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News For July 06, 2010

Some Thoughts on "Patriotism"

By William Blum

The Japanese pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor were being patriotic. The German people who supported Hitler and his conquests were being patriotic, fighting for the Fatherland. All the Latin American military dictators who overthrew democratically-elected governments and routinely tortured people were being patriotic — saving their beloved country from "communism". Continue

Does Israel Make Us Safer?

By Thaddeus Russell

Though support for Israel among Americans, and especially Jewish Americans, remains high according to recent Gallup polls, historical evidence says the answer to The Question is “no.” Continue

American Opinion On Israel - And The Congress's

By Andrew Sullivan

What accounts for this extraordinary discrepancy between the views of Americans and the views of the congressmen who allegedly represent them? Continue

Islamo-fascism, Judaeo-fascism, Bapto-fascism,
and Why We Need More Bars

By Fred Reed

It seems to me that AIPAC is not the firewall defending Israel that it believes itself to be, but rather the carpenter putting the first nails in Israel’s coffin. Permit me a few thoughts: Continue

When it Comes to Waterboarding, Labels Matter

By Dan Kennedy

The press's failure to call waterboarding torture impedes honest discussion of the darkest years of the Bush presidency. Continue

The BP/Government Police State

By Glenn Greenwald

The very idea that government officials are acting as agents of BP (of all companies) in what clearly seem to be unconstitutional acts to intimidate and impede the media is infuriating.  Obviously, the U.S. Government and BP share the same interest -- preventing the public from knowing the magnitude of the spill and the inadequacy of the clean-up efforts. Continue

TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web

By Pia Malbran

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is blocking certain websites from the federal agency's computers, including halting access by staffers to any Internet pages that contain a "controversial opinion," Continue

Republicans Incite Class Warfare—Within the Middle Class

By Matthew Rothschild

The Republicans have found a new scapegoat for the economy, in addition to illegal immigrants. The new scapegoat is public sector workers. Continue

The Glory Of White-Wing Politics

By Sheila Samples

Americans -- not just Democrats -- must find the courage to shout "No! No! Hell No!" to the destruction planned for this republic. Unless we stand up, shake ourselves off, and dare to fight back, the evil glory of White-Wing Politics will devour us. Continue

