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News For October 18, 2009

Media Distortion

Killing Innocent Afghan Civilians to "Save Our Troops"

By Marc W. Herold

Eight Years of Horror Perpetrated against the people of Afghanistan. Continue

War Next Door Creates Havoc in Pakistan

By Eric Margolis

Pakistan, increasingly destabilized by the U.S.-led war in neighbouring Afghanistan, is getting closer to blowing apart.

Family Who Lost 29 Members in Gaza War:

We Envy the Dead

By Amira Hass

16-year-old Ahmad Ibrahim and his 10-year-old brother Yakub saw the corpses of their mother, four of their brothers and their nephew. Mahmoud Tallal, 16, had lost his toes; bleeding, he saw that his parents - Tallal and Rahma - had been killed. Three-year-old Omar, Salah's son, was buried unconscious under 24-year-old Saffa's dead body, explaining why they hadn't found him during the terrible moment of panic as they left the house.

LatAm Leftists Tackle Dollar with New Currency

By Agence France-Presse

Latin American leaders agreed here on the creation of a regional currency, the Sucre, aimed at scaling back the use of the US dollar.

Fidel Castro: A Nobel Prize for Evo Morales

By Fidel Castro

Bolivia provides free healthcare to millions of people who had never had it before. It is one of the seven countries in the world with the largest reduction of infant mortality rate in the last five years.

America, Heal Thyself:

Healthcare As A Metaphor For Our National Political Pathology

By David Michael Green

America, alone among the developed democracies of the world, has a singular devotion to regressive ideas, no matter how much harm they cause. This patient is in grave condition nowadays, its body abused severely by three decades of regressive debauchery. Here's the unfortunate diagnosis:

Corporate Supremacy and the Rape of a Human Girl

By Glenn W. Smith

This isn't science fiction. Just the other day 30 Republicans voted in the U.S. Senate to deny justice to a human victim of rape in order to protect the so-called sovereign rights of corporations.

Pakistan claims to have killed 60 Taliban in latest offensive: Five soldiers are reportedly also dead.

The battle for Waziristan : Two divisions consisting of 27,000 soldiers take on an estimated 10,000 hard-core Taliban militants. The army has spent weeks cutting off militants’ escape routes and softening up targets in the region, using limited intelligence-led ground and air strikes.

Taliban vow to defeat army in Pakistan offensive: A Taliban spokesman vowed the Islamist militants would fight to "our last drop of blood" to defend their stronghold of South Waziristan, predicting the army would fail in its latest attempt to gain control over it.

Yemen says 44 rebels killed in air strikes: Yemeni warplanes killed at least 44 Shiite rebels in a series air strikes near the Saudi border, a senior government official said Sunday. The insurgents, however, claim the dead were civilians.

Scheduled visit by Iranian FM to Yemen delayed -- Saba'': The official news agency, Saba', said the scheduled visit was delayed due to preoccupation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh with various engagements and issues.

29 People Killed in Suicide Attack in Southeastern Iran: The death toll of the Sunday morning terrorist attack in the southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan province in Iran rose to 29, official sources said.

Jundullah claims responsibility for terror attack: Jundullah is a Pakistan-based terrorist group closely affiliated with the notorious al-Qaeda organization.

Iran Blames U.S., Britain for Deadly Attack Against Revolutionary Guards: Emadedin Mazari, the editor in chief of the "Sobhe Zahedan" weekly, finds Jundollah's claim credible. The group has been behind a series of deadly attacks in Sistan-Baluchistan. Iran has in the past accused the United States and Britain of supporting the group to create instability in the country.

Iranian Commander Vows to Cut Hands of Aggressors: "We will give a fully decisive, crushing and destructive response to anyone who poses a threat to the existence, independence and freedom of the ruling system and our values," Commander of IRGC Air Force General Hossein Salami said, reiterating that Iran's response to any aggression would make enemies regret their actions.

Iran summons Pakistan envoy after attack - report: "Iran's Foreign Ministry says there is evidence the perpetrators of this attack came to Iran from Pakistan," Press TV reported. "The Pakistani official assured Tehran that his country would take all measures to secure its border with Iran

Pakistan rejects Iranian Ambassador statement: -- Pakistan has rejected the presence of head of the Jundallah group in Pakistan.

