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'Mossad, MKO Killed Iranian Scientist'

By Richard Silverstein

These are shameful acts by a shameful Israeli government exploiting Iranian terrorists for their own ends. Continue
More Murder of Iranian Scientists: Still Terrorism?

By Glenn Greenwald

Even for people who don’t believe the US has anything to do with the assassination of Iranian scientists, just flip the scenario: how would they react to news that Israeli scientists were being systematically murdered, and Iranian officials just smiled and acted coy when asked about it? Continue
US in No Position to Issue Credible Spying Denials

By Dave Lindorff

I wouldn’t want to be Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, the 28-year-old former US Marine just recently sentenced to death by a court in Iran after being convicted of being an American spy. Continue
War Plan Iran:
The US Finally Admits Its Criminal Bankruptcy

By Finian Cunningham

“Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.” Continue
Energy Wars 2012

By Michael T. Klare

Welcome to an edgy world where a single incident at an energy “chokepoint” could set a region aflame, provoking bloody encounters, boosting oil prices, and putting the global economy at risk. Continue
Boom And Doom:
Revisiting Prophecies Of Collapse

By Debora MacKenzie

At the beginning of the 1970s, a group of young scientists set out to explore our future. Their findings shook a generation and may be even more relevant than ever today. Continue
The European Problem
The intrigue is at its height

By: Bob Chapman

The European problem is going to spread from the original six that includes Italy and Spain to Austria and then to France. That $1 trillion swap was the temporary fix, but what do you do for an encore? Use fractional banking of course. Continue
Obama, Sarkozy and Taxing Wall Street

By Jeff Cohen

With U.S. media obsessing on the fight here at home among conservatives vying to become president, most of them missed some big news about France, which already has a conservative president. Continue
Obama's 'New' Bank Fraud Deal:
Still Unfair, Still Unjust, Still Unbalanced

By Richard RJ Eskow

The Obama White House continues to push for a settlement that would let bankers avoid being punished - or even investigated - for a wave of mortgage-related crimes that includes perjury, tax evasion, and several types of fraud. Continue
Are Drones Watching You?

By Jennifer Lynch

Predator drones can eavesdrop on electronic transmissions, and one drone unveiled at DEFCON last year can crack Wi-Fi networks and intercept text messages and cell phone conversations—without the knowledge or help of either the communications provider or the customer. Continue
Unplug Yourself
How Advertising and Entertainment Shapes Your Subconscious

By Andre Evans

People are taught to live in a simulated reality, with pre determined goals, aspirations, and false expectations. Continue

