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News For November 14, 2010

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"Incentive" Or "Threat"
U.S. Offers Israel $3 billion For Illegal Settlement Construction Freeze

By Barak Ravid and Natasha Mozgovaya

Netanyahu presents security cabinet with Clinton's incentive of 20 F-35 fighter planes and security guarantees in exchange for 90-day West Bank building moratorium. Continue

Justice Department Prepares for Expansion of Law Prohibiting ‘Material Support’ for Terrorism

By Michael Deutsch

The U.S. government is now moving on political groups and activists who are clearly exercising fundamental First Amendment rights in vocally opposing the government’s branding of foreign liberation movements as terrorist and support their struggles against U.S. backed repressive regimes and illegal occupations. Continue

The Torturers Revisited

By Paul Balles

Torturing untried prisoners is by no means an exclusive province of America. Continue

Quantitative Easing Explained

Must Watch Short Video

What the Federal Reserve is up to, and how we got here. Continue

It’s Official: Rich Declare War on the Middle Class

By Robert Freeman

Western capitalist economies are declining at a pace that is frightening their elite stewards and compelling such desperate, slovenly measures as the wholesale printing of money to postpone the inevitable. Continue

Chris Hedges: The Death of the Liberal Class

Video Interview - Gritt TV

"We have a choice," says Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Chris Hedges. "You can either be complicit in your own enslavement or you can lead a life that has some kind of integrity and meaning." Continue

The Mythical United States of America
Rushing into Backwardness

By Prof. John Kozy

Today's United States of America is a seventeenth century nation adorned with twenty first century trinkets, many deadly. Instead of being as it claims "the leader of the free world," it is a backward authoritarian pre-enlightenment reactionary regime.  Continue

Nazis Were Given 'Safe haven' in U.S., Report Says


Report provides new evidence about notorious Nazi cases; government trying to keep it under wraps. Continue

Bush Didn't Write No Damn Book

By Ahamad Amr

I'm just saying that the ex-president was in no mental state to write a book - certainly not a book of this size. The entire book was probably farmed out to some Neo-con boiler room operation. Continue

US Students Protest IDF Soldiers Campus Visit -


Two IDF soldiers came to the University of Michigan campus, community members collectively engaged in a silent walk-out in memory and in solidarity with all of the silenced Palestinian children that were killed by the IDF during Israel's most recent offensive on the Gaza Strip. Continu

Five NATO occupation force troops killed as Afghanistan violence soars: Five troops serving with the NATO-led force in Afghanistan were killed on Sunday, including three in a clash with insurgents in the east, the coalition said, one of the worst daily tolls in a month.
At Least Three Civilians' Killed In Afghan Attacks: Kandahar, provincial government spokesman Zalmai Ayoubi said a motorcycle bomb attack today killed two people.
Afghan Resistance Torch 12 Nato Tankers: Anti occupation forces have set fire to a convoy of Nato fuel tankers in eastern Afghanistan In the same area on the edge of Jalalabad city where a group of would-be suicide bombers tried to storm a Nato base on November 13,
Karzai wants U.S. to reduce military operations in Afghanistan: President Hamid Karzai said on Saturday that the United States must reduce the visibility and intensity of its military operations in Afghanistan and end the increased U.S. Special Operations forces night raids that aggravate Afghans and could exacerbate the Taliban insurgency.
Afghanistan - behind enemy lines: : Taliban's grip is far stronger than the West will admit
Propaganda alert:: Britain's top soldier says al-Qaeda cannot be beaten: The new head of Britain's armed forces, Gen Sir David Richards, has warned that the West cannot defeat al-Qaeda and militant Islam.
Preparing for war? U.S. to store more weapons in Israel: The new equipment, which will arrive in Israel over the next two years, will be available to Israel in the event of an emergency. It will bring to $1.2 billion the amount of American military equipment being stockpiled in Israel by 2012.
Warning of new era of surveillance state: Britain is heading for a new surveillance state of unmanned spy drones, GPS tracking of employees and profiling through social networking sites, the information watchdog has warned.
Drug expert claims David Kelly was murdered: An experienced clinical pharmacologist, says he has told Thames Valley Police it is not possible Dr Kelly could have swallowed more than a ‘safe’ dose of two coproxamol tablets because there was so little in his system after death.
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed will be held in military prison without a trial indefinitely: report: A trial - civilian or military - is not expected to happen before the next presidential election, the Washington Post reported Saturday. The Obama administration apparently fears backlash will come from either decision.
Detention without trial: Burmese leader freed after years under house arrest: Pro-democracy Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been released by her nation's military government after spending 15 of the past 21 years in detention without trial.
Body-Searching Children: No for the US Army, Yes for the TSA: A US Army staff sergeant, now serving in Afghanistan, writes about the new enhanced pat-down procedure from the TSA
We Won't Fly: Take Action: Defeat the Scanners and Gropers: “the scans are detailed enough to identify a person’s gender… to identify a passenger’s surgery scars, or to discern whether a woman is on her menstrual cycle or not.”
National Opt-Out Day Called Against Invasive Body Scanners “No naked body scanners, no government-approved groping. We have a right to privacy, and buying a plane ticket should not mean that we’re guilty until proven innocent.”
Bank Failures This Year Reach 146: Ameris Bancorp purchased two shuttered Georgia banks and regulators closed a third in Arizona as the 2010 failure toll climbed to 146.
Ireland denies €60bn bail-out talk as EU puts on pressure: The Irish Government has been forced to make a second denial in two days that it is preparing to go to the EU for a multi-billion euro bail-out.
Ireland's young flee abroad as economic meltdown looms: Many young people are seeking to emigrate rather than face a life of hardship as the republic lurches towards financial collapse

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