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News For October 27, 2009

Honduras - 100 Days of Resistance

Video Report

Honduras is a country divided by economic disparity, and members of the tiny group of families that hold the country in their powerful grip speak to Fault Lines.

Russia's Hidden War

By SBS Dateline

A hidden war is escalating in the Caucasus Mountains along Russia's southern fringe. In response to an increasing number of suicide attacks, Moscow says it is battling militant Islam in the tiny republic of Ingushetia. But locals say hundreds of innocent civilians are being kidnapped, tortured and murdered at the hands of Russian security forces.

Nuke Gaza: A World Gone Mad

By Jeff Gates

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman may have tipped his Masada hand when he reportedly told Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan that Israel may use nuclear weapons against Gaza.

After all I am a Proper Zionist Jew

I am a Holocaust survivor

By Gilad Atzmon

I clearly resent those who deny the genocides that are taking place in the name of the Holocaust. Palestine is one example, Iraq is another and the one that is set for Iran, is probably too scary to contemplate. Continue

Black Tuesday and a Return to Big Government

By Mike Whitney

October 29, marks the 80th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, the event which most historians point to as the beginning of the Great Depression. On Black Tuesday, traders dumped 16 million shares in one day sending the markets into freefall. In the months that followed, stocks rallied--sometimes for long periods at a time--but the underlying economy continued to deteriorate as consumers curtailed spending and cut back sharply on credit.

Rhetoric and Reality

By Ralph Nader

I just received a letter from President Obama. Right there on the outside envelope are the words “I need you.” After not answering several letters which I have mailed and faxed to him, I was, for the briefest of moments, curious about this personal plea for help.

Empire of Illusion
The Cult of Self

This is a must watch - By Chris Hedges

Click to view

Why We Migrate:

Stories of Mexico's Displaced

A Talk by Paola Gutierrez Galindo

Why do millions make the unlikely decision to leave their communities to live in a country with increasing anti-immigrant hostility? Why did the number of Mexicans who made this decision more than double after the implementation of NAFTA? Paola will untangle the complex factors that have pushed so many to abandon her community and come live among ours.

Pakistan Army Says 42 "Terrorists" Killed in South Waziristan : It has been impossible to obtain independent information from the battle field, which is sealed off to journalists and aid workers, and from which more than 200,000 civilians have fled -- a third of the estimated district population.

Militants Kill 11 Pakistani Soldiers in Attacks: Eleven members of the Pakistani security forces were killed in attacks by militants across the country’s tribal areas over the last 24 hours, the Pakistani military said Monday.

Military: 8 U.S. troops killed in Afghan blasts: The U.S. military said on Tuesday that eight American troops have been killed in bomb attacks in southern Afghanistan, making October the deadliest month for U.S. forces in the eight-year Afghan war.

Taliban ambush kills 5 Afghan police in south: Taliban militants laid ambush on police patrol in Zabul province south of Afghanistan, leaving five policemen dead, a senior police officer General Abdul Razeq said Tuesday, Xinhua reported.

14 Americans Killed in Helicopter "Crashes"in Afghanistan: "We have a shadow government of the Taliban," he said. "And I am afraid some people in Afghanistan are even talking about the return of the Taliban because they see the power of the Taliban.

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war: Foreign Service officer and former Marine captain says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting

U.S. Official: Afghanistan Not Worth It: Video:

Runoff splits Afghanistan in three: The angry regard the runoff as a foreign conspiracy and are suspicious. The enthusiasts welcome it as a step towards greater democracy. The third camp – the disenchanted – couldn't care less. For this group, President Hamid Karzai and his opponent, Dr Abdullah Abdullah, are both discredited politicians and, as such, interchangeable.

Sixty children 'missing' after Baghdad bombing: The governor of Baghdad, Salah Abdel-Raziq, on Tuesday said that as many as 60 young children may still be buried under rubble from devastating twin bombings three days ago.

Largest Iraq bombing in two years may have been inside job: Sunday's twin suicide bombings in Baghdad that killed at least 155 people and wounded 500 others may have had help from within Iraq's security apparatus, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported Monday.

Robert Dreyfuss: The Iraqi Time Bomb: Iraq is an orphan. At times, it's like the White House has put Iraq in a box called "George Bush's blunders," and it doesn't plan on looking into the box

Iran to Answer IAEA Draft in 2 Days: Iran will declare its response to an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) proposal on the enrichment of uranium for a Tehran reactor within the next 2 days, an informed source announced on Tuesday.

Iran says will not ship off uranium stockpile in one go: According to the diplomat, sending the entire enriched uranium stockpile abroad altogether is against Iran's national interests.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran Israeli military strike more likely after Iran "misses nuclear deadline": The deal put forward in Vienna would not have ended Iran's nuclear programme, even if Tehran had given a prompt "yes".

