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US Kills 130 People In Yemen

By Hakim Almasmari

"The Yemeni government did not allow the US to conduct random attacks in the country, though it has agreed to cooperate in the fight against al Qa'eda," said Tareq Shami, the ruling party's spokesman. Continue

Remote Control Killing Like Sport

By Stephen Lendman

It's America's newest sport. From distant command centers, far from target sights, sounds, and smells, operators dismissively ignore human carnage showing up as computer screen blips little different from video game images. The difference, of course, is people die, mostly noncombatants. Continue

Six Wars and Counting

By Tom Engelhardt

When it comes to how many wars Americans can fight at once, Washington is reaching for the record books. Continue

Libya: Behind The Phony ICC 'Rape' Charges:
Are NATO Forces Preparing A Ground Attack

By Sara Flounders

It is important to understand that NATO countries with the full complicity of the corporate media and the ICC are spreading this Big Lie in order to win support for and close down all opposition to a ground assault of Libya. Continue

House Passes Amendment Blocking Some Funding for Libya War

By Michael Tennant

The House of Representatives is upping the ante with regard to President Barack Obama’s ongoing, illegal war in Libya. On Monday that body passed an amendment that prohibits the use of certain funds for the Libyan excursion. Continue

More to Syria Than Meets the Eye
Major Power Battle Between Kremlin and US Underway, And the Stakes Are High

By M.K. Bhadrakumar

With Saudi, Israeli and Turkish interests aligning against it, the Kremlin seems in deep water -- could it lose its last naval base in the Mediterranean? Continue

Needed: An Antiwar Movement That Puts Peace Over Politicians

By Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis

Democrats successfully “exploit[ed] the antiwar movement for their own electoral success,” Continue

Israeli Jews Are Voting With Their Feet

By Lawrence Davidson

If the historical goal of the state of Israel is to provide the world’s Jews a secure national home, a place of refugee in a world of real or potential anti-Semitism, it seems to have failed. Continue

America for Sale
Is Goldman Sachs Buying Your City?

By Dylan Ratigan

In Chicago, it's the sale of parking meters to the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi. In Indiana, it's the sale of the northern toll road to a Spanish and Australian joint venture. In Wisconsin it's public health and food programs, in California it's libraries. Continue

Viewer Poll on Republican Debate: 25% Undecided, 75% Unconscious

By Andy Borowitz

In what could spell trouble for the current field of GOP presidential candidates, a poll of likely voters who saw last night’s Republican debate found that 25% of viewers were undecided while 75% were unconscious. Continue

