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News For July 08, 2010

Hope and Change Fade, but War Endures
Seven Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Making War

By William J. Astore

Why do our elites so readily and regularly give war, not peace, a chance?  What exactly are the wellsprings of Washington's (and America's) behavior when it comes to war and preparations for more of the same? Consider these seven. Continue

Transparent Lies

By Paul Craig Roberts

The BBC reported on July 4 that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US ballistic missile base in Poland was not directed at Russia. The purpose of the base, she said, is to protect Poland from the Iranian threat. Why would Iran be a threat to Poland? Continue

Get Ready for a Binational State

By Gideon Levy

Obama and Netanyahu have proved that even their heavy layer of makeup can no longer hide the wrinkles. The worn-out, wizened old face of the longest "peace process" in history has been awarded another surprising and incomprehensible extention. It's on its way nowhere. Continue

Exposed: The Truth About Israel's Land Grab In The West Bank

By Catrina Stewart in Jerusalem and David Usborne

Jewish settlers, who claim a divine right to the whole of Israel, now control more than 42 per cent of the occupied West Bank, representing a powerful obstacle to the creation of a Palestinian state, a new report has revealed. Continue

Norman Finkelstein: Results, Not Rhetoric

By GRITtv Video

Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussing their countries' foreign relations resembles two lovers discussing their future together. Continue

US Grants Tax Exemptions For Illegal Israeli Settlements

By Paul Wachter

A New York Times investigation revealed Tuesday that the U.S. Treasury is helping to promote illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank by granting tax exemptions to U.S. groups that funnel money into them. These specific settlements aren't only illegal under international law, but also under Israeli law. Continue

"Christian-Zionism" Is Trouble for Israel and the USA

By By Frank Schaeffer

The Evangelicals who "love" the state of Israel would rather see an innocent Jewish or Palestinian child blown up in a rocket attack as long as the "Promised Land" is "fully reclaimed" to fulfill their harebrained ideas of biblical prophecy. With "friends" like the Christian Zionists Israel needs no enemies. Continue

Obama administration: Israel Has Right to Nuclear Capability for Deterrence Purposes

By Barak Ravid

"The president told the prime minister he recognizes that Israel must always have the ability to defend itself, by itself, against any threat or possible combination of threats, and that only Israel can determine its security needs. Continue

Six years in jail, no charge:
The War On Terror's Forgotten Victim Speaks

By The Independent

In March 2009, he was awarded £60,000 in compensation after an admission by the UK's anti-terrorist police that they subjected him to 'grave abuse, tantamount to torture' during his first arrest in December 2003. Corresponding via email from a secure isolation unit at Long Lartin prison, he calls on the Government to charge him or release him. Continue

EU-US Agree to Share Citizens Bank Data


The Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme had allowed US access to information from the interbank money transfer system SWIFT, which is based in Brussels, but EU lawmakers' main concern was how personal information would be used by US authorities. Continue

What the Hell is the Obama White House Doing?

By Icebergslim

July 08, 2010 "Daily Kos" -- Yes, what the hell are they doing? This stance on cutting deficits will wipe us out, totally in November. Why? This country wants the government to SPEND MONEY FOR JOB CREATION, but the Obama White House is on the side of Republicans for cuts. Continue

