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News For July 05, 2010

Iran Planes 'Refused' Fuel in U.K., Germany, United Arab Emirates

By Reuters and Haaretz

Iranian officials accused Germany, Britain and the United Arab Emirates on Monday of refusing to refuel Iranian passenger planes due to unilateral U.S. sanctions imposed over its nuclear program, and threatened to retaliate against the move. Continue

Obama’s New Iran Sanctions: An Act of War

By Shamus Cooke

Iran must import the majority of its oil from foreign corporations and nations, since it does not have the technology needed to refine the fuel that it pumps from its soil. By cutting this refined oil off, the U.S. will be causing massive, irreparable damage to the Iranian economy — equaling an act of war. Continue

In the Religion of 100% Americanism, Ignorance is Strength

By Kevin Carson

America, alone among the peoples of the world, rationally considering the consequences of the U.S. government’s foreign policy and adjusting that policy accordingly constitutes “defeatism.” Continue

US Questions its Unwavering Support for Israel

By Chris McGreal

Consensus forming in Washington that Israeli government is abusing support with policies seen to be risking US lives. Continue

Tony and the Shah of Palestine

By Yvonne Ridley

The so-called Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair certainly does not want to see any more flotillas sailing for Gaza. It’s not because he lies awake at night thinking about the deaths of those innocent humanitarian activists. No, Blair is afraid - very afraid - that people power will expose him for what he is. Continue

The Unknown Afghan Body Count

By James Denselow

The precise compilation of western casualties contrasts with almost criminal neglect in tracking the numbers of Afghan civilians killed since 2001. If Afghanistan is the "good war" then why are we not demanding to be accurately told how many skeletons there are in the Afghan closet? Continue

Death by Remote: But Is It Legal?

By William Fisher

A 1998 report from the United Nations Special Rapporteur that noted, "extrajudicial executions can never be justified under any circumstances, not even in time of war. Willful killing is a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions, punishable as a war crime under the U.S. War Crimes Act." Continue

More Red Flags for the Economy

By Mike Whitney

"We are now, I fear, in the early stages of a third depression....And this third depression will be primarily a failure of policy. Around the world ... governments are obsessing about inflation when the real threat is deflation, preaching the need for belt-tightening when the real problem is inadequate spending. ..." Continue

Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern: Charts


The Dow Jones Industrial Average is repeating a pattern that appeared just before markets fell during the Great Depression, Daryl Guppy, CEO at, told CNBC Monday. Continue

With the US Trapped in Depression, this Really is Starting to Feel Like 1932

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Let us be honest. The US is still trapped in depression a full 18 months into zero interest rates, quantitative easing (QE), and fiscal stimulus that has pushed the budget deficit above 10pc of GDP. Continue

A Stock Market Forecast that Says ‘Take Cover’

By Jeff Sommer

With the stock market lurching again, plenty of investors are nervous, and some are downright bearish. Then there’s Robert Prechter, the market forecaster and social theorist, who is in another league entirely. Prechter is convinced we have entered a market decline of staggering proportions – perhaps the biggest of the last 300 years. Continue

Republicans Block Investigative Power for Oil Spill Commission :


Senate Democrats today asked unanimous consent to pass legislation that would give the BP Oil Spill Commission the subpoena power it needs to do its job. Continue