8 killed in Nigeria as tensions sharpen: Eight people killed in the north and an Islamic school burnt down in the south, as a fuel strike rattles the country.
Report: Eight killed in attack on pro-regime rally in Syria: - At least eight people, including a Belgian reporter, were killed Wednesday when shells hit a pro-regime rally in the central Syrian province of Homs, Syrian Al Dunia Television reported.
Assad joins pro-Syria rally in Damascus: Addressing thousands of government supporters in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Assad said on Wednesday that the support of Syrians for his government gives him power to fight hard against the external conspiracy trying to destabilize the country.
Russia sends warship to Syria to prevent Libyan scenario: Yevgeny Satanovsky, President of the Institute of Israeli and Middle East Studies, underscores that Russia’s actions can be explained by its concerns that if the current regime in the country is replaced it will entail rivers of blood, millions of refuges and hundreds of thousands of victims among Syria’s Christian community.
Three Iraq policemen killed in Anbar province: Insurgents attacked an Iraqi police station near the Syrian border early Wednesday morning and killed three policemen, including a captain, security and medical officials said.
Iraq's Kurds unwilling to hand Hashemi to Baghdad: While not refusing outright to arrest the Sunni leader and send him to face trial, Iraqi Kurdish officials said the Baghdad government should accept Hashemi's demand to be tried outside the capital.
U.S. drone initiated strike on Kurds: The drone, was one of four based at Incirlik Airbase in southern Turkey, launched the airstrike in December on the village of Ortasu, sources told Turkey's Aydinlik.
Iranian nuclear scientist killed in car bomb blast: Two assailants on a motorcycle attached magnetic bombs to the car of an Iranian university professor working at a key nuclear facility, killing him and another person Wednesday, state TV reported. The slayings suggest a widening covert effort to set back Iran's atomic program
Le Figaro: Israel's Mossad Recruiting Iranian Dissidents to Work Against Tehran Regime: French report quotes security sources in Baghdad as saying that Israel is training Iranians in Iraq's Kurdish region to operate against Ayatollah regime.
'IAEA leaked secret info to Iran enemy': A senior lawmaker says assassination of Iranian scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan proves that the confidential information provided to international bodies by Iran has been leaked to the country's enemies.
Iran says Fordo uranium enrichment site runs under IAEA watch: TV: Iran's permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali-Asghar Soltanieh said all of the country's nuclear activities, including those at Fordo enrichment site, are under the supervision of the UN nuclear watchdog
Obama Ready to Use Military Force to Stop Nuclear Iran, Ex-Adviser Says: The administration considers the risks of permitting a nuclear-armed Iran to be greater than the risks of military action, said Ross, who last month rejoined the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a research group.
Iran Interest Rates Raised To 20% To Fight Hyperinflation: As a result of a financial embargo enacted on by the US on New Year's Day, Iran's economy had promptly entered freefall mode and is now experiencing hyperinflation as the currency implodes.
Public ire one goal of Iran sanctions, U.S. official says: The Obama administration sees economic sanctions against Iran as building public discontent that will help compel the government to abandon an alleged nuclear weapons program, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official.
China unbowed by US pressure over Iranian oil: US Treasury Secretary fails to persuade China to back sanctions against Iranian oil industry during talks in Beijing.
Thousands Of USTroops To Arrive In Israel This Week: Accompanied by a US aircraft carrier, 9,000 US troops including airmen, missile interceptor teams, marines, technicians and intelligence officers are scheduled to land in Israel in the coming weeks. Many will stay up to the end of the year as part of the US-Israeli Army deployment in readiness for a military engagement with Iran, aiming at a synchronized military front against Iran.
Israel subsidizes West Bank housing, breaking promise to U.S.: Revelation comes as PM Netanyahu announces plan to build 277 housing units in Efrat settlement as part of series of reprisals for the PA's admission to UNESCO in October.
Pakistan fires defense secretary in growing crisis: Pakistan's prime minister fired the defense secretary Wednesday in a dispute over a memo sent to Washington that has enraged the army, escalating a crisis pitting the civilian government against the powerful military leadership.
US gave grant to Pakistani Muslim group which demonstrated in favor of governor’s killer: The U.S. gave money to a Pakistani Muslim group that organized anti-Taliban rallies, but which later demonstrated in support of an extremist who killed a leading liberal politician, the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan said Wednesday.
One Third of the Military's Aircraft Are Now Drones: Nearly one in three American military aircraft is a drone, according to a congressional report, a 40-fold increase in the drone army from just a few years ago. From tiny man-portable flying wings to behemoth strike planes, unmanned aircraft now make up 31 percent of the military’s air power.
Sudan blocks S. Sudan crude oil exportation: The minister said that the government of Khartoum has decided to once again to steal crude oil from the republic of South Sudan, rather than view a new year as an opportunity for renewed cooperation.
Obama sending 5 US military officers to S. Sudan: The White House said the U.S. forces will join the United Nations mission in the capital of Juba and focus on strategic planning and operations. They are not expected to engage in combat operations, but will be armed for personal protection.
Doomsday Clock a minute closer to midnight: As well, the major global challenge now was a warmer climate that threatens to bring droughts, famine, water scarcity and rising seas, said Allison Macfarlane, an associated professor at George Mason University near Washington, who chairs the group's committee that helps set the clock.
Federal court blocks Oklahoma ban on Sharia: - A federal appeals court has blocked an Oklahoma voter-approved measure barring state judges from considering Islamic and international law in their decisions.
Frontrunner Romney wins New Hampshire: Final results showed the former Massachusetts governor with 39 per cent of the vote, followed by Texas congressman Ron Paul with 23 per cent and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman with 17 per cent.
I Was Kicked Out of a Mitt Romney Event and Arrested : “Sir, the campaign has identified you as someone who was at a protest at Romney’s office in Manchester.”
Sh*t Republican candidates say: I thought I had a potty mouth, but you should hear the way this GOP field talks. For starters, they're obsessed with sex …
Occupy protesters return to New York park: Anti-Wall Street demonstrators return to Manhattan square for first time in two months after barricades are torn down.
January 10, 2012
The US-Iran Economic War

By Pepe Escobar

Here's a crash course on how to further wreck the global economy. Continue
Presstitute Alert - Demonizing Iran/Venezuela
Ahmadinejad, Chavez "Taunt" US from Caracas

By Whitney Eulich, Correspondent

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, joked yesterday about having a nuclear weapon at their disposal. Continue
After Iran, Venezuela?