23 militants killed in Pakistan's north: Police in Pakistan say 23 militants have been killed in the north of the country after insurgents fired on troops who were carrying out a search operation.
Taliban leader killed in Pakistan: Pakistani officials said they killed a top Taliban commander during clashes with militants in the tribal areas of North Waziristan, intelligence reports stated.
Pakistan: Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar 'arrested'?: - Mullah Omar, the head of the AfghanTaliban, was arrested Tuesday in Pakistan, according to Afghan television Tolo television. But a Taliban spokesman denied the news.
This is no Nato game but Pakistan's proxy war with its brother in the south: The Taliban's refusal to talk underlines the west's irrelevance in Afghanistan: only the regional players can deliver lasting peace
16 killed in Mogadishu clashes: Most of the latest victims were combatants killed in several incidents on Monday, as Islamist insurgents continued to close in on the shrivelling perimetre controlled by the government but also fought among themselves.
Turkish Troops Clash With PKK in Which 15 Killed: - Kurdish guerrillas attacked a military outpost in southeast Turkey overnight, triggering a clash in which 12 militants and three soldiers were killed, security sources said on Tuesday.
Turkey Says PKK Attacks May Harm Ties With Iraq and U.S.: Turkey's military and civilian leaders signaled growing frustration with the United States and Iraq Tuesday over their role in the fight against Kurdish rebels after a new attack on a Turkish base killed 15.
Iraq: Sources Close to al-Maliki Confirm Agreement with Allawi: High level sources have informed Asharq Al-Awsat that Nuri al-Maliki's State of Law coalition has sent a delegation to the National Iraqi Alliance that is led by Ammar al-Hakim to inform it that it may withdraw from its alliance in order to form a new alliance with Iyad Allawi's Iraqiya bloc.
US Army charges soldier suspected of leaking military video showing killing of unarmed Iraqis: Army Specialist Bradley Manning, 22, was charged on Monday with two criminal counts including allegations he disclosed classified national defense information, exceeded his authorized access to U.S. computers and transferred classified data onto his personal computer, the military said in a statement.
WikiLeaks, iPhone Incidents Show that U.S. Needs Shield Law: The lack of access to government information is one problem in the U.S. Another significant issue for bloggers and reporters is the ability, or lack thereof, to protect their sources. The WikiLeaks case also has implications for protecting sources.
NATO occupation force soldier, six workers killed in Afghanistan: A NATO soldier was killed in a roadside bombing in eastern Afghanistan Tuesday, while suspected Taliban militants killed six construction workers after kidnapping them in southeastern region, officials said.
Five U.S. occupation force Troops Killed In Afghanistan: NATO says two died in the west, two in the south and one in the east. And Britain's Defense Ministry says a British soldier was killed in a blast during a vehicle patrol in southern Helmand province. Their deaths brought to 14 the number of U.S. and other international troops killed so far this month.
US Cuts Aid After Millions Siphoned Off to Dubai: Billions of dollars are being secreted out of Kabul to help well-connected Afghans buy luxury villas in Dubai. Amid concerns that the money could be the result of corruption, American politicians have temporarily cut off aid to the Afghan government.
Two Russian Policemen Killed In Ingushetia: Two policemen fell victims to increasing Islamist insurgency in the volatile Russian republic of Ingushetia.
Bill Clinton opposed to assault on Iran: In an interview with CNN on Monday, Clinton said he thinks Iranians will all become alienated and oppose the West if military action is taken against the country.
BP stops refuelling Iranian passenger planes: BP has told its airport fuel depots to stop supplying Iranian passenger planes, after the US threatened to penalise foreign companies selling petrol to Tehran.
EU expands "safety" ban on Iran Air flights: The European Commission said on Tuesday it was extending a flight ban to include more aircraft from Iran Air.
China balks at new US sanctions: China warned other nations Tuesday against taking unilateral actions against Iran's nuclear programme outside newly passed UN sanctions and denounced the United States for making such moves.
Turkey threatens diplomatic break with Israel over raid: Turkey's foreign minister said a break could only be averted if Israel either apologised or accepted the outcome of an international inquiry into the raid. The Israeli government said it had nothing to apologise for.
Prospects for war have grown: Assad: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the current tension between Israel and Turkey has increased the possibility of war in the region.
Sometimes you just have to laugh: Obama: Bond between US, Israel unbreakable: President Barack Obama says he believes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants peace and that Israel is serious about resuming direct talks with the Palestinians.
5 EU states call for end to Gaza siege: Five European countries have called for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolution which calls for the blockade of the Gaza Strip to be lifted.
Israeli soldier charged with manslaughter during Gaza attack: Staff sergeant indicted in connection with killing of two Palestinian women during 2008-09 Israeli Occupation Force attack.
Gazans: We were used as 'human shields': A Palestinian testified that "IDF soldiers cuffed me and three of my brothers and for three days had us walk ahead of them, and made sure we did so at gunpoint. They used us as human shields by ordering us to go into houses ahead of them.
US 'tax-exempts' aid Israel settlements: Charity tax-exempts in the US fund aid to illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank in clear contrast to President Barak Obama's Mideast peace plan.
Venezuela, Chile to head new Latin American bloc: Venezuela and Chile will head a new regional bloc that will include all countries in the Americas except Canada and the United States to be inaugurated in July 2011, Venezuela's Foreign Ministry said.
Lula arrives in Kenya: Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has arrived in Kenya on the third leg of his tour of Africa, which is meant to promote trade and investment in the continent.
Russian spy ring: Irish passport 'used in alleged conspiracy': County Donegal fireman who holidayed in Moscow in 2005 dragged into case of alleged Russian spies
UK: Terrorism Search Power Violates Rights: Despite almost 450,000 section 44 stops and searches throughout the United Kingdom between April 2007 and April 2009, no one was successfully prosecuted for a terrorism offense as a result.
Terror stop and search powers will have to stop, says Europe: Police will have to abandon a key power to stop and search suspects under terrorism laws after a European court ruled it illegal and rejected a Home Office appeal.
Tar balls hit Texas as BP oil spill cost soars: – BP faced a broadening crisis Tuesday with tar balls from the Gulf oil spill turning up on Texas beaches, as the firm's clean-up costs soared and British officials reportedly mulled a possible BP collapse
More bad news for BP as arsenic levels rise in seawater around the Gulf of Mexico: British scientists warned that the oil spill is increasing the level of arsenic in the ocean, and could further add to the devastating impact on the already sensitive environment.
BP eyes stake sale as "superskimmer" snagged : Shareholders in BP balked Monday at reports it would seek a strategic investor to ward off takeover bids, as the clean-up costs of its massive U.S. oil spill topped $3 billion
BP asks oil spill partners to pay $400m: Demands sent to Deepwater Horizon partners Anadarko and Japan's Mitsui Oil Exploration as total bill passes $3bn
Report: Oceans' demise near irreversible: Moving toward the tipping point: A sobering new report warns that oceans face a "fundamental and irreversible ecological transformation" not seen in millions of years as greenhouse gases and climate change already have affected temperature, acidity, sea and oxygen levels, the food chain and possibly major currents that could alter global weather.
Global emissions targets will lead to 4C temperature rise, say studies: Studies predict major extinctions and collapse of Greenland ice sheet with temperatures rising well above UN targets
Despite Pledge to Curtail Corporate Earmarks, Politicians Pursue Them: Some Members of Congress Funnel Tax Dollars for Businesses Through Universities and Nonprofits
Republicans: A Party of Unemployment: From now until 2 November, the Republican party will be the party of unemployment. The logic is straightforward: the more people who are unemployed on election day, the better the prospects for Republicans in the fall election
Graduates warned of record 70 applicants for every job: Class of 2010 told to consider flipping burgers or shelf stacking to build skills as they also compete with last year's graduates

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