Friday, 8 January 2010

ICH - Weekend Edition -

CIA Killings Spell Defeat In Afghanistan

By Douglas Valentine

The hardnosed colleagues of the four fallen CIA officers comfort the wives and children (and one husband). They shake off their sorrow, huddle together by the graves, and vow vengeance. They bathe themselves in their seething anger like it was the blood of the lamb. Continue

Is Anyone Telling Us The Truth?

By Paul Craig Roberts

Who benefits? Clearly, attacking Iran is on the Israeli-U.S. agenda, and someone is creating the "evidence" to support the case, just as the leaked secret “Downing Street Memo” to the British cabinet informed Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government that President Bush had already made the decision to invade Iraq and "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." Continue

Is This A

Blatantly Anti-Semitic Exchange on C-Span: ?

By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

A caller on a C-Span interview program Monday complained about "all these Jews" having "way too much power" in America and pushing the U.S. into wars with the Muslim world. He found his comments echoed and expanded upon by the studio guest. Continue

George Galloway Deported From Egypt

By Viva Palestina

British MP George Galloway was officially deported from Cairo today (Friday), when Egyptian plain-clothes police officers bundled him onto a London plane. Continue

Imposing Middle East Peace

By Henry Siegman

Israel has crossed the threshold from "the only democracy in the Middle East" to the only apartheid regime in the Western world. Continue

A Convenient Bomb Plot

By Finian Cunningham

So, just when the US public is growing increasingly weary of these trillion-dollar wars that are killing young Americans and innocent villagers with no end in sight and for no credible purpose, and just when Washington wants to expand its regional war into Yemen - we conveniently have the "Christmas Day bomb plot" with a Yemeni connection. Now, that is a gift for US war aims. Continue

Cancer - The Deadly Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq

By Jalal Ghazi

Here are a few examples. In Falluja, which was heavily bombarded by the US in 2004, as many as 25% of new- born infants have serious abnormalities, including congenital anomalies, brain tumors, and neural tube defects in the spinal cord. Continue

Poison Bullets:

Depleted Uranium Factor Covered-up?

Video Report By RussiaToday

Poison Bullets follows doctors and experts as they voice their opposing views in the DU controversy and travels to the US, Great Britain, Jordan, Iraq and Spain, where we meet many of those who are victims of both DU-related diseases and the indifference of government officials. Continue

White Power USA

Video Report By Al Jazeera

Racially motivated threats against Obama rose to new heights in the first months of his presidency, with the US seeing nine high-profile race killings in 2009. Meanwhile white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups claim their membership is growing and that visits to their websites are increasing. Filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen went inside the white nationalist movement to investigate. Continue

Eight killed, five injured in northern Iraq: Clashes between US forces and gunmen on the Mosul-Baghdad road, south of Mosul, left "five gunmen" dead, local police sources told the German Press Agency dpa.

Triple bombings kill 7 in Iraq: Three bombs exploded in a residential area near Ramadi in Iraq’s western Anbar province on Thursday, killing seven people, including relatives of an Iraqi Army anti-terrorist special forces commander, the police said.

Iraq bars 14 politicians, parties from election: Among the most prominent politicians banned was Saleh al-Mutlak, a secular Sunni lawmaker who heads the National Dialogue Front.

8 Afghan troops, I US soldier killed by roadside bombs: An Afghan army vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Uruzgan province in central Afghanistan. Army commander Abdul Hamid said eight soldiers who were inside the vehicle were killed as they were returning from the provincial capital of Tarin Kot.

‘Afghan Insurgency Can Sustain Itself Indefinitely’: Top U.S. Intel Officer: The Taliban not only has the “momentum” after the most successful year in its campaign against the United States and the Kabul government. “The Afghan insurgency can sustain itself indefinitely,” according to a briefing from Major General Michael Flynn, the top U.S. intelligence officer in the country.

Warlord calls the shots over Afghanistan military transport : An Afghan warlord has told Radio Netherlands that he is receiving money to protect convoys of army vehicles.

US Kills 4 People In Pakistan: : Four "suspected militants" were killed and two injured in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal district Friday by a missile fired from a what was thought to be a US pilotless aircraft, an intelligence official said.

US hunt for Haqqani network ‘a nightmare for Pakistan: The US will push Pakistan hard to take the risky move of going after the Haqqani militant network if the group is linked to a Jordanian who killed seven Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employees in Afghanistan.

CIA bomber's wife: 'War against U.S. must go on': The Turkish wife of a Jordanian doctor who killed seven CIA employees in a suicide attack in Afghanistan says her husband was outraged over the treatment of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison and the U.S.-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Eight reported dead in rebel-tribal clashes in Yemen: Eight people were killed on Friday in clashes between armed tribesmen and Shiite Zaidi rebels in northern Yemen, a top tribal dignitary told AFP.

2 killed as defiant Yemen tells US soldiers to keep out: Reuters reported that gunmen shot dead two Yemeni soldiers in an attack on a police station in Aden, the former capital of South Yemen

Saudi warplanes hit N Yemen districts again: According to a statement released by the fighters on Thursday, Saudi forces carried out 13 aerial raids on Jebel al-Madood as well as villages in close proximity to the border region in northern Yemen.

Israeli Attack Kills Three Palestinians in Gaza: Three people, including a 14-year-old-boy, have been killed in Israeli air strikes overnight in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics say.

'Gun attack' on Iranian politician: The car of one of Iran's opposition leaders has been hit by gunfire in the northern town of Qazvin, according to his party's website.

Pakistan detains 5 Americans near Iran border: Pakistani police said on Thursday that the Americans were carrying out suspicious activities along the border. They were driving in a car with fake license plates, police added.

140 killed in southern Sudan: At least 140 people were killed in a remote region of south Sudan, a UN official said yesterday as aid agencies warned of a new civil war on the eve of the anniversary of a fragile peace deal between north and south.

Somalia: 20 killed, 40 wounded in battle: At least 20 civilians were killed on Thursday evening and 40 others wounded after mortars and artillery shells hit the capital Mogadishu, according to eye witnesses' account. The deadly clashes erupted after Islamist insurgents fired at the presidency building, residents told AfricaNews.

Bolivia Leader Calls Alternative Climate Meeting: Bolivian President Evo Morales said Tuesday he's inviting activists, scientists and government officials from around the world to an alternative climate conference following the failure of a summit in Copenhagen to produce binding agreements.

Ex-Blackwater mercenaries charged with murder: Two former mercenaries of the notorious US security firm Blackwater (now known as Xe Services LLC) have been charged with the 2009 murder of two Afghan civilians in Kabul, the Justice Department says.

Report: US had intel to stop Christmas bomb plot: A new White House reports says the U.S. government had plenty of information to keep the alleged Christmas Day bombing suspect off an airplane.

Eurozone jobless figure hits double digits: In its latest records on the unemployment status of 16 European countries using the euro currency, the European Union statistics office portrayed a bleak outlook for the region's increasing jobless population and said that unemployment in the Eurozone has topped a critical ten percent.

US loses 85,000 jobs, jobless rate holds: Fox News reported, based on Labor figures, the "underemployment" rate in December rose to 17.3 percent from 17.2 in October if discouraged workers and part-time workers who would prefer full-time jobs are included.

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