By Mike Whitney

As soon as Obama is finished “liberating” Tehran, it’ll be on to Venezuela. You can bet on it. Continue
Al-Assad Speech
Foreign Powers, Terrorists Want Syrian Uprising


Speech by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad -January 10th 2012, speaking on uprising, civilian deaths, humanitarian monitoring of violence, the Arab League and foreign powers that he claims are seeking control of Syria for economic or political gain. Continue
Neocon Israel Mouthpiece Writes Syrian Opposition Intervention Paper

By Moon Of Alabama

Bashar al-Asad is right. There are international conspiracies to take him down.
Puppets & Dictators


Author and scholar Gene Sharp told RT in exclusive interview that non-violence is the only way for people to bring about a democratic change. Continue
Humanitarian Bombing
"Shame On You Americans"


Looking into the faces of those we kill. Continue
Why Do We Ignore the Civilians We Kill in US Wars?

By John Tirman

Why the American silence on our wars’ main victims? Our self-image, based on what cultural historian Richard Slotkin calls “the frontier myth” — in which righteous violence is used to subdue or annihilate the savages of whatever land we’re trying to conquer. Continue
My Guantánamo Nightmare


I went on a hunger strike for two years because no one would tell me why I was being imprisoned. Twice each day my captors would shove a tube up my nose, down my throat and into my stomach so they could pour food into me. It was excruciating. Continue
Why Washington Wants ‘Finito’ with Putin

By F. William Engdahl

The Shady National Endowment for Democracy &The Prime Agenda of ‘Whoever’ is Next US President. Continue
US Agents Helped Launder Millions in Drug Proceeds

By Olga Rodriguez

Mexico's government allowed a group of undercover U.S. anti-drug agents and their Colombian informant to launder millions in cash for a powerful Mexican drug trafficker and his Colombian cocaine supplier, according to documents made public Monday. Continue
No Longer a Party of Lincoln
The Racial Politics of the New GOP

By John Nichols

On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum told a crowd of supporters: “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” Continue
Grow up, Ron Paul

By Carl Gibson

Ron Paul's every-individual-for-themselves rhetoric appeals to young, radical libertarians with simplistic viewpoints of authority, and an ignorance of why government exists in the first place. Continue
If Corporations Are People, Then ...

By Don Cavallaro

Would mergers between a male and female corporation be considered marriage? If you sue a corporation into bankruptcy, should that now be considered murder? Continue
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

