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News For January 12, 2010

Blair Private Pact with Bush on Iraq

By Richard Norton-Taylor

Chilcot inquiry reveals former UK Prime Minister ‘pledged UK to war in secret notes'. Continue

An Iranian Nuclear Physicist is Murdered

By Glenn Greenwald

Has the U.S. Government selected religious leaders and scientists it dislikes in Iran and just murder them, despite long-standing domestic and international legal prohibitions on exactly such programs. Continue

Why Are They at War With Us?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

The Muslims stayed out of our Thirty Years' War. Perhaps we would do well to get out of theirs. But as long as we take sides in their wars, those we fight and kill over there will come to kill us over here. Continue

In Case You Missed It

Full text: bin Laden's 'letter to America'

By Osama bin Laden

Some American writers have published articles under the title 'On what basis are we fighting?' These articles have generated a number of responses, some of which adhered to the truth and were based on Islamic Law, and others which have not. Here we wanted to outline the truth - as an explanation and warning - hoping for Allah's reward, seeking success and support from Him. Continue

In Case You Missed It
Full Transcript of Bin Ladin's Speech

By Osama bin Laden

"We fight because we are free men who don't sleep under oppression. We want to restore freedom to our nation, just as you lay waste to our nation. So shall we lay waste to yours." Continue

Insouciant Americans

By Paul Craig Roberts

The Underwear Bomber case indicates that whoever is behind these bomb scares is laughing at our gullibility. Continue

America Slides Deeper into Depression as Wall Street Revels

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

December was the worst month for US unemployment since the Great Recession began. Continue

“It Takes a Pillage:

By Nomi Prins

Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals From Washington to Wall Street” Continue

Losing the Internet as We Know It

By Megan Tady

Millions of Americans don't know that a battle over the future of the Internet is being played out right now in Washington. How it ends will have deep repercussions for decades to come. Continue

Hundreds of Yemeni rebels killed in clashes-Saudi: Saudi forces have killed hundreds of Yemeni "Shi'ite rebels" on Saudi soil after they refused to quit a position near the border with Yemen, a top Saudi defence official said in remarks aired on Tuesday.

Yemen says 19 Houthis killed in north: Yemen said Tuesday its forces killed 19 Houthi fighters and arrested 25 others in a crackdown on their hideouts in north of the country.

4 Saudi soldiers killed near Yemen frontier: Four Saudi soldiers have been killed in clashes at a border post near Yemen in which Saudi Arabian forces seized back the position and "destroyed" Shi'ite infiltrators, Saudi state television reported on Tuesday.

Saudi: 82 Soldiers Killed Fighting Yemeni Rebels: A senior Saudi official says 82 Saudis have been killed and 21 are missing since the kingdom launched an offensive against Yemeni Shiite rebels along the border in early November.

Two "Al Qaeda" Militants Killed in Yemen: Government forces killed two alleged al Qaeda militants in a raid on a tribal village Monday, Yemeni officials said, part of a stepped-up offensive after the group’s regional chapter claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound jet on Christmas Day.

Manufacturing Consent For US Troops In Yemen? : Yemeni officials admit they are losing the battle against "al-Qaeda": Yemeni officials have admitted they are losing the battle against al-Qaeda and the terror group is extending its reach into remote regions where state control has all but disappeared

Yemen cleric warns against US occupation: Yemen's most influential Islamic cleric has warned that the United States-backed fight against so-called al-Qaeda could lead to “foreign occupation” of the country.

16 "Taliban" killed in drone attacks in Afghanistan: At least 16 "Taliban militants" were killed in US-led airstrikes carried out by pilotless aircraft in southern Afghanistan, the NATO-led Occupation Force said Tuesday.

NATO-led occupation forces' kill 13 civilians in S Afghanistan: locals: NATO-led troops opened fire in Germsir district of Helmand province in south Afghanistan on Tuesday, leaving 13 civilians dead and two dozen others injured, locals said.

Afghans say Western occupation troops fired on demonstration: Afghan villagers with bullet wounds were taken to a hospital in the volatile south of the country on Tuesday, and relatives said Western troops had fired on demonstrators protesting against a raid.

Afghan officials say 6 killed in Quran protest: Protesters claiming that international troops destroyed copies of the Quran clashed with Afghan and foreign security forces on Tuesday, leaving six people dead, Afghan officials said

Six troops, 3 Americans killed in Afghanistan: Six NATO occupation force members, including three Americans, were killed in Afghanistan on Monday — the deadliest day for the international force in more than two months, underscoring fears casualties will rise as more foreign troops stream into the country.