More Extrajudicial Killing:: U.S. Kills 10 People in Pakistan: - U.S. unmanned aircraft fired missiles at a suspected militant compound and a vehicle Wednesday in northwest Pakistan, killing at least 10 alleged insurgents, intelligence officials said.
CIA's Osama bin Laden informants arrested by Pakistan – report: The detention of five informants involved in lead-up to Bin Laden killing is seen as sign of fresh US-Pakistan discord
Pakistan denies army major's arrest for CIA links: The Pakistani army denied Wednesday that one of its majors was among a group of Pakistanis who Western officials say were arrested for feeding the CIA information before the American raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
Eight killed in suicide attack: Afghan official: Provincial spokesman Halim Ayar says the attacker blew himself up about 220 yards (200 meters) from the office of Governor Azizul Rahman Tawab on Wednesday.
US won't leave Afghanistan: Mullen: Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on the "Charlie Rose" television interview show Tuesday that although some troops would be withdrawn, a continued US presence was assured.
October 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan : It is time to light the spark that sets off a true democratic, nonviolent transition to a world in which people are freed to create just and sustainable solutions
Five Iraqi soldiers killed in shootings: Five Iraqi soldiers were killed on Wednesday in a spate of shootings against patrols and checkpoints in Baghdad and the main northern city of Mosul, security officials said.
More Extrajudicial Killing:: Yemen: US Kills Three Civilians in drone attack in Abyan: No al-Qaeda suspects were killed in the attack, the source said. The residence of al-Qaeda fighter Nader Shadadi was also attacked. Shadadi was not home during the attack. His father, mother, and sister were killed in the raid, the official said.
CIA is reportedly building a secret drone air base in the Persian Gulf: Yemen's government says dozens of people have been killed in US drone attacks in the country over the last few weeks, many of them civilians. But despite the criticism, Washington has come up with a plan to build a Gulf base for armed US drones to target terrorists
'Al-Qaeda' fighters attack Yemeni town: At least two killed and five wounded in fierce fighting between attackers and security forces in southern town of Huta.
Gaddafi forces shell rebel positions: Troops loyal to Libyan leader shell western mountains in bid to thwart rebels advancing towards capital, Tripoli.
NATO attacks ordinary Libyans at petrol pump: Video: As NATO tells the world to prepare for a post-Gaddafi era, coalition bombs continue to blitz the Libyan capital. Gasoline queues snake through Tripoli with fuel in short supply. A scenario made worse with tankers a regular target for air strikes.
S.Africa says NATO abusing UN resolution on Libya: NATO is abusing a United Nations resolution to protect Libyan civilians from Muammar Gaddafi's forces in order to pursue regime change and political assassinations, South African President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday.
Congress Clashes With Another President Over War Powers: . House Speaker John Boehner sent the President a letter on Tuesday informing him that as of this weekend, he will be in violation of the War Powers Resolution, and demanding a clarification on the mission.
Whoops! Boehner a month late on Libya war clock: This is an unfortunate error in a letter that charges the President with not paying adequate attention to the WPR. It is also an obvious error. I wonder why the Speaker (or his advisors) made it? Perhaps to distract from the fact that responsible congressional pushback against the President’s Libya intervention under the WPR should have come at least a month earlier.
Kucinich, other House members file lawsuit against Obama on Libya military mission: Kucinich and Reps. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Howard Coble (R-N.C.), John Duncan (R-Tenn.), Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.), John Conyers (D-Mich.) Ron Paul (R-Texas), Michael Capuano (D-Mass.), Tim Johnson (R-Ill.) and Dan Burton (R-Ind.) filed the complaint Wednesday at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.
Syrian army reports finding mass grave: - A mass grave holding bodies of at least 70 Syrian security forces was discovered in the volatile city of Jisr al-Shughour, government officials said.
Massive pro and anti-govt rallies in Syria: The army is targeting Maarat al-Numaan after retaking the town of Jisr al-Shughour. But big anti-government demonstrations continue in other towns.
European Parliament: East Jerusalem should be Palestinian capital: In a speech before the Knesset, European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek said he backs Obama's peace plan, and that negotiations are the 'only solution.'
New documentary shows Sri Lanka 'war crimes': UK calls for probe after British programme appears to show executions of Tamil prisoners by troops at end of civil war.
Greek PM offers to quit amid protests: George Papandreou pushes for unity government as protesters clash with police in Athens over austerity measures.
Catalan politicians take to the skies to avoid protesters: President of Spanish region among those who used helicopters as demonstrators tried to blockade Barcelona parliament
Bank of Ireland bosses face barrage of anger and eggs: Investors and pensioners call executives 'lower than bottom-pond insects' and brand high-street bank 'an utter shipwreck' at annual meeting
New Documents Claim Intelligence on Bin Laden, al-Qaeda Targets Withheld From Congress' 9/11 Probe: On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, just as he has done in years past, a top military intelligence analyst identified by the US government only as "Iron Man" will hunker down in front of his television and watch a particularly gruesome scene of the carnage left behind on that fateful day.
ACLU: FBI guideline proposals open door 'to all kinds of abuses': The FBI says it is merely "fine-tuning" some of its rules on conducting investigations, but the ACLU claims the changes amount to granting agents "broad new powers" to snoop.
US Housing Crisis Is Now Worse Than Great Depression: It's official: The housing crisis that began in 2006 and has recently entered a double dip is now worse than the Great Depression.

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