Freedom in the Grace of the World

By Chris Hedges

Corporate systems, which grow our food and ship it across country in trucks, which drill deep into the ocean to extract diminishing fossil fuels and send container ships to bring us piles of electronics and cloths from China, have created fragile, unsustainable man-made infrastructures that will collapse. Continue
Afghanistan: 90 killed as Petraeus takes command: 'We must demonstrate to the people and to the Taliban that Afghan and ISAF forces are here to safeguard the Afghan people,' Petraeus said at the International Security Assistance Force headquarters.
Explosions kill seven Afghan civilians, NATO soldier: Two roadside bombs killed seven civilians in southern Afghanistan while a NATO soldier died in another attack in the same region, NATO and Afghan officials said Monday.
5 US occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan: Five US soldiers have been killed after a convoy carrying supplies for the US-led troops was attacked by the Taliban militants in Afghanistan's Zabul province.
Three NATO occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan: – Three NATO soldiers have been killed fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, two of them in a bomb attack in the relatively peaceful west of the country, the military said on Monday.
Republicans slam Obama’s Afghan deadline: Leading Republican lawmakers and the Afghan ambassador to the United States are voicing opposition to President Barack Obama’s plan to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan starting next year.
Qaeda plans to trap US in Afghanistan beyond 2011: Al Qaeda has devised a plan to trap US forces in Afghanistan even beyond 2011 through a well-organised guerrilla war, highly informed sources from official and unofficial quarters revealed. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Indian Ocean will be major Qaeda battlefields
US to blame Iran for Afghanistan failure: US and British intelligence services are working on a fake video clip aimed at diverting blame for failures in Afghanistan to Iran. The video consists of footage doctored in a way to show that Iran is providing weapons and military equipment to "anti-government forces" in the war-torn country.
Opium-Addicted Children: Paying a Heavy Price for the Afghan War: The revelation that the number of opium-addicted Afghan children has reached new highs is a sad unintended consequence of that war. It dramatically illustrates how adult war games can doom generations of children to a miserable life.
13 soldiers, cops killed in suicide car bomb in NW Pakistan: At least 13 people including 11 soldiers and two cops were killed and many others injured in a suicide car bomb which blasted at an army camp early Monday morning in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northwest Pakistan
12 killed by gunmen in Pakistan: At least 12 people were killed by unknown gunmen overnight in Pakistan's Karachi city, a media report said Sunday.
Pakistan kills wanted Taliban commander: Pakistan said Monday that a Taliban commander with a 234,000-dollar price on his head had been killed in a shootout with soldiers in the country's notorious North Waziristan region.
Pakistan's PM faces calls to negotiate with Taliban terrorists: Pakistan's Prime Minister has agreed to hold a national conference on ways to combat terrorism after the leader of the main opposition party, the Pakistan Muslim League-N, said the government should negotiate with the Pakistani Taliban militants to improve security.
Baghdad blasts kill three, wound five: Several blasts killed three and wounded five in various parts of Baghdad on Monday, the police said.
IRAQ: Turkish, Iranian shelling displaces villagers in north: Turkish and Iranian shelling of rebel positions in northern Iraq has forced hundreds of Iraqi Kurdish families out of their border villages into tent camps, local officials said on 4 July.
Iranian planes can still refuel in Dubai: airport spokesman: "Iranian planes travelling to and from Dubai through Dubai International Airport still enjoy the refueling service," the spokesman told AFP, asking not to be named.
'Israel preparing to occupy Lebanon': Israel troops are conducting military drills to get prepared for being deployed in Lebanon, in a move Tel Aviv says is aimed at preventing "rocket attacks by Hezbollah," Israeli sources say.
'Israel trying to block U.S.-Saudi Arabia defense contract': Defense source says deal includes purchase of scores of new F-15 fighter jets and the upgrading of the 150 F-15s already in the Saudi air force.
Israel's Barak meets Palestinian PM: "The meeting will focus on the means and ways of ending the Israeli siege on Gaza and stopping Israeli attacks on West Bank cities."
Gaza blockade inhumane: Turkey: Turkey has urged Israel to "completely" lift the Gaza blockade, saying Tel Aviv's recent decision to ease the blockade is not enough. Turkish foreign ministry issued a statement on Tuesday, describing the blockade of Gaza "inhumane," the Associated Press reported.
Lieberman to Turkey: Israel won't apologize for Gaza flotilla attack: Turkey warns Israel: Apologize for Gaza flotilla raid or we'll cut ties; Barak says he opposed meeting between Trade Minister Ben-Eliezer and Turkish foreign minister.
No 'Sorry' from US as Iran plane tragedy marked : 22 years ago an Iranian airliner with 290 people on board was shot down by a U.S. navy ship, apparently by mistake. Washington has yet to apologise for the incident.
Clinton: U.S. to contribute $150 million to Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation: The contribution is subject to Congressional authorization, but if approved it will begin in 2012.
Clinton offers support for Georgia: US secretary of state slams Russia's "occupation" of breakaway Georgian regions.
Spy tech that ‘monitors conversations’ being launched in Europe: report: Privacy rights advocates and civil liberties campaigners in Europe are raising the alarm about a new surveillance system that monitors conversations in public
Republicans Block Investigative Power for Oil Spill Commission : Video: Senate Democrats today asked unanimous consent to pass legislation that would give the BP Oil Spill Commission the subpoena power it needs to do its job.
UK: Conservatives plot to curb unions: Ministers have held secret meetings to block nationwide strikes this autumn as departments enforce spending cuts of up to 40 per cent and the loss of up to a million public sector jobs.
7.9 million jobs lost, many forever: The "recession" killed off 7.9 million jobs. It's increasingly likely that many will never come back. The government jobs report issued Friday shows that businesses have slowed their pace of hiring to a relative trickle.

July 04, 2010
63 "terrorists" killed in S Afghanistan: "A cleanup operation launched in Deshoo district two days ago with the involvement of Afghan and NATO-led troops had claimed the lives of 63 terrorists," the statement added.
Top Taliban Commander Among 13 Killed in NATO Attacks : 13 Taliban militants, including a top Taliban commander, were killed in the NATO air-strikes in the central province of Maidan Wardak on Saturday, officials say
NATO occupation forces admits killing two civilians in Kandahar: NATO officials in southern Afghanistan are admitting that two civilians, including a woman, were accidentally killed in a military operation Friday night.
20 suspected militants killed in air attacks in Pakistan: At least 20 "militants" were killed and their six hideouts were destroyed when combat jets struck Taliban positions in the restive Orakzai tribal region in northwest Pakistan, officials said.
Mosul police kill seven militiamen, gas station robbed: The clashes took place Saturday night when Iraqi forces carried a search campaign in a town eastern Mosul, a source at Iraqi army told KUNA.
Four killed in Iraq attack by female suicide bomber, says official : A female suicide bomber blew herself up at the entrance to government offices in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday killing at least four people, an interior ministry official said.
Iran could halt uranium enrichment if given fuel: MP: A top Iranian lawmaker said on Sunday that Tehran could stop refining uranium to 20 percent purity level, the most controversial part of its atomic programme, if it gets nuclear fuel required for a research reactor.
Iran to halt 20% enrichment if uranium swap implemented: Parliament's foreign policy chief says Iran willing to renegotiate fuel export agreement if UN drops sanctions
Iran 'has proof US kidnapped missing scientist': The evidence, the contents of which have not been disclosed, has reportedly been given to the Swiss embassy, which represents US interests in Iran.
Special Report: Should BP nuke its leaking well?: The former long-time Russian Minister of nuclear energy and veteran Soviet physicist Viktor Mikhailov knows just how to fix BP's oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
BP underwater video feeds
UK; Treasury orders cabinet ministers to brace themselves for 40% cuts: Shock demand comes as ministers step up emergency cost-cutting across public sector
UK mulling food vouchers distribution: The unemployed whose benefits have been cut off by government will receive food vouchers by charities supported by the government to make up for the cuts in welfare spending.
Bankruptcy filings on the rise: Bankruptcy filings surged 14% during the first half of 2010, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. Filings totaled 770,117 through June, compared to 675,351 during the same period last year.

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