Gaddafi highlights nuclear 'double standards': "If the Israelis have the nuclear weapons and the nuclear capabilities, then it is the right of the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Saudis to have the same - even the Palestinians should have the same because their counterparts, or their opponents, have nuclear capabilities. Why not?

Iran Opens Int'l Hall for Oil Exchanges in Kish: Iran's oil and petrochemistry bourse would be an international market place for trading 40 kinds of oil products.

Yemenis intercept 'Iranian ship': A boat carrying Iranian weapons destined for Yemeni rebels has been intercepted in the Red Sea, local Yemeni officials have said.

Teheran denies shipment of arms seized off Yemen: A state-owned television channel quoted Iranian sources on Tuesday as denying a report from Yemen that a boatload of weapons from the Islamic republic had been seized in the Red Sea off the Yemeni coast.

Death sentences for Yemen fighters: A Yemini court has sentenced four al-Houthi rebel fighters to death for their role in clashes against the military.

Amnesty: Israel Denies Water to Palestinians: The human rights group Amnesty International has issued a critical report charging that Israel prevents Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip from receiving adequate water supplies.

Gaza: 'People are really bad off now': Operation Cast Lead – was launched in the Gaza Strip on December 27 2008. Ten months later, how has it affected civilians there? Dr. Akram Nafie, Médecins Sans Frontières mental health programme doctor in Gaza, provides an insight

UN General Assembly debates Israel war crimes: Richard Goldstone's UN report on the conflict in Gaza will be discussed at the Assembly on November 4th with the aim of passing a resolution approving the report and then requesting a formal debate at the Security Council, which has the power to open a war crimes prosecution against senior Israeli officials at the International Criminal Court.

EU lawyers draw up list of IDF officers suspected of Gaza war crimes: Human rights lawyers and pro-Palestinian activists in a number of European countries hold lists with names of Israel Defense Forces soldiers allegedly linked to war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. Existing legislation enables arrest warrants to be issued against these officers if they enter those countries.

Meshal: Hamas ready to probe Goldstone report: Video: : Hamas chief says group doesn't aim to kill civilians, but 'rockets are inaccurate in targeting.'

Lebanon, Israel rocket fire exchanged: A Katyusha-type rocket fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel on Tuesday night without causing any casualties, prompting Israel to retaliate with a salvo of missiles, sources on both sides said.

Israelis unable to obtain Venezuelan visas: Since the Venezuelan Embassy in Israel was shut down in January, in response to the expulsion of Israeli diplomats by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, it has become nearly impossible for Israelis to obtain Venezuelan tourist visas.

Ex-guerrilla in run-off after winning 47.5% in Uruguayan presidential poll: The Frente Amplio (Broad Front) candidate, José Mujica, won 47.5 per cent of the vote, well ahead of the right-wing National Party’s Luis Alberto Lacalle on 28.5 per cent but still shy of the 50 per cent plus one vote necessary to avoid a second round.

Guantánamo torture: UK wants claims of complicity to be heard in secret: The government also wants its evidence kept secret from defence lawyers.

Lieberman to vote for a filibuster: Lieberman said he would vote with a potential Republican filibuster of Majority Leader Harry Reid's bill because it includes a public option.

In case you missed it: Lieberman pledged support for health reform: "I can do more for you and your families to get something done to make health care affordable, to get universal health insurance."

Iceland can't afford a Big Mac: Iceland to be McDonald's-free: operator: Iceland's two McDonald's restaurants will close on November 1 due to rising costs brought on by the country's economic collapse, the Icelandic operator of the US fast-food chain said on Monday.

UK financial system 'not able to support recovery': Britain's financial sector is not equipped to support recovery when it comes and could trigger a double-dip recession if not fixed, the newest recruit to the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) warned yesterday.

Wall Street's Naked Swindle: A scheme to flood the market with counterfeit stocks helped kill Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers — and the feds have yet to bust the culprits

Marc Faber, Dollar Will Eventually Go to Value of Zero: 4 Minute Video

Roubini Says Carry Trades Fueling ‘Huge’ Asset Bubble: Investors worldwide are borrowing dollars to buy assets including equities and commodities, fueling “huge” bubbles that may spark another financial crisis, said New York University professor Nouriel Roubini.

U.S. bank chargeoff rate exceeds Depression: Moody's: The rate of loan charge-offs by major U.S. banks has exceeded those seen in the early years of the Great Depression as the credit crisis continues to take a toll, Moody's Investors Service said on Monday.

Worsening job picture fuels slide in confidence: Consumer confidence slides in October as more Americans worry about jobs and salaries

Excess Hormone-Grown Meat? Don't Worry, the Kids Will Eat It: It's really no secret: the role of the USDA's Food Distribution Programs (FDPs) since the Great Depression has been to get rid of surplus agricultural commodities by passing them on to those who need nutritional foods the most.

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