By Gil Scott-Heron

You will not be able to stay home, brother. You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out. You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip, Skip out for beer during commercials, Because the revolution will not be televised. Continue
Blast kills 29 in northwest Pakistan: At least 29 people were killed and over 40 others injured when a powerful bomb blast ripped through a crowded market in the restive Khyber tribal region of northwest Pakistan on Tuesday, officials and witnesses said.
US kills four people in Pakistan: Officials: Two missiles destroyed a "militant" compound in Pakistan’s tribal area near the Afghan border, killing four "militants" late on Tuesday, security officials said.
Pakistan high court warns PM to comply with order to investigate president: The court said that Gilani has failed to follow court orders to reopen corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. The court also accused the government of violating the constitution and threatening the balance of power in the country:
Afghan-NATO operation kills 10 "Taliban", police say: Ten Taliban insurgents were killed in an operation by Afghan and foreign forces in northern Afghanistan, Afghan police said Tuesday.
Suicide attackers storm office in Afghan east, 7 killed - Three suicide attackers stormed a government building in Afghanistan's volatile east on Tuesday, sparking a six-hour gun battle with security forces in which four government employees and three policemen were killed, authorities said.
Probe accuses US of Afghan detainee abuse: Inmates at facility in Bagram tell investigating commission they were tortured and held without evidence by authorities.
Afghan government accuses US of torture and false imprisonment: The crisis besetting the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan has been deepened over recent days. Its own puppet government, headed by President Hamid Karzai, has publicly accused the American military of torture and arbitrary detention at the largest US-run prison in the country.
Four Russian Troops Killed In Fighting With Chechen Rebels: Four Russian security personnel, including three policemen and a member of the interior army, have been killed in fighting with rebels in the troubled North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, Russia's interior ministry said Monday.
Schoolboys among eight killed in Iraq: Gun and bomb attacks in Baghdad and north Iraq have killed eight people, including an army colonel and three schoolboys, security officials said, a day after a spate of violence left 17 dead.
Squad mate testifies in Marine's Iraq massacre trial: A former squad mate of a Marine implicated in the deaths of 19 Iraqis in 2005 has told a court-martial that after a roadside bombing the group raced to nearby homes, firing rounds and tossing grenades, even though he heard no gunfire and saw no weapons or Iraqis fleeing.
In case you missed it: Iraqi Girl tells of US Attack in Haditha: Ten-year-old Iman Walid witnessed the killing of seven members of her family in an attack by American marines last November. The interview with Iman was filmed exclusively for ITV News by Ali Hamdani,our Iraqi video diarist.
Report: Saudi King Abdullah ordered to assassinate Iraqi VP 'Tariq al-Hashemi': Saudi King Abdullah ordered to assassinate Iraqi VP (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The Saudi regime is reportedly planning to assassinate fugitive Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi over fears that he might disclose Saudi Arabia's role in the bloody events in Iraq.
Syria's Assad vows 'iron hand' against opponents: "Our priority now is to regain security in which we basked for decades, and this can only be achieved by hitting the terrorists with an iron hand," Assad said in a nearly two-hour speech to a cheering crowd packed with well-dressed supporters at Damascus University. "We will not be lenient with those who work with outsiders against the country."
Arab League anger as monitors attacked: Arabi said "some members of the mission were victim of violent attacks carried out by pro-regime elements in Latakia and Deir Ezzor, and from elements considered to be members of the opposition in other areas".
Erdogan warns of ‘civil war’ in Syria as daily bloodshed continues: “The situation that has emerged there is right now heading towards a religious, sectarian and racial civil war. This must be stopped,” Erdogan said at a televised press conference.
Iran nuke work at bunker is confirmed: "The IAEA can confirm that Iran has started the production of uranium enriched up to 20 percent ... in the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant,"
'Iran war to deteriorate world economy': A senior Chinese diplomat says, "Everyone knows that 40 percent of the oil shipped daily to every part of the world goes through the Strait of Hormuz, so once war starts in this region not only will the relevant nations be affected and attacked, it would also ... bring disaster to a world economy deep in crisis," Chen Xiaodong warned on Tuesday
‘US builds hospitals in Georgia, readies for war with Iran’: A big war between the US and Iran is beginning in the Persian Gulf. $5 billion was allocated for the construction of these 20-bed military hospitals,” Javelidze said in an interview with Georgian paper Kviris Kronika (News of the Week), as cited by Newsgeorgia website.
Sanctions begin taking a bigger toll on Iran: The West's strategy has sent the currency, the rial, into a tailspin and pushed inflation higher. But the risks are high.
Cuban Missile Crisis, the Sequel; $3,000 Gold Possible: In what appears as swift retaliation by Iran against U.S.-led economic sanctions imposed on the Persian Gulf state, suddenly Iran says it will no longer accept the U.S. dollar as payment for its oil shipments to India, Japan and China.
2 killed as US defends immunity for Yemeni Saleh: Amnesty International said on Monday that the draft law is “a smack in the face for justice, made all the more glaring by the fact that protesters have been calling for an end to impunity since mass protests began in early 2011.”
U.S. conveys to Libya its dissatisfaction over Sudanese president visit: Bashir has disclosed following Gaddafi’s downfall that his country provided military help to the NTC during the course of the battles in Libya throughout most of this year.
No Evidence' of Mass Killings - UN: It was still not clear on Saturday how many people had died but with as many as a third of all thatch huts set on fire in targeted areas, some 60,000 people were in desperate need of help, Johnson added.
Al-Shabab dismisses Kenya air raid toll claim: Somali group confirms attack took place in Garbaharey but denies 60 of its fighters were killed.
Nigeria: Rage amid poverty: Anger over corruption emerges in Nigeria strike, fueling fears of unrest.
US millionaire Kenneth Abramowitz funds settlers linked to attacks on IDF: The narrative that Benjamin Netanyahu's governing coalition is "cracking down" on those wild West Bank settlers is falling apart with Haaretz's revelation that the leader of Netanyahu's political party passed on information about Israeli military movements to settlers seeking to block moves against outposts.
Israel buy Gingrich - Sheldon Adelson gives $5 million to pro-Gingrich group: American billionaire and close ally of Israeli PM Netanyahu makes contribution to super PAC named 'Winning Our Future'; has previously supported Gingrich's claim that Palestinians are 'invented people.'
Sabbath-observant Jew named Obama's new White House chief of staff: Over the past three years, Lew, whose son studied in a yeshiva in Israel, has developed a close working relationship with Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren, and has met several times with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz.
CAIR Disavows Tampa Terror Suspect; Was There Entrapment?: Shibly characterized Osmakac as a "self-radicalized lone wolf" and said the local community played "a vital role" in bringing him to the attention of the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office.
Freedom In USA: Grand Central Terminal Arrests : Two protesters mic check about the loss of freedom brought about by the passage of the NDAA and both are promptly arrested and whisked out of public sight
Trained snipers will be watching Chicago NATO/G8 dignitaries, protesters: When the world's most important leaders converge on Chicago for the G8 and NATO summits, so will the most elite marksmen.
Investors pay to lend to Germany, want more from France: - Investors paid to lend Germany a combined 3.9 billion euros for six months on Monday, accepting a loss in a renewed flight to safety from the euro zone debt crisis.
Europe's Crisis Is Germany's Blessing: Its neighbors may be suffering, but the euro crisis has created conditions that actually benefit the German economy. Not only is the government enjoying the windfall of negative interest rates on bonds, but unemployment is down and exports are booming.
Greece should quit euro unless "massive" funding given: Czech: Greece should leave the euro zone and devalue its new currency unless Europe is willing to provide "massive" funding for the indebted country, Czech central bank Governor Miroslav Singer said in a newspaper interview.
For Many Americans, Jobs Crisis to Last Many Years: The amount of jobs in the economy is still about 6.1 million lower than before the brutal 2007-2009 recession. At December's pace of gains, it would take about 2 1/2 years just to get back to pre-recession levels of employment.
Pennsylvania to impose asset test for food stamps: Pennsylvania plans to make the amount of food stamps that people receive contingent on the assets they possess - an unexpected move that bucks national trends and places the commonwealth among a minority of states.
January 09, 2
The New York Times is Misleading the Public on Iran