70 killed in Iraq attacks: Almost half of those killed 28 died on Wednesday night when a suicide bomber wearing an explosives-filled belt struck pilgrims in Adhamiyah, a Sunni district across the Tigris river from Kadhimiyah, in the north of the capital.
At least 7 killed in Baghdad on last day of Shiite holiday: At least seven people were killed by bombs across the Iraqi capital Thursday, the last day of a Shiite religious pilgrimage. In addition, four pilgrims walking back from the ceremony were sprayed with gunfire outside the northern city of Kirkuk. One died; three were injured.
Iraq's 24/7 bombings: On the day that Britain remembered the 7 July attacks that killed 52 people, the same number of Iraqis died in a series of attacks against Shia pilgrims across Baghdad.
42 percent: U.S. safer without Saddam: One-third, 33 percent, say the seven-year war in Iraq has been a success, 36 percent say it is a failure and 31 percent are unsure.
'US training Iran-bound MKO spies': The US military forces in Iraq are training 150 members of a terrorist organization at a military base in the war-ravaged country, informed sources say.
15 militants killed, 20 injured in NW Pakistan: At least 15 militants were killed and 20 others injured in air strikes launched by the Pakistani army in different locations of the Orakzai tribal area in northwest Pakistan, reported local media Express on Thursday.
Eight Afghan civilians, two NATO occupation force soldiers killed in attacks: - Eight civilians killed in a rocket attack and shootings in southern and eastern Afghanistan while two NATO occupation force soldiers were killed Thursday in attacks in the same regions, officials said.
Senior Afghan police intel officer shot dead: Gunmen have shot dead a senior Afghan police intelligence chief, spraying his vehicle with bullets as he was on his way home near Kabul, an official said Thursday.
British occupation force soldier killed in blast in Afghanistan: The ministry says the soldier from 5th Regiment Royal Artillery was killed Thursday morning while on foot patrol in the Sangin district of Afghanistan's southern Helmand province
McChrystal Probe of SOF Killings Excluded Key Eyewitnesses: The follow-up investigation of a botched Special Operations Forces (SOF) raid in Gardez Feb. 12 that killed two government officials and three women, ordered by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal Apr. 5, was ostensibly aimed at reconciling divergent Afghan and U.S. accounts of what happened during and after the raid.
Study says Afghan graft worsening: Afghans paid nearly $1bn in bribes last year, and corruption has become far more widespread since 2006, according to a new survey from a Kabul-based NGO.
East Afghanistan Sees Taliban as ‘Morally Superior’ to Karzai: According to a just-departed U.S. commander in charge of a big chunk of the area, locals in four critical provinces believe that the Taliban have greater religious legitimacy and a stronger commitment to justice than Hamid Karzai’s government
Afghan Companies Say U.S. Did Not Pay Them: The failure of American companies to pay for contracted work has left hundreds of Afghan workers unpaid in southern Afghanistan, and dozens of factories and small businesses so deep in debt that Afghan and foreign officials fear the fallout will undermine the United States-led counterinsurgency effort to win the support of the Afghan people.
Only way to end the Afghanistan war: US peace deal with the Taliban: Nearly six months into the United States surge in Afghanistan and six months prior to the White House’s review of the Afghan war strategy, it’s clear our mission in Afghanistan is not only failing, but beyond repair.
'US will attack Iran if it must': There is wide support in Congress for using all means to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power, “through diplomatic and economic sanctions if we possibly can, through military actions if we must,” visiting US Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) said Wednesday in Jerusalem.
Obama: Israel won't attack Iran without coordinating with U.S.: U.S. President Barack Obama told Channel 2 News on Wednesday that he believed Israel would not try to surprise the U.S. with a unilateral attack on Iran.
McCain: Israel not planning strike on Iranian nuclear facilities: The Arizona Republican, who is in Israel with Sens. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), spoke to reporters after meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Israeli army chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi.
West must listen to Iran in talks: Russia: Two days after the EU welcomed Iran's readiness to resume nuclear talks, Russia says the US and its allies should not deny Iran an equal say in the negotiations.
Iran buys gasoline from Turkey, Chinese sellers: Iran is buying around half of its gasoline imports from Turkey and the rest from Chinese sellers, oil traders said on Thursday, as most other suppliers have stopped selling due to U.S. sanctions.
Iran's president: US a global 'dictatorship': Ahmadinejad made the comments Wednesday night during a speech at the Iranian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria's capital. He is in Nigeria for a summit of an organization known as the D-8, or the Developing Eight nations.
US gives 'secret guarantee' to Israel: The United States has secretly given a "written guarantee" to Israel that obliges Washington to sell Israel nuclear fission materials, Israeli sources say.
Netanyahu's second chance: It's Netanyahu's turn to prove Obama's statment that he believes the PM wants peace and is ready to take risks for it.
UK urges Iran to halt woman's execution by stoning: Britain urged Iran on Thursday to halt the execution of a woman who a rights group says faces death by stoning for adultery.
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Petition: An Iranian woman faces death by stoning after being convicted of adultery.: Click here to sign the Save Sakineh petition.
US to access Europeans' bank data in new deal: Euro MPs have approved a new deal to allow US anti-terror investigators to access Europeans' bank data.
Court: UK must not extradite terror suspects to US: An international court on Thursday ordered Britain to hold off on extraditing four terrorism suspects to the United States, saying it must show that life terms without parole in maximum security prisons would not violate Europe's human rights charter.
Bin Laden Cook Accepts Plea Deal at Guantánamo "Trial": In an alleged victory for the Military Commission trial system for terror suspects at Guantánamo, a Sudanese prisoner, Ibrahim al-Qosi, accepted a plea bargain yesterday, and made a guilty plea on one count of conspiracy and one count of providing material support to terrorism.
A Russian bargaining chip in spy swap negotiations: Igor Sutyagin, a Russian disarmament researcher, is one of Moscow's biggest bargaining chips in a possible spy swap with the United States.
Nixon-CIA spy ploy in Vietnam backfired, new records show: President Richard M. Nixon and his national security adviser, Henry Kissinger, deliberately “leaked” word to North Vietnam that U.S. forces planned to invade Cambodia, in a failed attempt to intimidate Hanoi into retreat, declassified U.S. documents reveal.
Norway Announces 3 Arrests in Terrorist Plot: A police official said the arrests took place on Thursday, with the men suspected of planning to use bombs containing peroxide that were both powerful and easily transported.
Al-Qaeda accused in New York plot: The United States has charged five men with plotting to bomb New York City's subway system, with prosecutors calling it part of a larger al-Qaeda conspiracy that included plans to attack an unidentified target in Britain.
Former Mich. congressman pleads guilty to obstructing justice in terrorism financing case: Former Republican Rep. Mark Deli Siljander, who served in Congress from 1981 until 1987 and as a United Nations delegate for a year, pleaded guilty in federal court in Kansas City to obstruction and acting as an unregistered foreign agent.
Can Your Cell Phone Put You in a Cell Block?: Authorities say they have evidence that Luis Soto was near a bank that was robbed in Berlin, Conn. Was there an eyewitness? No.
Fresh austerity strikes hit Greece: Around 12,000 people took to the streets in Athens to protest the government's spending cuts

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    Mayor Bloomberg and his backstabbing cronies must have a $tupendou$ rea$on which they can't reveal for wanting a sharia-hugging mosque near Ground Zero!
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