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News For January 17, 2010

Haitians Receive Little Help Despite Promises


World leaders pledged massive aid programmes to rebuild Haiti but desperate earthquake survivors were still waiting on Sunday for food, water and medicine. Continue

The Right Testicle of Hell:
History of a Haitian Holocaust

Blackwater before drinking water

By Greg Palast

There's no such thing as a 'natural' disaster. 200,000 Haitians have been slaughtered by slum housing and IMF "austerity" plans. Continue

The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti:

Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?

By Michel Chossudovsky

The overall humanitarian operation is not being led by civilian governmental agencies such as FEMA or USAID, but by the Pentagon. Continue

The Lesson of Haiti

By Fidel Castro Ruz

Haiti constitutes the disgrace of our era, in a world where the exploitation and pillage of the vast majority of the planet’s inhabitants prevails. Continue

Global Starvation Ignored by American Policy Elites

By Peter Phillips

A new report (9/2/08) from The World Bank admits that in 2005 three billion one hundred and forty million people live on less that $2.50 a day and about 44% of these people survive on less than $1.25. Complete and total wretchedness can be the only description for the circumstances faced by so many. Continue

Moral Bankruptcy

Why are we letting Wall Street off so easy?

By Joseph E. Stiglitz

We have created a society in which materialism overwhelms moral commitment, in which the rapid growth that we have achieved is not sustainable environmentally or socially, in which we do not act together to address our common needs. Market fundamentalism has eroded any sense of community and has led to rampant exploitation of unwary and unprotected individuals. Continue

Israel and Egypt Continue to Squeeze the Lifeblood out of the People of Gaza

By Ann Wright

The United States government continues to assist Egypt with the installation of the underground wall to cut off the tunnels under the border of Gaza and Egypt. According to Reuters, on January 14, 2010, U.S. three military personnel from the U.S. embassy in Cairo visited Rafah to follow up on the building of the barrier. Continue

Gaza - Closed Zone

2 Minute Video

Click to view

Fighting for Human Rights

By Ibrahim Hewitt

“If the response to terrorism is to target the innocent so as to get at the guilty, then the concept of an open society is significantly diminished. That was the tragedy of the Bush administration.”

Elite US Troops Ready to Combat Pakistani Nuclear Hijacks

By Christina Lamb in Washington

The US army is training a crack unit to seal off and snatch back Pakistani nuclear weapons in the event that militants, possibly from inside the country’s security apparatus, get their hands on a nuclear device or materials that could make one. Continue

Brzezinski : The Afghan War and the 'Grand Chessboard'

Video Interview By Real News

Brzezinski: Six months before Soviet invasion, we financed the Mujahideen. Continue

Revealed: Jack Straw’s Secret Warning to Tony Blair on Iraq

By Michael Smith

The document begins in a way that now appears eerily prophetic: “The rewards from your visit to Crawford will be few ... there is at present no majority inside the PLP [parliamentary Labour party] for any military action against Iraq.” Continue

We’ve Ignored King on War

By Rusty Nelson

Dr. King's Nobel lecture is filled with memorable lines. It's incomprehensible to me that Obama could ignore or contradict so many great quotes in his own speech, although we're accustomed to lip service to King's memory from apologists for war. Continue

Privatization Profiteering

By Ralph Nader

In Arizona, a new slide toward the pits is about to occur. Beset with a large state deficit, the state officials and their Governor refuse to end corporate welfare and corporate tax abatements and subsidies. Instead, get this, they have put "for sale" signs on Arizona's state buildings hoping to realize $735 million and then start paying the buyers rent!! (Breaking News--they've got a sale!) Continue

100,000 dead as Haiti airport delays blamed on US: Fuel shortages, poor communications and a logjam at the Port au Prince airport on Sunday continued to hinder a massive international aid effort to Haiti five days after a devastating earthquake in which more than 100,000 are now feared to have died.

Ortega warns of US deployment in Haiti: Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega says that the United States has taken advantage of the massive quake in Haiti and deployed troops in the country. "What is happening in Haiti seriously concerns me as US troops have already taken control of the airport," Ortega said on Saturday.

Canada To Send 1,000 More Soldiers To Haiti: The troops will complement an additional 500 soldiers on board two Canadian Navy vessels that are expected to reach Haiti's shores by early this week, as well as the 200 members of Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team, who are also in the process of deploying.

Scientists Saw Haiti Quake Coming: U.S. scientists warned back in 2008 that Port-au-Prince was ripe for a catastrophic earthquake, but they had no way of predicting exactly when.

