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US Marine Kills Women Children Gets 3 Months


A Marine accused of killing unarmed Iraqi women and children pleaded guilty Monday to dereliction of duty in a deal that will mean a maximum of three months confinement. Continue
Critics Say Haditha Sends Message That U.S. Won’t Punish War Crimes

By Scott Gold and Carol J. Williams

“It’s going to be hard to explain to the world that at the end of the day this fellow will serve three months and that the charges have been so significantly reduced,” Continue
Iran 'Definitely' Closing Strait of Hormuz Over EU Oil Embargo


Tensions in the Gulf could reach a breaking point as a senior Iranian official said Iran would “definitely” close the Strait of Hormuz if an EU oil embargo disrupted the export of crude oil. Continue
The Eurasian Triple Entente:
Touch Iran in a War, You Will Hear Russia and China

By Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA

Iran can be characterized as a geo-strategic pivot. The entire geo-political equation in Eurasia will change on the basis of Iran’s political orbit. Continue
So Who is Iran Threatening?

By Jasdev Singh Rai

Assuming the worse that Iran is building a nuclear 'Bomb'. Is it really aimed at Washington 7000 miles away, London 3000 miles away or closer at Tel Aviv only 1000 miles away? And why? World Domination? Convert Mr Smith, Mrs Queen and Mr Levy into Shia Islam? Continue
‘Israel to Give Obama 12 Hours Notice on Attacking Iran’
US and Israel on 'Collision Course'

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

The Netanyahu government also will not coordinate with the United States an attack on the Islamic Republic. Continue
UK Silences Iran’s Press TV

By Danny Schechter

The British media regulator OFCOM has pulled Press TV’s license to be seen in the United Kingdom, the same regulator that has done so little to police the methods of Rupert Murdoch’s media practices or BBC’s tilted coverage of the war in Iraq. Continue
Arab League Mission: Syria Violence Decreased

By Press TV

Sudanese General Mustafa al-Dabi on Monday criticized foreign media for exaggerating the violence in Syria, stressing that the situation has improved in the country since the monitoring mission began in December. Continue
In Case You Missed It
Washington’s Enemy ‘Doesn’t Exist’ : Former CIA Officer

RT Interview with Michael Scheuer

The real problem is the leaders of the Jewish American community in the US, who influence and corrupt our Congress to support Israel when we have no interest there,” he states. Continue
The On-Going War Against Truth

By Lawrence Davidson

Disenchanting the public of official lies is what really rattles those in power. Of course, it is quite possible that most of the public, in the U.S. and elsewhere, doesn’t care about the truth either, however Power is not taking any chances in this regard. Continue
Taliban Video Shows Execution of Pakistani Soldiers


Taliban militants have released a video showing the execution of 15 Pakistani soldiers whose bodies were found earlier this month after they were kidnapped in northwestern Pakistan. Continue
My Plan To Solve Middle East Crisis


Mark McGowan - The Artist Taxi Driver. Continue
The Next Housing Bailout

By Mike Whitney

The Banks Need to Offload Millions of Unwanted Homes. Guess Who's Going to Buy Them? Continue
Obama to Use Pension Funds to Pay for Bank Mortgage “Settlement”

By Yves Smith

Obama is apparently going to present his belated Christmas present to the banking industry as a boon to ordinary citizens. Continue
10 Steps Toward Radical Revolution in the USA

By Bill Quigley

We respect the human rights and human dignity of others and work for a world where love and wisdom and solidarity and respect prevail. Continue
More On Ron Paul

By Paul Craig Roberts

If Ron Paul’s libertarian handlers and support base could escape their ideology, Ron Paul could be much better positioned to win the Republican nomination. Continue
The Age of Stupid


