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News For July 24, 2010

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Act Now To Stop
Congress Green-Lighting Israeli Strikes on Iran

By Jamal Abdi

Republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced a measure that would green-light an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran. The resolution, H.Res. 1553 (in full below), provides explicit support for military strikes against Iran, stating that Congress supports Israel's use of "all means necessary" against Iran "including the use of military force". Continue

Repubs Plot Israel-Iran Apocalypse and the Collapse of the US Economy

By Juan Cole

It is not impossible that the people behind this resolution are fervently hoping for the Judgment Day to come more quickly and look forward to a Middle East apocalypse as a step toward the Return of Christ and the end of that pesky but temporarily necessary Judaism. Continue

Unthinkable? Bush Testifies to Chilcot


As partners in the coalition of the willing, are we not equally accountable to one another? Surely there is no one in a better position to shed light on our road to war than the people who took the real decisions in Washington. Continue

Cuba's Prisoner Release
Surprise! Mainstream Media Omits Context and Key Facts


Double standards and irony abound. Spain and the United States lecture Cuba on freedom after holding the island as a formal and informal economic colony respectively for 450 years. Somehow, both seem to claim they have a perennial right to dictate Cuban government behavior. Continue

BP Hires Prison Labor to Clean Up Spill While Coastal Residents Struggle

By Abe Louise Young

Hiring prison labor is more than a way for BP to save money while cleaning up the biggest oil spill in history. By tapping into the inmate workforce, the company and its subcontractors get workers who are not only cheap but easily silenced—and they get lucrative tax write-offs in the process. Continue

No To Oligarchy

By Bernie Sanders

Today, because of stagnating wages and higher costs for basic necessities, the average two-wage-earner family has less disposable income than a one-wage-earner family did a generation ago. The average American today is underpaid, overworked and stressed out as to what the future will bring for his or her children. For many, the American dream has become a nightmare. Continue

The "Hadrian's Wall" in the United States-Mexico Border

By Radio Havana

Everybody knows that Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a protective wall in northern Great Britain between 122 and 132 AD to separate the Roman Empire from the "barbarians" as they called the people who refused to be submitted while preventing their passage into his territory. Continue