Haitians Receive Little Help Despite Promises: Residents awoke to find the bodies of thieves lynched by mobs or shot by men claiming to be plainclothes police. A Reuters journalist said he saw the burned body of a man locals said was set ablaze by angry residents who caught him stealing, and two young men lying on the ground with bullet wounds to the head and arms tied behind their backs.

Somalia: 138 Killed as Rebels and Militia Fight to Control 3 Towns: Fighting in central Somalia has killed at least 138 people and displaced 63,000 others in the past two weeks, the Elman human rights group said Friday. Two rebel groups, Hizbul Islam and the Shabab, and a government-allied militia, Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama, have been involved in clashes for control of three towns.

Another US Attack in Pakistan Kills 20 People: At least one suspected U.S. drone fired on a house in Pakistan's volatile tribal region Sunday, killing 20 people in the 11th such attack since militants in the area orchestrated a deadly suicide bombing against the CIA in Afghanistan, intelligence officials said.

Dead man talking: Pakistani Taliban leader denies death on tape: Pakistani Taliban militants issued an audio tape on Saturday which they said was of their leader, Hakimullah Mehsud, and proved he had not been killed in a U.S. strike two days ago.

Police say 6 people killed in west Afghanistan: Police say 6 people killed, including a district chief, in militant ambush in west Afghanistan.

Two civilians killed by NATO occupation forces in Afghanistan : German soldiers operating in the northern city of Kunduz killed one civilian and wounded another,

Two British occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan: MoD: Two British soldiers were killed in an explosion in Southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.

US occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: ``An ISAF service member from the United States died of wounds as a result of an engagement with insurgents in eastern Afghanistan,'' it said.

We can't defeat Taliban: Army chief: The Afghan people must be persuaded to reject the insurgency and take responsibility for their own security, said Lieutenant Colonel Nick Kitson, Commanding Officer 3rd Battalion The Rifles Battlegroup.

Iraq, Afghan wars’ cost tops $1trillion: Obama is expected to request another $33 billion to fund more troops this year. This year is the first in which more funds are being spent in Afghanistan than Iraq.

Iraqi prime minister backs ban on 500 election candidates: Nouri Maliki says the rulings by a commission tasked with weeding out former Baathists must be respected. Critics say the list unfairly targets rivals of the Shiite ruling bloc.

Iraq’s ‘Chemical Ali’ sentenced to death for attack on Kurds: Saddam Hussein's notorious henchman "Chemical Ali" was on Sunday sentenced to death for ordering the gassing of Kurds in the Iraqi town of Halabja, a brutal attack that killed an estimated 5,000 people.

In case you missed it: Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People?: No doubt, Saddam has mistreated Kurds during his rule. But it's misleading to say, so simply and without context, that he killed his own people by gassing 5,000 Kurds at Halabja.

In case you missed it: Western Complicity in the Halabja Massacre: Shocking clip from a French documentary exposing how governments and corporations in the west knowingly aided and abetted Saddam's most ruthless crimes.

'US exaggerating al-Qaeda threat in Yemen': The report in Le Figaro says that US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's remark regarding al-Qaeda being a threat to world security is an exaggeration. According to the report, there are an estimated 200 to 300 alleged al-Qaeda members in southern Yemen

No agreement on Iran sanctions: "That implies that we will continue to seek a negotiated solution, but consideration of appropriate further measures has also begun," Cooper told reporters after the 2 1/2-hour closed-door meeting.

Iran to protect nuclear scientists from terror attacks: Tehran's Governor-General Morteza Tamaddon said Sunday that Iran is planning to boost security measures to shield its nuclear scientists from potential terror attacks by the enemies, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

Israel bullied Abbas into deferring UN vote: Acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas was bullied by Israel to postpone a UN vote on the Goldstone report last year, an Israeli newspaper says.

FBI uses MP's photo for Bin Laden: A Spanish MP has been horrified to learn that the FBI used an online photograph of him to create an image showing what Osama bin Laden might look like in the present day.

CIA Cable “Granting Permission” to Destroy Torture Videotapes Surfaces: A January 8 release of documents in the ACLU FOIA lawsuit seeking materials related to the CIA’s destruction of videotapes of interrogators using “enhanced interrogation techniques” has revealed the first evidence of a precise instruction for the destruction of those tapes.

The Saddened State of California: Reading this article made me cry. Arnold Schwarzenegger is destroying my home state and as usual the elderly and very young will suffer the most.

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