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News For January 06, 2009

Viva Palestina Starts Entry To Gaza

Report by George Galloway

The Viva Palestina Convoy, and after facing ongoing Egyptian rejection and violent attacks by the Egyptian security forces, started on Wednesday evening to roll into the besieged Gaza Strip.Continue

Al-Qaida Uses U.S., U.S. Plays Along

By William Pfaff

It is not widely understood that the policy objective of al-Qaida is not to attack the Western countries, an objective that would accomplish nothing for the cause. - The ultimate purpose of al-Qaida is to bring about an upheaval in the Islamic world in which Islam can be rescued from corrupted governments and degenerate practices.Continue

New Revelations Tear Holes in Nuclear Trigger Story

By Gareth Porter

New revelations about two documents leaked to The Times of London to show that Iran is working on a "nuclear trigger" mechanism have further undermined the credibility of the document the newspaper had presented as evidence of a continuing Iranian nuclear weapons programme. Continue

Liberty Has Been Lost

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans think they have freedom and democracy and live under the protection of the rule of law. The law is lost, and with it American liberty. Continue

The Coming Fury Of An Angry America

By Aetius Romulous

January 06, 2009 "Countercurrents" -- A tiny part of a tiny part of the population of the earth will set the terms for the future of all humans. A tiny part that is broken, spent out, and increasingly disillusioned. Continue

Wall Street Poltergeist;

The Return of Robert Rubin

By Mike Whitney

Face it; the Obama administration is less interested in engineering a strong recovery than they are with micromanaging a protracted downturn. That's because a long drawn-out mini-Depression puts the Rubin troupe right where they want to be---with one hand choking the life out of the economy while the other steals whatever is left in the national vault. Continue

US attack 'kills 15' people in Pakistan: At least 15 people were killed and several more injured in two suspected attacks by US drones in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal district on Wednesday, a security official said.

Bomb blast kills 5 in E Afghan province: A bomb blast in Nangarhar province east of Afghanistan Wednesday morning left five persons dead including three police personnel.

Afghan blast kills four children, wounds NATO occupation troops: A suspected roadside bomb killed four children and injured dozens including nine foreign troops Wednesday,

3 Taliban Militants Including Commander Killed In Northern Afghanistan: Three Taliban militants including their commander were killed as foreign troops raided a compound in Afghanistan's northern Kunduz province Tuesday night, China's Xinhua news agency reported quoting local police as saying Wednesday.

UN official tells US it risks Afghan defeat: Time is running out for US-led forces in Afghanistan and their Afghan government allies to reverse the Taliban insurgency, the United Nations outgoing envoy to Kabul said on Wednesday.

Afghanistan a gold mine for security companies: Private military companies are being criticized for profiteering from the conflict in Afghanistan while the number of deadly attacks keeps rising and the local population remains in an insecure environment.

Six policemen killed, 14 wounded in Dagestan: A booby-trapped car rammed into a police vehicle Wednesday and exploded, killing six policemen and wounding 14 in the restive Russian republic of Dagestan, Interfax news agency quoted an official as saying.

US Occupation Force Soldier Among 3 Killed In Iraq: bomb killed two children and wounded another when it exploded inside a flat in southern Mosul, police said. The police arrested the children's father for questioning.

US forges alliance with Saddam Hussein officers to fight al-Qaeda: American counter-terrorism specialists and Saddam Hussein's former intelligence officers have forged an unlikely alliance in Yemen to tackle al-Qaeda.

Yemen opposes any US troops in terror fight: Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi told The Associated Press in an interview that "there is a lot of sensitivity about foreign troops coming to Yemeni territory."

Tape Exists Of Suicide Attack On CIA Officers In Afghanistan (VIDEO): Officers knew immediately that something was wrong as the man got out of the vehicle at the base, Scarborough said, because he refused to take his hand out of his pocket.

Mystery Surrounds Contractors' Role at CIA Base: Paresi and Wise, Killed by CIA Suicide Bomber, Worked For Company Once Known as Blackwater

DuPont man was killed in Afghanistan CIA blast: Dane Clark Paresi was a retired Army master sergeant from a Special Forces group at Fort Lewis who was working as a contractor for the company formerly known as Blackwater.

One killed, 4 wounded in Israeli airstrike on Gaza: A Palestinian resistance member was killed and four wounded during an Israeli attack on the southeastern Gaza Strip late Tuesday, witnesses and medical sources said.

Egypt cop killed in Gaza scuffle over blocked aid: Egyptian forces opened fire on Palestinians who were pelting them with rocks from the other side of the border over frustration that an aid convoy had been delayed.

Egypt police injure 35 Palestinians: Egyptian forces injured at least 35 Palestinians on Wednesday when they clashed with protesters who staged rallies against Cairo's steeling its border with the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Turkish protest Egypt's attack on Viva Palestina: Thousands of angry protesters in Turkey have staged a demonstration in the capital Istanbul to condemn the Egyptian police crackdown on a Gaza-bound aid convoy.

Aid convoy breaks Israeli blockade of Gaza: Fifty-nine vehicles were not allowed into the strip but the supplies were unloaded and taken through by the activists.

Germany to sell Israel another nuclear submarine: Germany starts talks with Israel over the sale of a new submarine, capable of firing nuclear missiles, despite having received no payment for previous deliveries.

US helping terrorists in southeast Iran: Report: The US is helping the Pakistan-based Jundallah militants to enter Iran through the Persian Gulf and carry out terrorist acts in the country, a report said Wednesday.

Ireland: Scandal of millions spent on US troops: ALMOST €10million has been spent in just three years on protecting US troops passing through Shannon Airport on their way to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

'Flaws' in key Lockerbie evidence: An investigation by BBC's Newsnight has cast doubts on the key piece of evidence which convicted the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi.

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