One soldier killed, three injured in Pakistan's tribal area: One soldier was killed and three others wounded on Tuesday when militants attacked a Pakistani military checkpoint in a tribal area in northwest Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan, local TV channels reported.

Jordanian killed in US drone attack in Pakistan: A Jordanian who moved to Afghanistan in 1999 and stayed on to fight US-led forces was killed in a US drone attack in Waziristan, extremist websites monitored by US-based SITE Intelligence said on Monday.

Pakistan suffers record number of deaths due to militant violence: Researchers counted a total of 12,600 violent deaths across the country in 2009, 14 times more than in 2006. At least half of the dead were "militants" who were killed in US drone strikes or, mostly, sweeping army offensives against their mountain strongholds of Swat and South Waziristan along the Afghan border.

Pakistan seen becoming more Islamist, anti-U.S: Pakistan is likely to become a more Islamist state and increasingly anti-American in the coming years, complicating U.S. efforts to win its support against Islamist militants, a report released on Tuesday said.

Iraq war was illegal, Dutch panel rules: Inquiry says conflict had no sound mandate in international law as it emerges UK denied key letter to seven-judge tribunal

Army contracting officer indicted on charges of smuggling US, Iraqi cash : A grand jury in Tennessee has indicted an Army officer on federal charges of smuggling more than $100,000 out of Iraq.

Iran accuses US, Israel in nuclear scientist murder : Iran's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that it has found traces of US and Israel's involvement in the assassination of an Iranian nuclear physics scientist.

US denies role in Iran murder: Mark Toner, a US state department spokesman, on Tuesday called the allegation "absurd", hours after Massoud Mohammadi, a professor at Tehran University, was killed in the north of Tehran, the capital.

Iran Six to meet this week in New York - Clinton: A meeting of the Iran Six - Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States - was scheduled for December 22, but was canceled by request of China.

Nuclear program moves on, Iran says: Iran will continue its nuclear program despite the threat of sanctions, the country's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Exclusive: Iran offers nuke fuel deal: There are signs that negotiations with Iran over a nuclear fuel swap have resumed despite the expiration of the end-of-year deadline for a deal set by President Barack Obama.

Spokesman: Iran awaits response to nuclear fuel swap: Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast said Tuesday that Tehran is waiting for response from the world's major powers to Iran's stage-by-stage fuel swap proposal, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Report: Iran slows down nuclear program in gesture to West: Iran has suspended its uranium enrichment program for two months, Iranian media sources reported on Monday, saying the move was meant as a gesture of good will toward Western powers.

Missile strike kills two members of the Palestinian resistance : An Israeli missile strike killed two people in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday, Palestinian hospital officials said, but Israel denied mounting any military action in the area.

Netanyahu: Israel will never share Jerusalem with Palestinians: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Tuesday that Israel would never cede control of united Jerusalem nor retreat to the 1967 borders, according to a bureau statement.

Turkish official: Top Israel diplomats behaved like 'adolescents': Israeli officials were angered by statements made Monday by Turkish Prime Minister Reccep Tayip Erdogan, who accused Jerusalem of using "disproportionate power ... while refusing to abide by UN resolutions" relating to its policy toward the Palestinians.

Caracas: US wants to provoke Venezuela: "We are showing the country and the world that incursions into our airspace are occurring to provoke us, to test our response that would possibly lead to a direct reaction," Carrizalez said.

Glenn Greenwald: The Fundamental Unreliability of America's Media: Consider the record of the American media over the last two weeks alone.

Rupert Murdoch Begins Blocking News Aggregators, Search Engines: New Corp honcho Rupert Murdoch has been known to refer to those running the web as “plagiarists” and “parasites,” threatening to remove all of his content from search engines like Google (especially if Bing is willing to pay up). Many wondered if he was bluffing, but now the process seems to have begun, with the Times Online blocking aggregation of its stories.

Slide in house prices is the worst since the Great Depression: Britain is now in the midst of the worst housing slide since the Great Depression, economists declared after house price inflation dropped to the lowest level since comparable records began.

Grey goo' food laced with nanoparticles could swamp Britain: Britain is on the brink of a massive expansion in foods containing controversial 'grey goo' nanoparticles, according to the former head of the Food Standards Agency.

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