Friday, 23 October 2009

Debunking The Myths Surrounding Hamas

Debunking The Myths Surrounding Hamas

Hamas – They’re not bad, they’re just drawn that way

By Mary Rizzo

In most of the Western media, no matter if it is on the right or the left, and in some of the “moderate” media in Arab countries, the very name of the party is coupled with terms such as “fundamentalist”, “radical” or “terrorist”. Continue

Russia's Daring Vote

By Israel Shamir

Russia's vote to endorse the Goldstone Gaza report in the United Nations Human Rights Council last Friday was an important, milestone event both for Palestine and for Russia. For Palestine, this vote opened a way to try and sentence Israeli mass-murderers, and thus ushered Israel into a new era of responsibility after a long period of Wild West-style, Colt-45 justice. Continue

Israeli War Crimes

Video interview: Richard Goldstone

Goldstone challenges US over Gaza report. Continue

The Death-Defying Dollar

By Barry Eichengreen

The blogosphere is abuzz with reports of the dollar’s looming demise. The greenback has fallen against the euro by nearly 15% since the beginning of the summer. Central banks have reportedly slowed their accumulation of dollars in favour of other currencies. Continue

Dollar Collapse Update:

"Obama Demands Pay in Euros!"

By Mike Whitney

Here's a likely scenario of what could take place in the next few months. Continue

Herding the Sheep

By Washington's Blog

The message, quite overtly, is: if you are pissed, you are in a minority. The country has moved on. Things are getting better, get with the program.. Continue

Shoes Fly as Bush Tells Audience,

‘I Did Not Sell My Soul’

By John Byrne

A day after an effigy of the Grim Reaper stalked his speech in Edmonton, Canada, former President George W. Bush was on the defensive over his personal salvation. Continue

Blasts, army offensive kill 41 in Pakistan: Explosions rocked Pakistan's troubled north-western region and a garrison town Friday, killing at least 26 people, mostly civilians, officials and media reports said. Also Friday, 13 militants and two soldiers were killed during an ongoing military offensive against the Taliban in the lawless tribal district of South

U.S. Military Providing Surveillance Video: "We are coordinating with the Pakistanis," said a senior U.S. military official, one of several who confirmed the operations. "And we do provide Predator support when requested."

British occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: The serviceman, from the Royal Military police, died on a foot patrol near Gereshk district centre in Helmand province.

NATO ministers back U.S. Afghan strategy: NATO defence ministers on Friday gave their backing to the new, broader strategy against the Taliban expounded by top U.S. and alliance commander General Stanley McChrystal.

IAEA says Iran needs more time to review nuke deal: The Vienna-based nuclear watchdog says Iran told IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei that it is "considering the proposal in depth and in a favorable light, but needs until the middle of next week to provide a response."

Shalom: International community must condemn Iran agreement: Vice Premier Silvan Shalom told UN chief Ban Ki-moon in a meeting on Friday that the international community must condemn the nuclear draft deal currently in discussion with Iran.

Iran must totally stop enriching uranium, Israeli minister says: Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said Thursday night that Tehran has to completely stop enriching uranium.The draft plan, if signed, would set the Iranian nuclear programme back about 12 months, but would also lend legitimacy to Iran's uranium enrichment for civilian purposes

Russia Pledges Military Cooperation with Iran: Russia announced that it has no plan to restrict its military cooperation with Iran, stressing that Moscow would not allow "competitors a chance to take advantage of the situation".

Russia may go ahead with Iran missile deal: On Thursday RIA-Novosti quoted an unidentified Defense Ministry official as saying that since the S-300s are "defensive weapons" Moscow was under no international obligation to scrap the contract.

Israel urges Ban to stop Goldstone report: Lieberman attacked Cuba, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, which are among the 25 countries that voted in favor of a resolution endorsing the Goldstone report. The Israeli foreign minister also accuse them of creating a "hypocritical" and "prejudiced" international system.

Shas 'racial purity' policy toward migrant kids is a disgrace: The manifestations of formal racism in Israel have become reminiscent of the black days of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, when the authorities decided that only a Catholic could be a Spaniard.

Turkey censors television series after row with Israel: Turkey’s public broadcaster TRT has removed scenes of Israeli violence against Palestinians from a television series that caused a diplomatic row with Israel, the producer was quoted as saying Thursday.

Somalia's Shabab threatens Uganda and Burundi: The threat follows the killing on Thursday of at least 30 people in Mogadishu, the capital, by Amisom, the African Union's peacekeeping force to which Uganda and Burundi contribute troops.

Thousands freed from Sri Lanka camp: Group of 4,000 Tamils freed from detention camps as US calls for war crimes probe.

Record recession for UK economy: Britain's economy contracted unexpectedly in the third quarter of this year, quashing hopes that the downturn was ending and instead marking the country's longest recession since records began in 1955.

US Unemployed Losing their lifeline - 7,000 a Day: : As the Senate debates whether to extend unemployment benefits, more than 200,000 jobless Americans are set to see their checks stop in October.

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