Iran to completely drop dollar from foreign exchange: Iran's Trade Promotion Organization has announced a near future plan to completely exclude the US dollar from the country's foreign revenues and reserves.

14 Taliban, one US occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: officials: A roadside bomb attack claimed the life of one US soldier in Afghanistan, while 14 armed Taliban were killed in two separate incidents, NATO and the Afghan security forces said Sunday.

25 militants, three US occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan: Three US soldiers were killed in bomb blasts, while Afghan and NATO forces killed 25 militants in Afghanistan’s volatile southern and eastern regions, officials said Saturday.

UK army 'providing' Taliban with air transport: Earlier in the week, Afghan President Hamid Karzai was quoted by the BBC Persian as having ordered an investigation into reports of 'unknown' army helicopters carrying gunmen to the north.

McChrystal plan calls for 80,000 troops U.S. may not have: White House officials have leaked word that McChrystal's maximum option calls for 60,000 to 80,000 or more troops, but that many aren't available in the near future.

'Irresponsible' to Commit More Troops to Afghanistan: Kerry: "It would be entirely irresponsible for the president of the United States to commit more troops to this country (Afghanistan), when we don't even have an election finished and know who the president is and what kind of government we're working in, with," Democratic Senator John Kerry told CNN in an interview.

Armed riots threatened as Karzai scorns election inquiry: HAMID KARZAI, the Afghan president, has threatened to ignore the findings of an investigation into widespread fraud that made it appear he had won an election victory over his rival in August.

Afghan election fraud inquiry results 'blocked': Independent Electoral Commission accused of trying to hold up results expected to reduce Hamid Karzai's votes

Israel rejects ‘war crimes’ claims: The Goldstone report also criticised Israel for using white phosperous incendiary shells during the conflict and targeting several UN facilities, causing horrific burns injuries to civilians.

Finance Minister: UN backing of Goldstone report is `anti-Semitic`: Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz on Sunday accused the United Nations Human Rights Council of anti-Semitism, after the UN body endorsed a damning report on Israel's winter Gaza offensive.

Israel to rely on US veto: ISRAEL will rely on the support of permanent UN Security Council members the US, Britain and France to block the progression of a Human Rights Council report accusing it of war crimes in Gaza.

Israeli ministers embark on PR campaign abroad: Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will visit Belgium, Holland and Denmark; Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon will visit London and meet with the British foreign secretary and his deputy; and National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau will travel to the United States.

Abbas popularity dips over response to Goldstone Gaza report: In terms of overall popularity in the West Bank and in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Abbas's rating dropped to 12.1 percent from 17.8 percent in the previous JMCC poll in June.

Turkey's Erdogan slams Israel as 'persecutor': "Turkey has never, in its history, been on the side of persecutors, it has always defended the oppressed," Erdogan said without directly naming Israel in a speech in the central city of Kirsehir on Saturday.

London denies UK Muslim spy charge: The British government has denied that a programme for tackling religious extremism is used by its security agencies to spy on Muslim communities.

US judge upholds censoring CIA prisoner testimony: A federal court upheld Friday the US government's decision to censor statements made by Guantanamo Bay detainees about their treatment at Central Intelligence Agency-run prisons.

ALBA leaders voice support for ousted Honduran president, oppose U.S. military base in L. America: The seventh Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) summit concluded on Saturday in Cochabamba, Bolivia, with resolute support for ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya and opposition to U.S. military bases in Latin America, according to reports from La Paz.

Iran to completely drop dollar from foreign exchange: Iran's Trade Promotion Organization has announced a near future plan to completely exclude the US dollar from the country's foreign revenues and reserves.

'Iran and Russia propose oil trade without USD': Venezuela's president has said that countries including Venezuela, Russia and Iran have proposed the US dollar should be replaced as the currency used for oil trade.

How China is Torpedoing the U.S. Dollar...: The dollar’s been struggling to retain its value - and now it’s about to get worse thanks to China. This report shows you how China is undercutting the dollar and the two best ways for investors to turn this in their favor

California 'first failed US state'?: It is a harsh new world in California these days. A state once synonymous with opportunity and prosperity, sunshine and surf, Hollywood and Disneyland have fallen on bitterly hard times.

Subsidizing Sweatshops : How our tax dollars can foster worker rights and economic recovery rather than fuel the race to the bottom

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