Thursday, 12 January 2012

I Spit on Your Grave
Video : Marines Urinating On Corpses


And Americans wonder why many in the Muslim world hate us? Continue
Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again

By Ralph Nader

It is past time for the American citizenry to wake up and declare: Iran will not be an Iraq Redux!. Continue
Iran and the Terrorism Game

By Glenn Greenwald

In the few venues which yesterday denounced as “Terrorism” the ongoing assassinations of Iranian scientists, there was intense backlash against the invocation of that term. Continue
Advice to a Generic Candidate

By Fred Reed

Reflect that the Pentagon hasn't won a war since 1945, unless you count titanic eruptions like Grenada. Continue
Fools and Fanatics and Bull Feather Merchants

By Jeff Huber

Deconstructing the flock of war hawkers who comprise the Pentarchy’s propaganda pantheon. Continue
West Planning No-fly Zone to Aid Syrian Rebels

By Bloomberg

Russia received information that members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and some Persian Gulf countries are preparing military intervention in Syria, the head of the Russian Security Council said. Continue
Three Years after the Bombs Fell

By Ahmad Barqawi

It's exactly three years ago that 1,417 innocent Palestinians lost their lives in Gaza while the whole world kept silent. And it's three years ago -to the day- that humanity and everything about it was squashed down to invisibility. Continue
States Attempt to Instill 'Work Ethic' by Rolling Back Child Labor Protections

By Michelle Chen

When US politicians grumble at basic protections for the youngest, most vulnerable workers, they reveal that the Industrial Revolution’s legacy of unbridled capitalism still haunts the country’s political arena. Continue
Republican Socialists, Democratic Capitalists

By Ted Rall

Why don’t the Democrats see it? Don’t they understand that capitalism is discredited? Newt Gingrich does. So do most Republicans. Continue