By Robert Naiman

AIPAC is trying to trick the United States into another catastrophic war with a Middle Eastern country on behalf of the Likud Party's colonial ambitions, and the New York Times is misleading the public with allegations that say that the country is developing "weapons of mass destruction". Continue
Santorum: Iranians’ ‘Principle Virtue’ To Die For God
‘Is An Encouragement For Them To Use’ Nukes

By Eli Clifton

Santorum’s Iran policy appears to be framed, in no small part, by his extremist views on Islam and a belief that the Islamic Republic’s leadership is inherently irrational and suicidal. Continue
Demonizing Iran/Venezuela
US orders expulsion of Venezuelan consul

By Jim Mannion

The United States has ordered the expulsion of Venezuela's consul general in Miami amid reports linking the diplomat to an alleged Iranian plot to target sensitive US facilities with cyber attacks, the US State Department said Sunday. Continue
A New Reserve Currency to Challenge the Dollar?
What’s Really Going on in The Straits of Hormuz.

By David Malone

The stand off is as much with China and its allies as it is specifically with Iran. Continue
Obama's New Military Strategy Doesn't Add Up
What happened to the idea of saving money?

By Miriam Pemberton

The job description for our self-appointed role as world policeman will be trimmed a bit. We won't be patrolling everywhere all the time, but we'll be doing something more like check-ins in places like Latin America and Africa. Continue
Stone Age Logic
Preserving US Global Leadership

By Gwynne Dyer

If you’re not allowed to enslave people any more, or even loot their resources, then what is the point of being a traditional great power? Continue
Iraq: A Country in Shambles

By Dahr Jamail

The state of the economy in Iraq is a disaster. Yet this irony is highlighted by the fact that Iraq has proven oil reserves third only behind Saudi Arabia and Iran - hence one would expect it to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Continue
Homeland Security Monitors Journalists


The Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS) can collect personal information from news anchors, journalists, reporters or anyone who may use “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.” Continue
The Gospel of the Penniless, Jobless, Marginalized and Despised

By Chris Hedges

African-Americans used faith to survive and resist, and fight, while whites used faith in order to terrorize black people. Continue