A 90-minute film about climate change, set in the future. Continue
15 killed in Syria: Activists say:: At least 10 civilians and five Syrian soldiers were killed in fresh violence across the country on Monday, activists said, also reporting a string of clashes between deserters and the army.
Syria Rejects Arab League Council's Decision: Syria considers these decisions a violation of its national sovereignty, a blatant interference in its internal affairs and a flagrant violation of the objectives for which the AL was established and a breach of Article VIII of its Charter.
Report: Russia to deliver combat jets to Syria: Russia has signed a contract to sell combat jets to Syria in a show of support for President Bashar Assad's regime, a newspaper reported Monday.
Saudi Arabia: the Middle East's most under-reported conflict: Shia protesters, demanding long overdue and promised reforms, are bearing the brunt of a security crackdown
US kills 5 people in Pakistan: A drone attack in a volatile tribal region of north-west Pakistan has killed at least five suspected militants, officials say.
Pakistan rejects NATO border-attack account: Military releases report rejecting US claim that its forces fired on Pakistani troops "in self-defence"
Pakistan: Senate adopts resolution against Pervez Musharraf: The Senate on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution against former President Pervez Musharraf demanding his arrest upon arrival to Pakistan and registration of a case under article 6 of the Constitution.
Afghanistan: Two Children Killed, Four Wounded in Kapisa Blast: At least two children were killed and four others were wounded in eastern Kapisa province on Sunday, Kapisa police said.
'Pro-Kadhafi' attack kills four in Libya: "There are around 100 and 150 men armed with heavy weapons who are attacking. We have asked for the army to intervene, but the defence ministry and NTC (National Transitional Council) have let us down," he said.
"Gaddafi diehards" control Bani Walid: official: Diehard supporters of slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi seized control on Monday of "the entire city of Bani Walid", his one-time bastion, after launching a brazen attack on a base there, a local official told AFP.
Libya suspends transitional government members: The head of Libya's transitional government on Sunday suspended delegates from Benghazi, the city that kicked off the movement that toppled ruler Moammar Gadhafi last year.
‘NTC head may resign – if he makes it out alive’: The deputy head of Libya’s National Transitional Council is resigning in light of continuing protests. Sukant Chandan, a spokesman for British Civilians for Peace in Libya, says the Council’s head may resign as well – if he doesn’t get killed first.
US-NATO war crimes in Libya: A report released last week by Middle East human rights groups presents extensive evidence of war crimes carried out in Libya by the United States, NATO and their proxy “rebel” forces during last year’s war, which brought down the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
4 killed in deadly battles between Kenya and Shebab Militants in Southern Somalia: Two Kenyan and one Somali soldiers were killed during an attack late Sunday on hardline Shehab positions at Delbio and Hosingo
Act of war: EU agrees Iranian oil embargo: Foreign ministers' deal in Brussels could lead to soaring fuel prices and Iran closing the strait of Hormuz
Russia critical of EU sanctions against Iran: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was critical on Monday of planned new European Union sanctions against Iran, saying they would push Tehran away from the negotiating table and do little to increase regional security.
Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran : Israel: EU oil embargo on Iran 'step in right direction': "It is necessary to pressure Iran very hard and very quickly and we must examine these sanctions in the light of their results. Until today, Iran continues to create nuclear weapons unhindered."
'Iran can shut Hormuz if threatened': A senior member of Iran's Majlis says it is the right of the Iranian nation to close the Strait of Hormuz if US-led Western states proceed with threats to impose an oil embargo on Iran.
Strait of Hormuz Will Stay Open, U.S. NATO Ambassador Says: U.S., British and French warships sailed as a group through the strait “to underline the unwavering international commitment to maintaining rights of passage under international law,” the U.K. defense ministry said
'Iran will make world unsafe for US': An Iranian lawmaker says in the event of US “military adventurism” in the Strait of Hormuz, Iran will respond in the shortest possible time by making the entire world unsafe for Americans.
Murder in Tehran: How the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist has exposed the double standards of the international news media.
Human Rights Watch: Iraq becoming 'police state' : Iraq's Shiite-led government cracked down harshly on dissent during the past year of Arab Spring uprisings, turning the country into a "budding police state" as autocratic regimes crumbled elsewhere in the region, an international rights groups said Sunday.
Ex-Iraq PM accuses Maliki of 'detaining, torturing' political opponents : Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi has accused Nouri al-Maliki of jailing over 1,000 members of opposition political parties, detaining many of them in secret locations with no access to legal counsel and using 'brutal torture' to extract confessions.
