Friday, 26 November 2010

News For November 26, 2010

The US of A Breaks the Soviet Record

By Glenn Greenwald

Even for the humble among us who try to avoid jingoistic outbursts, some national achievements are so grand that they merit a moment of pride and celebration: Continue

Talking to the Taliban about Life After Occupation

By Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad asks Taliban leaders past and present what kind of regime they would run – and whether there is a chance of negotiated peace. Continue

More Than a Bribe
Obama Surrenders Palestinian Rights
By Ramzy Baroud

Mind-boggling. US generously hands Palestinian rights to Israel on a silver platter, and the far-right mentality, which now governs Israeli mainstream politics and society, still finds it unacceptable. Continue

"Racists and Hypocrites When it Comes to Palestinians"


Some stinging remarks about U.S. professors and Palestine from University of Illinois law school professor Francis Boyle. Continue

Putin Ditches Dollar, Backs Euro
Putin - Euro should be World's Reserve Currency

Video and Text

Russia and Germany should dramatically increase their economic co-operation. That's the message from Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to some of Germany's top industrialists at a business forum in Berlin. Continue

Global Poverty Doubled since 1970s: UN

By Agence France-Presse

The number of very poor countries has doubled in the last 30 to 40 years, while the number of people living in extreme poverty has also grown two-fold, a UN think-tank warned. Continue

Obama Administration Weighs Indefinite Detention

By Dina Temple-Raston

It is starting to look like the president who campaigned on closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay may end up doing something wholly different: signing a law that would pave the way for terrorism suspects to be held indefinitely. Continue

The Endless Thanksgiving
Next Up: a "Flat Tax" for the Rich
By Michael Hudson

The danger the United States faces today is that the government debt crisis scheduled to hit Congress next spring (when Republicans are threatening to vote against raising the federal debt limit as the government deficit soars) will provide an opportunity for the wealthy to give a coup de grace on what is left of progressive taxation in this country. Continue

Such a Well Behaved Herd of Sheep

By Marti Oakley

This has nothing to do with making us safer, national security or protecting America. - It has everything to do with conditioning you to accept a full body assault as long as the persons doing it are wearing a government badg. Continue

Five "militants" among six killed in Pakistan: A security official and five militants were killed Friday in a clash at a security checkpost in Pakistan's Orakzai tribal region.
US Kills 4 More People In Pakistan: U.S. pilotless aircraft fired three missiles at a vehicle suspected of carrying militants in Miranshah of North Waziristan,
US military presence in Quetta: Pakistan denies allowing drone strikes: The spokesman did not comment when asked about media reports suggesting that Pakistan’s military leadership had permitted the US to maintain the presence of its Marines in Quetta
New leaks may harm Pakistan, warns US: The United States is reported to have warned Pakistan that it tops a list of countries that may be affected by a leak of secret documents by a whistleblowers’ website. US officials warned that the documents may also contain “unpleasant facts” about US policies in the Pak-Afghan region.
Three civilians killed in blast in southern Afghanistan: Three civilians including two children were killed in a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan's province of Kandahar on Friday, the NATO military said in a statement.
Air strike kills 3 "militants" in Afghan province: Air raid against Taliban militants killed three and injured another in the eastern Ghazni province on Friday, provincial police chief Zerawar Zahid said.
WikiLeaks may show US has helped terrorist group: Several of the documents set to be published by WikiLeaks this weekend are believed to show the US has been helping Turkey's Kurdish separatist movement the PKK, or Kurdistan Workers Party. - The documents also say US forces in Iraq have given weapons to the PKK.
3 Iraqi civilians killed, 15 injured in Talafar, W. Mosul: - Three Iraqi civilians were killed with 15 others injured Thursday in a bombing near a market for selling poultry at Tel Afar city, western of Mosul, northern of Iraq.
America's Latest $3 Billion Bribe to Israel: The danger in this latest American bribe is that it comes not as a reward for progress in talks, but as an incentive to the Netanyahu government to agree to stop carrying out actions that are considered illegal by the entire international community, including the US.
Israel, U.S. tense as WikiLeaks set to release classified bilateral communiques : The Americans said they wanted to let the Israeli government know so it would not be surprised and would be prepared for publicity that might cause diplomatic embarrassment.
Is America on the path to 'permanent war'?: Bacevich says the notion that the U.S. military has to stay in Afghanistan to deny al Qaeda a sanctuary doesn't "pass the laugh test."
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: If we aren’t going to bomb, we have to deter: The Obama administration seems intent on going down in history as the American administration under which Iran attained nuclear military capability.
Fuel loading completed at Bushehr: The reactor head of the first reactor at Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant was successfully installed on 23 November, according to Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI). This marks the completion of fuel loading, according to a report by the Iranian Students News Agency.
Bolivia rejects US warning on Iran ties: "Nobody will stop me" from negotiating with any country, Morales said at the opening of a biannual conference of regional defense ministers attended by Gates. "Bolivia, under my leadership, will have agreements and alliances with everyone," the leftist leader added.
'Korean Peninsula inching towards war'?: "The situation on the Korean Peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war due to the reckless plan of those trigger-happy elements to stage again war exercises targeted against the (North)," said the North's official news agency, KCNA.
China warns US against military action: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in a statement on Friday that Beijing was against military activity near its coastline.
China condemns U.S. over plans for war games off Korean coast: China criticized U.S. plans to hold war games off the coast of South Korea on Thursday in the same terms used to rebuke North Korea after it bombarded a South Korean island on Tuesday, killing four people.
Sarah Palin: 'We Gotta Stand With Our North Korean Allies': Was it a simple blunder or did a possible 2012 presidential contender really get her geography wrong?
DOJ Seeks to Broaden Patriot Act on Asset Freezes: After two losses in court, the Justice Department is pushing Congress to broaden a provision of the Patriot Act that allows U.S. judges to freeze assets linked to foreign crimes.
Welcome to America: Man who was late for his flight pulls down his jeans: Picture
Insurers Test Data Profiles to Identify Risky Clients: Life insurers are testing an intensely personal new use for the vast dossiers of data being amassed about Americans: predicting people's longevity.
State to take control of banks as fears deepen new onslaught: The current crisis will force the Government to inject hundreds of millions in new capital into the banks, leaving the State with majority ownership -- effectively nationalising AIB and Bank of Ireland. The drastic measures were seen as inevitable following a plunge in shares, negative market reaction to the bailout and a deepening crisis for the euro.
€9.5m Donegal property development receives one bid at auction – for €5,000: Navenny Place, a 47-apartment complex, was withdrawn from auction this week after just one token bid of €5,000 – and that was after the auctioneer reduced the starting price to €300,000, or €6,383 per flat.

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