Renewed South Sudan clashes kill at least 24: “In Akobo East County, the town of Deng Jok was attacked and 22 people were killed,” Jonglei Governor Kuol Manyang told AFP, adding that 20 more were seriously wounded and had been taken to hospital.
Obama To Sell Arms to South Sudan : The United States President Barack Obama issued a memorandum on Friday notifying the Secretary of State and Congress that he is adding South Sudan to the list of countries eligible to buy weapons from the US
One killed as Nigerian fuel protests turn deadly: Nigerian police have killed a man and wounded three others at a demonstration in Nigeria's largest commercial city amid a nationwide strike against cuts in fuel subsidies, witnesses and hospital staff say.
Nigeria's oil disasters are met by silence: The global media have had little to say on Nigeria's latest oil spill and the hundreds of others that have destroyed so many lives.
A least 10 abducted Pakistan paramilitary troops found shot dead: Local officials say the bullet-riddled bodies of the men were found in a ravine close to the town of Dabori. It is unclear when they were killed. Last week the Taliban killed 15 tribal police they had abducted last month.
China planning military base in Pakistan, Indian report says: “China and Pakistan pledged to strengthen military ties and bring existing cooperation to a new level," Xinhua quoted China's Defense Minister Gen. Liang Guanglie as saying.
Why Musharraf is risking a return to Pakistan: Pakistani prosecutors say former President Gen. Pervez Musharraf will be arrested the moment he returns, but the Army might prevent his arrest.
Musharraf hints at Army backing - Video report
Eight Taliban killed, 13 held in Afghanistan : At least eight Taliban militants were killed and 13 arrested in a series of military operations in Afghanistan over the past 24 hours, the country's interior ministry said Monday.
Nato, Afghan soldiers killed in Zabul shootout: An Afghan soldier gunned down a Nato occupation force soldier and was himself killed when a dispute ended in a shoot-out on Sunday, an Afghan security source and the Nato force said.
Afghanistan: 'Slave-like' conditions at Swedish army base revealed: Kitchen staff at Sweden's military base in Afghanistan have been working in "slave-like conditions," a Swedish newspaper has revealed.
Attacks kill six in Iraq, wound 15 Afghan pilgrims: In Baghdad, gunmen burst into the home of Fatma Tayyiq, a branch manager for the Commercial Bank of Iraq, and shot her and husband dead in the capital's central Karrada district
Iraqi Interior Ministry demands Kurds hand over vice president: Iraq's Interior Ministry on Monday confirmed it has ordered the semi-autonomous northern Kurdistan region to hand over Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, who faces charges of terrorism.
General: US planning for military strike on Iran: "My responsibility is to encourage the right degree of planning [for if Iran tries to build a nuclear bomb], to understand the risks associated with any kind of military option -- in some cases to position assets, to provide those options in a timely fashion," General Martin Dempsey said on Face the Nation today. "And all those activities are going on," he added.
Iran sentences 'CIA agent' to death: Iran says that Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, a former US marine, received special training and served at US military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan before heading to Iran for his alleged intelligence mission.
Iran arrests 'several US spies' trying to disrupt elections: Iran's secret services claim to have arrested several people on charges of spying for the US and seeking to disrupt the country's parliamentary elections.
Beijing rejects sanctions on Iranian oil: “The normal trade relations and energy cooperation between China and Iran have nothing to do with the nuclear issue,” Cui said. “We should not mix issues of different natures, and China’s legitimate concerns and demands should be respected.”
Syria opposition split raises calls for foreign intervention: The collapse of a deal between Syria's two main opposition factions shows that voices calling for foreign intervention to topple President Bashar Assad have gained the upper hand over those opposing it.
Obama signs bill that includes added U.S. military assistance to Israel: The bill, which was introduced in May and approved by Congress this week, would have the U.S. provide additional support to the annual $3 billion for ten years that the U.S. is already committed to under the Memorandum of Understanding.
Second Israeli MK admits to having given settlers information on IDF movements: National Union's Uri Ariel says 'if a person who transfers information about IDF movements is a spy, then I am a spy'; Likud MK Ze'ev Elkin was found to having given right-wing activists information on IDF earlier Sunday.
Saleh granted amnesty despite U.N. warning: -- All members of the administration of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh are shielded from the law, a draft measure submitted by the vice president said.
China slams US military adventurism: China says the accusations leveled against the country in the new United States defense strategy are “groundless” and aim to counter the Asian country's growing power.
Unemployment Drop Masks Ongoing Decline: Economist John Williams of says the government reported more than 40,000 jobs that didn’t exist. If unemployment was calculated the way BLS did it in 1994 and earlier, it would be 22.4% according to Williams.

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