Thursday, 15 October 2009

News For October 15, 2009

45,000 More U.S. Troops To Afghanistan

By BBC Newsnight

The Obama administration had told the British government that it will soon announce a substantial boost to its Afghanistan force and UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that Britain will send a further 500 soldiers. Continue

Fighting the Taliban

What, Exactly, is Being Fought in Afghanistan?

By M. Reza Pirbhai

Washington insiders do not mention that the Taliban’s “harsh form of oppression on women and others,” which everyone from Madeleine Albright to Hillary Clinton have argued provides cause for war, is not a concern when relations with ‘Wahhabi’ Saudi Arabia are pursued. Continue

John Bolton Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran

By Daniel Luban

Discussing Iran during a Tuesday speech at the University of Chicago, Bolton appeared to call for nothing less than an Israeli nuclear first strike against the Islamic Republic. (The speech, sponsored by the University Young Republicans and Chicago Friends of Israel, was titled, apparently without a trace of irony, “Ensuring Peace.”) Continue

The IDF Violated Nuremberg Principles During Operation ‘Cast Lead’

By Cesar Chelala

In what can be considered a sad paradox of history, an analysis of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) actions during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza shows that the IDF violated several of the Nuremberg Principles, as well as the principles of the Geneva Conventions. Continue

U.S. Berated for Shielding Israel on Gaza Killings

By Thalif Deen

Washington is giving Israel a green light to continue to commit atrocities, said Ratner, who heads the non-profit human rights litigation organisation. Continue

Abbas and the Goldstone Report: Our Shame is Complete

By Ramzy Baroud

Those who hoped that the Israeli atrocities in Gaza would rekindled a sense of remorse among the egotistical elites in Ramallah, were surely disappointed when the PA withdrew its draft resolution supporting recommendations made by South African Judge Richard Goldstone. Continue

The Muslims are Coming!

By Dean Obeidallah

Not only are Muslims coming -- but they want to take over America! At least that's what four Republican Members of Congress alleged today. Continue

US Healthcare Overhaul: Five Lessons from Abroad

By Alexandra Marks

What the US could learn about healthcare from Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany, and Singapore. Continue

Gunmen, bombs hit 5 sites in Pakistan, 40 killed: Teams of gunmen launched coordinated attacks on three law enforcement facilities in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore and car bombs hit two other cities Thursday, killing a total of 40 people in an escalating wave of anti-government violence.

US Kills 10 In Pakistan: : Two missiles, fired by pilotless US aircraft, hit a suspected militant training center in Dandikhel village of North Waziristan tribal agency, security officials told KUNA.

Taliban Leader Tells Pakistan Military: 'Reject U.S and Attacks Will Stop': The new leader of the Taliban in Pakistan has issued a stark option to the country's military: stop following American orders and we will stop our attacks, according to Sky News.

Arundhati Roy: ‘I’m here to understand what you mean by Taliban’: When we say we must fight the Taliban or must defeat them, what does it mean? I’m here to understand what you mean when you say Taliban. Do you mean a militant? Do you mean an ideology? Exactly what is it that is being fought?

Why Pakistanis would reject $7.5 billion in US aid: The United States is offering $7.5 billion to Pakistan for development – but only 15 percent of Pakistanis support accepting it, according to a Gallup Pakistan survey released Wednesday.

If fired, Haqqani threatens to unveil 'reams' of Pakistan's secrets: The Pakistan Embassy in Washington continues to convey a wrong picture to American officials and politicians on the uproar in Pakistan over the condescending language in the Kerry-Lugar bill.

US dismisses Afghan surge report: Mr Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs said the president had not yet made a decision on troop numbers.

French troops were killed after Italy hushed up ‘bribes’ to Taleban: Months before the French soldiers arrived in mid-2008, the Italian secret service had been paying tens of thousands of dollars to Taleban commanders and local warlords to keep the area quiet, The Times has learnt. The clandestine payments, whose existence was hidden from the incoming French forces, were disclosed by Western military officials.

Italy says did not pay Taliban in Afghanistan: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's office denied the accusations, citing several attacks on Italian troops in the first half of 2008 as proof Italy had not paid anyone.

'Israel may attack Iran after December': According to the report in Le Canard Enchainé quoted by Israel Radio, Jerusalem has already ordered high-quality combat rations from a French food manufacturer for soldiers serving in elite units and has also asked reservists of these units staying abroad to return to Israel.

US lawmakers approve Iran sanctions bill: The bill, which sailed through by a 414-6 vote, permits US states, local governments and pension funds to end investments in firms that have 20 million dollars or more invested in Iran's petroleum or natural gas operations.

Chinese leader dashes hope for sanctions against Iran: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Thursday that his country intends to strengthen its cooperation with Iran, an indication Beijing would oppose growing calls in the West for additional sanctions against the Islamic regime for its nuclear program.

Iran awash with rumors of Supreme Leader Khamenei's death: The rumors, spread on the micro-blogging Web site Twitter and other sites across the county, have been given credence by claims that security forces have surrounded Khamenei's home in Tehran, and that only the leader's sons are allowed access to him.

Ayatollah Khamenei dead? How rumours start: It seems to have all been started – or at least given credence – by the leading American neocon Michael Ledeen.

UN human rights chief endorses Goldstone Gaza report: The 575-page report concluded that Israel used disproportionate force, deliberately targeted civilians, used Palestinians as human shields, and destroyed civilian infrastructure during its Dec. 27-Jan.

Israel says no fresh "peace" talks unless Gaza report is dropped: Israel threatened Wednesday that it would not renew peace talks with the Palestinians, unless a United Nations report accusing it of having committed war crimes during last winter's Gaza war was dropped.

Israelis may stay home to avoid arrest in Europe: Israel is seriously considering restricting travel to Europe by its senior officials and military officers, fearing they might be arrested in the wake of a disputed U.N. report that accuses the Jewish state of targeting civilians in its Gaza war earlier this year.

Fatah okays Palestinian unity pact: The Palestinian Fatah party has signed a long-awaited proposal that seeks to reconcile the movement with its rival Hamas, which governs Gaza

Oligarch investor in Sibir moves to Israel: Chalva Tchigirinski, the beleaguered Russian tycoon who is being sued for alleged improper use of funds belonging to the London-listed oil company Sibir Energy and whose Russian companies are being investigated for supposed tax violations, has moved to Israel, The Independent can reveal.

Honduras to restore ousted president: HONDURAN negotiators reached agreement today on a plan to restore President Manuel Zelaya to office and end a political crisis triggered by his ouster in a June coup.

Confusion over Honduras agreement: Negotiators for ousted President Manuel Zelaya said a "unified text" had been agreed that could lead to an "exit" from the crisis. But representatives of interim leader Roberto Micheletti said no agreement had been reached on the key issue of a possible return to power for Mr Zelaya.

Benito Mussolini Recruited by MI5: Documents reveal Italian dictator got start in politics in 1917 with help of £100 weekly wage from MI5

Majority of Nobel jury 'objected to Obama prize': Three of the five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee had objections to the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to US President Barack Obama, the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang (VG) reported Thursday.

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