Iraq’s warning for neighbours: - Iraq on Sunday criticised neighbouring Turkey, Iran and unnamed Arab countries for trying to “intervene” in Baghdad’s month-long political crisis and not respecting its sovereignty.
HRW accuses Israel of rights violations: In annual report on rights abuses, group charges Israel with using unnecessary lethal force.
ICC charges four over Kenyan vote violence; International Criminal Court judges ordered four prominent Kenyans, including two potential presidential candidates, to stand trial for allegedly orchestrating a deadly wave of violence after their country's disputed 2007 presidential election.
UN rights chief urges US close Guantanamo: "It is 10 years since the US government opened the prison at Guantanamo, and now three years since January 22, 2009, when the president ordered its closure within 12 months," the High Commissioner for Human Rights said. "Yet the facility continues to exist and individuals remain arbitrarily detained – indefinitely – in clear breach of international law," she said in a statement.
We Need Your Help To Close Guantanamo: We need your help to secure 25,000 signatures on the Close Guantánamo Now! petition
Sen. Rand Paul stopped by airport security: He said he was "detained" at a small cubicle and couldn't make his flight to Washington for a Senate vote scheduled later in the day.
January 22, 2012
Afghan, Nato Forces Kill 20 "Insurgents": Sixteen insurgents were killed and ten others were captured by Afghan and Nato led troops over the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Interior Affairs said on Sunday.
Afghan soldier 'killed French troops over US video': An Afghan soldier who shot dead four French troops has said he did it because of a recent video showing US Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban insurgents, security sources told AFP.
How Pakistan continues to help US drone campaign despite political tensions: The Jan 10 strike -- and its follow-up two days later -- were joint operations, a Pakistani security source based in the tribal areas told Reuters.
12 killed in south Yemen clashes: - Eight "militants" and four Yemeni soldiers were killed in clashes on Thursday, local officials and medics said, near a southern provincial capital seized by Islamist dissidents in May.
Yemen's president leaves for US: Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Sunday left for the United States after asking his people for forgiveness for "any shortcomings" during his 33-year rule, reported the Yemeni news website Mareb Press.
Nine killed in Iraq attacks: At least nine people were killed Sunday in three areas across Iraq, security and medical sources said, DPA reported.
Report: US kills Somali Al Qaeda "insurgent": A U.S. drone strike killed a British Al Qaeda official fighting alongside insurgents in Somalia, officials said.
Arab League extends Syria mission 1 more month: The League decided to add more observers and provide them with additional resources, the officials said.
Saudi withdraws Syria monitors: Saudi Arabia will withdraw its observers from Syria because the mission has failed to end 10 months of bloodshed and will call on the international community to apply "all possible pressure" on Damascus to end the violence, its foreign minister said.
Syrian deserters take suburb near Damascus, activists say: Syrian activists say insurgents now fighting army at the entrances to the suburb of Douma, which has been a center of protests in the 10-month revolt against President Bashar Assad.
Syria deserters retreat after seizing area near capital: "No one can get in or out of Douma right now. This is the first time the rebels do anything more than hit-and-run attacks. Tonight they started making barriers in the streets," an activist living in Douma told Reuters by Skype.
Syrian exiles smuggling weapons, goods to "revolutionaries": Syrian dissidents based in Lebanon have stepped up efforts to help the opposition in their country by smuggling medicine, satellite phones, cameras and weapons into Syria — and refugees and injured fighters out.
2 US Senators Seek Sanctions On Syria: The bill, to be released Sunday by Democratic Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, would require President Barack Obama to identify violators of human rights and call for reform and protection of pro-democracy demonstrators.
US aircraft carriers to deliver 'direct message to Iran': Panetta added that the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise is on course for the Persian Gulf – and will steam through the Strait of Hormuz in a direct message to Iran, AP reports.
Report: Iranian Officer Killed in Shooting Attack: Two motorcyclists fired shots at a group of soldiers who were on their way to an air force base located near the city.
Greece presses EU to ease Iran oil sanctions: European diplomats are confident that EU foreign ministers will agree plans on Monday to impose a phased ban on the import of crude oil from Iran over the next few months.
Deputy head of Libya's NTC quits after protests: The deputy head of Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) said on Sunday he was resigning after a series of protests against the new government which the country's leader warned could drag Libya into a "bottomless pit."
‘Libya’s like Somalia’: “Africans are being beaten and killed in Libya and no one there cares,”
Online companies win piracy fight: Outspent but hardly outgunned, online and high-tech companies triggered an avalanche of Internet clicks to force Congress to shelve legislation that would curb online piracy. They outmaneuvered the entertainment industry and other old guard business interests, leaving them bitter and befuddled.

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