Colonel Gaddafi had been guilty of committing war crimes
Gaddafi to send representative to OPEC: Libyan government says its delegate will attend June 8 meeting of global oil cartel after defection of oil minister.
Security forces attack Bahraini protesters: Bahraini troops attack anti-government protesters in villages near the capital, hours after martial law is lifted.
Lebanon seals off Israel border ahead of planned demonstrations: The Lebanese Army Thursday declared the area around the country's border with Israel a closed military zone, a move aimed at preventing Palestinian protesters from demonstrating in the area this weekend, a Lebanese army source said.
Fear is driving Israelis to obtain foreign passports: More and more Israelis apply for a foreign passport, not for easier travel but because something has gone terribly wrong here.
Julian Assange wins Martha Gelhorn journalism prize: WikiLeaks founder praised as 'brave, determined, independent' by judges
Judge strikes ban on corporations donating directly to candidates: A federal judge ruled Thursday the ban on corporations giving money directly to political candidates is unconstitutional.
Global war on drugs 'a failure': High-level panel declares international anti-drug measures a failure and suggests legalising cannabis and other drugs.
The French healthcare system: The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks the French health care system as the best in the world. The U.S. system ranks 37th.
Greece has 50:50 chance of defaulting, says ratings agency Moody's: Greek government understood to have agreed to €6.4bn in austerity measures in return for next tranche of aid
Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless: Orlando police say they violated a city ordinance restricting the feedings.
Scott signs bill forcing drug tests on welfare recipients: Floridians will have to submit urine, blood or hair samples for drug testing before receiving cash benefits from the state, under a bill Gov. Rick Scott signed into law today.
Wall Street Baffled by Slowing Economy, Low Yields: Trader: "We’re on the verge of a great, great depression. The [Federal Reserve] knows it.
Horror for US Economy as Data Falls off Cliff: The last month has been a horror show for the U.S. economy, with economic data falling off a cliff, according to Mike Riddell, a fund manager at M&G Investments in London.
Govt to lose $14B of auto bailout funds: The Obama administration said Wednesday that the government will lose about $14 billion in taxpayer funds from the bailout of the U.S. auto industry.
Detained for photography in Baltimore : This whole episode of theirs was unprofessional and perhaps unconstitutional. I am posting this video in hopes to further strengthen photographer's constitutional rights.
Fearsome lawn ornament shot dead by cops: Concrete 'alligator' looked real and was partly hidden among weeds, police spokesman says

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