50 militants killed in Afghanistan : Fifty Taliban militants were killed in Afghanistan's eastern Nuristan province, the defence ministry said Saturday. "Afghan commandos backed by NATO-led troops raided a Taliban hideout in Barg-e-Matal district Friday night, killing 50 rebels," it said in a statement, Xinhua reported
Five US occupation force soldiers among 8 killed in Afghan blasts: Two Afghan policemen were killed and another two injured by a roadside bomb Friday in Kandahar, capital of the southern province of the same name, the Interior Ministry said.
2 U.S. occupation force soldiers captured in Afghanistan : A Taliban spokesman told Reuters three ISAF servicemen had been captured but one had died. He did not elaborate.
Mosque blast kills Afghan election candidate : A candidate for Afghanistan's September parliamentary elections was killed and 20 others wounded by a bomb planted in a mosque in Khost, officials said on Saturday.
Unconfirmed report: US-led strike kills dozens of civilians: A US-led air strike has reputedly left dozens of civilians dead in Afghanistan, raising concerns about the growing number of civilian casualties in the country.
US Kills 16 People in Pakistan : Local people have started rescue activities following the drone attacks and are engaged in clearing rubble and hurrying wounded men to hospital, said the report. The death toll could further rise as many of the injured people are in critical condition.
Son of Pakistani minister killed in attack, one wounded: The son of a Pakistani provincial minister was gunned down and his friend was seriously wounded in a firing by unknown assailants Saturday evening in northern Pakistan.
PKK bomb kills 4 Turkish soldiers: Four Turkish soldiers have been killed in a roadside bomb explosion in the eastern parts of the country, amid a surge in militant attacks against Turkish military.
Ohio soldier killed in Iraq attack: The Department of Defense says a soldier from Ohio has been killed in Iraq after insurgents attacked his convoy vehicle with an improvised explosive device.
House OK's possible Israeli raid on Iran: Neoconservatives who were instrumental in orchestrating the Iraq War, such as Bill Kristol and Reuel Marc Gerecht, have led the stepped up calls for military action.
Medvedev 'mouthpiece' of Iran enemies: Ahmadinejad: "In a meeting with his ambassadors, he (Medvedev) said we have knowledge that Iran is moving towards the bomb," Ahmadinejad was shown saying in footage broadcast by state television on Saturday.
Iranian President reveals new US scenario against Iran: President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad here Friday unveiled truth about new US-Zionist scenario against Iran, expressing sorrow that Russia, too, is now harmonizing with it.
Iran says it has 100 vessels for each US warship: The former naval chief for Iran's Revolutionary Guard said the country has set aside 100 military vessels to confront each warship from the U.S. or any other foreign power that might pose a threat, an Iranian newspaper reported Saturday.
Iran, Brazil, Turkey foreign ministers to meet in Istanbul: FM: Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki will meet with his Brazilian and Turkish counterparts, Celso Amorim and Ahmet Davutoglu, "in Istanbul tomorrow morning to discuss the Tehran Declaration about the fuel swap", Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as saying by IRNA.
A new party of good tidings: The time has come for an Israeli party, a Jewish-Arab party, that will carry the banner of total commitment to equality, without a trace of discrimination and racism.
Israeli forces crush West Bank demo, injuring three: The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) supports these rallies that are considered as part of the "peaceful resistance."
Jewish squatters seize Palestinian land in W. Bank, turn it to outpost: Three mobile homes were placed by "settlers" over a piece of land belonging to Palestinian citizen Abdulrahaman Sultan, in Bwaida in Al-Khalil. The settlers did this under the supervision of Israeli soldiers, media and public relations department in the local police said.
Hamas slams UN over aid deliveries: Hamas has said the United Nations call for aid groups to send supplies to the Gaza strip over-land rather than by sea amounts to "collaboration with the Israeli occupier".
Israel to UN: North Korea arms proliferation destabilizing the Middle East: Israel expresses concern over North Korea's ballistic missiles, encourages UN Security council to strengthen efforts to respond to these dangers.
North Korea Vows 'Nuclear' Response To U.S. Military Exercises: A massive nuclear-powered U.S. supercarrier readied Saturday for maneuvers with ally South Korea in a potent show of force that North Korea has threatened could lead to "sacred war."
Containing China Is A Fool's Errand. Yet Obama's Deal with Indonesian Thugs Is Aimed at Exactly That: Let’s call it SPITTO! That would be the all-Asia/Pacific military alliance that the United States would dearly love to have to contain China, the way it created NATO to contain the Soviet Union in the post-World War II era.
India unveils prototype of 35 U.S. dollar laptop: India has unveiled a prototype tablet touchscreen laptop, priced at 1,500 rupees (35 U.S. dollars) , which it hopes to roll out in the market commercially next year.
Long-simmering feud behind Venezuela-Colombia split: "For dignity, we do not have another option but to sever diplomatic ties with Colombia," Chavez declared. He said Colombian President Alvaro Uribe was prepared to do anything to launch a conflict with Venezuela. "Uribe is a threat to peace. He is even able to establish a faked camp in our territory and raid it to start a war," Chavez said.
Venezuela Warns Colombia Against Inciting a Conflict: Speaking on state television, Defense Minister Carlos Mata promised “a strong response” if foreign forces crossed into Venezuelan territory.
In Colombia, a mass grave containing 2,000 bodies: The unidentified bodies have been deposited by the Army since 2005
Mass grave uncovered in Mexico: Authorities in Mexico have uncovered the remains of at least 50 people on the outskirts of the country's third largest city in what authorities believe is a gangland body dump.
What a load of bull: Hizbullah Possible Culprit in Juarez Car Bomb: A car bomb that exploded July 15 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, may indicate that Mexican drug cartels are being assisted by Hizbullah terrorists.
Haters Go After the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’: If we follow the "logic" of Newt and his fellow crusaders, then this should be torn down – along with all the other hundreds of mosques in New York City.
Florida church sponsors 'International Burn A Koran Day': The Dove World Outreach Center, a non-denominational church in Gainesville FL, is planning to mark this year's anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with a little bonfire of Korans, the holy book of Islam. They even have a Facebook page with a mission statement to justify their actions:
Alaska couple on US terror charge : A National Weather Service employee and his British-born wife have pleaded guilty to domestic terrorism charges of lying to the FBI about a hit list of possible targets who the couple suspected were enemies of Islam.
Scientists: Oil plumes definitely from BP's well: Researchers in Florida say they have the first scientific proof that two plumes of oil beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico came from BP's broken well.
BP denies 'buying silence' of oil spill scientists: Oil giant says it is just keeping company data confidential, as it faces 200 federal civil lawsuits over spill
White House Predicts Record $1.47 Trillion Deficit: New estimates from the White House on Friday predict the budget deficit will reach a record $1.47 trillion this year. The government is borrowing 41 cents of every dollar it spends.
Seven More U.S. Banks Shut by Regulators, Pushing Year's Failures Past 100: Banks with total deposits of about $2 billion were shut down yesterday, according to statements on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. website. The failures cost the FDIC’s deposit- insurance fund $431 million. The U.S. bank-failure count this year rose to 103.
Bankruptcy filings up 25% over last year: Many consumers struggling with job loss.
Magazine exposes 'double life' of Vatican's gay priests: NOT FOR the first time in recent months, an Italian media source yesterday revealed embarrassing details of a flourishing gay “scene” within the Holy See in Rome.

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