20 die in Sunni‚ Shiite clashes in Yemen: : Twenty gunmen were killed Thursday in clashes between Zaidi Shiite rebels and Sunni Salafist gunmen in northern Yemen, a security official said.
Yemen's rival forces given two-day deadline to demilitarize: A Yemeni committee of security and military agencies has given rival forces two days to remove military barricades and gunmen from the capital Sana'a as part of an effort to "re-establish security" in the country, reported state news agency SABA Thursday.
14 Pak troopers killed in ambush in Balochistan: Fourteen paramilitary troopers were killed in an ambush by militants in Balochistan, one of the deadliest attacks in the restive province of southwest Pakistan in recent months. The banned Baloch Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the attack
Murder, Inc: U.S. Kills Six People In Pakistan: A second drone strike in two days killed six militants in North Waziristan in northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border on Thursday.
Pakistan: New Price Tags on Stranded NATO Supplies : At a meeting last week in the eastern city Lahore in the Punjab province, it urged the government to quit the "war on terror" and threatened a countrywide movement against "U.S. terrorism in Pakistan."
Pakistan's top soldiers in crisis talks: Army chiefs hold discussions behind closed doors, as memo scandal deepens divide between military and civil government.
Situation explosive: PM, allies on trial: At a time when Pakistan economy is in oxygen tent, and domestic situation is filled with divisive tendencies, the latest decision of the prime minister to sack the defence secretary and accuse the army and the ISI chiefs of violating the constitution, has driven the country to a critical and dangerous point. The situation is now explosive
Afghan district chief, four others killed in blast: A suicide car-bomber killed five people including a district governor and wounded 10 others near Kandahar city in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, officials said.
Taliban set terms as US pushes for talks: Group says it will step up "political efforts" but not give up armed struggle as US prepares way for Afghan peace talks.
Assessing the Afghan war: Guess what? We aren't winning: So, America, remember the Vietnam War? Because the war in Afghanistan just gave me a bad case of deja vu.
Iraq attacks kill five policemen, town mayor: Gun attacks in Baghdad and predominantly Sunni west Iraq on Wednesday left five policemen and a town mayor dead, security and medical officials said.
Marine Says Sergeant Ordered Massacre In Haditha: A Camp Pendleton Marine says his commanding officer ordered bloodshed before his squad killed 24 Iraqis, including women and children, in 2005.
US troops 'told to lie' about Iraqi killings: A US soldier has told a military jury in California how his commander killed five Iraqi civilians in the western al-Anbar province in 2005 and then asked him to lie about it.
Four US suspects nabbed in Baghdad: The US nationals were wearing flak jackets and were armed with pistols -- equipped with silencers -- and automatic weapons when they were arrested in a Shia neighborhood in central Baghdad.
Syria: Camera crew captures attack that killed journalist : The French journalist, had been in a government-escorted media group visiting a pro-Assad neighbourhood of the divided city of Homs
Russian weapons ship arrives in Syria - paper: The Russian Foreign Ministry said the ship carried a “dangerous cargo,” but did not elaborate. According to the documents, the cargo sender was the Russian state arms trader Rosoboronexport.
Syria to form new government in early February: A new government to include opposition members will be formed in Syria early next month, the Al-Watan newspaper close to Syrian authorities reported on Thursday.
No proof of nuclear bomb development by Iran - Patrushev: "All this talk about Iranians being almost a week away from creating a nuclear bomb, we have been hearing it for many years now. The presence of a military aspect in Tehran's nuclear program has never been proved by anyone," Patrushev said in an interview with Interfax.
Iran: 'Nuclear assassinations disgrace IAEA': Marandi said all of Iranian scientists who had been targeted by terrorist attacks “have had their names given by the IAEA to third parties.”
Iran lacks avenues for condemning hits on scientists; Iran may be outraged at the killing of another nuclear scientist in broad daylight, but it lacks viable avenues for international condemnation or prosecution of what could be an attempt to sabotage its nuclear program.
Iran newspaper calls for retaliation against Israel over killing of nuclear scientist: A column by the chief editor of an influential Iranian paper says Iran should respond in kind to Israel's alleged clandestine war on Iran by assassinating Israeli officers.
The Signs Pointing to Israel's Role in the Assassination of an Iranian Nuclear Scientist: When 32-year-old Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was assassinated in a car bomb attack Wednesday, Iran immediately accused Israel of carrying out the attack. At this point, it's increasingly difficult to argue to the contrary.
Israel is pushing U.S. toward Iran war, Russian official says: Russia fears Israel will push the United States into a military conflict with Iran which could retaliate by blocking oil shipments from the Gulf, a confidant of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.
Real danger of US military strike on Iran: Russia: Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev warned that military escalation is likely in Iran, with "real danger" of a US strike, in an interview published Thursday.
US aircraft carrier sets course for Gulf: US’ “Abraham Lincoln” aircraft carrier with a group of combat ships has set a course for the Persian Gulf, an official with the US’ 7th fleet based at the Japanese port of Yokosuka said Wednesday.
Russia warns EU over Iran oil sanctions: “If the EU follows the Americans and imposes an embargo on purchases of Iranian oil…then the Europeans will suffer first and foremost, and not the US, it has plenty of its own reserves,” Secretary of Russia's National Security Council Nikolai Patrushev told Interfax.
EU prepares contingency plan for Iran oil sanctions: EU President Villy Soevndal announced today that the new Libyan regime and Gulf kingdoms are ready to fill shortages in Europe's oil supplies if Brussels imposes an embargo on Iran.
Japan joins US, EU in Iranian oil embargo: As the EU finalises sanctions against Iran, Japan has become the latest country to impose measures against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear programme. After talks with US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner the Japanese finance minister said Tokyo would begin reducing its imports of Iranian oil.
Lieberman, Graham warn of a nuclear Iran: Two Senate defense hawks plan to introduce a resolution opposing any strategy that accepts and tries to contain a nuclear-armed Iran, calling such an approach “a catastrophic mistake.”
EU report: Israel policy in West Bank endangers" two-state solution" : Survey by European Heads of Mission in Jerusalem, Ramallah criticizes Israel for the ‘forced transfer’ Palestinians from Area C, defined by the Oslo Accords as those parts of the West Bank under full Israeli control.
Supreme Court upholds ban on Palestinians living with Israeli spouses : The decision to refuse to allow couples to live together in Israel was initially taken by the government in May 2002.
Professor of Hate: Israeli "scholar" urges ethnic cleansing of Bedouins: A prominent Israeli professor at the University of Haifa, Arnon Sofer, is urging the government to act fast to ethnically cleanse Palestinian Bedouins lest Israel be “destroyed” by them.
Nigeria: Boko Haram Defends Killings of Christians: Alleged Boko Haram Leader, Abubkar Shekau, has posted a video on the Internet declaring that recent attacks on Christians were reprisals for the deaths of Muslims in the northern parts of the country.
Nigerian oil union issues shutdown deadline: Largest union says it will shut down oil and gas production from Sunday over government's ending of fuel subsidies.
Nigeria 'Heading Towards Anarchy'? There are fears that unrest over fuel prices and and the violent activities of the Boko Haram sect could drive the country into civil war.
US Marine Corps’ Africa mission may be growing: A select group of Marines is quietly battling terrorism across a wide swath of Africa as part of the first wave of what could become a long-term mission for the Corps.
Brotherhood dominates Egypt polls: Previously banned Muslim Brotherhood on course to most seats in new parliament.
U.S., Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in High-Level Talks: US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns will meet with Muslim Brotherhood party leaders as the country prepares to conclude marathon elections.
Too many victims of the war on terror remain imprisoned across the world: Hamidullah Khan was 13 when he disappeared from Pakistan in 2008. He is still locked up in an Afghan jail
UK spies won't face criminal charges for torture:Human Rights Watch found a cache of documents in the abandoned office of Gadhafi's former intelligence chief, Moussa Koussa, after the fall of the regime. Among them was a fax the CIA sent to Koussa in March 2004, which purportedly showed that the agency would support MI6 and Gadhafi in seeking Saadi's rendition.
Gulag USA: A Decade in the Purgatory Called Guantanamo: Hundreds of protesters, dozens outfitted in orange jumpsuits and black hoods, took to the streets outside the White House on Wednesday to demonstrate against torture and indefinite detention on the 10th anniversary of the opening of the U.S. prison facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.
Gulag USA: Guantanamo Bay lawyers to halt written communication: Military attorneys representing detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will stop communicating in writing with their clients because the commander of the military detention center has authorized officials to review mail coming from detainees’ lawyers.
Chart of the Day: Greek workers work 48% more hours than Germans: The conventional narrative about the European debt crisis largely accepts the contention that the periphery of Europe have different work habits and these account to a large extent the economic and financial problems.
Greek youngsters abandoned as parents struggle: 4-year-old found clutching note: 'I can't afford her' - Country also running out of medicine - Aspirin stocks low as austerity measures bite
White-Collar Workers Join Crowd Straining Food Banks: After losing her job as a consultant for nonprofits, Martha Heassler and her husband, a graphic artist, no longer had money for their daughter’s college education, new clothing or groceries.

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